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11991Comparison of IR spectroscopic techniques for the analysis of coating film degraded by UV-lightSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
21990Comparison on the permanence of handmade paper: part 1. Effects of environmental factors on the properties of sized handmade papersSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
31987Degradation of coatings containing UV-stabilizersSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
41987Durability of clear finishes on wood surfacesSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
51991Effect of inorganic salts treatments on the green color conservation and durability of bamboo (I) effect of inorganic salts on the green color conservation of bambooSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
61992Effect of inorganic salts treatments on the green color conservation and durability of bamboo. (Ⅱ) Effect of inorganic salts on green color fastness and durability of bambooSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
71994Effectiveness of Fire-retardant Treatment on Fire-resistance of PlywoodSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
81988Effects of light on the properties of Chinese writing & painting paperSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
91991Identification of the needle crystal appeared on the wood surface of Cunnighamia konishii HayataSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
101987Lightfastness of interior decorative paneling made from Taiwan woodsSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
111989Manufacturing of particleboards for acoustic cabinets (Ⅰ): effects of adhesives and board density on vibrational properties of the particleboardSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
121989Surface chemical analysis of photodegradation of nitrocellulose lacquer by ATR-IR and ESCASHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
131989The effects of raw material on paper durabilitySHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article