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12011A green catalyst for biodiesel production from jatropha oil: Optimization studyYee, K.F.; Wu, J.C.S.; Lee, K.T.; JEFFREY CHI-SHENG WU Biomass and Bioenergy 6261
22011Bioenergy production potential for aboveground biomass from a subtropical constructed wetlandWang, Y.-C.; Ko, C.-H.; Chang, F.-C.; Chen, P.-Y.; Liu, T.-F.; Sheu, Y.-S.; Shih, T.-L.; Teng, C.-J.; CHUN-HAN KO Biomass and Bioenergy 1721
32011Enhanced enzymatic conversion with freeze pretreatment of rice strawChang, Ken-Lin; Thitikorn-amorn, Jitiadda; Hsieh, Jung-Feng; Ou, Bay-Ming; Chen, Shan-He; Ratanakhanokchai, Khanok; Huang, Po-Jung; Chen, Shui-TeinBiomass and Bioenergy 5250
42012Use of different alkaline pretreatments and enzyme models to improve low-cost cellulosic biomass conversionChen, B.-Y.; Chen, S.-W.; Wang, H.-T.; HAN-TSUNG WANG Biomass and Bioenergy 3432