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BEN JONG DAO JOU周仲島 Atmospheric Sciences Mesoscale structure and dynamics of Typhoon and associated spiral rainbands; Mesoscale structure and dynamics of Mei-yu front and associated convective systems; Kinematic and precipitation structure of mesoscale convective systems in Taiwan area
BIH-YAW JIN金必耀 Chemistry Quantum Molecular Processes in Condensed Matter; Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Organic Materials; Designing Molecular Sculptures with Mathematical Beading (; Quantum Chemical Investigation of Molecular Device; Theoretical Study of Electronic Processes in Conjugated Organic Molecular and Polymeric Systems
BO-CHENG KUO郭柏呈 Psychology Experimental and Cognitive Psychology
BOR-SHIUAN CHENG鄭伯壎 Psychology Industrial/Organizational Psychology
BOR-WEN TSAI蔡博文 Geography volunteer geographic information(VGI); indigenous and community study; PPGIS
BRANDON MICHAEL STEPHENS卜詩安 Oceanography uses observational and experimental approaches to elucidate interactions among microbes and organic matter (OM)
CHANG-MING JIANG姜昌明 Chemistry Photoelectrochemistry; Transition metal oxides & nitrides; Time-resolved spectroscopy
CHANG-SHOU LIN林長壽 Mathematics  Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Sciences (CASTS) Geometry; Partial Differential Equations
CHANG-TSE HSIEH謝長澤 Physics theoretical condensed matter; high energy physics
CHAO-MING FU傅昭銘 Center for Teacher Education  Physics Magnetic Nano-particles; Physic Education; Ferro-electric Liquid Crystals
CHAO-TSEN CHEN陳昭岑 Chemistry DNA Alkylating Agents/Protein Affinity Probes; Fluorescent Molecular Sensors; Molecular Switches; Self-Assembled Nanostructures
CHAR-SHINE LIU劉家瑄 Oceanography  Ocean Center Seismic Data Processing; Marine Geology and Geophysics; Geophysical Prospection; Plate Tectonics
CHAW-KEONG YONG楊超強 Physics Ultrafast nonlinear optical microscopy, low-dimensional quantum materials, light-matter interactions
CHE-CHEN CHANG張哲政 Chemistry Synthesis, Characterization and Chemical Reactions of Nanomaterials; Preparation and Characterization of Semiconductor Energy Devices; Development and Applications of UHV Surface Analysis Methods; Properties and Catalytic Reactions of Materials Surfaces
CHEN-FEN HUANG黃千芬 Oceanography Acoustical Oceanography; Computational Ocean Acoustics; Passive Acoustical Tomography; Array Signal Processing
CHEN-TUO LIAO廖振鐸 Agronomy  Institute of Statistics and Data Science Experimental Designs; Variance Components
CHEN-YU CHI齊震宇 Mathematics Algebraic geometry; complex geometry
CHEN-YUAN DONG董成淵 Physics Biophysics and Biophotonics
CHENG-CHIH HSU徐丞志 Chemistry Biological and Medical Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Analysis; Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry; Mass-omics of Human Microbiota
CHENG-KU YU游政谷 Atmospheric Sciences Radar-derived Precipitation and Their Hydrological Application; Development of Orographic Precipitation Diagnostic Estimate Model; Structure and Dynamics of Typhoon and Frontal Rainbands; Droplet Fall Speed Characteristics of Natural Rain; Orographic Precipitation; Urban Effects on Thunderstorm Activities; Diurnally and Topographically Forced Circulations and Precipitation
CHENG-SHANG LEE李清勝 Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research  Atmospheric Sciences Topographical effect on typhoon; Quantitative precipitation estimate for typhoon; Typhoon and Air Pollution; Environment influence on typhoon formation
CHENG-WEI CHIANG蔣正偉 National Taiwan University Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics  Physics Elementary particle phenomenology (heavy quark physics, CP violation, Higgs physics, electroweak theory, dark matter)
CHI-HOW PENG彭之皓 Chemistry Studies of lanthanide-lanthanide interaction and lanthanide-transition metal bonds; Application and mechanism study of cobalt complexes mediated radical polymerization and organic compound mediated radical polymerization; Design and synthesis of organometallic complexes or organic compounds for the mediation of the controlled/living polymerization; Synthesis and characterization of Lanthanide-metal string complexes; Synthesis of block copolymers and their applications in surfactants, emulsifiers, strengtheners, adhesives, and so on
CHI-TE LIANG梁啟德 Physics Semiconductor physics
