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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12014Enhancing total nitrogen removal from wastewater of a science and industrial park using entrapped biomassChao Y.-N.; Ng K.-K.; Wu C.-H.; Hong P.-K.A.; Lin C.-F. Environmental Technology (United Kingdom) 43
22014Influence of hydraulic retention time on partial nitrification of continuous-flow aerobic granular-sludge reactorWan C.; Yang X.; Lee D.-J. ; Sun S.; Liu X.; Zhang P.Environmental Technology (United Kingdom) 1011
32002Removal of dissolved natural organic matter from source water with alum coagulationGEN-SHUH WANG Environmental Technology (United Kingdom) 1716
41991The capacity of removing externally added cu by riverine fine-grained sediments in fresh water at neutral pHTsai, C.-H.; Tsau, Y.-J.; Pai, S.-C.; SU-CHENG PAI Environmental Technology (United Kingdom) 11
52014Use of aerobic granules for treating synthetic high-strength ammonium wastewatersYu X.; Wan C.; Lei Z.; Liu X.; Zhang Y.; Tay J.H.; Lee D.-J. Environmental Technology (United Kingdom) 1312
62012Water and temperature effects on photo-selective catalytic reduction of nitric oxide on Pd-loaded TiO2 photocatalystLasek, J.; Yu, Y.-H.; Wu, J.C.S.; JEFFREY CHI-SHENG WU Environmental Technology (United Kingdom) 47