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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12006A high frame rate photoacoustic imaging system and its applications to perfusion measurementsC.-K. Liao; S.-W. Huang; C.-W. Wei; P.-C. Li; PAI-CHI LI conference paper30
22010Application of Limited-View Image Reconstruction Method to Intravascular Photoacoustic TomographyY.-L. Sheu; C.-Y. Chou; B.-Y. Hsieh; P.-C. Li; PAI-CHI LI ; CHENG-YING CHOU conference paper30
32010Design and Fabrication of an Integrated Intravascular Ultrasound/Photoacoustic Scan HeadB.-Y. Hsieh,; S.-L. Chen,; T. Ling,; L.-J. Guo,; P.-C. Li,; PAI-CHI LI conference paper40
42009Design, fabrication, and testing of a dual-band photoacoustic transducerJ.-H. Liu,; C.-W. Wei,; Y.-L. Sheu,; Y.-T. Tsai,; Y.-H. Wang,; P.-C. Li,; PAI-CHI LI conference paper20
52007Effects of absorption properties on photoacoustic spectral characteristics: numerical analysisY.-L. Sheu,; C.-W. Wei,; P.-C. Li,; PAI-CHI LI conference paper10
62008In vivo Photoacoustic Imaging with Multiple Selective Targeting Using Bioconjugated Gold NanorodsC.-W. Wei,; C.-K. Liao,; Y.-Y. Chen,; C.-R. C. Wang,; A.-A. Ding,; D.-B. Shieh,; P.-C. Li,; PAI-CHI LI conference paper60
72006Multiple targeting in photoacoustic imaging using bioconjugated gold nanorodsP.-C. Li,; C.-W. Wei,; C.-K. Liao,; C.-D. Chen,; K.-C. Pao,; C.-R. C. Wang, Ya-Na Wu,; D.-B. Shieh; PAI-CHI LI conference paper240
82007Photoacoustic contrast enhancement using selective subband imaging: experimental resultsPAI-CHI LI conference paper10
92009Photoacoustic temperature measurements for monitoring of thermal therapyPAI-CHI LI ; SHIOU-HWA JEE conference paper160
102008Photoacoustic Wave Propagation Simulations Using the FDTD Method with Berenger’s Perfectly Matched LayersPAI-CHI LI conference paper00
112007Quantitative reconstruction of optical absorption coefficient in backward mode photoacoustic imagingPAI-CHI LI conference paper10
122006Single-energy Wash-in Photoacoustic Blood Flow Measurements Using Shape Transitions of Gold NanorodsPAI-CHI LI conference paper10