CHI-WEN CHEN陳麒文 Geosciences Engineering Geology; Geomorphology; Geospatial Information Analysis; Slope Disaster
CHIA-HSIEN SHEN沈家賢 Physics High energy theory; gravitational waves
CHIAO-HSUAN WANG王喬萱 Physics Quantum Information Processing; Quantum Simulation; Theoretical Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics; Quantum Communication
CHIEN LUNG WANG王建隆 Chemistry Self-assembly functional materials.; Water-induced self-assembly Shapeshifting supramolecular scaffolds; Synchrotron-radiation structural characterizations; Multi-scale structure-property relationships
CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN陳建中 Psychology  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Experimental and Cognitive Psychology
CHIEN-MING WU吳健銘 Atmospheric Sciences Cloud-resolving model; Multi-scale modeling of moist convection; Physical parameterization for large-scale models
CHIH-CHIEH SU蘇志杰 Oceanography  Ocean Center Uranium Series Disequilibrium; Marine Sedimentology; Radiochemistry; Geochemistry
CHIH-CHUNG CHANG張志中 Mathematics Probability theory
CHIH-HAO HSIEH謝志豪 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology  Fisheries Science  Oceanography  Master's Program in Biodiversity (MPB) Fisheries Oceanography; Biological Oceanography; Thereotical Ecology; EcoInfomatics; Zooplankton Ecology
CHIH-HONG SUN孫志鴻 Geography sustainable development; spatial decision support system; disaster management; integrated watershed management
CHIH-KAI LIN林至闓 Chemistry Fermi Resonance and Anharmonic Vibrational Spectra; Molecular Spectra of N-contained Heterocyclic Aromatic Compounds; Defect Centers in Nanodiamonds
CHIH-LIN WEI魏志潾 Oceanography Benthic Ecology; Deep-sea Ecology; Community Ecology
CHIH-YU CHAO趙治宇 Applied Physics Liquid Crystals Thin Films
CHIN-LUNG WANG王金龍 Mathematics differential geometry; Algebraic geometry
CHIN-TSANG CHIANG江金倉 Applied Mathematical Sciences  Institute of Statistics and Data Science Nonparametric Regression Analysis; long-term data; Recursive event analysis
CHING-HUA LO羅清華 Office of the Vice President  Geosciences Using geochronological (40Ar/ 39Ar) and petrological methods to reveal tectonic processes; Numerical modeling of mass transport (diffusion) in geological systems; Mineralogy and petrology of geochronologically-important phases
CHING-LING WEI魏慶琳 Oceanography Marine radiochemistry Chemical oceanography
CHING-RAY CHANG張慶瑞 Electronics Engineering  Applied Physics  Center for Quantum Science and Engineering (CQSE)  Physics Magnetism Theory
CHING-WEN CHIU邱靜雯 Chemistry  Natural Science and Sustainable Research Promotion and Engagement Center, Chemistry Division Boron Containing Polymers; Dicationic Group 13 Compounds; Multidentate Carbenes; Stable Organic Free Radicals
CHIUN-CHUAN CHEN陳俊全 Applied Mathematical Sciences Partial Differential Equations
CHO-YING HUANG黃倬英 Geography Terrestrial Biogeochemistry; Global Ecology; Forest Health
CHONG-DER HU胡崇德 Physics Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
CHUAN-CHOU SHEN沈川洲 Geosciences Past and present climate and environment changes; High-precision mass spectrometry; Carbonate geochemistry
CHUN HAO YANG楊鈞澔 Applied Mathematical Sciences  Institute of Statistics and Data Science 
CHUN-CHIEH WU吳俊傑 Liberal Education Section  Atmospheric Sciences Typhoon Dynamics; Targeted observations, numerical modeling and data assimilation of Typhoons; Hurricane Dynamics; Quasi-balanced Dynamics
CHUN-CHUNG CHAN陳振中 Chemistry Structural Elucidation of Proteins in Aggregated Forms; Applications of High Resolution Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; Mechanism of Biomineralization at the Molecular Level; Fabrication of Biomaterials
CHUN-HSIEN CHEN陳俊顯 Chemistry  Instrumentation Center Surface Modification and Characterization; Molecular Electronics; Electrochemistry; Scanning Probe Microscopy; Liquid-solid Interfacial Phenomena
CHUN-HSIUNG HSIA夏俊雄 Applied Mathematical Sciences Partial differential equations; bifurcation theory
CHUN-I YEH葉俊毅 Psychology  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Neural basis of visual perception; Experimental and Cognitive Psychology; Psychobiology; Functional circuitry of the visual thalamus and the primary visual cortex; The role of neural synchrony and oscillation in visual perception
