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12007113婦幼保護專線運作模式成效評估研究LI-CHEN CHENG report
220051990年代以來臺灣社會福利發展的回顧與展望Lin, Wan-i ; 林萬億 ; 林萬億 
32001《2001年台灣身心障礙人權指標調查報告》,中國人權協會。劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
42002《2002年台灣身心障礙人權指標調查報告》,中國人權協會劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
520052002年調整保費及部分負擔對全民健康保險財務公平性之影響JEN-HUOY TSAY ; Chang, Hong-jen; Wang, Pen-jen; 蔡貞慧 ; 張鴻仁; 王本仁journal article
62003《2003年台灣身心障礙人權指標調查報告》,中國人權協會。劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
72010[3+2] Cycloadditions of molybdenum(II) azide complexes with nitriles and an alkyneLiu, F.-C.; Lin, Y.-L.; Yang, P.-S.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; SHIE-MING PENG ; Yang, Pei-Shan journal article; 4243
820089.21災後重建:社工的功能與角色馮燕; 馮燕 
92012A longitudinal study of the predictors of quality of life in patients with major depressive disorder utilizing a linear mixed effect modelPan, Ay-Woan; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Chen, Yun-Ling; Chung, Ly-Inn; Wang, Jung-Der; Chen, Tsyr-Jang; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan journal article109
102014A psychometric study of the kinetic-house-tree-person scoring system for people with psychiatric disorders in TaiwanLi, Chih-Ying; Li, Chih-Ying; Wang, Ting-Yun; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Chung, LyInn; Pao, Jwo-Luen; Chung, LyInn; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Jang, Jyh-Shing Roger; Chen, Tsyr-Jang; Liu, Shu-Kai; Liu, Shu-Kai; Pan, Ay-Woan; Pan, Ay-Woan; 楊榮森 journal article20
112008A Qualitative Inquiry into the Taiwanese Mentally Ill Persons' Difficulties Living in the CommunityLin, Ching-Lan Esther; Kopelowicz, Alex; Chan, Chin-Hong; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan journal article1614
122003A study of bulimia nervosa among nursing students at two universities in TaipeiLiu, Chun-Ju; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Chang, King-Jen; Liu, Yu-Fen; Wang, Kuo-Chang; Hsiao, Fei-Hsiu; Ng, Siu-Man; Chan, Cecilia L. W.journal article
132008A study on the efficacy of body-mind-spirit group therapy for patients with breast cancerPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Liu, Chun-Ju; Liu, C.J.; Liu, C.J.; Hsiung, P.C.; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; FEI-HSIU HSIAO ; Hsiung, P.C.; Chang, King-Jen; Chang, K.J.; Liu, Y.F.; Liu, Y.F.; Liu, Yu-Fen; Wang, Kuo-Chang; Wang, K.C.; Hsiao, Fei-Hsiu ; Hsiao, F.H.; Ng, S.M.; Ng, Siu-Man; Chan, Cecilia L.W.; Chan, Cecilia LWjournal article3527
142003Aboriginal Nurses' Perception of Facilitators and Barriers for Taking a Sexual History in TaiwanTsai, Yun-Fang; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan journal article911
152008The Academic Trend of Social Work and Social Welfare since the 1980s in TaiwanLin, Wan-i ; Shen, Shih-han; 林萬億 ; 沈詩涵; 林萬億 ; 沈詩涵journal article
162015Active Aging: A Systematic Literature Review of 2000~2014 SSCI journal articlesChang, Cherng-shiow; Lu, Hsi-peng; Luor, Tain-yi; Yang, Pei-shan; 張成秀; 盧希鵬; 羅天一; 楊培珊; YANG PEI-SHAN journal article0
171997Adolescents' and providers' perspectives on the need for and use of mental health servicesStiffman, AR; Chen, YW; Elze, D; Dore, P; Cheng, LC journal article5543
182006adverse selectionTsay, Jen-Huoy 
192017After Divorce, We are still Parents: Establishing Parenting Education Programs for Judicial DivorceShen, April Chiung-tao journal article0
202013After massification: The quest for entrepreneurial universities and technological advancement in TaiwanYEUN-WEN KU journal article90
212010Albany County Staff Survey Report: 2010YI-YI CHEN report
222009All Change for Young PeopleLI-CHEN CHENG other
232012An Evaluation Study of a Dementia Screening Program in Taiwan: An Application of the Theory of Planned BehaviorsPEI-SHAN YANG journal article20
242000An investigation of junior college nursing students' intentions to care for HIV-positive patientsTSAI, YUN-FANG; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; 蔡芸芳; 熊秉荃 journal article
251994The Application of "Nurse-Parent Communication Model" to Promote the Coping Ability of an Autism Child and His/Her Mother許曉玲; 熊秉荃 ; 黃珮玲; SHEU, S L; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN; HUANG, P.-L .
262010Application of system dynamics on shallow multipurpose artificial lakes: A case study of detention pond at Tainan, TaiwanChu, H.-J.; Chang, L.-C.; Lin, Y.-P.; Wang, Y.-C.; Chen, Y.-W.; YU-PIN LIN ; Chu, Hone-Jay; Chang, Liang-Cheng; Lin, Yu-Pin ; Wang, Yung-Chieh; Chen, Yu-Wen journal article44
271994Applying Play Therapy in Helping a Cyclic Vomiting Schoolager to Pass through a Bio-Psycho-Soical Crises賴倩瑜; 黃珮玲; 熊秉荃 ; LAI, C.-Y.; HUANG, P.-L.; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN
281999Assets Accumlation and Intergenerational Transmission among Female Headed FamiliesLI-CHEN CHENG ; 鄭麗珍 journal article00
292016Associations between child maltreatment, PTSD, and internet addiction among Taiwanese studentsCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Hsieh, Yi-Ping; Shen, April Chiung-Tao; Wei, Hsi-Sheng; Feng, Jui-Ying; Huang, Soar Ching-Yu; Hwa, Hsiao-Linjournal article2723
302013Barriers to Food Stamps in New York State: A Perspective from the FieldYI-YI CHEN journal article80
312017Beliefs about wife beating among social work students in TaiwanHaj-Yahia, Muhammad M; CHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article22
321999Beyond burden: Two ways of looking at caregiving burden. Research on AgingCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Reinardy, James R; Kane, Rosalie A; Huck, Shirley; Call, Kathleen Thiedejournal article119
