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120105-ALA mediated photodynamic therapy induces autophagic cell death via AMP-activated protein kinaseJi, HT; Chien, LT; Lin, YH; Chien, HF; Chen, CT.; Ji, Hong-Tai; Chien, Li-Ting; Lin, Yu-Hsin; Chien, Hsiung-Fei; Chen, Chin-TinMolecular Cancer 4556
22014Cyr61 promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition and tumor metastasis of osteosarcoma by Raf-1/MEK/ERK/Elk-1/TWIST-1 signaling pathwayChun-Han HouMolecular Cancer 7088
32015Deregulated microRNAs in triple-negative breast cancer revealed by deep sequencingChang, Y.-Y.; MONG-HSUN TSAI ; LIANG-CHUAN LAI ; Kuo; Wen-Hung; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG et al. Molecular Cancer 7790
42010EBV-positive Hodgkin lymphoma is associated with suppression of p21<sup>cip1/waf1</sup>and a worse prognosisLiu, T.-Y.; Wu, S.-J.; Huang, M.-H.; Lo, F.-Y.; Tsai, M.-H.; Tsai, C.-H.; Hsu, S.-M.; Lin, C.-W.; MONG-HSUN TSAI Molecular Cancer 1512
52018Management of acquired resistance to EGFR TKI-targeted therapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancerWu, Shang-Gin; JIN-YUAN SHIHMolecular Cancer 8350
62009Promoter methylation of IGFBP-3 and p53 expression in ovarian endometrioid carcinomaPAO-LING TORNGMolecular Cancer 2529
72012Promoter Methylation status of HIN-1 associated with outcomes of ovarian clear cell adenocarcinomaWEN-FANG CHENG; Ho, Chih-Ming; Ho, Chih-Ming; Huang, Chi-Jung; Huang, Chi-Jung; Huang, Chia-Yen; Wu, Yih-Yiing; Wu, Yih-Yiing; Chang, Shwu-Fen; Cheng, Wen-Fang; Chen, Chuen-LiangMolecular Cancer 1923
82014The H3K9 methyltransferase G9a is a marker of aggressive ovarian cancer that promotes peritoneal metastasisHua, Kuo-Tai ; MEN-LUH YEN; Wang, Ming-Yang; YUNG-MING JENG; Chen, Min-Wei; KUO-TAI HUA ; Wei, Lin-Hung; Wei, Lin-Hung; Chen, Chi-Kuan; Ko, Ching-Huai; Jeng, Yung-Ming; Jeng, Yung-Ming; Sung, Pi-Lin; Jan, Yi-Hua; Jan, Yi-Hua; Hsiao, Michael; Kuo, Min-Liang; Kuo, Min-Liang; Yen, Men-Luh; Yen, Men-LuhMolecular Cancer 6997