CHUN-MAO TSENG曾鈞懋 Oceanography water-sediment) specication analysis and biogeochemistry of trace metal; metalloid and CO2 Automated on-line analysis and method development of element speciation applied to environments; Biogeochemical cycling & contamination of Hg Exchange of trace element across interface (air-water
CHUN-YEN SHEN沈俊嚴 Mathematics Additive Combinatorics; Harmonic Analysis and Geometric Measure Theory
CHUN-YI,DAVID LU陸駿逸 Chemistry Defect Motion and Rheology of the Smectic Liquid Crystals; AC Dielectric Spectrum of the Polyelectrolyte Solutions; Block-copolymer Self-assembling Mesophases
Chung-Han Chu朱忠瀚 Chemistry Synthesis and evaluation of NRPs; Antibacterial and anticancer drug discovery; Bioactivity screening of natural products; Nonribosomal peptide (NRP) structure prediction
CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI隋中興 Atmospheric Sciences Air-Sea interaction; Atmospheric Convection; Climate Dynamics; Tropical Meteorology
CHUNG-JUN TSAI蔡忠潤 Mathematics Differential geometry
CHUNG-MING KUAN管中閔 Finance  Institute of Statistics and Data Science Econometric theory; Macroeconomic forecasting; Program evaluation; Financial econometrics
CHUNG-YUAN MOU牟中原 Center for Condensed Matter Sciences  Chemistry Statistical mechanics: Supercooled water; Heterogeneous Catalysis; Biomedical applications of Mesoporous Silica; Application to nanoaperture molecular sieve
CHYH-HONG CHERN陳智泓 Physics Condensed matter theory
CI-JIAN YANG楊啟見 Geography 地形學
CI-REN JIANG江其衽 Institute of Statistics and Data Science Functional Data Analysis; Nonparametric Regression; Dimension Reduction; Classification; Longitudinal Data Analysis; Statistics for Neuroimaging
CRIVELLARI ALESSANDRO亞歷山卓克里維 Geography Geospatial Data Science; GeoAI; Geoinformatics
EMMY TSUI-YU CHANG張翠玉 Oceanography Seismotectonics; Geophysics; Lithospheric Deformation Analysis; Geodynamics
ER-CHENG TSAI蔡爾成 Physics Quantum Field Theory
FENG-MING TSAO曹峰銘 Psychology Developmental Psychology
GUANG-YU GUO郭光宇 Physics Condensed Matter Theory
GUIN-DAR LIN林俊達 Physics atomic, molecular, and optical physics; quantum optics; quantum computing and simulation
HAI-GWO HWU胡海國 Psychiatry-NTUH  Psychology  Psychiatry  Neurobiology and Cognitive Science Center  Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine psychiatric genetics; psychopathology; the science of mental health; community psychiatry
HAO KUO-CHEN郭陳澔 Geosciences Geophysical Prospecting; Seismology; Structural Seismology
HAO MING CHEN陳浩銘 Chemistry Liquid/solid interfacial study; (Photo)electrochemistry for artificial photosynthesis; In situ measurements through X-ray spectroscopy; In situ/Operando methodology development; Catalytic chemistry
HAO-JIA REN任昊佳 Geosciences Stable Isotope Geochemistry; Biogeochemical Cycling; Paleoclimate and Paleoceanography
HENG-YU CHEN陳恒榆 Physics Superstring Theories
HIKARU KOMATSU小松光 Climate Change and Sustainable Development International Comparative Education; Quantitative Analysis; Ontology; Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies
HO-HAN HSU許鶴瀚 Oceanography  Ocean Center Seismic Data Processing and Interpretation; Marine Geology and Geophysics; Geophysical Prospection
HONGCHUN LI李紅春 Geosciences Paleoclimate and paleoenvironmental reconstruction using stable isotopes and other geochemical proxies in lake sediments and speleothems; Quaternary chronology mainly U-series dating and Radiocarbon dating; Late Quaternary climates especially the Asian Monsoon system
HONGEY CHEN陳宏宇 Geosciences Slope development; Geohazards; Engineering geology
HSI-SHENG GOAN管希聖 Center for Quantum Science and Engineering (CQSE)  Physics Condensed Matter Theory
HSI-YU SCHIVE薛熙于 Astrophysics Dark matter models; High-performance and hybrid CPU-GPU computing; Computational astrophysics including code development, applications, and data analysis
HSIANG-FEI TSENG曾祥非 Psychology Perception & Illusion; Deception; Noninvasive electric and sensory brain stimulation; Attention & Memory; Forensic Neuroscience
HSIN-HUA HSIUNG熊欣華 Psychology Industrial/Organizational Psychology
HSIU-WEI CHENG鄭修偉 Chemistry Kinetics of single molecule within confined space.; Corrosion resistance and catalysis properties of high entropy alloys.; Charging kinetics at ionic liquid/electrode interface.; Molecular level understanding of Antigen recognition mechanism.