331998Bio-psycho-social Implication of Elderly Women: Social Barriers Analysis王麗容 
342012Building a Model of Supervision Evaluation Baseline Evaluation ReportYI-YI CHEN report
352013Building a Model of Supervision Evaluation Follow-up Evaluation ReportYI-YI CHEN report
362009Building Assets for Poor Young People: A Comparative PerspectiveLI-CHEN CHENG other
372009Building assets for the poor in Taiwan: policy innovation from income to assetsLI-CHEN CHENG book chapter
382008Building professional competence – the new focus of social work education in TaiwanFeng, Joyce Yen 
392013Challenges for the developmental welfare regime in Taiwan: From authoritarianism to democratic governanceYEUN-WEN KU book10
402010The changing profile of the taiwanese family and the governmental responseChen F-L., Yang P-S., Wang L.L-.R.; LIH-RONG WANG journal article20
412019Childhood poly-victimization and children's health: A nationally representative studyFeng, J.-Y.; Hsieh, Y.-P.; Hwa, H.-L.; Huang, C.-Y.; Wei, H.-S.; Shen, A.C.-T. journal article32
421990The Chinese Gentry and Social PhilanthropyLin, Wan-I 
432011Clinical Manifestations of Aggressive Acts by Schizophrenic Inpatients: A Prospective StudyHAI-GWO HWU ; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; SHING-CHIA CHEN journal article54
442017Community practice at a crossroad: The approaches and challenges in TaiwanYI-YI CHEN journal article23
452013Community Resilience after Disaster in Taiwan: A Case Study of Jialan Village with the Strengths PerspectiveWang L.-R., Chen S., Chen J.; LIH-RONG WANG journal article90
462009Comparative Welfare Policy Instruments in East Asia: Embedding Trust in PolicyKu, Yeun-wen book chapter
472005Comparative Welfare Policy Instruments in East Asia: Embedding Trust into PolicyKu, Yeun-wen conference proceeding
482001Comparing the Social Policy Experience of Britain and Taiwan (Ashgate Publishing Ltd., 2001)YEUN-WEN KU journal article
492010Comparison of the perforation rate for acute appendicitis between nationals and migrants in Taiwan, 1996-2001JEN-HUOY TSAY journal article33
502005Comparison of WHOQOL-BREF and SF-36 in patients with HIV infectionPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; CHI-TAI FANG ; Chang, Yu-Yin; Chen, Mao-Yen; Wang, Jung-Derjournal article10086
512011Comparisons of Technetium-99m Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid Plasma Clearance and Renal Dynamic Imaging with Inulin ClearanceCHEN, LING-I; KUO, MEI-CHUAN; HWANG, SHANG-JYH; CHEN, YU-WEN ; WU, KWAN-DUN; CHEN, HUNG-CHUN129
522004Concerns and recommendations of internal medicine residents in HIV patient care in the second decade of the AIDS epidemic in TaiwanHsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Tsai, Yun-Fangjournal article
532005The coping process of patients with schizophrenia: Searching for a place of acceptanceMa, Yu-Chun; Lin, Shu-Jung; Hu, Wei-Herng; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan journal article
542001Coping strategies of people with HIV/AIDS in negative health care experiencesPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Thomas, V; 熊秉荃 journal article33
552006Critical Social Theory Perspective on Respite Care Service in TaiwanHWANG, SHIOW-LI; CHEN, YUEH-CHIH; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN ; 黃秀梨; 陳月枝; 熊秉荃 journal article
562011Cultural barriers to help-seeking among Taiwanese female victims of dating violenceCHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article2725
572017Cultural Perspective on Parenting, Trait Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health in Taiwanese ChildrenCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Huang, Ching - Yu; Hsieh, Yi - Ping; Feng, Jui - Ying; Wei, Hsi - Sheng; Hwa, Hsiao - Lin; Feng, Joyce Yenjournal article55
582014Dating Violence and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in Taiwanese College Students: The Roles of Cultural BeliefsCHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article119
592004Developing family development accounts in Taipei: Policy innovation from income to assetsCheng, Li-Chen 
602007Developments in East Asian welfare studiesKu, Yeun-Wen ; YEUN-WEN KU ; Finer, Catherine Jonesjournal article5032
612013Differential Impacts of Stressors on Sense of BelongingCheung C.-K., Wang L.-R., Chan R.K.-H.; LIH-RONG WANG journal article11
62DecDisaster Relief and Social Work: Lesson from 921 Earthquake Social Service in Taipei County林萬億 ; Lin, W.I. journal article; journal article00
632007Disparities in appendicitis rupture rate among mentally ill patientsJEN-HUOY TSAY journal article1211
642015Do Part-Time Jobs Mitigate Workers’ Work–Family Conflict and Enhance Wellbeing? New Evidence from Four East-Asian SocietiesOishi A.S., Chan R.K.H., Wang L.L.-R., Kim J.-H.; LIH-RONG WANG journal article1712
652008Do state benefits impact on intergenerational family support? the case of TaiwanFu, Tsung-Hsi ; TSUNG-HSI FU ; Brown, Tedjournal article60
662007East asian welfare regimes: Testing the hypothesis of the developmental welfare stateYEUN-WEN KU ; Lee, Yih-Jiunn; Ku, Yeun-Wen journal article10587
672013Economic abuse, physical violence, and union formationHuang C.-C., Postmus J.L., Vikse J.H., Wang L.-R.; LIH-RONG WANG journal article109
682017editorialOgawa R., Wang L.-R.; LIH-RONG WANG editorial00
692018The effect of family acceptance on the physical and mental health of lesbian, gay and bisexual adultsYang, C.-Y.; Shen, A.C.-T. journal article00
