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12016Adding a Transverse Scan in the Ultrasound Diagnosis of Extensor TendinopathyYI-CHIAN WANGjournal article0
22002Adrenal gland volume after spinal cord injurySHYH-JYE CHEN ; Lee, Wen-Jeng ; TIEN-SHANG HUANG ; Wang, Yen-Ho; WEN-JENG LEE ; Su, Cheng-Tau; Chen, Shyh-Jye ; Li, Yiu-Wah; H, Tien-Shangjournal article65
32005Ankle muscle activation during functional reach in hemiparetic and healthy subjectsWEI-LI HSU journal article66
42003Assessments of chronodispersion and tacheodispersion of F waves in patients with spinal cord injuryCHEIN-WEI CHANG journal article08
52003Assessments of chronodispersion and tacheodispersion of F-waves in patients with spinal cord injury.Tsai, CT; Chen, HW; Chen, HW; Chang, CW
62015Author reply to "Color scaling in sonoelastography"TYNG-GUEY WANG; CHUEH-HUNG WUjournal article21
72010Ball catching skills of 5- to 11-year-old typically developing children in real and virtual environmentsTIEN-NI WANG journal article22
82012Can sonoelastography detect plantar fasciitis earlier than traditional b-mode ultrasonography?Wu, Chueh-Hung; TYNG-GUEY WANG; Chen, Wen-Shiang; CHUEH-HUNG WU; Wang, Tyng-Guey; WEN-SHIANG CHEN; Lew, Henry L.journal article1313
92012Cardiorespiratory function of pediatric heart transplant recipients in the early postoperative periodChiu, Hsin-Hui; Chiu, Hsin-Hui; Nai-Kuan Chou; SSU-YUAN CHEN; Wu, Mei-Hwan ; Wu, Mei-Hwan ; MEI-HWAN WU ; Wang, Shoei-Shen; Wang, Shoei-Shen; SHOEI-SHEN WANG; Lan, Ching; Lan, Ching; Chou, Nai-Kuan; Chou, Nai-Kuan; JIN-SHIN LAI ; Chen, Ssu-Yuan; Chen, Ssu-Yuan; Lai, Jin-Shin ; Lai, Jin-Shin journal article22
102012Cardiorespiratory function of pediatric heart transplant recipients in the early postoperative periodChiu, Hsin Hui; MEI-HWAN WU ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG; CHING LAN ; NAI-KUAN CHOU; SSU-YUAN CHEN; JIN-SHIN LAI 22
111992Clinical Trial of a Low-Temperature Plastic Anterior Ankle Foot Orthosis黃美涓; Tang, F. T.; Wu, S. H.; Chen, C. M.; Wong, May-Kuen; Wu, S. H.
122015Combining afferent stimulation and mirror therapy for improving muscular, sensorimotor, and daily functions after chronic stroke: A randomized, placebo-controlled studyYA-YUN LEE ; Lee, Ya-yun ; KEH-CHUNG LIN; Lin, Keh-chung; Wu, Ching-yi; Liao, Ching-hua; Lin, Jui-chi; Chen, Chia-lingjournal article56
132002Comparison of pressure and time parameters in evaluating diabetic footwearWEI-LI HSI ; JIN-SHIN LAI journal article1414
142010Constraint-induced therapy versus control intervention in patients with stroke: a fMRI study.Lin, K-C.; Chung, H-Y.; Chung, H-Y.; Wu, C-Y.; Liu, H-L.; Hsieh, W-Y.; Chen, I-H.; Chen, I-H.; Chen, C-L.; Chuang, L-L.; Liu, J-S.; Liu, J-S.; Wai, Y-Y
152010Constraint-induced therapy versus control intervention in patients with stroke: A functional magnetic resonance imaging studyKEH-CHUNG LIN; Lin, Keh-Chung; Chung, Hsin-Ying; Wu, Ching-Yi; Liu, Ho-Ling; Hsieh, Yu-Wei ; Chen, I-Hsuan; Chen, Chia-Ling; Chuang, Li-Ling; Liu, Jung-Sen; Wai, Yau-Yaujournal article4232
162010Downhill walking training in individuals with parkinson's disease: A randomized controlled trialYA-YUN LEE journal article2827
172016Dynamic Ultrasonography of the Intra-Articular Long Head Biceps Tendon and Superior LabrumMING-YEN HSIAOjournal article34
182015Dynamic Ultrasound Imaging for Peroneal Tendon SubluxationTYNG-GUEY WANG; CHUEH-HUNG WUjournal article22
192015Dynamic ultrasound imaging for the iliotibial band/snapping hip syndromeCHUEH-HUNG WUjournal article54
202015Dynamic ultrasound imaging for type a intrasheath subluxation of the peroneal tendonsMING-YEN HSIAO; CHUEH-HUNG WUjournal article33