HSUEH-YUNG LIN林學庸 Mathematics 
HUAN-TSUNG CHANG張煥宗 Chemistry Capillary Electrophoresis; Green Chemistry; Synthesis and Bioanalytical Applications of Nanomaterials; Nanomaterials Based Energy Technology
HUEI-TING LIN林卉婷 Oceanography Hydrothermal vent fluid chemistry; marine dissolved organic carbon chemistry; submarine hydrothermal sampling techniques
HUI-MING HUNG洪惠敏 Atmospheric Sciences Atmosphric Chemistry; Aerosol Chemistry; Environmental Science
HUI-WEN LIN林惠雯 Mathematics Commutative algebra; algebraic geometry
HUNG-CHI KUO郭鴻基 Research Center of Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCSD)  Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research  Atmospheric Sciences Typhoon and Vortex Dynamics; Atmospheric & Oceanic Fluid Dynamics; Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing; Two-Dimensional Turbulence
HUNG-WEN LI李弘文 Chemistry Single-molecule biochemistry; Molecular biophysics; Protein-DNA interactions; Nano-bioscience
I-CHING LEE李怡青 Psychology Social Psychology
I-HSUN TSAI蔡宜洵 Mathematics Lie groups and Lie algebra; Differential geometry; algebraic geometry
I-I LIN林依依 Atmospheric Sciences Polar Remote Sensing; Microwave Remote Sensing; Ocean Colour Remote Sensing; Atmosphere and Ocean Remote Sensing
I-KUN CHEN陳逸昆 Applied Mathematical Sciences Kinetic Theorem; Partial Differential Equations
J. BRUCE H. SHYU徐澔德 Geosciences Tectonic geomorphology; Neotectonics; Earthquake geology
JE-YUAN HSU許哲源 Oceanography Physical oceanography; upper ocean boundary layer dynamics and air-sea interaction
JEFFREY M. FARRELL方頡睿 Chemistry Organic materials for (opto)electronic and catalytic applications in next-generation clean energy technologies; Development of new synthetic methods for novel π-conjugated compounds embedded with heteroatoms and non-six-membered rings; Experimental investigations of unprecedented geometric and electronic structures on fundamental properties and reactivity
JEHN-YIH JUANG莊振義 Geography micrometeorology and microclimatology; atmosphere-surface interactions; air pollution statistical and numerical modeling
JEI-TUN WU吳瑞屯 Psychology Technology and Measurement Methods; Experimental and Cognitive Psychology; Human language and cognitive behavior; Cognitive measure; Experimental Design
JEN-CHIEH SHIAO蕭仁傑 Fisheries Science  Oceanography Marine Biology; Ecophysiology of Fish
JEN-JIA LIN林楨家 Building and Planning  Geography  Global Change Research Center land use and transportation; built environment and children development; built environment and health
JEN-PING CHEN陳正平 Atmospheric Sciences Cloud microphysics and chemistry; Air pollution and atmospheric chemistry; Aerosol microphysics and chemistry
JENG-DA CHAI蔡政達 Physics Nanoscience; Density Functional Theory; Materials for New Energy
JENG-DAW YU余正道 Applied Mathematical Sciences  Mathematics algebraic geometry
JENG-MIN CHIOU丘政民 Institute of Statistics and Data Science Semi-parametric statistical methods; Applied Statistics; Generalized linear models/Quasi-likelihood; Functional/Longitudinal data analysis; Change point analysis
JENG-WEI CHEN陳政維 Physics Superconductivity
JENN-NAN WANG王振男 Applied Mathematical Sciences inverse problem; Partial differential equations
JEROEN GROENEVELD何亞倫 Oceanography Foraminifera and geochemical proxies in biogenic carbonates
JIH-HSIN CHANG張日新 Oceanography Seismic stratigraphy; Sedimentology and stratigraphy; Marine geology; Tectonics
JIH-PAI LIN林日白 Geosciences Stratigraphic Paleontology; Paleoecology; Taphonomy
JIM-MIN FANG方俊民 Chemistry Natural Product Chemistry; New Synthetic Methods; Biomolecular Recognition; Drug Discovery
JINN GUEY LAY賴進貴 Geography spatial exploratory analysis; information technology and geographic education; old maps and historical GIS
JINN-YUH HSU徐進鈺 Geography studies on zoning; state and regional development; policy learning and mobility
JIUN CHUAN LIN林俊全 Geography land monitoring and evaluation; environmental management and assessment; landscape conservation and hazard study
JIUN-HUEI PROTY WU吳俊輝 Astrophysics Modern Cosmology & Astrophysics
JIUNN-WEI CHEN陳俊瑋 National Taiwan University Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics  Physics Strong Interactions; Field Theory
JR-CHUAN HUANG黃誌川 Geography land sliding and sediment export; hydrological modeling and simulation; nitrogen cycling within watersheds
JUI-LIN SHE佘瑞琳 Chemistry Teaching and Evaluation of Chemistry Laboratory; Chemical Education; Multi-media Teaching in Chemistry Experiments
JUNG-KAI CHEN陳榮凱 Mathematics algebraic geometry
Junho Yang梁埈豪 Mathematics 
JYE-SHANE YANG楊吉水 Chemistry Synthesis and Photoluminescent Behavior of Fluorescent Protein Chromophores and Derivatives; Molecular Design, Synthesis, and Structure-Property Relationships of Organic Electronic Materials; Molecular Self-assembly and Sensing; Photochemical and Electrochemical Molecular Switches and Molecular Machines
