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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12015Biquaternions and ADHM construction of non-compact SL(2, C) Yang-Mills instantonsLai, S.-H.; Lee, J.-C.; Tsai, I.-H.; I-HSUN TSAI Annals of Physics 68
22012Deconfined fractionally charged excitation in any dimensionsChern, C.-H.; Huang, P.-H.; Lee, H.-H.; CHYH-HONG CHERN Annals of Physics 11
32002Effective field theory description of the higher dimensional quantum hall liquidCHYH-HONG CHERN Annals of Physics 6864
42014Pseudogap formation and quantum phase transition in strongly-correlated electron systemsChern, C.-H.; CHYH-HONG CHERN Annals of Physics 65
52014Shifted one-parameter supersymmetric family of quartic asymmetric double-well potentialsHaret C. Rosua; Stefan C. Mancas b; Pisin Chenc; PISIN CHEN Annals of Physics 78
62007Theory of four-dimensional fractional quantum Hall statesChern, C.-H.; CHYH-HONG CHERN Annals of Physics 22
72017Yang�VMills instanton sheavesLai, S.-H.; Lee, J.-C.; Tsai, I.-H.; I-HSUN TSAI Annals of Physics 23