702010The Effect of HPV Infection on a Couple's Relationship: A Qualitative Study in TaiwanJeng C.-J., Lin H., Wang L.-R.; LIH-RONG WANG journal article88
712011Effectiveness of Social Welfare Programmes in East Asia: A Case Study of TaiwanYEUN-WEN KU journal article1513
722010Effects of domestic violence on behavior problems of preschool-aged children: Do maternal mental health and parenting mediate the effects?Huang, Chien-Chung; Wang, Lih-Rong ; Warrener, Corinne4039
732006Effects of internal medicine residency training in AIDS care in TaiwanPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; SHAN-CHWEN CHANG ; CHIEN-CHING HUNG journal article00
742018The Effects of Peer Victimization on Children’s Internet Addiction and Psychological Distress: The Moderating Roles of Emotional and Social Intelligence.CHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Hsieh, Y. P.; Wei, H.S.; Hwa, H.L.; Feng, J.Y.; Huang, S. C.journal article
751995Establishing a group to encourage writing for publication among doctoral studentsPAGEADAMS, D; CHENG, LC ; GOGINENI, A; SHEN, CYjournal article360
762006Evaluation of inpatient clinical training in AIDS carePING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Shan-Chwen Chang ; Yu-Ying Linjournal article
771984Evaluation of the Mercy Hospital Homeward Bound ProgramFeng, Yen; 馮燕; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
782007Evaluation of the psychometrics of the Social Impact Scale: A measure of stigmatizationPAN, AY-WOAN; CHUNG, LY-INN; FIFE BETSY L.; FIFE BETSY L.; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; 潘璦琬; 鍾麗英; 鍾麗英; 熊秉荃 journal article2220
792012Existence, relatedness, or growth? Examining turnover intention of public child welfare caseworkers from a human needs approachChen, Yi-Yi; Park, Jisung; Park, Aely; YI-YI CHEN journal article1313
802013Exploring conflict between caregiving and work for caregivers of elders with dementia: A cross-sectional, correlational studyWang, Yu-Nu; Shyu, Yea-Ing Lotus; Tsai, Wen-Che ; Yang, Pei-Shan ; Yao, Grace journal article1414
812012Extrinsic or intrinsic? The determinant motivation of public child welfare caseworkersYI-YI CHEN other
822000Factor in Psychiatric Distress of Patients with Aids熊秉荃 ; 蔡芸芳; 梁靜祝; 施鐘卿; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN; TSAI, YUN-FANG; LIANG, CHING-CHU; SHI, CHUNG-CHING
832005Factors in the marital relationship in a changing society a Taiwan case studyCHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article810
842011Factors influencing quality of life in schizophrenia patients: A one-year follow up studyWANG, SHU-CHING; WANG, SHU-CHING; PAN, AY-WOAN; CHUNG, LY-INN; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN ; 王淑清; 潘璦琬; 鍾麗英; 熊秉荃 journal article00
852010Family Conflict, Social Support, and Adolescent Depressive Mood: Examining the Moderating Effects of Support from Peers, Professionals, and Other AdultsYU-WEN CHEN journal article00
862009Farewell to the Wonderland: Changes and Continuity in the Taiwanese Welfare Regimeku, Yeun-wen 
872009From Successful Family Planning to the Lowest of Low Fertility Levels: Taiwan's DilemmaLin, Wan-I ; Yang, Shin-Yi160
882003Gender symmetry or gender asymmetry? - A study of intimate partner violence in TaiwanWang, Lih-Rong 
892004A gender-perspective on violence against women: A case study of Taiwan.Wang, Lih-Rong 
902003Gender-role attitudes and women’s decision on employment: An example of TaiwanWang, Lih-Rong 
912010Geographic Reality Versus Imagination in Taiwan's Historical MapsLay, Jinn-Guey ; Chen, Yu-Wen ; Yap, Ko-Huajournal article63
922003Gerder-based Violence in TaiwanWang, Lih-Rong 
932011Global financial crisis and job satisfaction of atypical workers: The case of TaiwanLee B.-H.V., Wang L.-R.L., Ip D.F.-K.; LIH-RONG WANG book chapter50
942009Global Recession and Assets Disparities between the Poor and the RichLI-CHEN CHENG other
952006Global recession and assets disparities between the poor and the rich in Taiwan: Building Assets for AllCheng, Li-Chen 
962007Globalization, Regime Transformation and Social Policy Development in TaiwanLin, Wan-I ; Chou, Wen-Chi Grace
972011Health Care and Adult Social Care in England: An Overview and Critique with Lessons for TaiwanTSUNG-HSI FU journal article
982007Health-related quality of life of Chinese people with schizophrenia in Hong Kong and Taipei: A cross-sectional analysisChan, Sally Wai-chi; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Thompson, David R.; Chen, Shin-Chia ; Hwu, Hai-Gwo ; 熊秉荃 ; 陳杏佳 journal article1611
992017A History of Mental Health Laws in TaiwanHsu, Wei-tse; Wu, Hui-ching; Chou, Frank Huang-chih; 徐瑋澤; 吳慧菁; 周煌智; HUI-CHING WU journal article0
1002010Homeless problems in Taiwan: Looking beyond legality toward social issuesLI-CHEN CHENG journal article50
1012003Household Composition and Inequality in Health Care Financing in Taiwan, 1995-2000Tsay, Jen-Huoy ; JEN-HUOY TSAY journal article00
1022007How much is adequate for retirement? It is determined by Social StatusLI-CHEN CHENG other
1032014The impact of global financial crises on the family in TaiwanWang L.-R., Chen F.-L.; LIH-RONG WANG book chapter00
1042006incentivesTsay, Jen-Huoy 
1052004Incentives, financial Education and Saving Behaviors among the poor in Taipei Family Development AccountsCheng, Li-Chen 
1062005The Institutional Care for Older Persons and the Related Social Services in TaiwanPEI-SHAN YANG ; 楊培珊 
1072008Institutionalized elders with dementia: Collaboration between family caregivers and nursing home staff in TaiwanLau, Wai-Yin Alice; Shyu, Yea-Ing Lotus; Lin, Li-Chan; Yang, Pei-Shan journal article2023
