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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHAO-JU CHEN陳昭如 Center for Population and Gender Studies  Law Taiwan's Legal History; Feminist legal studies; Law and society
Chien-Liang Lee李建良 Law Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Environmental Law
CHIH-JEN HSUEH薛智仁 Law Criminal Procedure Law; Criminal Law
CHING-PING SHAO邵慶平 FinTech Center  Law Commercial Law; Financial Law; Corporate Law
CHUEH-AN YEN顏厥安 Law Legal Argumentation Theory; Jurisprudence; Legal Ethics
CHUNG-JAU WU吳從周 Law Legal Methodology; Civil Procedure Law; Civil Law
CHUNG-WU CHEN陳忠五 Law Torts; Consumer Law; Contract
HENG-DA HSU許恒達 Law Criminal Law History; Criminal Policy; Criminal Law
HSIN-CHUN WANG汪信君 FinTech Center  Law Alternative Risk Transfer and Insurance Regulation; Insurance and Competition Law; Regulation of Financial Market; Insurance Law; Regulation of Insurance
HUANG-CHIH CHIANG姜皇池 Law International Law; International Organization Law; International Human Rights Law
HUANG-YU WANG王皇玉 Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Criminal Policy; Criminal Law
HUI-CHIEH SU蘇慧婕 Law 轉型正義; 憲法理論; 言論自由; 基本權理論; 國家學
JEN-GUANG LIN林仁光 FinTech Center  Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Financial Law; Corporate Securities Law; International Commercial Law
JIUNN-RONG YEN葉俊榮 Law Environmental Law & Policy; Constitutional Change; Constitutional Law
KE-CHUNG KO柯格鐘 Law Tax Law
KEVIN CHIEN-CHANG WU吳建昌 Health Policy and Management  Medical Education and Bioethics  Psychiatry-NTUH  Brain and Mind Sciences  Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Pharmaceutical policy; Neuroethics and neurolaw; Bioethics (including medical ethics); Public health ethics and law; Science and technology ethics; Health care law and policy
KUAN-LING SHEN沈冠伶 Interdisciplinary Legal Studies  Law Civil Non-contentious Law; Arbitration Law; Family Proceedings Act
MAU-SHENG LEE李茂生 Law Criminal Law & Policy; Juvenile Law Theory & Practice; Criminology
MAWIN TSAI蔡茂寅 Law Public Financial Law; Administrative Law; Social Security Law
MING-CHIANG LIN林明鏘 Law City Planning Law; Animal Law; Administrative Law
MING-HSIN LIN林明昕 Law Administrative Remedy Law(Administrative Litigation Law and Government Liability Law); Administrative Law; Constitutional Law
MING-JYE HUANG黃銘傑 Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Corporate Governance; Corporation Law; Theory and Practice of Fair Trade Law
MING-YAN SHIEH謝銘洋 Law Intellectual Property Law; Trade Mark Law; Business Secrecy Law; Copy Rights; Patent Law; Fair Trade Law
Naiyi Sun孫迺翊 Law Administrative Law; Constitutional Law; Social Security Law
NENG-CHUN WANG王能君 Law Labor Law
SHIH-TUNG CHUANG莊世同 Law Anglo-American Jurisprudence; Western Legal and Political Thoughts
SHU-HUAN SHYUU許士宦 Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Bankruptcy Law; Civil Procedure Law; Compulsory Execution Law
SIEH-CHUEN HUANG黃詩淳 Law Estates and Trusts; Legal Analytics; Family Law; Intergenerational Property Transfer in Aged Society
SU, KAI-PING蘇凱平 Law Empirical Legal Studies and Legal Analytics; Comparative Law and Courts; Evidence; Criminal Procedure
SU-HUA LEE李素華 Law Intellectual Property Protection for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology; Intellectual Property; Competition Law; Civil Law (contract and torts)
TAY-SHENG WANG王泰升 Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Anglo-American Jurisprudence; Western Legal and Political Thoughts
TSAI-YU LIN林彩瑜 Law International Health Law; International Investment Law; WTO Law
TSUNG-FU CHEN陳聰富 Medical Education and Bioethics  Law Anglo-American Tort; Comparative Contract Law; Medical Law; General Principles of Taiwan Civil Code, Law of Obligations (including contract law, tort law, and unjust enrichment) of Taiwan Civil Code
Tze-Shiou Chien簡資修 Law Law & Economic Analysis
TZU-CHIANG CHEN陳自強 Law Civil Property Law
TZUNG-JEN TSAI蔡宗珍 Law State Theory; Administrative Law; EU Public Law; Constitutional Law
WAN-NING HSU徐婉寧 Law Labor Law
WANG-RUU TSENG曾宛如 Law Financial Services Law; Conflict of Laws; Negotiable Instruments; Securities Regulation
WEI-YU CHEN陳瑋佑 Law International Law; Comparative Civil Procedural Law
WEN-CHEN CHANG張文貞 Law Administrative Law and Regulatory Theories; Comparative Constitutionalism; Jurisprudences; Constitutional Law
WEN-YEU WANG王文宇 Law Business Associations(Corporate Law); Financial Law(Banking and Securities Law); Commercial Transactions
YANG-YI CHOU周漾沂 Law Seminar on Criminal Law; Criminal Code-general Principles
YI-WEN CHANG張譯文 Law Civil Law
YING HSIN TSAI蔡英欣 FinTech Center  Law International Business Law and Regulations of Financial Institutions; Maritime Law; Corporate Law; Payment Systems
YU-HSIUNG LIN林鈺雄 Law Criminal Procedure Law
YU-HUNG YEN顏佑紘 Law 民事契約法; 侵權責任法
YU-WEI HSIEH謝煜偉 Law Criminal Policy; Criminal Law; Criminology
YUEH-PING YANG楊岳平 FinTech Center  Law 法律經濟分析; 資本市場法制; 金融監理; 公司治理; 國際經貿法
YUN-RU CHEN陳韻如 Law Family Law; East Asian Legal History (Taiwan, China, and Japan); Critical Legal Studies