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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12013Application and validation of simple image-mosaic technology for interpreting cracks on tunnel liningLee, C.-H.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Wang, T.-T.; Huang, T.-H.; TAI-TIEN WANG Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 4436
22001Assessment of damage in mountain tunnels due to the Taiwan Chi-Chi EarthquakeWang, W.L.; Wang, T.T.; Su, J.J.; Lin, C.H.; Seng, C.R.; Huang, T.H.; TAI-TIEN WANG Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 596433
32018Changes of Atterberg limits and electrochemical behaviors of clays with dispersants as conditioning agents for EPB shield tunnellingPengfei Liu; Shuying Wang; Louis Ge ; Markus Thewes; Junsheng Yang; Yimin XiaTunnelling and Underground Space Technology 5741
42017Characterizing fractures to mitigate inrush of water into a shaft using hydrogeological approachesWang, T.-T.; Zhan, S.-S.; Chen, C.-H.; Su, W.-C.; TAI-TIEN WANG Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 2017
52013Experimental study of shotcrete and concrete strength development in a hot spring environmentLee, C.-H.; Wang, T.-T.; Chen, H.-J.; TAI-TIEN WANG Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 2016
62017Lining crack evolution of an operational tunnel influenced by slope instabilityTAI-TIEN WANG Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 6152
72012Mechanisms causing seismic damage of tunnels at different depthsChen, Cheng-Hsun; TAI-TIEN WANG ; Wang, Tai-Tien ; Jeng, Fu-Shu ; Huang, Tsan-HweiTunnelling and Underground Space Technology 7762
82013Monitoring tunnel deformations by means of multi-epoch dispersed 3D LiDAR point clouds: An improved approachJEN-YU HAN Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 4640
92013Monitoring tunnel profile by means of multi-epoch dispersed 3-D LiDAR point cloudsJEN-YU HAN Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 6451
102011Predicting the Groutability of Sandy Silt Soils for Microfine Cement Grouts via BPNNHuang Cl; Fan J. C.; Liao K. W.; Huang S. H.; Lien T. H.; JEN-CHEN FAN Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 
112010Profile deformation of a circular tunnel induced by ambient stress changesWang, YC; TAI-TIEN WANG ; Huang, Kuo-Pin; Wang, Tai-Tien ; Wang, HK; Chen, WS; Huang, Tsan-Hwei; Wang, TG; Jeng, Fu-Shu Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 3018
122008Valuing user external benefits and developing management strategies for metro system underground arcadesLin, J.-J.; Lo, C.-W.; JEN-JIA LIN Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 1111