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12006Algorithm analysis and architecture design for HDTV applicationsChen, T.-C.; Fang, H.-C.; Lian, C.-J.; Tsai, C.-H.; Huang, Y.-W.; Chen, T.-W.; Chen, C.-Y.; Chen, Y.-H.; Tsai, C.-Y.; Chen, L.-G.; LIANG-GEE CHEN IEEE Circuits and Devices Magazine 1211
22006Algorithm analysis and architecture design for HDTV applications - a look at the H.264/AVC video compressor systemChen, Tung-Chien; Fang, Hung-Chi; Lian, Chung-Jr; Tsai, Chen-Han; Huang, Yu-Wen; Chen, To-Wei; Chen, Ching-Yen; Chen, Yu-Han; Tsai, Chuan-Yung; Chen, Liang-GeeIEEE Circuits and Devices Magazine 
32005Mobility-enhancement technologiesLiu, C.W.; Maikap, S.; Yu, C.-Y.; Liu, Chee Wee IEEE Circuits and Devices Magazine 930