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12013A signal input coil made of superconducting thin film for improved signal-to-noise ratio in a high-Tc SQUID-based ultra-low field nuclear magnetic resonance systemChen, K.-L.; Hsu, C.-W.; Ku, Y.-B.; Chen, H.-H.; Liao, S.-H.; Wang, L.-M.; Horng, H.-E.; Yang, H.-C.; LI-MIN WANG Superconductor Science and Technology 11
22007High-Tc superconducting surface coils for improving the image quality on a 3 T imagerHong-Chang Yang; Kuen-Lin Tsai; Ji-Cheng Chen; Chiu-Hsien Wu; Herng-Er Horng; Jyh-Horng Chen; Li-Wei Kuo; JYH-HORNG CHEN Superconductor Science and Technology 76
32002Studies of longitudinal and transverse resistivities of YBa2Cu3Oy/R0.7M0.3MnO 3 superlattices, in which R = La or Nd and M = Ca or SrChen, J.C.; Yang, H.C.; Wang, L.M.; Horng, H.E.; LI-MIN WANG Superconductor Science and Technology 00