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12007Flexible temperature sensor array using electro-resistive pouymer for humanoid artificial skinTsao, L.C.; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Cheng, Ming-Yuan; Chen, I.L.; Shih, Wen-Pin ; Yang, Yao-Joe Joseph; Chang, Fu-Yu; Fan, Kuang-Chao; Chang, Shuo-Hungconference paper90
22007Parallel Transportation of Droplets in a Multilayer Device by MEWODChu, L.-Y.; Fan, S.-K.; SHIH-KANG FAN conference paper10
32007Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) bonding strength characterization by a line force model in blister testsYEN-WEN LU conference paper30
42007Self-aligned stylus with high sphericity for micro coordinate measurementTsai, Yao-Chuan; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Chang, D.R.; Tsao, L.C.; Wu, Ming-Dao; Shih, Po-Jen; Shih, Wen-Pin conference paper00
52007Tunable capacitoe based on polymer-dispersed liquid crystal for optimum micro-power harvestingChung, S.-Y.; Chen, Y.-Y.; Wu, W.-J.; Shih, W.-P.; Chang, P.-Z.; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Chung, Sheng-Yuan; Chen, Yu-Yin; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Shih, Wen-Pin ; Chang, Pei-Zen conference paper10