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12003A bi-level programming model for the land use - network design problemJEN-JIA LIN journal article2521
22004Analysis of property prices before and after the opening of the Taipei subway systemJEN-JIA LIN journal article2424
32012Developing regional cooperation strategies by multi-criteria decision making approachesJEN-JIA LIN journal article10
42012Heterogeneous duopoly, spatially discriminatory pricing, and optimal locationLiang, Wen-Jung; Lin, Yen-Ju; Hwang, Hong journal article77
52001On the optimal production and location of a labor-managed firmHwang, Hong ; Lin, Yan-Shu; Mai, Chao-Chengjournal article
62007Spatial pricing, optimal location and social welfare with consumer arbitrageHwang, Hong ; Lin, Yan-Shu; Mai, Chao-Chengjournal article21