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12011A GaN Photonic Crystal Membrane LaserCheng-Hung Lin; Jyh-Yang Wang; Cheng-Yen Chen; Kun-Ching Shen; Dong-Ming Yeh; Yean-Woei Kiang; C. C. Yang; CHIH-CHUNG YANG ; YEAN-WOEI KIANG Nanotechnology 
22006A large interconnecting network within hybrid MEH-PPV/TiO2 nanorod photovoltaic devicesZeng, Tsung-Wei; Lin, Yun-Yue; Lo, Hsi-Hsing; Chen, Chun-Wei; Chen, Cheng-Hsuan; Liou, Sz-Chian; Huang, Hong-Yun; Su, Wei-Fang; Zeng, Tsung-Wei; WEI-FANG SU ; Lin, Yun-Yue; Lo, Hsi-Hsing; Chen, Chun-Wei ; Chen, Cheng-Hsuan; Liou, Sz-Chian; Huang, Hong-Yun; Su, Wei-Fang Nanotechnology 
32007A novel biomagnetic nanoparticle based on hydroxyapatiteJUI-SHENG SUNNanotechnology 
42006Aqueous Nickel-Nitrilotriacetate Modified Fe3O4-NH3+ Nanoparticles for Protein Purification and Cell TargetingDar-Bin Shieh; Chia-Hao Su; Fong-Yu Chang; Ya-Na Wu; Wu-Chou Su; Jih Ru Hwu; Jyh-Horng Chen; Chen-Sheng Yeh; JYH-HORNG CHEN Nanotechnology 
52009Aspect-ratio-dependent ultra-low reflection and luminescence of dry-etched Si nanopillars on Si substratePai, Y.-H.; Meng, F.-S.; Lin, C.-J.; Kuo, H.-C.; Hsu, S.-H.; Chang, Y.-C.; Lin, G.-R.; GONG-RU LIN ; Lin, Chun-Jung Nanotechnology 
62015Atomic-layer-deposited silver and dielectric nanostructures for plasmonic enhancement of Raman scattering from nanoscale ultrathin filmsYIN-YI HANNanotechnology 
72010Au nanorings for enhancing absorption and backscattering monitored with optical coherence tomographyTseng, H.-Y.; CHUN-PIN CHIANG ; CHIH-CHUNG YANG ; YEAN-WOEI KIANG et al. Nanotechnology 
82010Biocompatibility of Fe3O4 nanoparticles evaluated by in vitro cytotoxicity assays using normal, glia and breast cancer cellsAnkamwar, B.; Lai, T. C.; Huang, J. H.; Liu, R. S.; Hsiao, M.; Chen, C. H.; Hwu, Y. K.; RU-SHI LIU Nanotechnology 
92011Biocompatible transferrin-conjugated sodium hexametaphosphate-stabilized gold nanoparticles: synthesis, characterization, cytotoxicity and cellular uptakeParab, Harshala J.; RU-SHI LIUet al. Nanotechnology 
102007Biological performances of poly(ether)urethane-silver nanocompositesHung, H.-S.; Hsu, S.-H.; SHAN-HUI HSU Nanotechnology 
112008Built-in surface electric field, piezoelectricity and photoelastic effect in GaN nanorods for nanophotonic devicesYANG-FANG CHEN Nanotechnology 
122007Coalescence overgrowth of GaN nano-columns with metalorganic chemical vapor depositionTang, T.-Y.; Averett, K.L.; Albrecht, J.D.; Shiao, W.-Y.; Chen, Y.-S.; Yang, C.C.; Hsu, C.-W.; Chen, L.C.; CHIH-CHUNG YANG Nanotechnology 
132016Combination of photothermal and photodynamic inactivation of cancer cells through surface plasmon resonance of a gold nanoringChu, C.-K.; CHIH-CHUNG YANG et al. Nanotechnology 
142016Computer simulations of the interaction of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) aspartic protease with spherical gold nanoparticles: Implications in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)Whiteley C.G.; Lee D.-J. Nanotechnology 
152015Controlling the properties of graphene produced by electrochemical exfoliationHofmann, M.; Chiang, W.-Y.; D Nguyn, T.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Mario Hofmann Nanotechnology 
162013Detection of adenosine triphosphate through polymerization-induced aggregation of actin-conjugated gold/silver nanorodsLiao, Y.-J.; Shiang, Y.-C.; Chen, L.-Y.; Hsu, C.-L.; Huang, C.-C.; Chang, H.-T.; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Nanotechnology 
172017Detection of electrically neutral and nonpolar molecules in ionic solutions using silicon nanowiresWu, Y. P.; Chu, C. J.; Tsai, L. C.; Su, Y. W.; Chen, P. H.; Moodley, M. K.; Huang, D.; Chen, Y. T.; Yang, Y. J.; Chen, C. D.; YIT-TSONG CHEN Nanotechnology 
182014Detection of hydrogen sulfide through photoluminescence quenching of penicillamine-copper nanocluster aggregatesMa, J.-Y.; Chen, P.-C.; Chang, H.-T.; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Nanotechnology 
192009Direct deposition of single-walled carbon nanotube thin films via electrostatic spray assisted chemical vapor depositionHsieh, Y.-P.; Hofmann, M.; Son, H.; Jia, X.; Chen, Y.-F.; Liang, C.-T.; Dresselhaus, M.S.; Kong, J.; CHI-TE LIANG ; YANG-FANG CHEN ; Mario Hofmann Nanotechnology 
202011Direct evidence of type II band alignment in nanoscale P3HT/CdSe heterostructuresYANG-FANG CHEN Nanotechnology