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12013A bikeway network design model for urban areasJEN-JIA LIN journal article87
22005A cooperative effect of bifunctionalized nanoparticles on recognition: Sensing alkali ions by crown and carboxylate moieties in aqueous mediaCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article103100
32008A grey programming model for regional transit-oriented development planningJEN-JIA LIN journal article1610
42007A new generation of metal string complexes: Structure, magnetism, spectroscopy, theoretical analysis, and single molecular conductance of an unusual mixed-valence linear [Ni5]8+ complexSHIE-MING PENG ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article7166
52006A TOD planning model to review the regulation of allowable development densities around subway stationsJEN-JIA LIN journal article4729
62016Access to jobs and apartment rentsLin J.-J. ; Cheng Y.-C.Journal Article43
72011Advances in understanding the "perfect monsoon-influenced Typhoon": Summary from international conference on typhoon morakot (2009)CHUN-CHIEH WU ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article2120
82013An ocean coupling potential intensity index for tropical cyclonesCHUN-CHIEH WU ; I-I LIN journal article9195
92018Assessing area-wide bikeability: A grey analytic network processLin J.-J. ; Wei Y.-H.Journal Article33
102011Assessing urban green space by landscape structure indices and GIS for a Chinese City, TaipeiJEN-JIA LIN conference paper00
112013Assessment of the ASCAT wind error characteristics by global dropwindsonde observationsCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article1314
122018Built environment and public bike usage for metro access: A comparison of neighborhoods in Beijing, Taipei, and TokyoLin J.-J. ; Zhao P.; Takada K.; Li S.; Yai T.; Chen C.-H.Journal Article76
132010Built environment effects on children's school travel in Taipai: Independence and travel modeJEN-JIA LIN journal article6459
142009Built environment effects on leisure travel for children: Trip generation and travel modeJEN-JIA LIN conference paper2116
152011Built environment effects on leisure travel for children: Trip generation and travel modeLin, Jen-Jia ; JEN-JIA LIN ; Yu, Tzu-Penjournal article2116
162011Characteristics of Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter adaptive sampling guidance for tropical cyclonesCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article1111
171994Chemically modified electrodes by nucleophilic substitution of chlorosilylated platinum oxide surfacesCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article1414
182012Cis, isotactic selective ROMP of norbornenes fused with N-arylpyrrolidines. double stranded polynorbornene-based ladderphanes with Z-double bondsCHING-WEN CHIU ; TIEN-YAU LUH ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article2424
191995Coadsorption of sulfate anions and silver adatoms on the Au(111) single crystal electrode. Ex situ and in situ comparisonCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article5552
202007Conductance of alkanediisothiocyanates: Effect of headgroup-electrode contactsCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article3433
212006Designing local street spacing by grey programmingJEN-JIA LIN journal article09
222011Diode-Like I-V Characteristics of a Nonplanar Polyaromatic Compound: a Spectroscopic Study of Isolated and Stacked Dibenzo[g, p]chryseneLee, Shern-Long; Huang, Min-Jie; Chen, Chun-hsien ; Wang, Cheng-I; Liu, Rai-Shungjournal article88
232014Does Built Environment Matter to Early Adolescents’ Physical Activity?JEN-JIA LIN journal article00
242006Does the compact-city paradigm foster sustainability? An empirical study in TaiwanJEN-JIA LIN journal article4335
252008Does transit-oriented development affect metro ridership?: Evidence from Taipei, TaiwanJEN-JIA LIN book2017
262012Double stranded polymeric ladderphanes with 16-π-electron antiaromatic metallocycle linkersTIEN-YAU LUH ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article1616
272011Effect of ENSO on landfalling tropical cyclones over the Korean PeninsulaCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article67
282004Effect of metal-metal interactions on electron transfer: An STM study of one-dimensional metal string complexesCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article126111
292019Effect of the Chemical Potentials of Electrodes on Charge Transport across Molecular JunctionsLin, G.-M.; Lin, C.-H.; Peng, H.H.; Hsiao, H.; Wang, T.-H.; Ho, C.-H.; Hsu, H.-F.; Chen, C.-H. journal article00
302004Effect of underpotentially deposited adlayers on sulfur bonding schemes of organothiols self-assembled on polycrystalline gold: Sp or sp 3 hybridizationCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article2021
312012Electrical pulse triggered reversible assembly of molecular adlayersCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article1111
321997Electrocatalytic activity of an immobilized cofacial diporphyrin depends on the electrode materialCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article8783
331995Electrochemical measurements of anisotropic diffusion in thin lyotropic liquid crystal films using interdigitated array electrodesCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article1616
