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11989Experimental and theoretical study of laser-enhanced ionization and dual-laser ionization of sodium vaporLin, K.C.; Lin, S.H.; Hunt, P.M.; Leroi, G.E.; Crouch, S.R.; KING-CHUEN LIN Applied Spectroscopy 59
22002Infrared spectroscopic evidence for the ice formation mechanisms active in aerosol flow tubesHung, H. M.; Martin, S. T.; HUI-MING HUNG Applied Spectroscopy 1716
31994Photophysics of 2-(4′-dialkylaminophenyl)benzothialzoles: their application for near-UV laser dyesPI-TAI CHOU Applied Spectroscopy 3940
41991Practical and convenient 355-nm and 337-nm sharp-cut filters for multichannel Raman spectroscopyChou, Pi-Tai; Studer, Shannon L.; Martinez, Marty L.; PI-TAI CHOU Applied Spectroscopy 5855
52003Two-dimensional Correlation Analysis for a Kinetic Model of Consecutive ReactionsChin, T.-L.; Lin, K.-C.; KING-CHUEN LIN Applied Spectroscopy 33
62003Two-dimensional correlation analysis in application to a kinetic model of parallel reactionsChin, Thou-Long; Lin, King-Chuen; KING-CHUEN LIN Applied Spectroscopy 44