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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
BIH-YAW JIN金必耀ChemistryQuantum Molecular Processes in Condensed Matter; Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Organic Materials; Designing Molecular Sculptures with Mathematical Beading (; Quantum Chemical Investigation of Molecular Device; Theoretical Study of Electronic Processes in Conjugated Organic Molecular and Polymeric Systems
CHAO-TSEN CHEN陳昭岑ChemistryDNA Alkylating Agents/Protein Affinity Probes; Fluorescent Molecular Sensors; Molecular Switches; Self-Assembled Nanostructures
CHE-CHEN CHANG張哲政ChemistrySynthesis, Characterization and Chemical Reactions of Nanomaterials; Preparation and Characterization of Semiconductor Energy Devices; Development and Applications of UHV Surface Analysis Methods; Properties and Catalytic Reactions of Materials Surfaces
CHENG-CHIH HSU徐丞志ChemistryBiological and Medical Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Analysis; Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry; Mass-omics of Human Microbiota
CHING-WEN CHIU邱靜雯ChemistryBoron Containing Polymers; Dicationic Group 13 Compounds; Multidentate Carbenes; Stable Organic Free Radicals
CHUN-CHUNG CHAN陳振中ChemistryStructural Elucidation of Proteins in Aggregated Forms; Applications of High Resolution Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; Mechanism of Biomineralization at the Molecular Level; Fabrication of Biomaterials
CHUN-HSIEN CHEN陳俊顯College of Science; ChemistrySurface Modification and Characterization; Molecular Electronics; Electrochemistry; Scanning Probe Microscopy; Liquid-solid Interfacial Phenomena
CHUN-YI,DAVID LU陸駿逸ChemistryDefect Motion and Rheology of the Smectic Liquid Crystals; AC Dielectric Spectrum of the Polyelectrolyte Solutions; Block-copolymer Self-assembling Mesophases
Chung-Han Chu朱宗瀚ChemistrySynthesis and evaluation of NRPs; Antibacterial and anticancer drug discovery; Bioactivity screening of natural products; Nonribosomal peptide (NRP) structure prediction
CHUNG-YUAN MOU牟中原ChemistryStatistical mechanics: Supercooled water; Heterogeneous Catalysis; Biomedical applications of Mesoporous Silica; Application to nanoaperture molecular sieve
HAO MING CHEN陳浩銘ChemistryLiquid/solid interfacial study; (Photo)electrochemistry for artificial photosynthesis; In situ measurements through X-ray spectroscopy; In situ/Operando methodology development; Catalytic chemistry
HUAN-TSUNG CHANG張煥宗ChemistryCapillary Electrophoresis; Green Chemistry; Synthesis and Bioanalytical Applications of Nanomaterials; Nanomaterials Based Energy Technology
HUNG-WEN LI李弘文ChemistrySingle-molecule biochemistry; Molecular biophysics; Protein-DNA interactions; Nano-bioscience
HWAN-CHING TAI戴桓青ChemistryCellular Antioxidant Defense; Proteasome Composition and Function; Degradation Mechanisms of Oxidized Proteins; Neurochemical Changes at Neuronal Synapses in Alzheimer's Disease
JIM-MIN FANG方俊民ChemistryNatural Product Chemistry; New Synthetic Methods; Biomolecular Recognition; Drug Discovery
JUI-LIN SHE佘瑞琳ChemistryTeaching and Evaluation of Chemistry Laboratory; Chemical Education; Multi-media Teaching in Chemistry Experiments
JYE-SHANE YANG楊吉水ChemistrySynthesis and Photoluminescent Behavior of Fluorescent Protein Chromophores and Derivatives; Molecular Design, Synthesis, and Structure-Property Relationships of Organic Electronic Materials; Molecular Self-assembly and Sensing; Photochemical and Electrochemical Molecular Switches and Molecular Machines
KEN-TSUNG WONG汪根欉ChemistrySynthesis and Molecular Design of Organic Materials for Optoelectronic Applications; Organic Nano Materials
KIEN-VOON KONG江建文ChemistryChemistry of metals in biosensing and bioimaging; Chemistry of metals in nanomedicine
KING-CHUEN LIN林金全ChemistryState Selection and Orientation of Small Molecules by Hexapole State Selector; Photodissociation of Small Molecules Studied by Velocity-Mapping Image and FTIR; Reaction Dynamics of 1A and 2A Metal Atoms with H2, CH4 and Rare Gases; Single Molecule Detection and Related Studie; Cavity Ring down Spectroscopy in Gas and Condensed Phase
LEE-CHIANG LO羅禮強ChemistryDevelopment of Fluorous Reagents for Synthetic Applications; Development of Molecular Tools for Proteomics
MAN-KIT LEUNG梁文傑ChemistryOrganic Electrochromism; OLED and PLED; Organic Photovoltaics; Functional Polymers; Electropolymerization
MU-CHIEH CHANG張慕傑ChemistryMy research interests focus on synthetic inorganic chemistry and structural chemistry. The research topics in my group will utilize Metal-Metal cooperation and Metal-ligand cooperation to develop bimetallic base-metal complexes for supporting multielectron and multiproton processes. The bimetallic complexes will be used as novel catalysts for small molecule activation and related applications. In addition to the catalytic applications, the bimetallic complexes are expected to have unique spin and magnetic properties; therefore, the research directions in my group will also include developments of spin-crossover material and single-molecule magnet.
