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12003A bi-level programming model for the land use - network design problemJEN-JIA LIN journal article2521
22013A bikeway network design model for urban areasJEN-JIA LIN journal article75
32008A grey programming model for regional transit-oriented development planningJEN-JIA LIN journal article1510
42012A location-allocation model for senior citizens communities planningJEN-JIA LIN journal article0
52006A TOD planning model to review the regulation of allowable development densities around subway stationsJEN-JIA LIN journal article4428
62016Access to jobs and apartment rentsLin J.-J. ; Cheng Y.-C.Journal Article42
72004Analysis of property prices before and after the opening of the Taipei subway systemJEN-JIA LIN journal article2424
82018Assessing area-wide bikeability: A grey analytic network processLin J.-J. ; Wei Y.-H.Journal Article21
92011Assessing urban green space by landscape structure indices and GIS for a Chinese City, TaipeiJEN-JIA LIN conference paper00
102018Built environment and public bike usage for metro access: A comparison of neighborhoods in Beijing, Taipei, and TokyoLin J.-J. ; Zhao P.; Takada K.; Li S.; Yai T.; Chen C.-H.Journal Article65
112010Built environment effects on children's school travel in Taipai: Independence and travel modeJEN-JIA LIN journal article6358
122009Built environment effects on leisure travel for children: Trip generation and travel modeJEN-JIA LIN conference paper2115
132011Built environment effects on leisure travel for children: Trip generation and travel modeLin, Jen-Jia ; JEN-JIA LIN ; Yu, Tzu-Penjournal article2115
142012Built environments and physical activities in adolescents aged 13-15JEN-JIA LIN conference paper0
152006Designing local street spacing by grey programmingJEN-JIA LIN journal article09
162012Developing regional cooperation strategies by multi-criteria decision making approachesJEN-JIA LIN journal article10
172014Does Built Environment Matter to Early Adolescents’ Physical Activity?JEN-JIA LIN journal article00
182006Does the compact-city paradigm foster sustainability? An empirical study in TaiwanJEN-JIA LIN journal article4233
192008Does transit-oriented development affect metro ridership?: Evidence from Taipei, TaiwanJEN-JIA LIN book1916
202019Effect of the Chemical Potentials of Electrodes on Charge Transport across Molecular JunctionsLin, G.-M.; Lin, C.-H.; Peng, H.H.; Hsiao, H.; Wang, T.-H.; Ho, C.-H.; Hsu, H.-F.; Chen, C.-H. journal article0
212007Influence of accessibility on innovation empirical study of electronics industry in Northern TaiwanJEN-JIA LIN book11
222016Job accessibility and ethnic minority employment in urban and rural areas in TaiwanLin J.-J. ; Chen C.-H.; Hsieh T.-Y.Journal Article32
232008Local development impact assessment for a high speed rail system: A Taiwan studyJEN-JIA LIN conference paper00
242018Locating rental stations and bikeways in a public bike systemJEN-JIA LIN journal article11
252017Metro-induced gentrification: A 17-year experience in TaipeiLin J.-J. ; Chung J.-C.Journal Article55
262014Optimization of a feeder-bus route design by using a multiobjective programming approachJEN-JIA LIN journal article149
272018Planning strategy for green transit oriented development using a multi-objecitve planning modelLiu J.H.; Pai J.T.; JEN-JIA LIN journal article01
282017Public bike system pricing and usage in TaipeiLin J.-J. ; Wang N.-L.; Feng C.-M.Journal Article76
292014School accessibility and academic achievement in a rural area of TaiwanJEN-JIA LIN journal article46
302006Shifts in activity centers along the corridor of the blue subway line in TaipeiJEN-JIA LIN journal article33
312019Stereospecific Synthesis of Poly(methylene- E-vinylene) by Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Substituted Cyclopropene Using Grubbs CatalystsPeng, J.-J.; Panda, B.; Satyanarayana, K.; Yang, H.-R.; Huang, S.-L.; Huang, M.J.; Chen, C.-H. ; Lai, G.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Luh, T.-Y.journal article0
322006Strategy development of mixed land use for restraining trip generation in Taipei City, TaiwanJEN-JIA LIN book80
332009Structural analysis of how Urban form impacts travel demand: Evidence from TaipeiJEN-JIA LIN journal article3030
342016Sustainability SI: Bikeway Network Design Model for Recreational Bicycling in Scenic AreasLin J.-J. ; Liao R.-Y.Journal Article84
352014Sustainability SI: Bikeway Network Design Model for Recreational Bicycling in Scenic AreasJEN-JIA LIN journal article84
362014The opening of direct flights across the Taiwan Strait: The impact on the global role of Taiwan's international airportJEN-JIA LIN journal article55
372010Transportation planning in TaiwanJEN-JIA LIN book00
381999Using a genetic algorithm to generate alternative sketch maps for urban planningJEN-JIA LIN other410
391996Using backup coverage and TOPSIS fuzzy approach to emergency facilities layout in new development planning areaJEN-JIA LIN conference paper1
402008Valuing user external benefits and developing management strategies for metro system underground arcadesJEN-JIA LIN journal article86