341993Electrodeposited bismuth monolayers on Au(111) electrodes: Comparison of surface X-ray scattering, scanning tunneling microscopy, and atomic force microscopy lattice structuresCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article98
352011Eyewall evolution of typhoons crossing the Philippines and Taiwan: An observational studyCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article912
362012Fine tuning of pentachromium(ii) metal string complexes through elaborate design of ligandSHIE-MING PENG ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article57
372015Fine-Tuning of Linear Hexa-Cobalt and Defective Penta-Cobalt Metal-String ComplexesCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article55
382015Force Spectroscopy of Metal-Crown Ether Multivalency: Effect of Local Environments on Energy Landscape and Sensing KineticsCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article44
392015From homonuclear metal string complexes to heteronuclear metal string complexesCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article4647
402011Impact of SSTA in the East Indian Ocean on the frequency of Northwest Pacific tropical cyclones: A regional atmospheric model studyCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article4650
411993In situ atomic force microscope study of Pb underpotential deposition on Au(111): Structural properties of the catalytically active phaseCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article74
422004In-channel dual-electrode amperometric detection in electrophoretic chips with a palladium film decouplerLai, CCJ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN ; Chen, CH; Ko, FHjournal article3027
432007Influence of accessibility on innovation empirical study of electronics industry in Northern TaiwanJEN-JIA LIN book11
442003Interfaces to connect thin-layer chromatography with electrospray ionization mass spectrometryCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article4840
452016Job accessibility and ethnic minority employment in urban and rural areas in TaiwanLin J.-J. ; Chen C.-H.; Hsieh T.-Y.Journal Article32
462012Large auag alloy nanoparticles synthesized in organic media using a one-pot reaction: Their applications for high-performance bulk heterojunction solar cellsCHIH-I WU ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article6463
472008Local development impact assessment for a high speed rail system: A Taiwan studyJEN-JIA LIN conference paper10
482018Locating rental stations and bikeways in a public bike systemJEN-JIA LIN journal article11
492017Metro-induced gentrification: A 17-year experience in TaipeiLin J.-J. ; Chung J.-C.Journal Article65
502005Monolayer structures of highly photoluminescent furan oligoaryls: An approach to improve packing crystallinity of dithiolated aromaticsTIEN-YAU LUH ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article88
511995Monolayers in three dimensions: NMR, SAXS, thermal, and electron hopping studies of alkanethiol stabilized gold clustersCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article757727
522005Monolayers of diphenyldiacetylene derivatives: Tuning molecular tilt angles and photopolymerization efficiency via electrodeposited Ag interlayer on AuCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article3030
532011Monsoonal influence on Typhoon Morakot (2009). Part I: Observational analysisCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article6260
542011Monsoonal influence on Typhoon Morakot (2009). Part II: Numerical studyCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article4237
552012New trinuclear metal string complexes containing rigid Hdzp ligands: Synthesis, structure, magnetism and DFT calculation (Hdzp = 1,9- diazaphenoxazine)SHIE-MING PENG ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article1211
562017Nonhelical heterometallic [Mo2M(npo)4(NCS)2] string complexes (M = Fe, Co, Ni) with high single-molecule conductanceBIH-YAW JIN ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article76
572009Oligomeric tectonics: Supramolecular assembly of double-stranded oligobisnorbornene through k-k stackingLee, Shern-Long; Lin, Nai-Ti; Liao, Wei-Chih ; Chen, Chun-Hsien ; Yang, Hsiao-Ching; Luh, Tien-Yau journal article
582009On the Improvement of Blue Emission for All sp(2)-Hybridized Bistriphenylenyls: Incorporating Phenylenyl Moieties To Enhance Film AmorphismYu, Jian-Yuan; Huang, Min-Jie; Chen, Chun-hsien ; Lin, Chang-Sheng; Cheng, Chien-Hongjournal article910
592014Optimization of a feeder-bus route design by using a multiobjective programming approachJEN-JIA LIN journal article1610
602009Pentiptycene-derived oligo (p-phenyleneethynylene) s: Conformational control, chain-length effects, localization of excitation, and intrachain resonance energy transferYang, J. S.; Yan, J. L.; Lin, C. K.; Chen, C. Y.; Xie, Z. Y.; Chen, C. H.; YangJS ; ChenCH journal article00
612018Planning strategy for green transit oriented development using a multi-objecitve planning modelLiu J.H.; Pai J.T.; JEN-JIA LIN journal article11
622009Poly(bisnorbornanedicil)Lin, Nai-Ti; Lee, Sherng-Long; Yu, Jian-Yuan; Chen, Chun-hsien ; Huang, Shou-Ling; Luh, Tien-Yau journal article
632012Polynorbornene-Based Double-Stranded Ladderphanes with Cubane, Cuneane, Tricyclooctadiene, and Cyclooctatetraene LinkersTIEN-YAU LUH ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article2525
642010Preface to the special issue of numerical ocean modeling and predictionCHUN-CHIEH WU ; YU-HENG TSENG journal article00