JYH-JAAN HUANG黃致展 Oceanography 
JYR-CHING HU胡植慶 Geosciences  Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research Monitoring of active structures; Numerical simulations; Application of remote sensing
KAI-CHIH TSENG曾開治 Atmospheric Sciences Chaos; Dynamical Systems; Predictability; Climate Dynamics; Machine Learning
KAI-FENG CHEN陳凱風 Physics Experimental High Energy Physics
KAI-PING GRACE YAO姚開屏 Psychology Psychometrics
KEH-MING SHYUE薛克民 Applied Mathematical Sciences computational science; Numerical analysis
KEN-TSUNG WONG汪根欉 Chemistry Synthesis and Molecular Design of Organic Materials for Optoelectronic Applications; Organic Nano Materials
KENG-CHEN LIANG梁庚辰 Psychology  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics psychopharmacology; Psychobiology; affective psychology and neurobiology; psychology and neurobiology of learning and memory; physiological psychology
KENG-LING LAY雷庚玲 Psychology Developmental Psychology
KI-SENG TAN陳其誠 Mathematics Number Theory
KIEN-VOON KONG江建文 Chemistry Chemistry of metals in biosensing and bioimaging; Chemistry of metals in nanomedicine
KUANG-CHI HUNG洪廣冀 Geography history of science; environmental history; science, technology, and society (STS)
KUO-CHIN HUANG黃國晉 Family Medicine  Psychology  Family Medicine-NTUH  Health Behaviors and Community Sciences Obesity and related diseases; Preventive Medicine; Travel Medicine
KWO-RAY CHU朱國瑞 Physics Plasma physics
LEE-CHIANG LO羅禮強 Chemistry Development of Fluorous Reagents for Synthetic Applications; Development of Molecular Tools for Proteomics
LI LO羅立 Geosciences Marine Geology; Carbonate Geochemistry; Paleoceanography and Paleoclimate; Micropaleontology
LI-HUNG LIN林立虹 Geosciences Geomicrobiology
LI-JEN WENG翁儷禎 Psychology Psychometrics
LI-MIN WANG王立民 Applied Physics Transport properties of High-Tc superconductors
LIANG-SAW WEN溫良碩 Oceanography Marine Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements; Coastal & Estuarine Biogeochemistry
LING-YUN CHIAO喬凌雲 Oceanography Marine Geophysics; Geodynamics; Geophysical Inverse Theory
LU MONG-MING盧孟明 Atmospheric Sciences Asian-Australian monsoon climate; Climate data analysis and application; Weather and climate extremes; Tropical cyclone long-range prediction; Monthly and seasonal climate monitoring and prediction
LUDVIG LOWEMARK施路易 Geosciences Sedimentology; Paleoceanography; Paleoclimatology
MAN-KIT LEUNG梁文傑 Chemistry Organic Electrochromism; OLED and PLED; Organic Photovoltaics; Functional Polymers; Electropolymerization
MAO-HUA TENG鄧茂華 Geosciences Sintering theory of ceramics development and applications; Nanocrystalline materials processing and properties; Computer simulations nanocrystalline materials and sintering; Graphite encapsulated metals (GEM) nanocrystals
MAO-PEI TSUI崔茂培 Mathematics nonlinear partial differential equations; geometric analysis; Differential geometry
Mario Hofmann謝馬利歐 Applied Physics 
MEI - HUI LI李美慧 Geography  Master's Program in Biodiversity (MPB) river ecosystem health; environmental toxicology and biological monitoring; ecological effects of urbanization
MEI-FEI CHU朱美妃 Geosciences Application of (LAM-)ICP-MS to Earth Sciences; Igneous Petrogenesis
Michelle Tsung Yi HUANG黃宗儀 Geography  Center for Population and Gender Studies emerging social subject; biopolitics and cultural governance; cultural identity; social/cultural text and discourse analysis
MIN-HUI LO羅敏輝 Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research  Atmospheric Sciences Land-Atmosphere interactions; Applications of remote sensing on global and terrestrial hydrology; Anthropogenic effects on the water cycle
MIN-ZU WANG王名儒 National Taiwan University Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics  Astrophysics Experimental High Energy Physics
MING-FENG SHIH石明豐 Physics Optical Solitons
MING-HUEI CHANG張明輝 Oceanography internal waves; Physical oceanography; current-topography (island) interactions; oceanic turbulence mixing
MING-JEN YANG楊明仁 Atmospheric Sciences Cloud Physics and Dynamics; Mesoscale Meteorology and Modeling; Convective and Hydrological Processes
MING-LUN HSIEH謝銘倫 Mathematics Number Theory
MING-TSUNG CHUNG鍾明宗 Oceanography Physiological ecology; Isotope Ecology; Biogeography; Cephalopod ecology; Fish ecology
MING-YAU CHERN陳銘堯 Physics Thin Films
MINGHWEI HONG洪銘輝 Electronics Engineering  Applied Physics  Center for Condensed Matter Sciences  Physics Nano-electronics in III-V, GaN, and Ge MOS for science and technologies beyond 5 nm node Si CMOS
MINN-TSONG LIN林敏聰 Physics Surface Magnetism
NING-NING PANG龐寧寧 Physics Statistical Physics
NOBUO SATO佐藤信夫 Mathematics Number theory
PAO-TI CHANG張寶棣 Physics Experimental High Energy Physics
PEI-CHI HO何珮綺 Oceanography Food web ecology; plankton ecology; marine biochemistry; marine ecology; ecological stoichiometry
