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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHAR-SHINE LIU劉家瑄 Oceanography  Ocean Center Seismic Data Processing; Marine Geology and Geophysics; Geophysical Prospection; Plate Tectonics
CHEN-FEN HUANG黃千芬 Oceanography Acoustical Oceanography; Computational Ocean Acoustics; Passive Acoustical Tomography; Array Signal Processing
CHIH-CHIEH SU蘇志杰 Oceanography  Ocean Center Uranium Series Disequilibrium; Marine Sedimentology; Radiochemistry; Geochemistry
CHIH-HAO HSIEH謝志豪 National Center for Theoretical Sciences (NCTS)  Master's Program in Biodiversity  Oceanography  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology  Fisheries Science Fisheries Oceanography; Biological Oceanography; Thereotical Ecology; EcoInfomatics; Zooplankton Ecology
CHIH-LIN WEI魏志潾 Oceanography Benthic Ecology; Deep-sea Ecology; Community Ecology
CHING-LING WEI魏慶琳 Oceanography Marine radiochemistry Chemical oceanography
CHUN-MAO TSENG曾鈞懋 Oceanography water-sediment) specication analysis and biogeochemistry of trace metal; metalloid and CO2 Automated on-line analysis and method development of element speciation applied to environments; Biogeochemical cycling & contamination of Hg Exchange of trace element across interface (air-water
EMMY TSUI-YU CHANG張翠玉 Oceanography Seismotectonics; Geophysics; Lithospheric Deformation Analysis; Geodynamics
HUI-YU WANG王慧瑜 Oceanography  Fisheries Science Fish Life Histories; Evolutionary and Population Ecology; Fisheries Biology
JEN-CHIEH SHIAO蕭仁傑 Oceanography  Fisheries Science Marine Biology; Ecophysiology of Fish
LIANG-SAW WEN溫良碩 Oceanography Marine Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements; Coastal & Estuarine Biogeochemistry
LING-YUN CHIAO喬凌雲 Oceanography Marine Geophysics; Geodynamics; Geophysical Inverse Theory
MING-HUEI CHANG張明輝 Oceanography internal waves; Physical oceanography; current-topography (island) interactions; oceanic turbulence mixing
PEI-LING WANG王珮玲 Oceanography Geochronology Stable isotope geochemistry Geomicrobiology in extreme environments
SAULWOOD LIN林曉武 Oceanography Sediment biogeochemistry of sulfide gas hydrate and trace metals Pollutants remobilization in the anoxic environment Stable S-isotope geochemistry Use of redox sensitive elements for paleo-environment interpretation
SEN JAN詹森 Oceanography Physical Oceanography; Numerical Modeling for Ocean Dynamics
SHIH-NAN CHEN陳世楠 Oceanography Coastal Sediment Dynamics; Coastal and Estuarine Fluid Dynamics, including river plumes, coastal currents, and estuarine flows; Physical-Biological Interactions
SU-CHENG PAI白書禎 Oceanography Chemical Oceanography Environmental Analytical Chemistry Trace Element Analysis
VIANNEY DENIS單偉彌 Oceanography anthropogenic disturbance; coral reefs; environmental changes; ecosystem resilience; functional ecology; acclimatization and adaption capacities
WEI-JEN CHEN陳韋仁 Oceanography Molecular Phylogenetics; Marine Phylogenomics; Ichthyology; Populations Genetics; Evolutionary Biology; Biodiversity
YIING-JANG YANG楊穎堅 Oceanography  Ocean Center Internal Wave; Physical Oceanography; Filed Observation; Equatorial Oceanography