1082001Intention of residents in internal medicine to care for patients infected with HIV at a university hospital in TaiwanPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Tsai, YF; Hung, CC; CHIEN-CHING HUNG ; 熊秉荃 ; 蔡芸芳; 陳茂源journal article65
1092013International Social Work Practicum in Gerontology: An Example of a Taiwan-US PartnershipYang, Pei-shan ; Erlbaum-Zur, Phyllis; Wang, Lih-rong ; 楊培珊 ; 王麗容 journal article; journal article00
1102018Internet addiction: A closer look at multidimensional parenting practices and child mental healthHsieh, Y.-P.; Shen, A.C.-T. ; Wei, H.-S.; Feng, J.-Y.; Huang, S.C.-Y.; Hwa, H.-L.journal article21
1122004Introducing and Evaluating an Asset-Building Program for Youth from Poor Families in TaiwanCheng, Li-Chen 
1132010Introduction: Risk and public policy in East AsiaChan R.K.H., Takahashi M., Wang L.L.-R.; LIH-RONG WANG book0
1142005The investment for victimized women:Education, career development, & surviving.Wang, Lih-Rong 
1152004Is There a Way Out? Global Competition and Social Reform in TaiwanKu, Yeun-wen 
1161991Labor Movement and Taiwan’s Belated Welfare StateLin, Wan-I 
1172015Life Adaptation Skills Training (LAST) for persons with depression: A randomized controlled studyChen, Yun-Ling; Pan, Ay-Woan; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Chung, Lyinn; Lai, Jin-Shei; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen; Chen, Tsyr-Jangjournal article99
1182015Life Aspirations: Their Impact on Family and Work Conflict and Life Satisfaction in Hong Kong and TaiwanChan R.K.H., Wang L.-R.; LIH-RONG WANG journal article01
1192016Life-course sensitized policy as risk management: Directions and strategies in East AsiaChan R.K.H., Zinn J.O., Wang L.-R.; LIH-RONG WANG book chapter10
1201999Living with Intentionality: Preservation Strategies of People with HIV/AIDS in TaiwanPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; TSAI, YUN-FANG; 熊秉荃 ; 蔡芸芳journal article
1212009Long-term effects of interparental violence and child physical maltreatment experiences on PTSD and behavior problems: A national survey of Taiwanese college studentsShen, April Chiung-Tao; CHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article5852
1221995The Major Themes of the Professional Support Group of the New Psychiatric NursesHSIUNG, PING-CHUN ; TSAI, YUN-FANG; 熊秉荃 ; 蔡芸芳journal article0
1232006Management and Outcome of Primary VaginismusJeng, Cherng-Jye; Wang, Lih-Rong ; Chou, Chun-Shan; Shen, Jenta; Tzeng, Chii-Ruey2318
1242012Managing family-related risks in east asiaWang L.L.-R.; LIH-RONG WANG book chapter0
1252010Managing family-related risks in East AsiaWang L.L.-R.; LIH-RONG WANG book0
1262011Mapping Taiwan from an alternative angleLay, Jinn-Guey ; JINN GUEY LAY ; Chen, Yu-Wen ; Yap, Ko-Huajournal article11
1272010Mastery and stigma in predicting the subjective quality of life of patients with schizophrenia in TaiwanHSIUNG, PING-CHUN ; PAN, AY-WOAN; LIU, SHI-KAI; LIU, SHI-KAI; CHEN, SHING-CHIA ; PENG, SZU-YI; PENG, SZU-YI; CHUNG, LY-INN; 熊秉荃 ; ;潘璦琬; 劉緒愷; 陳杏佳 ; 彭思怡; 鍾麗英journal article2724
1282010Maternity Leave in TaiwanFeng, Joyce Yen ; Han, Wen-Jui1612
1292008Measuring Social Quality in TaiwanWang, Yun-Tung ; Wang, Lillian Lih-Rong; Yang, Pei-Shan 
1302011Mechanical stretch of atrial myocyte monolayer decreases sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium adenosine triphosphatase expression and increases susceptibility to repolarization alternansChen, Yun-Ling; JUEY-JEN HWANG ; LING-PING LAI ; Pan, Ay-Woan; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; FU-TIEN CHIANG ; CHIH-CHIEH YU ; Chung, Lyinn; Lai, Jin-Shei; CHIA-TI TSAI ; JIUNN-LEE LIN ; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen; Chen, Tsyr-Jang; YI-CHIH WANG ; TSAI, CHIA-TI ; CHIANG, FU-TIEN ; TSENG, CHUEN-DEN; YU, CHIH-CHIEH ; WANG, YI-CHIH ; LAI, LING-PING ; HWANG, JUEY-JEN ; LIN, JIUNN-LEE journal article3634
1312010Mental health symptoms in mutually violence: An empirical research on Taiwanese & US couplesCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Moises Prospero; Peter Fawsonjournal article
1321997Mental health, social environment and sexual risk behaviors of adolescent service users: A gender comparisonLI-CHEN CHENG journal article
1332008Moving toward end-to-end support for handoffs across heterogeneous telephony systems on dual-mode mobile devicesHsieh, Hung-Yun ; Li, Chung-Wei; Liao, Shuo-Wei; Chen, Yu-Wen ; Tsai, Tsung-Lin; Lin, Hsiao-Pujournal article23
1342016Multidimensional Victimization and Internet Addiction among Taiwanese ChildrenCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Yi-Ping Hsieh; Hsi-Sheng Wei; Jui-Ying Feng; Soar Ching-Yu Huan; Hsiao-Lin Hwajournal article00
1351999The Needs and Welfare Assessment for Children and Women Book seriesWang, Lih-Rong 
1362013Networking and performance of community based organizations: A case study of Taiwan using social network analysisYI-YI CHEN other
1372014Networking and Performance of Community Organization in Taiwan: A Social Capital PerspectiveYI-YI CHEN other
1382016New life courses and social risks: Implications for social policy in East AsiaZinn J.O., Chan R.K.H., Wang L.-R.; LIH-RONG WANG book chapter10
1392016New life courses, social risks and social policy in East AsiaChan R.K.H., Zinn J.O., Wang L.-R.; LIH-RONG WANG book10
1402010New social risks and family change in TaiwanTSUNG-HSI FU book chapter
