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12011A new coordination polymer exhibiting unique 2D hydrogen-bonded (H 2O)16 ring formation and water-dependent luminescence propertiesWang, C.-C.; PI-TAI CHOUet al. Chemistry - A European Journal 3233
22007A new generation of metal string complexes: Structure, magnetism, spectroscopy, theoretical analysis, and single molecular conductance of an unusual mixed-valence linear [Ni5]8+ complexLiu, I.P.-C.; B{\\'e; SHIE-MING PENG ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN Chemistry - A European Journal 7672
32011A pentiptycene-derived molecular brake: Photochemical Ea→Z and electrochemical Za→E switching of an enone moduleChen, Y.-C.; Sun, W.-T.; Lu, H.-F.; Chao, I.; Huang, G.-J.; Lin, Y.-C.; Huang, S.-L.; Huang, H.-H.; Lin, Y.-D.; Yang, J.-S.; YING-CHIH LIN ; JYE-SHANE YANG Chemistry - A European Journal 3633
42012A two-stage molecular retractable cable featuring push-button and rotary two-way switching modesChuang, C.-J.; Lai, C.-C.; Liu, Y.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Chiu, S.-H.; SHIE-MING PENG ; SHENG-HSIEN CHIU Chemistry - A European Journal 86
52013Alkaline earth metal ion induced coil-helix-coil transition of lysine-coumarin-azacrown hybrid foldamers with OFF-OFF-ON fluorescence switchingLin, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Chemistry - A European Journal 66
62006An investigation of the self-assembly of neutral, interlaced, triple-stranded molecular braidsLuan, X.-J.; Cai, X.-H.; Wang, Y.-Y.; Li, D.-S.; Wang, C.-J.; Liu, P.; Hu, H.-M.; Shi, Q.-Z.; Peng, S.-M.; SHIE-MING PENG Chemistry - A European Journal 111110
72018Analytical Understanding of the Materials Design with Well-Described Shrinkages on MultiscaleMa Q.; Dutta S.; Wu K.C.-W. ; Kimura T.Chemistry - A European Journal 1010
82002Carbonylchromium derivatives of bismuth: New syntheses and relevance to C-O activationShieh, M.; Cherng, J.-J.; Lai, Y.-W.; Ueng, C.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Liu, Y.-H.; SHIE-MING PENG Chemistry - A European Journal 18
92010Chemical reduction and dimerization of 1-chloro-2,3,4,5-tetraphenylboroleBraunschweig, H.; Chiu, C.-W.; Wahler, J.; Radacki, K.; Kupfer, T.; CHING-WEN CHIU Chemistry - A European Journal 6566
102009Coherently aligned porphyrin-appended polynorbornenesWang, H. W.; Liu, Z. C.; Chen, C. H.; Lim, T. S.; Fann, W.; Chao, C. G.; Yu, J. Y.; Lee, S. L.; Huang, S. L.; Luh, T. Y.; TIEN-YAU LUH ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN Chemistry - A European Journal 2628
112012Controlling conformations in alternating dialkylsilylene-spaced donor-acceptor copolymers by a cooperative thorpe-ingold effect and polymer foldingChen, C.-H.; Huang, Y.-C.; Liao, W.-C.; Lim, T.-S.; Liu, K.-L.; Chen, I.-C.; Luh, T.-Y.; TIEN-YAU LUH Chemistry - A European Journal 1718
122002Cu-mediated syntheses of N-fused and ring-modified trithiahexaphyrinsHung, C.-H.; Jong, J.-P.; Ho, M.-Y.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; SHIE-MING PENG Chemistry - A European Journal 29
132012Cyclization of aromatic propargyl alcohol with a thiophene group yielding naphthothiophene aldehyde induced by a ruthenium complexTsai, F.-Y.; Ma, H.-W.; Huang, S.-L.; Lin, Y.-C.; Wang, Y.; Liu, Y.-H.; YING-CHIH LIN Chemistry - A European Journal 1211
142016Cytotoxicity of Postmodified Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-90 (ZIF-90) Nanocrystals: Correlation between Functionality and ToxicityYen C.-I.; Liu S.-M.; Lo W.-S.; Wu J.-W.; Liu Y.-H.; Chein R.-J.; Yang R.; Wu K.C.-W. ; Hwu J.R.; Ma N.; Shieh F.-K.Chemistry - A European Journal 3436
152015Delineation of G-Quadruplex Alkylation Sites Mediated by 3,6-Bis(1-methyl-4-vinylpyridinium iodide)carbazole-Aniline Mustard ConjugatesChen, C.-H.; Hu, T.-H.; Huang, T.-C.; Chen, Y.-L.; Chen, Y.-R.; Cheng, C.-C.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Chemistry - A European Journal 65
162011Dendron-functionalized bis(terpyridine)-iron(II) or -cadmium(II) metallomacrocycles: Synthesis, traveling-wave ion-mobility mass spectrometry, and photophysical propertiesWang, J.-L.; Li, X.; Lu, X.; Chan, Y.-T.; Moorefield, C.N.; Wesdemiotis, C.; Newkome, G.R.; YI-TSU CHAN Chemistry - A European Journal 3334
172011Design and synthesis of iridium bis(carbene) complexes for efficient blue electrophosphorescenceHsieh, Cheng-Han; KEN-TSUNG WONGet al. Chemistry - A European Journal 127126
182019Development of Sulfonic-Acid-Functionalized Mesoporous Materials: Synthesis and Catalytic ApplicationsDoustkhah E.; Lin J.; Rostamnia S.; Len C.; Luque R.; Luo X.; Bando Y.; Wu K.C.W. ; Kim J.; Yamauchi Y.; Ide Y.Chemistry - A European Journal 124120
192012Dipole field guided orientated attachment of nanocrystals to twin-brush ZnO mesocrystalsLiu, M.-H.; Tseng, Y.-H.; Greer, H.F.; Zhou, W.; Mou, C.-Y.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Chemistry - A European Journal 3636
202008Direct observation of mixed-valence and radical cation dimer states of tetrathiafulvalene in solution at room temperature: association and dissociation of molecular clip dimers under oxidative controlChiang, Pinn-Tsong; Chen, Nai-Chia; Lai, Chien-Chen; Chiu, Sheng-Hsien; SHENG-HSIEN CHIU Chemistry - A European Journal 6865