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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12005A generalization of Piéron's law to include background intensity and latency distributionHsu, Y.-F.; YUNG-FONG HSU Journal of Mathematical Psychology 76
22010Affine representations in psychophysics and the near-miss to Weber's lawHsu, Y.-F.; Iverson, G.J.; Doble, C.W.; Hsu, Yung-Fong Journal of Mathematical Psychology 33
32016Conditions under which affine representations are also Fechnerian under the power law of similarity on the Weber sensitivitiesHsu, Y.-F.; Iverson, G.J.; YUNG-FONG HSU Journal of Mathematical Psychology 11
42013Optimal receiver operating characteristic manifoldsWu, Y.-J.; Chiang, C.-T.; CHIN-TSANG CHIANG Journal of Mathematical Psychology 34
52005The tune in-and-out model: A random walk and its application to a presidential election surveyYUNG-FONG HSU Journal of Mathematical Psychology 44