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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12010Are both psychological and physical dimensions in health-related quality of life associated with mortality in hemodialysis patients: A 7-year Taiwan cohort studyCHIH-KANG CHIANG|TUN-JUN TSAIBlood Purification 1212
22008Correlation of metabolic syndrome with residual renal function, solute transport rate and peritoneal solute clearance in chronic peritoneal dialysis patientsTZONG-SHINN CHU; JENQ-WEN HUANGBlood Purification 2017
32009Diuretics on Hospital Mortality in Postoperative Patients Receiving Acute DialysisHUANG, TAO-MIN; CHEN, YI-TING; KO, WEN-JE; WU, VIN-CENTBLOOD PURIFICATION 
42009Intraperitoneal vascular endothelial growth factor C level is related to peritoneal dialysis ultrafiltrationCHENG-CHUNG FANG; WEI-SHUN YANG ; TUN-JUN TSAI; JENQ-WEN HUANG; YANG, WEI-SHUN ; TSAI, TUN-JEN; SHIH, CHUNG-LIANG; HUANG, JENQ-WEN; CHUANG, HSUEH-FANG; CHEN, MENG-HAN; FANG, CHENG-CHUNGBlood Purification 67
52011Tamoxifen downregulates connective tissue growth factor to ameliorate peritoneal fibrosisHuang J.-W.; Yen C.-J.; Wu H.-Y.; Chiang C.-K.; HUI-TENG CHENG ; Lien Y.-C.; Hung K.-Y.; Tsai T.-J.Blood Purification 2118
61997Viral hepatitis in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patients in an endemic area for hepatitis B and C infection: The Taiwan experienceTUN-JUN TSAIBlood Purification