PEI-LING WANG王珮玲 Oceanography Geochronology Stable isotope geochemistry Geomicrobiology in extreme environments
PEI-MING HO賀培銘 Physics Mathematical Physics; String Theory
PI-TAI CHOU周必泰 Center for Emerging Material and Advanced Devices  Chemistry Solar Energy and OLEDs Relevant Research; Semiconductor and Metal Nanomaterials in Optoelectronics; Molecular Design, Synthesis and Applications; Molecular Spectroscopy and Ultrafast Chemical Phenomena
PIN-HAO CHEN陳品豪 Psychology  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Cultural Neuroscience; Placebo Effect; Affective Neuroscience; Social Interaction; Self-Control; Machine Learning; Social Neuroscience
PING-ZEN ONG翁秉仁 Mathematics Differential topology; differential geometry
PISIN CHEN陳丕燊 National Taiwan University Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics  Astrophysics Theoretical particle astrophysics
PO-FENG WU吳柏鋒 Astrophysics  Physics Multi-wavelength observation; Galaxy formation and evolution; Large sky surveys; Galaxy spectroscopy
PO-HSIUNG LIN林博雄 Atmospheric Sciences Instrumentation and measurement of the atmosphere; Computer Aided Learning; Monsoon climate
PO-JANG HSIEH謝伯讓 Psychology  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Experimental and Cognitive Psychology
PO-YI HUNG洪伯邑 Geography Food and Agriculture; Development Studies; Landscape, Space and Place; Political Ecology
RAY Y. CHUANG莊昀叡 Geography Natural Hazards; Geodynamic Modeling; Tectonic Geodesy; Crustal Deformation
RICHARD PING CHENG陳平 Chemistry Protein Electrostatics; Application of Fluoro-amino Acids; Effect of Side Chain Lengths; Non-natural Amino Acid Synthesis; Bioorganic Chemistry
RONG-SHYANG LU呂榮祥 Physics 2007 ~ now CMS experiment at CERN on topics of - commissioning CMS preshower detector of ECAL based on silicon strip detector - building CMS phase 1 pixel upgrade detector - leading testbeam and system test subproject of CMS phase 2 High Granularity Calorimeter project - data analysis on electron and photon channels including commissioning of electron/photon objects in CMS; Higgs decays into two photon; Standard Model analysis on Zgamma and inclusive photon production.; 2002 ~ 2007 CDF experiment at FERMILAB on topics of - building and operation on silicon vertex detectors - data analysis on searching quarkonium eta_b state and associated Higgs production decaying into 3 or more b jets; 1997 ~ 2002 Belle experiment at KEK on topics of - building Extreme Forward Calorimeter based on BGO crystals - data analysis on rare B decays including observation of D0-omega and omega-k
RU-SHI LIU劉如熹 Chemistry Used in the light of biochemical medicine nanomaterials heat transfer; Applied to the light-emitting diode light fluorescent material transfer; Applied to the light switch to electric energy of lithium ion secondary batteries, fuel cells and water splitting materials
RUEY-MEEI WU吳瑞美 Neurology-NTUH  Brain and Mind Sciences  The Clinical Center for Neuroscience and Behavior  Psychology  Neurology Parkinson's disease and Movement disorders; Neuropharmacology and Neurochemistry
SEN JAN詹森 Oceanography Physical Oceanography; Numerical Modeling for Ocean Dynamics
Shagnik Das戴尚年 Mathematics 
SHAU-YU LAN藍劭宇 Physics quantum sensing; atomic, molecular, and optical physics; quantum optics; quantum communication
Sheng-Feng Shen沈聖峰 Climate Change and Sustainable Development Climate change biology; Animal social behavior; Evolutionary game theory
SHENG-HSIEN CHIU邱勝賢 Chemistry Development of Supramolecular Polymeric Materials and New Interlocked Molecules; Design and Syntheses of New Molecular Recognition Systems; Carbon Nanotube, Surface and Cyclodextrin Chemistry; Design and Construct Nano-Scale Molecular Electronic Devices
SHENG-RONG SONG宋聖榮 Geosciences Volcanology and petrology of volcanic rocks; Tephra study in the core of the South China Sea; Synchrotron computed microtomography on earth materials
SHI-WEI CHU朱士維 Physics Optics
SHIE-MING PENG彭旭明 Chemistry Nano-Material Science; Inorganic Chemistry; Crystallography
SHIH-I CHU朱時宜 Center for Condensed Matter Sciences  Center for Quantum Science and Engineering (CQSE)  Physics Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
SHIH-NAN CHEN陳世楠 Oceanography Coastal Sediment Dynamics; Coastal and Estuarine Fluid Dynamics, including river plumes, coastal currents, and estuarine flows; Physical-Biological Interactions
SHIUH-SHEN CHIEN簡旭伸 Geography  Climate Change and Sustainable Development Development Studies; China Studies; Geography of Globalization; Politial Economy of Urban and Regiona Development
SHIUH-TZUNG LIU劉緒宗 Chemistry Ligand Design and Investigation; Organic and Organometallic Chemistry; Catalysis; N-Heterocyclic Carbenes
SHU-CHENG CHANG張樹城 Mathematics Geometric Analysis; Differential Geometry