1412011Occupational competence, environmental support and quality of life for people with depression: A path analysisPING-CHUAN HSIUNG journal article60
1422011Older people, population ageing and social policy in TaiwanTSUNG-HSI FU journal article10
143JunOn Family Change and Family Policy in Taiwan林萬億 ; Lin, W.I.journal article; journal article00
1442011Once a NEET always a NEET? Experiences of employment and unemployment among youth in a job training programme in TaiwanYU-WEN CHEN ; 陳毓文 journal article2018
1452013Partnership and Performance of Community-Based Organizations: A Social Network Study of TaiwanYI-YI CHEN journal article23
1462017Physical Conditions and Special Needs as Risk Factors of Peer Victimization among School Children in TaiwanCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Wei, Hsi - Sheng; Hwa, Hsiao - Lin; Feng, Jui - Ying; Hsieh, Yi - Ping; Huang, Soar Ching - Yujournal article55
1472009The Political and Economic Impact on the Development of Social Group Work in TaiwanLin, Jen-Jen; Lin, Wan-I 10
1482009Population ageing and social policy in TaiwanYEUN-WEN KU ; TSUNG-HSI FU book10
1492007Poverty Reduction and Policy Regimes: Lessons from TaiwanKu, Yeun-wen 
1502008Predicting Satisfaction with Vocational Rehabilitation Programs for Psychiatric Patients吳慧菁 ; 吳景寬; 許几月00
1512008Predicting Satisfaction with Vocational Rehabilitation Programs for Psychiatric PatientsWu, Hui-ching; Wu, Ching-kuan; Hsh, Chi-yuch; 吳慧菁; 吳景寬; 許几月; HUI-CHING WU journal article0
1522012Predictors of Dating Violence Among Chinese Adolescents: The Role of Gender-Role Beliefs and Justification of ViolenceCHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Chiu, M.Y.-L.; Gao, J.journal article5447
1532014A Preliminary Study on Adult Day Services in Taiwan: A Comparison of Two Service ModelsLu, Pau-ching; Lee, Chia-juChao, Shiau-fang; 呂寶靜; 李佳儒; 趙曉芳; Chao Shiau-Fang journal article0
1542010Premium Arrears, Drop-out, and NHI Relief Program in 2003蔡貞慧 ; 林美雀journal article
1552008Prevalence and Factors Associated with Depressive Mood of Adolescents in Residential Group CareYU-WEN CHEN ; 陳毓文 ; 陳毓文 journal article
1562010Prevalence and factors of domestic violence among unmarried mothers with a young childHuang, Chien-Chung; Esther, Son; Wang, Lih-Rong 1517
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3192002〈台灣的社會政策與家庭制度的鞏固〉劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
3211992台灣的社會運動與社會政策-以福利弱勢團體運動為例林萬億 ; 葉琇珊
3232007台灣社會工作專業人力推估之研究LI-CHEN CHENG report
3241998台灣社會工作教育倡導取向之分析:以三本常用的社會工作概念教科書為例YEUN-WEN KU journal article
3272003台灣社會福利與社會工作相關系所研究產出初步分析報告-以國科會獎勵補助與內政部委託記畫為例(1991-2002年)YEUN-WEN KU journal article
3282006台灣老人社會工作理論與實務梅陳玉嬋; 楊培珊 
3292003台灣非營利老人福利機構現況分析初探PEI-SHAN YANG ; 楊培珊 ; 吳玉琴journal article
3302001各國學齡兒童課後照顧方案Feng, Yen; 馮燕; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
3312008命運?機會?─第三部門對社會服務商業化的回應劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon; 陳思佳
3322014單元 8.全球化與社會福利 - 古允文YEUN-WEN KU journal article00
3332001單親婦女離婚歷程之探討—以經歷外遇者為例李雅惠; 鄭麗珍 
3341999單親家庭與反貧窮策略鄭麗珍 other
3362006嚴重慢性阻塞性肺疾病患者之安寧緩和照護觀吳珮君; 李靜怡; 林如玉; 熊秉荃 ; 吳珮君; 李靜怡; 林如玉; 熊秉荃 
3372000回應「回到根本之處思考:在擬象真實跟常規社會之間重建精神病患的生活結構」熊秉荃; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
3382007回應「臺灣全志-社會志社會福利篇」書評Lin, Wan-i; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
3392007因應我國少子女化社會對策之研究LI-CHEN CHENG ; 呂寶靜; 李美玲; 王舒芸; 陳玉華 ; 鄭麗珍 report
3402006困境與希望:罕病疾病身心障礙者之就業需求YI-YI CHEN book
3421990國家? 市場? ﹣﹣政府在社會福利中的角色劉淑瓊; LIU SHU-CHIUNG ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..iconjournal article
3431996國家與社會政策--臺灣與瑞典的比較林萬億; LIN WAN-I book chapter0
3441993國家與社會政策:台灣與瑞典的比較林萬億 journal article
3462011國際健康功能與身心障礙分類系統(ICF)與我國身心障礙者權益保障Lin, Wan-i; Wu, Huiching; Lin, Jen-jen; 林萬億; 吳慧菁; 林珍珍; LIN WAN-I journal article0
3472011國際健康功能與身心障礙分類系統(ICF)與我國身心障礙者權益保障Lin, Wan-i; Wu, Huiching; Lin, Jen-jen; 林萬億; 吳慧菁; 林珍珍; HUI-CHING WU journal article0
349-團體工作 : 理論與技術Lin, Wan-I ; 林萬億 book; book
350Aug團體工作:理論與技術,第二版林萬億 book
3512008團體衛教課程在改善綜合醫院志工對精神疾病態度的影響Tseng, Ting-chiang; Wu, Hui-ching; Chen, Cheng-chin; Yang, Chih-wei; 曾定強; 吳慧菁 ; 陳政智; 楊志偉
3522014在思考台灣的社會工作專業制度發展Pei-Jie Huang; YEUN-WEN KU journal article
3532002《地方政府推動防治家庭暴力實務運作模式及建構跨專業資源網絡之規劃研究》劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
3542003地方政府社會服務契約委託之決策策略與契約管理之研究劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..iconother
3552008基督教信仰、生活壓力及壓力因應策略與青少年心理健康之相關性探究黃昱得; 陳毓文 
3561992基變社會工作Lin, Wan-I ; YEUN-WEN KU ; 林萬億 ; 古允文 book
3571993報紙色情、性醫療、賭博廣告之統計與分析研究蕭新煌; 王淑女; 林萬億 ; 陳東升 ; 王淑女; 林萬億 report
3582014多元包容社會與國家發展YEUN-WEN KU ; 古允文 journal article
3592005多面向婚姻滿意量表之發展與運用沈瓊桃 conference proceeding
3602002多面向婚姻滿意量表之編製CHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article
3612013大專青年的約會暴力經驗與因應策略初探CHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article
3642005[夫妻對偶互動關係]作者與主編回應Jou, Yuh-huey; Chen, Chien-Liang; Chen, Fu-mei; Lin, Wan-i; Tung, Hsiu-chu; Yang, Lien-chien; 周玉慧; 陳建良; 陳富美; 林萬億; 董秀珠; 楊連謙; LIN WAN-I journal article0
3652004失智症患者及家庭照顧者接受日間照護之服務需求情形探討PEI-SHAN YANG ; 黃敏鳳; 徐亞瑛; 楊培珊 ; 葉炳強journal article
3662000失智症患者與家屬的主體性PEI-SHAN YANG ; 楊培珊 journal article
3672004失能老人日間照顧費用之探討鄧世雄; 周麗芳; 楊培珊 ; 張媚
3682002女性單親家長的求助行為之探討鄭麗珍 other
3692000女性居家照顧服務員工作中遭受性騷擾之經驗探討PEI-SHAN YANG ; 楊培珊 journal article00
3702007婚姻暴力對家庭動力與目睹兒童的影響沈瓊桃 conference proceeding
3712005婚姻暴力目睹兒童之因應探討童伊迪; 沈瓊桃 journal article
3722004婚暴併兒虐家庭的多元面貌與發生情境沈瓊桃 conference proceeding
3732008婚暴併兒虐服務整合的挑戰與模式初探沈瓊桃 journal article
3742006婚暴併兒虐發生率之初探—以南投縣為例沈瓊桃 journal article00
3761994婦女二度就業需求與策略之研究王麗容 ; 詹火生; 洪榮昭; Wang, Lih-Rong ; 詹火生report
3771992婦女生活壓力知覺與應對模式--多元角色的觀點Feng, Joyce Yen; 馮燕; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
