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11996BETA3, a novel helix-loop-helix protein, can act as a negative regulator of BETA2 and MyoD-responsive genesHSIANG-PO HUANG Molecular and Cellular Biology 
22004Brk Activates Rac1 and Promotes Cell Migration and Invasion by Phosphorylating PaxillinCHEN, HSIN-YI; SHEN, CHE-HUNG; TSAI, YUH-TYNG; LIN, FENG-CHI; HUANG, YUAN-PING; CHEN, RUEY-HWAMOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY 
31990Cell type-specific protein-DNA interactions in the human ζ-globin upstream promoter region: Displacement of Sp1 by the erythroid cell-specific factor NF-E1LIANG-IN LINMolecular and Cellular Biology 
41991Cell Type-specific Protein-DNA Interactions in the Human ζ-globin Upstream Promoter Region:Displacement of Sp1 by the Erythroid Cell- specific Factor NF-E1Chen, J.; Lin, Liang-In; Tam, M.; Shen, C. K. J.; Yu, C. Y.; Chen, J.; 林亮音; Tam, M.; Shen, C. K. J.Molecular and Cellular Biology 
52013Cessation of epithelial Bmp signaling switches the differentiation of crown epithelia to the root lineage in a β-catenin-dependent mannerJULIA YU-FONG CHANG Molecular and Cellular Biology 3029
61998Coactivator TIF1 Interacts with Transcription Factor C/EBPβ and Glucocorticoid Receptor To Induce α1-Acid Glycoprotein Gene ExpressionChang, Ching-Jin; Chen, Ya-Ling; Lee, Sheng-Chung Molecular and Cellular Biology 
71991Cross Resistance to UV Radiation of a Cisplatin-Resistant Human Cell Line:Overexpression of Cellular Factors That Recognize UV-Modified DNAChao, C. C. K.; 林淑端; Chao, C. C. K.; Lin-Chao, SueMolecular and Cellular Biology 
82005Dynamical remodeling of the transcriptome during short-term anaerobiosis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Differential response and role of Msn2 and/or Msn4 and other factors in galactose and glucose mediaLIANG-CHUAN LAIMolecular and Cellular Biology 6768
91999Etk, a Btk Family Tyrosine Kinase, Mediates Cellular Transformation by Linking Src to STAT3 ActivationTsai, Yuh-Tyng; Su, Yi-Hsien; Fang, Shih-Shuan; Huang, Tzye-Nan; Qiu, Yun; Jou, Yuh-Shan; Shih, Hsiu-ming; Kung, Hsing-Jien; Chen, Ruey-HwaMolecular and Cellular Biology 108109
102005Exon Selection in -Tropomyosin Mrna Is Regulated by the Antagonistic Action of Rbm4 and PtbLIN, JUNG-CHUN; TARN, WOAN-YUHMOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY 
112003Functional Analysis of the Subunits of the Chromatin Assembly Factor RsfLoyola, A.; Huang, J.-Y.; LeRoy, G.; Hu, S.; Wang, Y.-H.; Donnelly, R. J.; Lane, W. S.; Lee, S.-C.; Reinberg, D.; 呂勝春MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY 
122007GATA-1 and Gfi-1B interplay to regulate Bcl-x<inf>L</inf> transcriptionYUAN-YEH KUO Molecular and Cellular Biology 3430
132011High-mobility group A2 protein modulates hTERT transcription to promote tumorigenesisCHING-YING KUOMolecular and Cellular Biology 4038
141997Identification and characterization of a nucleolar phosphoprotein, Nopp140, as a transcription factorMiau, LH; Chang, CJ; Tsai, WH; Lee, SCMolecular and Cellular Biology 
151985Independent 5'- and 3'-End Deteremination of Multiple Dihydrofolate Reductase Transcripts嚴仲陽; Kellems, Rodney E.; Yen, Jeffrey Jong-YoungMolecular and Cellular Biology 
162004Inducible gene trapping using drug selectable markers and the Cre/loxP system to identify developmentally regulated genes.You-Tzung ChenMolecular and Cellular Biology 
171993Induction of Liver Alpha-1 Acid Glycoprotein Gene Expression Involves Both Positive and Negative Transcription FactorsDING-SHINN CHEN Molecular and Cellular Biology 
181993Insulin-stimulated oocyte maturation requires insulin receptor substrate 1 and interaction with the SH2 domains of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinaseLEE-MING CHUANGMolecular and Cellular Biology 6370
191994Insulin-Stimulated Oocyte Maturation Requires IRS-1 and Interactin with SH2 Domains of Phosphotidylinositol 3-Kinase莊立民; Myers, M. G. Jr; Backer, J. M.; Shoelson, S. E.; White, M. F.; Birnbaum, M. J.; Kahn, C. R.; Chuang, Lee-Ming; Myers, M. G. Jr; Backer, J. M.; Shoelson, S. E.; White, M. F.; Kahn, C. R.Molecular and Cellular Biology 
202012Intermolecular Binding between TIFA-FHA and TIFA-pT Mediates Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Stimulation and NF-kappa B Activationuang, Chia-Chi Flora; Weng, Jui-Hung; Wei, Tong-You Wade; Wu, Pei-Yu Gabriel; Hsu, Pang-Hung; Chen, Yu-Hou; Wang, Shun-Chang; Qin, Dongyan; Hung, Chin-Chun; Chen, Shui-Tsung; Wang, Andrew H.-J.; Shyy, John Y.-J.; Tsai, Ming-DawMOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY 2426