SHU-HUEI HUNG洪淑蕙 Geosciences Inversion of seismic wave observations for mantle structures; Theory and numerical modeling of seismic wave propagation; Earthquake relocation and focal mechanism determination; Mantle dynamics
SIAO-HAO GUO郭孝豪 Mathematics Geometric Analysis; Mean Curvature Flow
SOO-FIN CHENG鄭淑芬 Chemistry Synthesis and Preparation of New Materials, Especially for the Utilization in Catalysis, Photo-Catalysis, Fuel Cell and Sensor; Instrumental Analysis and Spectroscopy for Characterization of New Materials; Solid Catalysts in Synthesis of Fine Chemicals and Sustainable Energies; Synthesis and Applications of Nano-Porous and Nano-Composite Materials
SSU-YEN HUANG黃斯衍 Applied Physics Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Spintronics
Stathes Paganis裴思達 Physics  National Taiwan University Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics Experimental Particle Physics and novel detector technologies
SU-CHENG PAI白書禎 Oceanography Chemical Oceanography Environmental Analytical Chemistry Trace Element Analysis
SU-LING YEH葉素玲 Psychology  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics 1996-2000:Recipient of Research Awards (Five times); Experimental and Cognitive Psychology
SUE-CHING JOU周素卿 Geography  Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (RIHSS)  Climate Change and Sustainable Development urban policy and governance; participatory river governance; urban regeneration and redevelopment
SUE-HUEI CHEN陳淑惠 Psychology  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Abnormal and Clinical Psychology
SUN-LIN CHUNG鍾孫霖 Geosciences East Asian Tectonics; Chemical Geodynamics; Igneous Petrogenesis
SYUAN-JYUN SUN孫烜駿 Climate Change and Sustainable Development Climate change ecology; Parasitism-mutualism continuum; Behavioural ecology
SZE LING HO賀詩琳 Oceanography Paleoceanography; Proxy-model comparison; Paleoclimate proxies in marine sediments
TAI-CHIA LIN林太家 Applied Mathematical Sciences Partial differential equations; calculus of variations
TAI-LI CHOU周泰立 Psychology Experimental and Cognitive Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Cognitive Neuroscience; Neurolinguistics
TAI-LIN TSENG曾泰琳 Geosciences Seismology; Geophysics
TAK-PONG WOO胡德邦 Physics Galactic Dynamics; Electronic transport in two dimensional material; Cosmology
TIEN-YAU LUH陸天堯 Chemistry Biomimmetic Macromolecules and Biomimmetic Systems; Synergies between Organic Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry
TING-WAI CHIU趙挺偉 Physics High Energy Phenomenology; High Performance Computing; Quantum Field Theory
TING-WEN LAN藍鼎文 Astrophysics Observational astronomy; Data mining and statistical techniques; Galaxy formation and evolution; Large sky surveys
TING-YU LEE李庭諭 Mathematics Algebraic groups
TSIU-KWEN LEE李秋坤 Mathematics Ring Theory
TSUNG-REN HUANG黃從仁 Psychology  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Experimental and Cognitive Psychology; Psychobiology
TSUNG-SHING WANG王宗興 Chemistry Host-Pathogen Interactions; Development of New Antibiotics and Antibacterial Agents; Bacterial Virulence Factors; Design of New Functional Reagents to Study Biological Problems
TSUNG-YU WU吳宗祐 Psychology Industrial/Organizational Psychology
TZAI-HUNG WEN溫在弘 Geography spatiotemporal modeling of geographical diffusion; collective spatial behavior; medical geography and spatial epidemiology
TZI-HONG CHIUEH闕志鴻 Physics  National Taiwan University Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics Astrophysics
TZU - HOW CHU朱子豪 Geography local development planning; spatial information; tourism/recreation; environmental management
Van Tien Nguyen阮文先 Applied Mathematical Sciences 
VIANNEY DENIS單偉彌 Oceanography anthropogenic disturbance; coral reefs; environmental changes; ecosystem resilience; functional ecology; acclimatization and adaption capacities
WAI KIT LAM林偉傑 Mathematics 
WANJIUN LIAO廖婉君 Electrical Engineering  Office of the Vice President  Institute of Statistics and Data Science  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Communication Engineering  Networking and Multimedia and cloud-aware datacenter networking; Wireless multimedia networking; green communications; on-line social networks
WEI WENG翁葳 Geography 
WEI-HSIN SUN孫維新 National Taiwan University Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics  Astrophysics Astrophysics
WEI-JEN CHEN陳韋仁 Oceanography Molecular Phylogenetics; Marine Phylogenomics; Ichthyology; Populations Genetics; Evolutionary Biology; Biodiversity
WEI-SHU HOU侯維恕 Physics High Energy Physics
WEI-SSU LIAO廖尉斯 Chemistry Biosensor and Molecular Device Design; Bench-top Nanomaterial Fabrication; On-Chip Separation Platform Build-up; Material Interface Characterization
WEI-TING CHEN陳維婷 Atmospheric Sciences Atmospheric chemistry and climate coupling; Remote sensing