3782003學校社會工作與學校輔導團隊的重整林萬億 ; 林萬億 
3802000宗教在國內社會工作教育中所扮演的角色:教育者觀點之初探張宏哲; 陳毓文 
3812018「客工」?臺灣小型長期照顧機構外籍看護工之照顧勞動Wang, Chieh-yuan; Yang, Peishan; 王潔媛; 楊培珊; YANG PEI-SHAN journal article0
3822018家事專任調解法官之效能-以臺灣臺北地方法院為例/以親權相關事件為焦點Lee, Liling; Shen, April Chiung-tao journal article
3831999家庭壓力、家庭資源與家庭危機形成之研究-以台灣省立台中育幼院院童家庭爲例YEUN-WEN KU journal article
3842008《家庭壓力與韌性》[對話與回應]Shen, Ching-ying; Sun, Sung-hsien; Cheng, Li-chen; 沈慶盈; 孫頌賢; 鄭麗珍; CHENG LI-CHEN journal article0
3852018家庭接納對成年期同性戀及雙性戀者身心健康之影響Yang, Chiao-yu; Shen, April Chiung-tao journal article
3872003家庭生命週期與婚姻滿意度關係之探討沈瓊桃 conference proceeding
3882004家庭生命週期與婚姻滿意度關係之探討沈瓊桃 ; 陳姿勳journal article
3892011家庭社會工作LI-CHEN CHENG book chapter
3902001家庭結構與青少年的生活適應之研究--以臺北市為例Cheng, Li-chen; 鄭麗珍; CHENG LI-CHEN journal article0
3921997家庭需求與福利政策--制定托育政策的探究Feng, Joyce Yen; 馮燕; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
3932006家暴社工的處境與問題鄭麗珍 ; 鄭麗珍 
3942005小型老人養護機構購買專業社工服務方案之行動研究楊培珊 other
3952004少年憂鬱情緒的危險與保護因子之相關性研究YU-WEN CHEN ; 陳毓文 ; 陳毓文 
3961998少年暴力行為家庭、校園、及大眾傳播媒體之暴力陳毓文 other
3972000居家失能老人照顧津貼--以臺北縣為例Pan, Ying Mei; Lin, Wan I; 潘英美; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
3981992居家護理對精神分裂病患日常生活之影響周照芳; 熊秉荃 ; 黃瑞媛
3991992居家護理對精神分裂病患者家屬壓力知覺之影響周照芳; 熊秉荃 ; 黃瑞媛
4022001工作貧窮與社會救助之關係鄭麗珍 other
4032004巨靈或螳螂:全球化下的臺灣社會與福利政策古允文 ; 張世雄
4042016已開發國家年金自動調整機制之發展與變革Fu, Tsung-hsi; Shi, Shih-jiun; Lin, Hung-yang; Chang, Chiu-lan; 傅從喜; 施世駿; 林宏陽; 張秋蘭; FU TSUNG-HSI journal article0
4052001平等與凝聚:台灣社會福利發展的思考YEUN-WEN KU journal article
4062017年金制度與世代公平--我國不同世代公務員退休保障的比較Shao, Ai-ju; Fu, Tsung-hsi; 邵靄如; 傅從喜; FU TSUNG-HSI journal article0
4072013年金改革:長或短?緩或急?TSUNG-HSI FU journal article
4082005年長榮民生活照顧與婚姻問題之研究王雲東 ; 楊培珊 
4092003幼兒教育暨照顧法專案研究林萬億 ; 翁麗芳; 邱志鵬; 周志宏
4101993廣告與性工業林萬億 conference paper
4112014廣結善緣?社區內外網絡對社區組織服務績效的影響YI-YI CHEN other
4122011建國百年來兒童及少年福利的回顧與前瞻Feng, Joyce Yen; Li, Harold; Hsieh, Wen-yun; 馮燕; 李宏文; 謝文元; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
4132010建構以家庭為中心、社區為基礎的社會福利服務體系Lin, Wan-i; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
4142009建構小型老人養護機構社工員之團體身份認同:一個社會認同理論的觀點PEI-SHAN YANG journal article
4151981建構社會工作理論的基礎林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
4162019強化社會安全網:背景與策略Lin, Wan-i; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
4171997影響台灣民眾社會福利態度的因素林萬億 journal article
4182014影響癌友生活品質因素的研究:檢視增權條件的調節效果Chen, Chun-yi; Cheng, Li-chen; 陳君儀; 鄭麗珍; CHENG LI-CHEN journal article0
4192011影響精神分裂症患者生活品質之因素--一年之追蹤研究Wang, Shu-ching; Pan, Ay-woan; Chung, Lyinn; Hsiung, Ping-chuan; 王淑清; 潘璦琬; 鍾麗英; 熊秉荃; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
4202011後五都時代臺灣的社會福利服務發展Lin, Wan-i; Wu, Ping-hui; 林萬億; 吳秉慧; LIN WAN-I journal article0
4222000後天免疫缺乏症候群患者精神狀態及其相關因素之分析PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; 熊秉荃 ; 蔡芸芳; 梁靜祝; 施鐘卿journal article
4232005從婚姻暴力併兒童虐待談兒童受創處境與兒童人權沈瓊桃 conference proceeding
4242006從婚姻暴力談兒童虐待的預防沈瓊桃 conference proceeding
4252009從犯罪共通性理論探討性犯罪再犯現象分析Chung, Chih-hung; Wu, Hui-ching; 鍾志宏; 吳慧菁 
4262014從生命歷程觀點探討客家高齡者入住機構之適應感受Wang, Chieh-yuan; Yang, Pei-shan journal article
4272004從生態觀點探討具文化敏感度的跨文化兒童家庭服務Feng, Joyce Yen; 馮燕; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
4282009從生態觀點看幼兒托育發展馮燕 ; Feng, Yen 
4292004從社區到機構的服務連續體─臺北市老人照顧服務系統規劃報告Ku, Yen Ling; Yan, Peishan ; Chen, Ling; Chang, Ching Lun; 顧燕翎; 楊培珊 ; 陳玲; 張靜倫journal article
4301998從系統與生態觀點看家庭倫理的變遷與調適Feng, Joyce Yen; 馮燕; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
4322007從轉型國家與開發中國家年金改革經驗論台灣年金體系的建構傅從喜 ; TSUNG-HSI FU journal article
4332001從部門互動看非營利組織捐募的自律與他律規範Fang, Joyce Yen; 馮燕; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
4352007性侵害加害人家庭結構探討Wu, Hui Ching; Tang, I Chen; 吳慧菁 ; 唐宜楨
4372006性侵害加害者之性認知與家庭結構初探 (2nd Author)-Oral吳慧菁 
4382012性罪犯強制治療與再犯率關聯性研究Chung, Chih-hung; Wu, Hui-ching; 鍾志宏; 吳慧菁; HUI-CHING WU journal article0
4392016「愛滋、污名與親密關係暴力-社工處遇服務經驗之初探」回應文CHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article
4422000慢性病少年的服務需求與處理模式之探討:以依賴型糖尿病患者為例陳毓文 report
4432014應為與實為的落差:性騷擾防治委員會專家成員的作為與困境之探究Tseng, Ying-chin; YEUN-WEN KU journal article
4451998我國中央兒童局的功能與意義Ferng, Yann; 馮燕; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
4462004我國人口組成變遷與相關政策之思考蔡青龍; 鍾俊文; 龔明鑫; 林國明 ; 傅從喜 ; 蔡宏政; 王宏仁; 龔宜君journal article
4472015我國企業社會責任之實踐--《高齡社會白皮書》提供的機會Feng, Yen; 馮燕; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
4482010我國健康照護財務負擔的公平性:1995-2006JEN-HUOY TSAY ; Kao, Feng-yu; 蔡貞慧 ; 高豐渝journal article
4492004我國全民健康保險的所得重分配效果:1995~2000JEN-HUOY TSAY ; 蔡貞慧 journal article
4502006我國公共服務擴大就業計畫之再就業效果評析:從積極勞動市場的角度傅從喜 ; TSUNG-HSI FU journal article
4512012我國國民年金保險監理模式的探討TSUNG-HSI FU journal article
4522012我國失能與失智人口及其所需照顧服務員人力之推估Wang, Yun-tung; Hsueh, James Cherng-tay; Teng, Chih-sung; Chen, Hsin-mu; Yang, Pei-shan; Chan, Ching-en; 王雲東; 薛承泰; 鄧志松; 陳信木; 楊培珊; 詹慶恩; YANG PEI-SHAN journal article0
4531993我國失蹤兒童及協尋問題之評估研究馮燕; Feng, Joyce Yen 
4542013我國年金制度改革芻議Lin, Wan-i; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
4552005我國憲法與社會權的實踐林萬億 book chapter
4561996我國托育政策的展望Feng, Yen; 馮燕; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
4571994我國推行中小企業退休及歇業互助基制金制度可行方向規劃案林萬億 report
4581983我國殘障福利法與社會救助法執行之規劃與成效評估林萬億 ; 張苙雲book
4592012我國災後勸募規範之法制發展與運作實況--以莫拉克風災後全國性勸募活動為例之法實證研究Chen, Jwu-shang; Fu, Tsung-his ; Lin, Wan-i ; Shieh, Jyh-cherng; 陳竹上; 傅從喜 ; 林萬億 ; 謝志誠; LIN WAN-I journal article0
4622010我國社會工作教育的發展:後專業主義的課題林萬億 journal article
4641991我國社會福利事業與研究的發展林萬億 journal article
4652002我國社會行政組織調整方向之研究林萬億 ; 林萬億 
4662014我國衛生與福利整併後的困境與解決之道Lin, Wani-i; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
4672007我國青壯年榮民就業研究:人力資本與社會資本的觀點Hua Ting; YEUN-WEN KU journal article
4682006戰場轉換-青壯年常備役退伍軍人轉業困境初探YEUN-WEN KU journal article
