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12010A comparative study on the thermal environment of green roof garden under black veil shading versus bare slabHuang, K.-T.; Lin, T.-P.; Tsai, J.-J.; Han, Y.-H.; KUO-TSANG HUANG IET Conference Publications 00
22012A current control strategy for three-phase PV power system with low-voltage ride-throughWu, Y.-S.; Chang, C.-H.; Chen, Y.-M.; Liu, C.-W.; Chang, Y.-R.; CHIH-WEN LIU ; YAOW-MING CHEN IET Conference Publications 180
32012Design framework of controlled sensing for data reduction under data rate constraintsLin, Y.-C.; Lian, F.-L.; Hsu, C.-M.; FENG-LI LIAN IET Conference Publications 00
42006Discrimination of pain intensity level and side effects of postoperative pain using parameters extracted from evoked pain patternShieh, J.S.; Chen, L.Y.; Wen, Y.R.; Chen, J.Y.; Sun, W.Z.; WEI-ZEN SUNIET Conference Publications 00
52010Establishing a typical solar radiation year time series for the application of building integrated photovoltaic systems in TaiwanHuang, K.-T.; Ou, W.-S.; KUO-TSANG HUANG IET Conference Publications 00
62004Highly-accurate real-time syntonization by use of a single-frequency receiver with GPS carrier phaseCheng, C.L.; Chang, F.R.; Wang, L.S.; Tu, K.Y.; LI-SHENG WANG IET Conference Publications 10
72010Measurements of transient elastic wave using a fiber grating displacement and strain sensing systemCHIEN-CHING MA IET Conference Publications 00
82012Road detection based on region similarity analysisHsu, C.M.; Lian, F.L.; Lin, Y.C.; Huang, C.M.; Chang, Y.S.; FENG-LI LIAN IET Conference Publications 60