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12023Co-infection of dengue and Zika viruses mutually enhances viral replication in the Aedes aegypti mosquito林伽定; Daniel Chieh-ding Lin2023臺大學士論文獎 
22023Development of a long-term, real-time, and web-based heavy metal water monitoring system using plasma spectroscopy張宗旻; Tsung-min Chang2023臺大學士論文獎 
32023An empirical study on financial abuse of people with dementia段彥慈; Yann-tsyr Tuan2023臺大學士論文獎 
42023Estimating along-strike variation of off-fault deformation for the 2018 Mw 6.4 Hualien earthquake李旻; Min Lee2023臺大學士論文獎 
52023High school academic context and adolescent romantic relationship : a multilevel study of Taiwanese high school students陳廷雅; Ting-ya Chen2023臺大學士論文獎 
62023Inner other : new perspectives on Han poetry in the monthly journals " Moji Zen" and "Kanshi Shunju" and in Mizuhara Kinso's poetryHaruna Nakayama; 中山陽菜2023臺大學士論文獎 
72023Micromagnetic simulations for deterministic switching in SOT-MRAM cell with additional heavy metal capping strip喬冠豪; Kuan-hao Chiao2023臺大學士論文獎 
82023Study on the tissue tropism of infectious bronchitis virus and its spike protein genome sequence蔡玟宜; Wen-I Tsai2023臺大學士論文獎 
92023Tissue proteogenomic landscape reveals the role of uncharacterized SEL1L3 in progression and immunotherapy response in lung adenocarcinoma盛琪雅; Chi-ya Shen2023臺大學士論文獎 
102023Tone management of annual reports : a case of Taiwan-listed companies issuing global depositary receipts林欣茹; Hsin-Ju Lin2023臺大學士論文獎 
112023Visual assessment of the impact of evidence bias on the results of network meta-analysis梁嫚芳; Man-fang Liang2023臺大學士論文獎