4692006打造家暴服務的安全網:婚暴併兒虐服務整合模式的探索沈瓊桃 conference proceeding
4701998托育政策與托育服務網絡的建立Feng, Yen; 馮燕; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
4711997托育服務 : 生態觀點的分析Feng, Yen; 馮燕; FENG JOYCE-YEN book0
4732013「扶養義務相對化」與老人福祉保障實務分析PEI-SHAN YANG ; Chen, Bo Jenjournal article
4742014探勘不平衡資料集中之突顯樣式--以國道事故資料為實證研究Cheng, Li-chen; Lee, Li-mei; 鄭麗珍; 李麗美; CHENG LI-CHEN journal article0
4752010探討老年經濟安全準備與理財知能之關連LI-CHEN CHENG other
4762005接受機構安置少年之現況分析︰檢視少年所面臨之問題與機構工作人員之服務內容及限制陳毓文 other
4772008推倒「柏林圍牆」-論家庭暴力防治之網絡治理課題Liu, Joanne S.; 劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
4782005推動「小型老人養護機構社工服務方案」經驗分析Yang, Pei Shan ; Wang, Chien Yuan; Chiang, Min Suen; 楊培珊 ; 王潔媛; 江明璇journal article
4792016推動一站式家庭暴力多元處遇服務方案Yu, Mei-kuei; Cheng, Li-chen; Chang, Hsiu-yuan; Chuang, Pei-wei; Qiu, Xiu-lin; 游美貴; 鄭麗珍; 張秀鴛; 莊珮瑋; 邱誘琳; CHENG LI-CHEN journal article0
4801999推動社區家庭教育的工作模式鄭麗珍 ; 陳麗文
4811993提昇社區社會工作員專業素質之研究詹火生; 王麗容 ; 黃建忠; 王麗容 ; 黃建忠report
4832002收出養資料管理與使用辦法制定芻議Feng, Yen; Pai, Li-fang; Wang, Chih-tsan; 馮燕; 白麗芳; 王枝燦; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
4841994收養人態度研究馮燕; Feng, Joyce Yen 
4851994收養流程研究馮燕; Feng, Joyce Yen 
4862002政府福利服務契約委託執行績效評鑑之研究劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..iconother
4871994政府職能與社會福利Lin, Wan-I ; 林萬億 ; 郭明政journal article
4881993政府職能與社會福利林萬億 conference proceeding
4892010政府部門社工人力推估模式的初探Cheng, Li-chen ; Huang, Hong-chihjournal article
4902007〈教恐龍跳芭蕾?論兒童保護服務之網絡協同合作〉劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
4911996敬老津貼:是福利還是政治?CHERNG-TAY HSUEH ; 傅從喜 ; 薛承泰 journal article
4921999新世紀兒童福利的願景與新作法Feng, Joyce Yen; 馮燕; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
4931998新世紀的社會福利政策詹火生; 古允文 
4942010新住民家庭青少年子女生活適應狀況模式檢測YU-WEN CHEN ; 陳毓文 ; 陳毓文 
4962010暴力的童年、堅韌的青年:目睹婚暴暨受虐青年復原力之探討沈瓊桃 journal article00
4971993暴力行為學生之團體輔導及課程教學方法成效之研究林萬億 ; 吳嫦娥; 李淑靜; Lin, Wan-I ; 李淑靜report
4982005有關監護權調查評估的指標LI-CHEN CHENG ; 鄭麗珍 ; 鄭麗珍 
4991998東亞社會福利體制研究:“東亞社會福利制度前瞻:健康照顧、年金制度與就業保障”國際學術研討會側記YEUN-WEN KU journal article
5001996某精神科急性病房住院病患自殺行為與處理狀況之探討Chen, Miao-chuan; Chen, Shing-chia; Hsiung, Ping-chun; 陳妙絹; 陳杏佳; 熊秉荃; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
5012011校園欺凌與臺灣學校社會工作的發展Lin, Wan-i; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
5021993棄嬰留養制度與現況調查研究馮燕; Feng, Joyce Yen 
5032005榮民整合性照護網絡建構可行性研究王培勳; 楊培珊 ; 林麗嬋; 陳惠姿; 翁毓秀
5052009「榮譽國民之家」組織文化革新:由慈善安置到專業服務Yang, Pei-shan; Cheng, Tsan-yuang; Huang, Song-lin; 楊培珊; 鄭讚源; 黃松林; YANG PEI-SHAN journal article0
5062004「橘逾淮為枳?-新管理主義下社會服務契約委託的責信課題」劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
5072007機會開放或結構限制? 台灣青年從學校到職場轉銜過程中的 Yo-Yo 現象YEUN-WEN KU ; 李易駿; 古允文 journal article
5082000機構式失智症照顧中社會工作的執行PEI-SHAN YANG ; 楊培珊 journal article
5092002檢視婚暴合併兒虐之現象與模式CHIUNG-TAO SHEN journal article
5101998歐洲聯盟與歐洲福利國家發展--邁向一個超國家的歐洲福利國嗎?Lin, Wan-i; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
5142000民主化對政府經濟和社會職能的挑戰與因應蕭全政; CHENG LI-CHEN book chapter0
5152006民主化與社會福利:評Joseph Wong,Healthy Democracies: Welfare Politics in Taiwan and South KoreaYEUN-WEN KU journal article
5162003民主與福利:臺灣社會福利支出的檢證,1981-2000古允文 ; 劉育廷
5172012民力治理與警民合作之實證研究Chang, Kuang-ming; Zhu, Xinmin; Shiau, Chyuan-jenq; Hwang, Chi-ben; Tseng, Chao-yen; 章光明; 朱新民; 蕭全政; 黃啟賓; 曾兆延; CHENG LI-CHEN journal article0
5181993民意、意識形態與社會福利林萬億 conference paper
5192019泰雅族傳統與基督信仰交織下的日常照顧:臺中市和平區大安溪沿線的初探Huang, Chao-kai; Chen, Yi-yi; 黃炤愷; 陳怡?; CHEN YI-YI journal article0
5202000浮士德的交易?--論政府福利機構契約委託對志願組織之衝擊劉淑瓊; LIU SHU-CHIUNG ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..iconbook chapter
5211998〈浮士德的交易??o論政府福利機構契約委託對志願組織之衝擊〉劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
5222017災難復原力保護因子量表之建構與發展研究Hsieh, Wen-chung; Cheng, Su-fen; Chen, Yu-wen; 謝文中; 鄭夙芬; 陳毓文; CHEN YU-WEN journal article0
5232002災難救援與社會工作--以臺北縣921地震災難社會服務為例Lin, Wan-i; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
5242010災難管理與社會工作Lin, Wan-i; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
5262000為什麼是我?胰島素依賴型糖尿病少年生活經驗之初探陳毓文 ; 鄭玲惠
5272004犯案少年的家庭系統:都是家庭惹的禍?!林巧翊; 陳毓文 
5281993現行公務機關義工人力運用情形之探討林萬億 report
5292011理想與現實:論臺灣社會服務契約委託的變遷及課題Liu, Joanne S.; 劉淑瓊; LIU SHU-CHIUNG ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..iconjournal article
5301998生存權的捍衛--臺灣地區的棄兒保護Feng, Yen; 馮燕; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
5312003由生命過程的觀點看老年人的友伴關係楊培珊 other
5322001由癌末病患及其家屬有關安寧照顧決定的經驗及意義來探求安寧照顧的本土化楊培珊 other
5332016由社區工作推動發展性社會工作:教學現場的觀察Chen, Yi-yi; 陳怡?; CHEN YI-YI journal article0
5342004男同志感染者的親密關係--以情感層面為主的探討Chen, Sue-jung; Ting, Chih-yin; Tsai, Yun-fang; Hsiung, Ping-chuan; 陳姝蓉; 丁志音; 蔡芸芳; 熊秉荃; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
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5361993男女單親家長生活適應之比較分析林萬億 ; 吳季芳
5372004當丈夫不再為經濟的靠山時:夫妻間的權力與運作過程Tung, Hsiu-chu; Yang, Lien-chien; Lin, Wan-i ; 董秀珠; 楊連謙; 林萬億 ; 董秀珠; 楊連謙; 林萬億 journal article
538Jan當代社會工作,二版徐震; 林萬億 book
5391984當代社會工作,修訂三版徐震; 林萬億 book
5411982當前我國社會福利計劃的困境林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
5421998發展台北市兒童及少年性交易防制工作模式—一個「行動研究」取向的初探鄭麗珍 ; 陳毓文 
5432016「百年一探」透視臺灣人瑞生活與照顧狀況Yang, Pei-shan; Yang, Chiao-hao; 楊培珊; 楊喬皓; YANG PEI-SHAN journal article0
5442005目賭婚暴暨受虐對青年的長期影響及其保護因子沈瓊桃 conference proceeding
5452015知識彈藥庫:論臺灣反性別暴力資源網的知訊補給功能Liu, Joanne S.; Wu, Ching-wen; 劉淑瓊; 巫靜文; LIU SHU-CHIUNG ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..iconjournal article
5462005知識管理在教育的應用陳偉勇; 林怡旋; 許凱琳; 戈立秀; 陳怡? journal article
5472003破繭而出-青少年時期經歷父母離異之大學生生活歷程的優勢經驗Chen, Ju-chou; Cheng, Li-chen ; 陳若喬; 鄭麗珍 journal article
5482018社區型組織推動家庭暴力防治的實務模式及美國案例Chen, Yi-yi; Liu, Dong; Chen, I-chen; He, Qi-duo; 陳怡?; 劉冬; 陳宜珍; 何其多; CHEN YI-YI journal article0