RICHARD PING CHENG陳平ChemistryProtein Electrostatics; Application of Fluoro-amino Acids; Effect of Side Chain Lengths; Non-natural Amino Acid Synthesis; Bioorganic Chemistry
RU-SHI LIU劉如熹ChemistryUsed in the light of biochemical medicine nanomaterials heat transfer; Applied to the light-emitting diode light fluorescent material transfer; Applied to the light switch to electric energy of lithium ion secondary batteries, fuel cells and water splitting materials
SHENG-HSIEN CHIU邱勝賢ChemistryDevelopment of Supramolecular Polymeric Materials and New Interlocked Molecules; Design and Syntheses of New Molecular Recognition Systems; Carbon Nanotube, Surface and Cyclodextrin Chemistry; Design and Construct Nano-Scale Molecular Electronic Devices
SHIE-MING PENG彭旭明ChemistryNano-Material Science; Inorganic Chemistry; Crystallography
SHIUH-TZUNG LIU劉緒宗ChemistryLigand Design and Investigation; Organic and Organometallic Chemistry; Catalysis; N-Heterocyclic Carbenes
SOO-FIN CHENG鄭淑芬ChemistrySynthesis and Preparation of New Materials, Especially for the Utilization in Catalysis, Photo-Catalysis, Fuel Cell and Sensor; Instrumental Analysis and Spectroscopy for Characterization of New Materials; Solid Catalysts in Synthesis of Fine Chemicals and Sustainable Energies; Synthesis and Applications of Nano-Porous and Nano-Composite Materials
TIEN-YAU LUH陸天堯ChemistryBiomimmetic Macromolecules and Biomimmetic Systems; Synergies between Organic Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry
TSUNG-SHING WANG王宗興ChemistryHost-Pathogen Interactions; Development of New Antibiotics and Antibacterial Agents; Bacterial Virulence Factors; Design of New Functional Reagents to Study Biological Problems
WEI-SSU LIAO廖尉斯ChemistryBiosensor and Molecular Device Design; Bench-top Nanomaterial Fabrication; On-Chip Separation Platform Build-up; Material Interface Characterization
YI-TSU CHAN詹益慈ChemistryDesign and Synthesis of Functional Polymers; Construction and Mass Analysis of Metallo-supramolecules
YING-CHIH LIN林英智ChemistryCyclization of Enyne by Organometallic Complexes; Organometallic Chemistry; Application of NMR; Metal Cyclopropenyl and Azirinyl Complexes
YIT-TSONG CHEN陳逸聰ChemistryCatalytic synthesis and architectural design of morphology, structure, and composition of one- and two-dimensional nanomaterials on multiple functional devices for optoelectronic and biosensing applications; Applying nanowire field-effect transistors as a biosensor to study protein-protein interaction, extracellular ionic fluctuation, cellular exo-endocytosis, and neuron-neuron interaction
YUAN-CHUNG CHENG鄭原忠ChemistryMultiscale Modeling of Molecular Optical or Electronic Devices; Excited-state Molecular Dynamics and Photochemistry; Development of Theoretical Tools for Quantum Dynamics in Condensed-phase Molecular Systems; Electronic Structures and Photophysics of Novel Nanomaterials; Energy and Electron Transfer in Photosynthetic Pigment-protein Complexes and Super-complexes; Theories for Time-Resolved Multidimensional Optical Spectroscopy