651999Preliminary study on the degradation kinetics of agarose and carrageenans by ultrasoundLii, Cheng-Yi; Chen, Chun-Hsien ; Yeh, An-I ; Lai, Vivian M.F.text
662013Providing in situ long-duration dropsonde observations over remote regionsCHUN-CHIEH WU ; PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article1410
672017Public bike system pricing and usage in TaipeiLin J.-J. ; Wang N.-L.; Feng C.-M.Journal Article76
682011Rainfall simulations of Typhoon Morakot with controlled translation speed based on EnKF data assimilationCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article2122
692014School accessibility and academic achievement in a rural area of TaiwanJEN-JIA LIN journal article57
702006Shifts in activity centers along the corridor of the blue subway line in TaipeiJEN-JIA LIN journal article33
712012Star-Shaped Oligothiophenes Containing an Isotruxene Core: Synthesis, Electronic Properties, Electropolymerization, and Film MorphologyCHUN-HSIEN CHEN ; JYE-SHANE YANG journal article2424
722019Stereospecific Synthesis of Poly(methylene- E-vinylene) by Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Substituted Cyclopropene Using Grubbs CatalystsPeng, J.-J.; Panda, B.; Satyanarayana, K.; Yang, H.-R.; Huang, S.-L.; Huang, M.J.; Chen, C.-H. ; Lai, G.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Luh, T.-Y.journal article00
732008Steric Zipper of the Amyloid Fibrils Formed by Residues 109–122 of the Syrian Hamster Prion ProteinLee, Shin-Wen; Mou, Yun; Lin, Shu-Yi; Chou, Fang-Chieh; Tseng, Wei-Hsiang; Chen, Chun-hsien ; Lu, Chun-Yi David ; Yu, Steve S.-F.; Chan, Jerry C.C.journal article
742006Strategy development of mixed land use for restraining trip generation in Taipei City, TaiwanJEN-JIA LIN book80
752009Structural analysis of how Urban form impacts travel demand: Evidence from TaipeiJEN-JIA LIN journal article3031
761997Structure evolution of aromatic-derivatized thiol monolayers on evaporated goldCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article292290
772016Sustainability SI: Bikeway Network Design Model for Recreational Bicycling in Scenic AreasLin J.-J. ; Liao R.-Y.Journal Article96
782014Sustainability SI: Bikeway Network Design Model for Recreational Bicycling in Scenic AreasJEN-JIA LIN journal article96
792012Template-assisted assembly: Scanning tunneling microscopy study of solvent-dependent adlattices of alkyl-derivatized tetrathiafulvaleneLee, Shern-Long; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN ; Chu, Yi-Chen; Wu, Hung-Jen; Chen, Chun-Hsien journal article1111
802011The impact of a warm ocean eddy on typhoon Morakot (2009): A preliminary study from satellite observations and numerical modellingCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article2419
812011The impact of Dropwindsonde Observations on typhoon track forecasts in DOTSTAR and T-PARCCHUN-CHIEH WU ; PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article4952
822011The influence of assimilating dropsonde data on Typhoon track and midlatitude forecastsCHUN-CHIEH WU ; PO-HSIUNG LIN journal article5356
832011The influence of island topography on typhoon track deflectionCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article3837
842014The opening of direct flights across the Taiwan Strait: The impact on the global role of Taiwan's international airportJEN-JIA LIN journal article65
852012The Road to Molecular Metal Wires: The Past and Recent Advances of Metal String ComplexesCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article
862007Thorpe-Ingold effect on the conformation and photophysical properties of dialkylsilylene-spaced divinylarene copolymersTIEN-YAU LUH ; Yeh, Mei-Yu; Lin, Hsin-Chieh; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN ; Lee, Shern-Long; Chen, Chun-hsien ; Lim, Tsong-Shin; Fann, Wunshain; Luh, Tien-Yau journal article1920
872010Transportation planning in TaiwanJEN-JIA LIN book00
882015Tuning molecule-substrate coupling via deposition of metal adatomsCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article00
892004Two-step functionalization of neutral and positively charged thiols onto citrate-stabilized Au nanoparticlesCHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article200194
902013Typhoon morakot: Key findings from the journal TAO for improving prediction of extreme rains at landfallCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article2223
912013Typhoon-position-oriented sensitivity analysis. part I: Theory and verificationCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article2510
922013Uncertainty and predictability of tropical cyclone rainfall based on ensemble simulations of Typhoon Sinlaku (2008)CHUN-CHIEH WU journal article75
931999Using a genetic algorithm to generate alternative sketch maps for urban planningJEN-JIA LIN other410
941996Using backup coverage and TOPSIS fuzzy approach to emergency facilities layout in new development planning areaJEN-JIA LIN conference paper1
952011Validation and interpretation of adjoint-derived sensitivity steering vector as targeted observation guidanceCHUN-CHIEH WU journal article54
962008Valuing user external benefits and developing management strategies for metro system underground arcadesJEN-JIA LIN journal article88
972007低電壓沈積之單原子膜於化學修飾電極之應用與對單分子電性量測之影響 (新制多年期第1年)陳俊顯 report
982007捷運地下街之使用者經濟價值分析-以台北市東區地下街為例JEN-JIA LIN journal article
992007臺灣北部區域網路購物者之旅次發生分析JEN-JIA LIN journal article
1002007資訊科技對貨運旅次發生之影響:臺灣北部地區IC產業EDI應用之實證分析JEN-JIA LIN journal article