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12005A 110 MHz 84-dB CMOS Programmable Gain Amplifier With Integrated RSSI FunctionWu, Chun-Pang; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article
22000A 2-V 10.7MHz CMOS Limiting Amplifier/RSSIHuang, Po-Chiun; Chen, Yi-Huei; 汪重光; Chen, Yi-Huei; Wang, Chorng-Kuangjournal article
31999A 2-V 7.2?a Jitter AM-Suppression CMOS Amplifier using Current-Mode Hybrid Magnitude ControlHuang, Kuang-Hu; Wang, Wei-Cheng; Yang, Tang-Huei; 汪重光; Wang, Wei-Cheng; Wang, Chorng-Kuangjournal article
42001A 2-V CMOS 455KHz FM/FSK Demodulator using Feedforward Offset Cancellation Limiting AmplifierHuang, Po-Chiun; Chen, Yi-Huei; 汪重光; Huang, Po-Chiun; Chen, Yi-Huei; Wang, Chorng-Kuangjournal article
52006A 20-Gb/s Adaptive Equalizer in 0.13 um CMOS TechnologyLee, Jri journal article
62019A 232-1996-kS/s robust compressive sensing reconstruction engine for real-time physiological signals monitoringChen, Ting Sheng; HUNG-CHI KUO ; AN-YEU(ANDY) WU journal article
7200740-Gb/s High-Gain Distributed Amplifiers with Cascaded Gain Stages in 0.18-μm CMOSLIANG-HUNG LU journal article
8200840-Gb/s transimpedance-AGC amplifier and CDR circuit for broadband data receivers in 90nm CMOSSHEN-IUAN LIU journal article
9201350 mV-input batteryless boost converter for thermal energy harvestingLIANG-HUNG LU journal article
102004A 500-MHz–1.25-GHz Fast-Locking Pulsewidth Control Loop With Presettable Duty CycleHan, Sung-Rung; Liu, Shen-Iuan journal article
112010A 0.02-mm2 9-bit 50-MS/s Cyclic ADC in a 90-nm Digital CMOS TechnologyHuang, Yen-Chuan; TAI-CHENG LEE ; Lee, Tai-Cheng journal article
122013A 0.25V 460nW Asynchronous Neural Signal Processor with Inherent Leakage SuppressionTSUNG-TE LIU journal article
132006A 0.7-2-GHz self-calibrated multiphase delay-locked loopSHEN-IUAN LIU journal article
142002A 0.8-V 128-Kb Four-Way Set-Associative Two-Level CMOS Cache Memory Using Two-Stage Wordline/Bitline-Oriented Tag-Compare (WLOTC/BLOTC) SchemeJAMES-B KUO journal article
152009A 1-GS/s 6-Bit two-channel two-step ADC in 0.13-μm CMOSHSIN-SHU CHEN journal article
162004A 1-V 10.7-MHz fourth-order bandpass Delta Sigma modulators using two switched opampsSHEN-IUAN LIU journal article
172001A 1-V 128-kb four-way set-associative CMOS cache memory using wordline-oriented tag-compare (WLOTC) structure with the content-addressable-memory (CAM) 10-transistor tag cellJAMES-B KUO journal article
182004A 1.1 G MAC/s sub-word-parallel digital signal processor for wireless communication applicationsTZI-DAR CHIUEH journal article
192007A 1.2V 37-38.5GHz 8-phase clock generator in 0.13um CMOS technologySHEN-IUAN LIU journal article
202009A 1.5GHz all-digital spread spectrum clock generatorLin, Sheng-You; SHEN-IUAN LIU ; Liu, Shen-Iuan journal article