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12003Adakites from continental collision zones: Melting of thickened lower crust beneath southern TibetChung, S.-L.; Liu, D.; Ji, J.; Chu, M.-F.; Lee, H.-Y.; Wen, D.-J.; Lo, C.-H.; Lee, T.-Y.; Qian, Q.; Zhang, Q.; SUN-LIN CHUNG ; MEI-FEI CHU ; Liu, Dunyi; CHING-HUA LO Geology 1000919
22012An earthquake slip zone is a magnetic recorderChou, Y.-M.; Song, S.-R.; Aubourg, C.; Lee, T.-Q.; Boullier, A.-M.; Song, Y.-F.; Yeh, E.-C.; Kuo, L.-W.; Wang, C.-Y.; SHENG-RONG SONG Geology 4137
32013Basin inversion in central Taiwan and its importance for seismic hazardG. Camanni; C.-H. Chen; D. Brown; J. Alvarez-Marron; Y.-M. Wu; H.-A. Chen; H.-H. Huang; H.-T. Chu; M.-M. Chen; C.-H. Chang; YIH-MIN WU Geology 1413
42009Constant-slope alluvial fans and source basins in TaiwanLin, Z.; Oguchi, T.; Chen, Y.-G.; Saito, K.; YUE-GAU CHEN Geology 1111
52013Coral record of reduced El Niño activity in the early 15th to middle 17th centuriesHereid, K.A.; Quinn, T.M.; Taylor, F.W.; Shen, C.-C.; Edwards, R.L.; Cheng, H.; CHUAN-CHOU SHEN Geology 2722
61990Direct dating of stromatolitic carbonates from the Schmidtsdrif Formation (Transvaal Dolomite), South Africa, with implications on the age of the Ventersdorp SupergroupBOR-MING JAHN Geology 83
72004Earthquake-triggered increase in sediment delivery from an active mountain beltJIUN CHUAN LIN ; Dadson, Simon J.; Hovius, Niels; HONGEY CHEN ; Chen, Hongey ; Brian Dade, W.; Lin, Jiun-Chuan ; Hsu, Mei-Ling; Lin, Ching-Weei; Horng, Ming-Jame; Chen, Tien-Chien; Milliman, John; Sta, Colin P.Geology 411379
82016Eocene Neo-Tethyan slab breakoffconstrained by 45 Ma oceanic island basalt-type magmatism in southern TibetSUN-LIN CHUNG Geology 125110
92003Erosion rates and orogenic-wedge kinematics in Taiwan inferred from fission-track thermochronometryCHIA-YU LU ; Willett, Sean D.; Fisher, Donald; Fuller, Christopher; Yeh, En-Chao; Lu, Chia-Yu Geology 182183
102000Evidence against subduction-related magmatism for the Jiaoziyan Gabbro, Northern Dabie Shan, ChinaBOR-MING JAHN Geology 26
111996Extensional collapse of the northern Taiwan mountain beltLOUIS TENG Geology 236
122001First evidence for Archean continental crust in northern Vietnam and its implications for crustal and tectonic evolution in Southeast AsiaLan, Ching-Ying; CHING-HUA LO ; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Lo, Ching-Hua ; Lee, Tung-Yi; Wang, Pei-Ling ; Li, Huimin; Toan, Dinh VanGeology 93
132004First Toba supereruption revivalLee, Meng-Yang; KUO-YEN WEI ; Chen, Chang-Hwa; Wei, Kuo-Yen ; Iizuka, Yoshiyuki; Carey, StevenGeology 5348
142004First Toba supereruption revival: ReplyKUO-YEN WEI Geology 100
152011Fragments of hot and metasomatized mantle lithosphere in middle miocene ultrapotassic lavas, southern TibetSUN-LIN CHUNG ; Liu, Chuan-Zhou; Wu, Fu-Yuan; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Zhao, Zhi-Dan; Autran, BrigitteGeology 7474
162004Geologic, geochemical, and geophysical consequences of plume involvement in the Emeishan flood-basalt provinceXu, Yi-Gang; SUN-LIN CHUNG ; He, Bin; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Menzies, Martin A.; Frey, Frederick A.Geology 431379
172014Gouge graphitization and dynamic fault weakening during the 2008 Mw 7.9 Wenchuan earthquakeSHENG-RONG SONG Geology 9285
182006High-resolution absolute-dated Indian Monsoon record between 53 and 36 ka from Xiaobailong Cave, southwestern ChinaCHUAN-CHOU SHEN ; Cai, Yanjun; An, Zhisheng; Cheng, Hai; Lawrence Edwards, R.; Kelly, Megan J.; Liu, Weiguo; Wang, Xianfeng; Shen, Chuan-Chou Geology 114102
192010How rivers react to large earthquakes: Evidence from central TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN ; Yanites, Brian J.; Tucker, Gregory E.; Mueller, Karl J.; Chen, Yue-Gau Geology 9691
202009Huge erratic boulders in Tonga deposited by a prehistoric tsunamiCHUAN-CHOU SHEN ; Frohlich, Cliff; Hornbach, Matthew J.; Taylor, Frederick W.; Shen, Chuan-Chou ; Moala, 'Apai; Morton, Allan E.; Kruger, JensGeology 8976