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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12009A DVS-assisted hard real-time I/O device scheduling algorithmChu, E.T.-H.; Huang, T.-Y.; Tsai, C.-H.; Chen, J.-J.; Kuo, T.-W.; TEI-WEI KUO Real-Time Systems 22
22006Approximation algorithms for scheduling real-time jobs with multiple feasible intervalsChen, Jian-Jia; Wu, Jun; Shih, Chi-Sheng; CHI-SHENG SHIH Real-Time Systems 76
32006Finite-horizon scheduling of radar dwells with online template constructionGopalakrishnan, Sathish; Caccamo, Marco; Shih, Chi-Sheng; Lee, Chang-Gun; Sha, Lui; CHI-SHENG SHIH Real-Time Systems 148
42010Processing element allocation and dynamic scheduling codesign for multi-function SoCsChen, Ya-Shu; Shih, Chi-Sheng; Kuo, Tei-Wei; TEI-WEI KUO ; Shih, Chi-Sheng Real-Time Systems 22
52000Real-time disk scheduling for multimedia applications with deadline-modification-scan schemeChang, R.-I.; Shih, W.-K.; Chang, R.-C.; RAY-I CHANG Real-Time Systems 85
62000Software-reuse approach to build monitor programs for soft real-time applicationsKuo, T.-W.; Hsu, M.-L.; TEI-WEI KUO Real-Time Systems 11