WEICHUNG WANG王偉仲 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Applied Mathematical Sciences matrix computation; Computational Science; numerical optimization
WEN-SUNG LAI賴文崧 Psychology  Neurobiology and Cognitive Science Center Psychobiology
Woo-Jin Yoo柳玗珍 Chemistry Asymmetric Synthesis; Transition Metal Catalysis
WU-YEN CHUANG莊武諺 Mathematics algebraic geometry; Mathematical physics
XIAO-GANG HE何小剛 National Taiwan University Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics  Physics Particle Physics
YA-HSUAN LIOU劉雅瑄 Geosciences Zero-Valent Metal Technology; Environmental Engineering and Science; Nano Particles Interface Science; Environmental Nanotechnology
YA-JU TSAI蔡雅如 Mathematics 
YA-PING CHIU邱雅萍 Applied Physics 新穎奈米材料(半導體、複合氧化物、能源材料)介面科學
YANG-FANG CHEN陳永芳 Center for Condensed Matter Sciences  Physics Experimental Semiconductor Physics
YAW-SHENG LIN林耀盛 Psychology Personality and Social Psychology; Abnormal and Clinical Psychology
YEE HSIUNG熊怡 Physics Experimental High Energy Physics
YEE SAN TEOH趙儀珊 Psychology Personality and Social Psychology; Developmenta Psychology
YEI-YU YEH葉怡玉 Psychology Experimental and Cognitive Psychology; Industrial/Organizational Psychology
YEN-HUAN LI李彥寰 Institute of Statistics and Data Science  Computer Science and Information Engineering  Networking and Multimedia optimization; Machine learning; high-dimensional statistics; quantum information
YEN-TING HWANG黃彥婷 Atmospheric Sciences Interactions between atmospheric dynamics with clouds, aerosols, and ocean; Climate dynamics and climate change
YEN-TING KO柯彥廷 Oceanography Earthquake physics; Seismology; Inverse and optimization theory; Signal analysis; Tectonics
YEONG-CHUAN KAO高涌泉 Physics Quantum Field Theory
YI-FAN YANG楊一帆 Mathematics Number Theory
YI-JAY CHANG張以杰 Fisheries Science  Oceanography Ecosystem modeling; Developing and evaluating methods for assessing fish and invertebrate populations; Bayesian assessment and risk analysis methods; Incorporating climate change into population dynamics and stock assessment
YI-TING CHEN陳宜廷 Finance  Institute of Statistics and Data Science Empirical Analysis; Financial Time Series Analysis; Econometric Methods
YI-TSU CHAN詹益慈 Chemistry  Natural Science and Sustainable Research Promotion and Engagement Center Design and Synthesis of Functional Polymers; Construction and Mass Analysis of Metallo-supramolecules
YIH-MIN WU吳逸民 Geosciences Seismic early warning; observational seismology; geophysics
YIH-YUH CHEN陳義裕 Physics Nonlinear Physics
YIING-JANG YANG楊穎堅 Oceanography  Ocean Center Internal Wave; Physical Oceanography; Filed Observation; Equatorial Oceanography
YING-CHIH LIN林英智 Chemistry Cyclization of Enyne by Organometallic Complexes; Organometallic Chemistry; Application of NMR; Metal Cyclopropenyl and Azirinyl Complexes
YING-JER KAO高英哲 Physics Condensed Matter Theory
YIT-TSONG CHEN陳逸聰 Chemistry Catalytic synthesis and architectural design of morphology, structure, and composition of one- and two-dimensional nanomaterials on multiple functional devices for optoelectronic and biosensing applications; Applying nanowire field-effect transistors as a biosensor to study protein-protein interaction, extracellular ionic fluctuation, cellular exo-endocytosis, and neuron-neuron interaction
YNG-ING LEE李瑩英 Mathematics Differential geometry; partial differential equations
YU WANG王昱 Geosciences Earthquake Geology; Neotectonics; Paleoseismology
YU-CHIAO LIANG梁禹喬 Atmospheric Sciences Polar Climate Change; Ensemble analysis and machine learning; Global and regional hydroclimate
YU-HENG TSENG曾于恒 Oceanography Climate change; High performance computing; Turbulence modeling; Oceanic and atmospheric modeling; Earth system modeling; Air-sea interaction
YU-LING CHANG張玉玲 Psychology  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics Neuroimaging & Brain plasticity; Early detection of dementia; Clinical Neuropsychology; Cognitive Aging
YU-TE HSIEH謝玉德 Oceanography Marine chemistry; Paleoceanography; Mass Spectrometry; Isotope geochemistry
YU-TIN HUANG黃宇廷 Physics High Energy Physics; Integrable System; Superstring; Quantum Gravity; Quantum Field Theory
YU-TING CHEN陳裕庭 Institute of Statistics and Data Science 
YUAN-CHENG GUNG龔源成 Geosciences Seismology
YUAN-CHUNG CHENG鄭原忠 Chemistry Multiscale Modeling of Molecular Optical or Electronic Devices; Excited-state Molecular Dynamics and Photochemistry; Development of Theoretical Tools for Quantum Dynamics in Condensed-phase Molecular Systems; Electronic Structures and Photophysics of Novel Nanomaterials; Energy and Electron Transfer in Photosynthetic Pigment-protein Complexes and Super-complexes; Theories for Time-Resolved Multidimensional Optical Spectroscopy
YUAN-HUEI CHANG張顏暉 Applied Physics 
YUNG-FONG HSU徐永豐 Psychology Experimental and Cognitive Psychology; Psychometrics
YUNN-WEN LIEN連韻文 Psychology Cognitive Psychology