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12008120% Luminance enhancement of OLED by patterned microlens arrayHOANG-YAN LIN conference paper
2201120.2: Efficiency improvement of photovoltaic device-integrated organic light emitting diode by applying a distributed bragg reflectorHOANG-YAN LIN conference paper
320103.5: Novel broadband retarder evaluation metrics for 3D projection displayHOANG-YAN LIN conference paper
4201132.2: Speckle suppression by 2D spatial light modulator in laser projection systemHOANG-YAN LIN conference paper
5201051.3: An ultra-low-cost 2-D/3-D video-conversion systemLIANG-GEE CHEN conference paper
6201355 inches 3D short-throw rear-projection-system with broadband polarizing-type glassesHOANG-YAN LIN conference paper
7201168.2: Using rigorous electromagnetic analysis in modeling OLEDs with gratingsYIH-PENG CHIOU conference paper
82006A minimum dispersion stereoscopic rear projection displayHOANG-YAN LIN conference paper
92006A novel 4.75 inch CNT-FED with sturdy metal plate as spacerHUNG-YUAN LI conference paper
102013A study of optimal viewing distance in an AS3D displayHOANG-YAN LIN conference paper
112015A study on viewing zone of curved barrier-type auto-stereoscopic displayHOANG-YAN LIN conference paper
122006Amorphous silicon thin-film transistor backplane on stainless steel foil substrates for AMOLEDsI-CHUN CHENG conference paper
132014An autostereoscopic display structure based on diffractive optical elements and tunable refractive elementsHOANG-YAN LIN conference paper
142014Design for a flexible autostereoscopic display with different radius of curvatureHOANG-YAN LIN conference paper
152014Development of a novel pattern-coating technology -"Air-Bubble Coating"-for the manufacture of OLED devicesAN-BANG WANG conference paper
162006Effect of character size and lighting on legibility of electronic papersCHIH-YU CHAO conference paper
172007Efficient solution-processable solid-state light-emitting electrochemical cells based on host-guest cationic phosphorescent complexesKEN-TSUNG WONG conference paper
182014Extraction efficiency enhancement of AMOLED display with acceptable blur by attaching trapezoid array filmHOANG-YAN LIN conference paper
192014Flexible substrate with low reflection, low haze, self-cleaning, and high hardness by nano-structured hard coating and surface treatmentI-CHUN CHENG conference paper
202005High-temperature (250°C) amorphous-silicon TFT's on clear plastic substratesI-CHUN CHENG conference paper