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12007Clinical Outcomes of Very Low Birth Weight Infants with CandidemiaSau-Pin Won; CHIEN-YI CHEN ; Hung-Chieh Chou; Po-Nien Tsao; Wu-Shiun HsiehClinical Neonatology 
22007Clinical Outcomes of Very Low Birth Weight Infants with CandidemiaSau-Pin Won; Chien-Yi Chen; Hung-Chieh Chou; PO-NIEN TSAO ; Wu-Shiun HsiehClinical Neonatology 
32002Congenital primary heart tumors in infancyWU-SHIUN HSIEH Clinical Neonatology 
42000Generalized convulsions occurring during diode laser photocoagulation: Report of two casesCHUNG-MAY YANG Clinical Neonatology 
52006Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus omphalitis in neonates: An emerging threat?WU-SHIUN HSIEH Clinical Neonatology 
62004Neonatal lymphangioma: Experience in a single institutionWU-SHIUN HSIEH Clinical Neonatology 
72002Pleural effusion after repair of congenital diaphragmatic hernia: Risk factors and outcomeWU-SHIUN HSIEH Clinical Neonatology 
82004Poor estimation of arterial PO<inf>2</inf> and PCO<inf>2</inf> by transcutaneous monitoring at 41°C in the neonatal intensive care unitWU-SHIUN HSIEH Clinical Neonatology 
92003Prophylactic indomethacin in extremely-low-birth-weight infantsWU-SHIUN HSIEH Clinical Neonatology 
102004Risk factors for mortality of newborns with gastroschisis in a tertiary hospital of TaiwanWU-SHIUN HSIEH Clinical Neonatology 
112006The effectiveness of a noninvasive transcutaneous bilirubin meter in reducing the need for blood sampling in Taiwanese neonatesWU-SHIUN HSIEH Clinical Neonatology 
122005Very low birth weight infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia have higher risk to develop childhood asthmaWU-SHIUN HSIEH Clinical Neonatology