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12007A DNA-translocating Snf2 Molecular Motor: Saccharomyces cerevisiae Rdh54 Displays Processive Translocation and Extrudes DNA LoopsPrasad, T.K.; Robertson, R.B.; Visnapuu, M.-L.; Chi, P.; Sung, P.; Greene, E.C.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Journal of Molecular Biology 5957
22010Crystal Structure and Functional Analysis of the Glutaminyl Cyclase from Xanthomonas campestrisHuang, Wei-Lin; Wang, Yu-Ruei; Ko, Tzu-Ping; Chia, Cho-Yun; Huang, Kai-Fa; Wang, Andrew H.-J.Journal of Molecular Biology 1818
32008Crystal structure of the C-terminal domain of a flagellar hook-capping protein from Xanthomonas campestrisKuo, Wei-Ting; Chin, Ko-Hsin; Lo, Wen-Ting; Wang, Andrew H.-J.; Chou, Shan-HoJournal of Molecular Biology 1410
42011Crystal structures of Bacillus alkaline phytase in complex with divalent metal ions and inositol hexasulfateKo, T.-P.; JE-RUEI LIU et al. ; CHII-SHEN YANG Journal of Molecular Biology 3030
52007Dissection of Protein-Protein Interaction and CDK4 Inhibition in the Oncogenic versus Tumor Suppressing Functions of Gankyrin and P16Mahajan, Anjali; Guo, Yi; Yuan, Chunhua; Weghorst, Christopher M.; Tsai, Ming-Daw; Li, JunanJournal of Molecular Biology 
62011Enhanced Specificity of Mint Geranyl Pyrophosphate Synthase by Modifying the R-Loop InteractionsHsieh, Fu-Lien; Chang, Tao-Hsin; Ko, Tzu-Ping; Wang, Andrew H.-J.Journal of Molecular Biology 44
72008Enhancement of Transactivation Activity of Rta of Epstein-Barr Virus by RanBPMChang, Li-Kwan ; Liu, Shih-Tung; Kuo, Chung-Wen; Wang, Wen-Hung; Chuang, Jian-Ying; Bianchi, Elisabetta; Hong, Yi-RenJournal of Molecular Biology 3537
82008The First Crystal Structure of Gluconolactonase Important in the Glucose Secondary Metabolic PathwaysChen, Cheng-Nan; Chin, Ko-Hsin; Wang, Andrew H.-J.; Chou, Shan-HoJournal of Molecular Biology 027
92009A New Amyloid-Like β-Aggregate with Amyloid Characteristics, Except Fibril MorphologyChang, Evan S.-H.; Liao, Tai-Yan; Lim, Tsong-Shin; Fann, Wunshain; Chen, Rita P.-Y.Journal of Molecular Biology 2424
102005Novel Solution Structure of Porcine β-MicroseminoproteinWang, Iren; Lou, Yuan-Chao; Wu, Kuen-Phon; Wu, Shih-Hsiung; Chang, Wen-Chang; Chen, ChinpanJournal of Molecular Biology 1110
112003Solution structure of the cytotoxic RNase 4 from oocytes of bullfrog Rana catesbeianaHsu, C.-H.; Liao, Y.-D.; Pan, Y.-R.; Chen, L.-W.; Wu, S.-H.; Leu, Y.-J.; Chen, C.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Hsu, Chun-Hua ; Liao, You-Di; Pan, Yun-Ru; Chen, Lih-Woan; Wu, Shih-Hsiung; Leu, Ying-Jen; Chen, ChinpanJournal of Molecular Biology 1718
122008Steric Zipper of the Amyloid Fibrils Formed by Residues 109-122 of the Syrian Hamster Prion ProteinLee, S.-W.; Mou, Y.; Lin, S.-Y.; Chou, F.-C.; Tseng, W.-H.; Chen, C.-h.; Lu, C.-Y.D.; Yu, S.S.-F.; Chan, J.C.C.; CHUN-CHUNG CHAN ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN ; CHUN-YI,DAVID LU Journal of Molecular Biology 4139
132008Steric Zipper of the Amyloid Fibrils Formed by Residues 109–122 of the Syrian Hamster Prion ProteinLee, Shin-Wen; Mou, Yun; Lin, Shu-Yi; Chou, Fang-Chieh; Tseng, Wei-Hsiang; Chen, Chun-hsien ; Lu, Chun-Yi David ; Yu, Steve S.-F.; Chan, Jerry C.C.Journal of Molecular Biology 
142009Structure of the Alkalohyperthermophilic Archaeoglobus fulgidus Lipase Contains a Unique C-Terminal Domain Essential for Long-Chain Substrate BindingChen, Cammy K.-M.; Lee, Guan-Chiun; Ko, Tzu-Ping; Guo, Rey-Ting; Huang, Li-MinJournal of Molecular Biology 2622
152009Unique GTP-Binding Pocket and Allostery of Uridylate Kinase from a Gram-Negative phytopathogenic bacteriumTu, Jhe-Le; Chin, Ko-Hsin; Wang, Andrew H.-J.; Chou, Shan-HoJournal of Molecular Biology 1110
162009Visualizing the Disassembly of S. cerevisiae Rad51 Nucleoprotein FilamentsRobertson, R.B.; Moses, D.N.; Kwon, Y.; Chan, P.; Zhao, W.; Chi, P.; Klein, H.; Sung, P.; Greene, E.C.; HUNG-YUAN CHI Journal of Molecular Biology 1616