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12007Characteristics of strained-germanium p- and n-channel field effect transistors on a Si (1 1 1) substrateMaikap, S.; Lee, M.H.; Chang, S.T.; Liu, C.W.; CHEE-WEE LIU Semiconductor Science and Technology 2525
22007Demonstration of Rashba spin splitting in an Al0.25Ga 0.75N/GaN heterostructure by microwave-modulated Shubnikov-de Haas oscillationsCho, K.S.; Liang, C.-T.; Chen, Y.F.; Fan, J.C.; CHI-TE LIANG ; YANG-FANG CHEN Semiconductor Science and Technology 77
32002Depletion-mode and enhancement-mode InGaP/GaAs δ-HEMTs for low supply-voltage applicationsM.-K. Tsai; S.-W. Tan; Y.-W. Wu; W.-S. Lour; Y. J. Yang; YING-JAY YANG Semiconductor Science and Technology 2526
42001Dual-gate In0.5Ga0.5P/In0.2Ga0.8As pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistors with high linearity and variable gate-voltage swingW.-S. Lour; M.-K. Tsai; K.-C. Chen; Y.-W. Wu; S.-W. Tan; Y.-J. Yang; YING-JAY YANG Semiconductor Science and Technology 2524
51999Effects of alloy potential fluctuations in InGaN epitaxial filmsLin, T.Y.; Fan, J.C.; Chen, Y.F.; JEN-CHEN FAN ; YANG-FANG CHEN Semiconductor Science and Technology 3940
62000Epitaxial GaNxAs1-x layer formed by pulsed-laser irradiation of GaAs in an ambient nitrogen gasYANG-FANG CHEN ; MING-YAU CHERN Semiconductor Science and Technology 33
72010Flexible ZnO transparent thin-film transistors by a solution-based process at various solution concentrationsLee, C.Y.; Lin, M.Y.; Wu, W.H.; Wang, J.Y.; Chou, Y.; Su, W.F.; Chen, Y.F.; Lin, C.F.; CHING-FUH LIN ; YANG-FANG CHEN ; WEI-FANG SU Semiconductor Science and Technology 4544
82012Influence of surface roughness and interfacial layer on the infrared spectra of V-CVD grown 3C-SiC/Si (100) epilayersTalwar, D.N.; Feng, Z.C.; Liu, C.W.; Tin, C.-C.; CHEE-WEE LIU Semiconductor Science and Technology 67
92014Optical characteristics of nonpolar a-plane ZnO thin film on (010) LiGaO2 substrateCHI-TE LIANG Semiconductor Science and Technology 1414
102006Photoluminescent properties of InN epifilmsYANG-FANG CHEN Semiconductor Science and Technology 4945
112005Progress in semiconducting oxide-based thin-film transistors for displaysLi, Y.J.; SHYH-CHYANG LUO et al. Semiconductor Science and Technology 4842
122001Reflectivity and photoluminescence studies in Bragg reflectors with absorbing layersShen, J.L.; Chang, C.Y.; Liu, H.C.; Chou, W.C.; Chen, Y.F.; Jung, T.; Wu, M.C.; YANG-FANG CHEN Semiconductor Science and Technology 65
132007Residual thermal strain in thick GaN epifilms revealed by cross-sectional Raman scattering and cathodoluminescence spectraWang, F.C.; Cheng, C.L.; Chen, Y.F.; Huang, C.F.; Yang, C.C.; YANG-FANG CHEN ; CHIH-CHUNG YANG Semiconductor Science and Technology 4246
142002Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations of two-dimensional electron gas in an InAsN/InGaAs single quantum wellHang, D.R.; Huang, C.F.; Hung, W.K.; Chang, Y.H.; Chen, J.C.; Yang, H.C.; Chen, Y.F.; Shih, D.K.; Chu, T.Y.; Lin, H.H.; YUAN-HUEI CHANG ; HAO-HSIUNG LIN ; YANG-FANG CHEN Semiconductor Science and Technology 127
152001Studies and comparisons of a N+-InGaP/delta(P+)-InGaP/n-GaAs hetero-planar-doped structure to high-linearity microwave field-effect transistorsW.-S. Lour; M.-K. Tsai; K.-Y. Lai; B.-L. Chen; Y.-J. Yang; YING-JAY YANG Semiconductor Science and Technology 33
162009Tunable light extraction efficiency of GaN light emitting diodes by ZnO nanorod arraysChao, C.H.; Lin, W.H.; Chen, C.H.; Changjean, C.H.; Lin, C.F.; CHING-FUH LIN Semiconductor Science and Technology 1212
171997Tunnelling transmission resonances through a zero-dimensional structureLundberg, T.; Frost, J.E.F.; Berggren, K.-F.; Ji, Z.-L.; Liang, C.-T.; Castleton, I.M.; Ritchie, D.A.; Pepper, M.; CHI-TE LIANG Semiconductor Science and Technology 1313
182012Vertical Transport through AlGaN Barriers in Heterostructures Grown by Ammonia Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Metalorganic Chemical Vapor DepositionDavid Browne; Micha Fireman; Baishakhi Mazumder; Leah Kuritzky; Yuh-Renn Wu; James Speck; YUH-RENN WU ; �d�|��Semiconductor Science and Technology 77