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12011Apolipoprotein A5 185gg Is Importantin LipolysisKAO, JAU-TSUEN; LIN, YEN-LIN
22007Association of amino-terminal propeptide of type III procollagen and acute myocardial rejection in male patients receiving heart transplantationCHIA-LUN CHAO ; HSIEN-LI KAO ; YEN-HUNG LIN ; YI-LWUN HO ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; CHII-MING LEE journal article33
32004The B Allele in the Abo System Plays a More Influential Role Than the a Allele in Association with Elevated Plasma Levels of Factor Viii and Von Willebrand FactorSHEN, MING-CHING
42002Blood Concentrations of Selenium, Zinc, Iron, Copper and Calcium in Patients with Hepatocellular CarcinomaWang, Chin-Thin; Chang, Wei-Tun; Pan, Tzu-Ming ; Wang, Ren-Tse
51999Bone Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzyme and Carboxy-Terminal Propeptide of Type-I Procollagen in Healthy蔡克嵩; TSAI, KEH-SUNG; HSU, SANDY HUEY-JEN; CHENG, WERN-CHERNG; CHANG, MEI-HWEI
62012Changes of serum adiponectin and soluble intercellular adhesion molecule-1 concentrations after smoking cessationTsai, Jaw-Shiun ; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Guo, Fei-Ran ; CHING-YU CHEN ; Chen, Su-Chiu; CHIN-YING CHEN ; Lue, Bee-Horng ; BEE-HORNG LUE ; Lee, Long-Teng ; LONG-TENG LEE ; JAW-SHIUN TSAI ; Huang, Kuo-Chin ; Chen, Chin-Ying ; LEE-MING CHUANG ; FEI-RAN GUO ; Hung, Shou-Hung; Chuang, Lee-Ming; Chen, Ching-Yujournal article43
71993Coronary Artery Disease Risk Predicted by Plasma Concentrations of High- Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol, Apolipoprotein AI, Apolipoprotein B, and Lipoprotein (a) in a General Chinese PopulationWu, June-Hsieh; Kao, Jau-Tsuen; Wu, June-Hsieh; 高照村; Wen, Ming-Shien; Wu, Delon
81999Derivative Spectroscopic Determination of Paraquat in SerumKuo, Tsung-Li
91998Determination of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Gene Polymorphisms: Stepdown Pcr Increases Detection of HeterozygotesCHIANG, FU-TIEN; HSU, KWAN-LIH; CHEN, WAY-MIN; TSENG, CHUEN-DEN; TSENG, YUNG-ZU
101983Determination of Serum Uric Acid by Rate on Astra Systems with a Reagent that Effectively Eliminates Ascorbic Acid Interference without Sample Pretreatment林宗義; Bondar, R. J. L.; Wolf, S.; Gawronski, J. J.; Zakowski, J. J.; Lin, Tsung-I; Wolf, S.journal article
112011Effect of Naringenin on Lipoprotein Lipase ExpressionKAO, JAU-TSUEN; LIN, YEN-LIN
122009Elevated erythrocyte carbonic anhydrase activity is a novel clinical marker in hyperventilation syndromeYI-CHEN CHEN journal article22
131987Enzyme-Linked Immunoabsorbant Assay of Apolipoprotein AII in Plasma, with Use of a Monoclonal AntibodyStein, Evan A.; DiPersio, Linda; Pesce, Amadeo J.; Kashyap, Moti; Kao, Jau-Tsuen; McNerney, Constance; Stein, Evan A.; DiPersio, Linda; Pesce, Amadeo J.; Kashyap, Moti; 高照村; Srivastava, Laxmi; McNerney, Constance
141986Evaluation of Glucose-hexokinase UV Test on the New SmithKline Diagnostics Eskalab-CCS林宗義; Kim, J.; Mako, E.; Van Winkle, M.; Zodda, D.; Lin, Tsung-I; Zodda, D.journal article
151985Evaluation of the New Smithkline Diagnostics Eskalab-Ccs Test for Cholesterol.林宗義; Winkle, Van; Kim, J.; Mako, E.; Zodda, D.; Lin, Tsung-I; Mako, E.; Zodda, D.journal article
162010FOXL2 mutations in Taiwanese patients with blepharophimosis, ptosis, epicanthus inversus syndromeNI-CHUNG LEE ; WUH-LIANG HWU journal article31
172010Minor histocompatibility antigen HA-1 and HA-2 polymorphisms in Taiwan: Frequency and application in hematopoietic stem cell transplantationYA-CHIEN YANG ; JIH-LUH TANG journal article01
182013PBMC expressed adiponectin mRNA is predictive of survival in patients with gastric cancerTsai, Jaw-Shiun; KUO-CHIN HUANG ; Lin, Ming-Tsan; CHING-YU CHEN ; Wu, Ming-Shiang; MING-TSAN LIN ; Huang, Kuo-Chin; BEE-HORNG LUE ; Lue, Bee-Horng; LONG-TENG LEE ; JAW-SHIUN TSAI ; Lee, Long-Teng; Chiu, Tai-Yuan; MING-SHIANG WU ; LEE-MING CHUANG ; Chen, Chao-Hsien; Chen, Su-Chiu; TAI-YUAN CHIU ; Chuang, Lee-Ming; Chen, Ching-Yujournal article11
191986Performance Evaluation of a New Desk-Top Electrolyte Analyzer Designed for the doctor's Office and Outpatient Clinics林宗義; Umali, L.; Reed, A.; McCaffrey, T.; Kim, J.; Feistel, C.; Luther, C.; Lin, Tsung-I; Kim, J.; Feistel, C.journal article
202008Plasma interleukin-1β, -6, -8 and tumor necrosis factor-α as highly informative markers of pelvic inflammatory diseaseYI-CHEN CHEN journal article1416