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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12005Column Parity and Row Select (CPRS): BIST Diagnosis for Errors in Multiple Scan ChainsH.M. Lin; J. C. M. Li; CHIEN-MO LI International Test Conference 110
22008IEEE 1500 Compatible Secure Test Wrapper For Embedded IP CoresGeng-Ming Chiu; C.-Y. Chiu; R-Y. Wen; James Chien-Mo Li; CHIEN-MO LI International Test Conference 40
32009Power Scan: DFT for Power Switches in VLSI DesignsB. C. Bai; CHIEN-MO LI International Test Conference 
42011Test-Clock Domain Optimization for Peak Power-Supply Noise Reduction During ScanR.Y. Wen; Y.C. Huang; M.H. Tsai; K.Y. Liao; J. C.-M. Li; M.-T. Chang; M.-H. Tsai; C.-M. Tseng; H.-C. Li; CHIEN-MO LI International Test Conference 20