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11997A Ga 2 O 3 passivation technique compatible with GaAs device processingHong, M; Passlack, M; Mannaerts, JP; Harris, TD; Schnoes, ML; Opila, RL; Krautter, HW; MINGHWEI HONG Solid-State Electronics 
21984An AlGaAs-GaAs dual-wavelength photodetector with 500 ? resolutionLee, S.C.; Lin, H.H.; Chiou, Y.L.Solid-State Electronics 
32008Analysis of STI-induced mechanical stress-related Kink effect of 40 nm PD SOI NMOS devices biased in saturation regionI. S. Lin; J. B. Kuo; JAMES-B KUO Solid-State Electronics 43
42000Analytic modeling of the subthreshold behavior in MOSFETLiu, C. W.; Hsieh, T. X.; LiuCW Solid-State Electronics 
52000Analytic modeling of the subthreshold behavior in MOSFETLiu, C.W.; Hsieh, T.X.; CHEE-WEE LIU Solid-State Electronics 43
62004Base transit time of graded-base Si/SiGe HBTs considering recombination lifetime and velocity saturationChang, S. T.; Liu, C. W.; Lu, S. C.Solid-State Electronics 
72004Base transit time of graded-base Si/SiGe HBTs considering recombination lifetime and velocity saturationChang, S.T.; Liu, C.W.; Lu, S.C.; CHEE-WEE LIU Solid-State Electronics 68
81996C-V and G-V characterization of in-situ fabricated Ga 2 O 3 GaAs interfaces for inversion/accumulation device and surface passivation applicationsPasslack, M; Hong, M; Mannaerts, JP; MINGHWEI HONG Solid-State Electronics 
92014Corner induced non-uniform electric field effect on the electrical reliability of metal-oxide-semiconductor devices with non-planar substratesTseng, P.-H.; Hwu, J.-G.; JENN-GWO HWU Solid-State Electronics 44
101997Demonstration of enhancement-mode p-and n-channel GaAs MOSFETS with Ga 2 O 3 (Gd 2 O 3) As gate oxideRen, F; Hong, M; Hobson, WS; Kuo, JM; Lothian, JR; Mannaerts, JP; Kwo, J; Chu, SNG; Chen, YK; Cho, AY; MINGHWEI HONG Solid-State Electronics 
111998Demonstration of GaN MIS diodes by using AlN and Ga 2 O 3 (Gd 2 O 3) as dielectricsRen, F; Abernathy, CR; MacKenzie, JD; Gila, BP; Pearton, SJ; Hong, M; Marcus, MA; Schurman, MJ; Baca, AG; Shul, RJ; MINGHWEI HONG Solid-State Electronics 
122015Demonstration of radio-frequency response of amorphous IGZO thin film transistors on the glass substrateLiang-Yu Su; JianJang Huang; JIAN-JANG HUANG Solid-State Electronics 2222
132010Effective passivation and high-performance metal-oxide-semiconductor devices using ultra-high-vacuum deposited high-$κ$ dielectrics on Ge without interfacial layersChu, LK; Chu, RL; Lin, TD; Lee, WC; Lin, CA; Huang, ML; Lee, YJ; Kwo, J; Hong, M; MINGHWEI HONG Solid-State Electronics 
142004Electrical characteristics of ultra-thin gate oxides (< 3 nm) prepared by direct current superimposed with alternating-current anodizationJENN-GWO HWU Solid-State Electronics 98
152001Energy-band parameters at the GaAs-and GaN-Ga 2 O 3 (Gd 2 O 3) interfacesLay, TS; Hong, M; Kwo, J; Mannaerts, JP; Hung, Wei-Hsiu; Huang, DJ; MINGHWEI HONG Solid-State Electronics 
162015Enhanced light emission from Ge by GeO<inf>2</inf> micro hemispheresChen, Y.-Y.; Yen, C.-C.; Chang, T.-Y.; Liu, C.W.; CHEE-WEE LIU Solid-State Electronics 00
172000Enhancement in soft breakdown occurrence of ultra-thin gate oxides caused by photon effect in rapid thermal post-oxidation annealingJENN-GWO HWU Solid-State Electronics 63
182003Examination of LiNbO3/nitride heterostructuresSingh, M; Wu, YR; Singh, J; YUH-RENN WU Solid-State Electronics 2018
191999Fluorinated thin gate oxides prepared by room temperature deposition followed by furnace oxidationYeh, K.-L.; Jeng, M.-J.; Hwu, J.-G.; JENN-GWO HWU Solid-State Electronics 54
202003Ge quantum dots sandwiched between two thick Si blocking layers to block the dark current and tune the responsivity spectrumPeng, Y.H.; Chen, C.C.; Kuan, C.H.; Cheng, H.H.; CHIEH-HSIUNG KUAN Solid-State Electronics 65