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120171GALT1 seems to promote in vitro disease progression in ovarian cancerCHI-HAU CHENInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer 313
21997Age-Period-Cohort analysis of cervical cancer incidence in Taiwan: differences between squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinomaWang, Pair Dong; Lin, Ruey S.International Journal of Gynecological Cancer 
32005Carcinosarcoma-like mural nodule in intestinal-type mucinous ovarian of borderline malignancy: A case reportBOR-CHING SHEUInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer 1716
42004Depressed host immunity in a case of metachronous primary uterine papillary serous carcinoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphomaBOR-CHING SHEUInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer 10
52004Detection of gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor and its mRNA in primary human epithelial ovarian cancersRUEY-JIEN CHEN; CHI-HAU CHENInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer 1618
62004Early-stage ovarian carcinoma combined with pulmonary tuberculosis mimicking advanced ovarian cancer: A case reportCHI-HAU CHENInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer 67
72005Expression of Inhibitory Natural Killer Receptors on Tumor-Infiltrating Cd8+ T Lymphocyte Lineage in Human Endometrial CarcinomaSHEU, BOR-CHING; CHOW, SONG-NAN; CHANG, DAW-YUAN; TORNG, PAO-LING; HUANG, SU-CHENG; CHANG, WEN-CHUNINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GYNECOLOGICAL CANCER 
82005Expression of inhibitory natural killer receptors on tumor-infiltrating CD8<sup>+</sup>T lymphocyte lineage in human endometrial carcinomaPAO-LING TORNG; BOR-CHING SHEUInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer 1615
92013HSD3B1 Is a specific trophoblast-associated marker not expressed in a wide spectrum of tumorsYUNG-MING JENGInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer 811
101997Influence of chemotherapy or liver metastasis on the immunoelectrophoretic discrimination of alpha-fetoprotein from yolk sac tumorRUEY-JIEN CHENInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer 
112007Intracerebral hemorrhage as initial presentation of gestational choriocarcinoma: A case report and literature reviewHuang, CY; CHI-AN CHEN; Chen, CA; WEN-FANG CHENG; Hsieh, CY; CHENG-YA HUANG; Cheng, WFInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer 3836
122007Intracerebral Hemorrhage as Initial Presentation of Gestational Choriocarcinoma: A Case Report and Literature ReviewHUANG, CHIA-YEN; CHEN, CHI-AN; HSIEH, CHANG-YAO; CHENG, WEN-FANGINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GYNECOLOGICAL CANCER 
132005Overexpression of Cyclin D1 and C-Myc Gene Products in Human Primary Epithelial Ovarian CancerCHEN, C.-H.; SHEN, J.; LEE, W.-J.; CHOW, S.-N.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GYNECOLOGICAL CANCER 
142005Overexpression of cyclin D1 and c-Myc gene products in human primary epithelial ovarian cancerCHI-HAU CHENInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer 4652
152014Primary treatment and prognostic factors of carcinosarcoma of the ovary, fallopian tube, and peritoneum: A Taiwanese Gynecologic Oncology Group studyI-HUI CHEN International Journal of Gynecological Cancer 67
162016Regulatory T Cells Suppress Natural Killer Cell Immunity in Patients with Human Cervical CarcinomaBOR-CHING SHEUInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer 1630
172008Synchronous primary cancers of the endometrium and ovaryCHI-AN CHEN; WEN-FANG CHENGInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer 4551
182006The distribution and differential risks of human papillomavirus genotypes in cervical preinvasive lesions: A Taiwan Cooperative Oncologic Group StudyCHI-AN CHENInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer 4344