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12013A collaborative study to establish the first National Standard for HIV-1 RNA nucleic acid amplification techniques (NAT) in TaiwanYang, Y.-C.; Yang-Chih Shih, D.; Tsai, M.-H.; Cheng, C.-H.; Cheng, H.-F.; Lo, C.-F.; Wang, D.-Y.; MONG-HSUN TSAI Journal of Virological Methods 
22005A new combination of RT-PCR and reverse dot blot hybridization for rapid detection and identification of potyvirusesHsu, Y. C.; Yeh, T. J.; Chang, Y. C.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; Hsu, Y. C.; Yeh, T. J.; Chang, Y. C.Journal of Virological Methods 
32000A novel EBNA-1 tag system for high level expression and efficient detection of fusion proteins in vitro and in vivoMEI-RU CHEN Journal of Virological Methods 
41999A sensitive fluorescence in situ hybridization technique for detection of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virusChueh, L.-L.; Lee, K.-H.; Jeng, C.-R.; Pang, V.F.; CHIAN-REN JENG ; VICTOR FEI PANG Journal of Virological Methods 
52011A type-specific blocking ELISA for the detection of infectious bronchitis virus antibodyChen, H.-W.; Wang, C.-H.; Cheng, I.-C.; HUI-WEN CHEN ; IVAN-CHEN CHENG Journal of Virological Methods 
61995Assay of HIV-1 protease activity by use of crude preparations of enzyme and biotinylated substrateSUNG-LIANG YUJournal of Virological Methods 
72014Avian oncogenic virus differential diagnosis in chickens using oligonucleotide microarrayWang, L.-C.; Huang, D.; Pu, C.-E.; Wang, C.-H.; LIH-CHIANN WANG Journal of Virological Methods 
82011Cell-based analysis of Chikungunya virus membrane fusion using baculovirus-expression vectorsKuo S.-C.; Chen Y.-J.; Wang Y.-M.; Kuo M.-D.; Jinn T.-R.; Chen W.-S.; Chang Y.-C.; Tung K.-L. ; Wu T.-Y.; Lo S.J.Journal of Virological Methods 
92014Comparison of primer sets and one-step reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction kits for the detection of bluetongue viral RNALee, F.; Lin, Y.-L.; Tsai, H.-J.; HSIANG-JUNG TSAI Journal of Virological Methods 
101997Demonstration of human papillomavirus (HPV) genomic amplication and viral-like particles from CaSki cell line in SCIDSUNG-TSANG HSIEHJournal of Virological Methods 
112012Development of a polymerase chain reaction for the detection of abalone herpesvirus infection based on the DNA polymerase geneChen, M.H.; Kuo, S.T.; Renault, T.; Friedman, C.S.; Chang, P.H.; PEN-HENG CHANG Journal of Virological Methods 
122009Development of a reverse transcription multiplex real-time PCR for the detection and genotyping of classical swine fever virusHuang, Y.-L.; Pang, V.F.; Pan, C.-H.; Chen, T.-H.; Jong, M.-H.; Huang, T.-S.; Jeng, C.-R.; CHIAN-REN JENG ; VICTOR FEI PANG Journal of Virological Methods 
132013Easy expression of the C-terminal heavy chain domain of botulinum neurotoxin serotype A as a vaccine candidate using a bi-cistronic baculovirus systemVillaflores O.B.; Hsei C.-M.; Teng C.-Y.; Chen Y.-J.; Wey J.-J.; Tsui P.-Y.; Shyu R.-H.; Tung K.-L. ; Yeh J.-M.; Chiao D.-J.; Wu T.-Y.Journal of Virological Methods 
142015H5 avian influenza virus pathotyping using oligonucleotide microarrayWang, L.-C.; Huang, D.; Cheng, M.-C.; Lee, S.-H.; Wang, C.-H.; LIH-CHIANN WANG Journal of Virological Methods 
151991High quality of DNA retrieved for Southern blot hybridization from microwave-fixed, paraffin-embedded liver tissuesCHIA-TUNG SHUNJournal of Virological Methods 
162009Identification, expression and antigenic analysis of recombinant hemagglutinin proteins of canine distemper virusChan, K.-W.; Hsieh, H.-H.; Wang, H.-C.; Lee, Y.-J.; Sung, M.-H.; Wong, M.-L.; Hsu, W.-L.; YA-JANE LEE Journal of Virological Methods 
172010Magnetically enhanced high-specificity virus detection using bio-activated magnetic nanoparticles with antibodies as labeling markersYang, S.Y.; IVAN-CHEN CHENG et al. Journal of Virological Methods 
181995Quantitative detection of hepatitis B virus DNA in human sera by branched-DNA signal amplificationJIN-CHUAN SHEU ; DING-SHINN CHEN Journal of Virological Methods 
192005Shotgun sequencing of the negative-sense RNA genome of the rhabdovirus Maize mosaic virusCHI-WEI TSAI Journal of Virological Methods 
202014The application of a duplex reverse transcription real-time PCR for the surveillance of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and porcine circovirus type 2Chang, C.-Y.; Deng, M.-C.; Wang, F.-I.; Tsai, H.-J.; Yang, C.-H.; Chang, C.; Huang, Y.-L.; FUN-IN WANG ; HSIANG-JUNG TSAI Journal of Virological Methods