5492016社區型組織推動家庭暴力防治的現況與挑戰Chen, Yi-yi; Man, Chun-mei; Chen, I-chen; 陳怡?; 滿春梅; 陳宜珍; CHEN YI-YI journal article0
5501981社區工作實習與督導林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
5522008社區組織之社會資本及服務績效:台中縣個案分析YI-YI CHEN other
5532019社區非法藥物施用者照護網絡之現況與芻議Wu, Hui-ching; Lai, Yung-lien; Chen, Yi-ching; Hu, Chun-ru; 吳慧菁; 賴擁連; 陳怡青; 胡淳茹; HUI-CHING WU journal article0
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5561980社會團體工作的動力分析林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
5581991社會安全與福利林萬億 conference paper
5591992社會安全預算與社會政策林萬億 conference paper
5602010社會工作人員在災變事件中的角色LI-CHEN CHENG journal article
5622006「社會工作學門學術研習營」規劃案鄭麗珍 ; 鄭麗珍 
5631981社會工作實施的基本概念林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
5641999社會工作專業「案主自決」之實踐—以台北市公娼事件為例鄭麗珍 ; 方雅麗
5652000社會工作專業自主之探究—以台北市公娼事件中為例鄭麗珍 ; 方雅麗
5661991『社會工作師法』草擬之研究林萬億 report
5672002社會工作概論古允文 ; 沈瓊桃 ; 詹宜璋book
5682009社會工作概論(二版)古允文 ; 何金蘭; 詹宜璋
5711998社會工作與社會福利學科規劃研究林萬億 other
5742000社會抗爭、政治權力資源與社會福利政策的發展 : 一九八○年代以來的台灣經驗林萬億; LIN WAN-I book chapter0
5751991『社會救助法』修正之研究林萬億 ; 古允文 ; Lin, Wan-I ; 古允文 report
5762001社會服務“民營化”再探:迷思與現實劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon; 劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
5772001社會服務“民營化”再探:迷思與現實Liu, Joanne S. C. ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon; 劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
5782001「社會服務『民營化』再探:迷思與現實」劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
5792004社會服務契約委託之責信動力與責信機制之研究劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..iconother
5802008社會服務契約委託的模型選擇:關係型委外與績效型委外劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon; 劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
5812007社會服務契約委託風險移轉的初探辜煜偉; 劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
5822004社會正義與全球化-福利與自由主義的反思張世雄; 古允文 ; 陳宜中; 許漢; 呂建德
5831998社會福利「公設民營」制度之回溯與前瞻--以臺北市政府為例Liu, Joanne S. C.; 劉淑瓊; LIU SHU-CHIUNG ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..iconjournal article
5841985社會福利動搖經濟成長? 以英國為例(上)劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon; LIU SHU-CHIUNG ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..iconjournal article
5851985社會福利動搖經濟成長? 以英國為例(下)劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon; LIU SHU-CHIUNG ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..iconjournal article
5861985社會福利動搖經濟成長? 以英國為例(中)劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon; LIU SHU-CHIUNG ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..iconjournal article
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5882001社會福利政策的新思維詹火生; 古允文 
5891998〈社會福利機構契約委託:為何?和誰?台灣社會福利民營化之政治分析〉劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
5902008社會福利民營化下政府與民間的相互解讀:1997 年與 2007 年的比較劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon; 孫健忠
5911988社會福利發展:經驗與理論詹火生編; 古允文 
5921992社會福利的意形態林萬億 report
5931983社會福利計劃模型分析及其應用林萬億 journal article
5941980社會福利計劃模型的分析林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
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5971995福利國林萬億; LIN WAN-I book0
5981994福利國家:歷史比較的分析Lin, Wan-I ; 林萬億 book
6022006「競爭與選擇:論社會服務契約委託之市場理性」劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
6032008〈競爭?選擇?論臺灣社會服務契約委託之市場理性〉劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
6042005精明的委外:論社會服務契約委託之策略規劃劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon; 劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
6052002精神分裂症患者之烙印處境PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Hai-Gwo Hwu ; 林美伶; 熊秉荃 ; 林淑蓉; 胡海國 journal article
6062002精神分裂症患者烙印之因應策略Lin, Mei-ling; Hsiung, Ping-chuan; Hwu, Hai-gwo; Lin, Shu-jung; 林美伶; 熊秉荃; 胡海國; 林淑蓉; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
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6082006精神分裂症病人的生活品質I-Lu Liu; Ping-Chuan Hsiung ; Wen-Chii Tzeng; 劉依鷺; 熊秉荃; 曾雯琦journal article; journal article0
6102008精神疾患對職能復健方案滿意度探討吳慧菁 ; 吳景寬; 許几月; 吳慧菁 ; 吳景寬; 許几月
6112008精神疾患污名化及去污名化之初探唐宜楨; 吳慧菁 ; 唐宜楨; 吳慧菁 
6122012「精神疾病強制鑑定審查會」運作之探討:以社工委員為例Wu, Hui-ching; Lin, Wan-i; Chang, Li-hsin; Tang, I-chen; 吳慧菁; 林萬億; 張莉馨; 唐宜楨; HUI-CHING WU journal article0
6132012「精神疾病強制鑑定審查會」運作之探討:以社工委員為例Wu, Hui-ching; Lin, Wan-i; Chang, Li-hsin; Tang, I-chen; 吳慧菁; 林萬億; 張莉馨; 唐宜楨; LIN WAN-I journal article0
6142007精神病患的幻聽評估工具PING-CHUAN HSIUNG journal article
6152012精神障礙者在就業服務中的復原與復健Shen, Shih-han; Lin, Wan-i; 沈詩涵; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
6172017系統評價: 證據為本社會工作的方法基礎CHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; Haluk Soydanjournal article
6182011結合知識地圖之公部門陳訴文件自動化分案系統Cheng, Li-chen; Lai, Mei-hui; 鄭麗珍; 賴美惠; CHENG LI-CHEN journal article0
6201986統合課程之探討陳玟秀; 高紀惠; 余玉眉; 張媚; 于博芮; 周照芳; 熊秉荃; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
6212016經濟弱勢少年半工半讀經驗與憂鬱情緒之相關性:壓力過程觀點Liu, Yen-ping; Chen, Yu-wen; 劉燕萍; 陳毓文; CHEN YU-WEN journal article0
6222009緬懷我國研考制度的先行者-研考會第四任主任委員魏鏞博士劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon; 朱惠良; 彭臺臨; 李雪津; 李民寶; 金志善; 莫季雍; 謝嘉梁
6232008績效、品質與消費者權益保障:以社會服務契約委託的責信課題為例劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
6242005績效、品質與消費者權益保障:論社會服務契約委託的責信課題劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon; 劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
6251997美國社會工作教育--挑戰與危機Khinduka, ShantiK.; 鄭麗珍; CHENG LI-CHEN journal article0
6282008群體排序資料之最大共識資訊探勘Li-chen Cheng; 鄭麗珍; CHENG LI-CHEN thesis0
6292003老人學與科技研究發展重點林珊如 ; 楊培珊 
6302010老人與孩子們一起活躍:「活化歷史」方案在臺灣的經驗Yang, Pei-shan; Huang, Yu-fen; 楊培珊; 黃郁芬; YANG PEI-SHAN journal article0
6331992老人長期療養機構護理人員及佐理員之角色與功能熊秉荃; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
6341995老年婦女生理、心理、社會調適與需求之研究(I)王麗容 other
6351996老年婦女生理、心理、社會調適與需求之研究(II)王麗容 other
6362004聯合國女性發展基金會在「統治、和平與安全」中的承諾與實踐:參加第48屆聯合國婦女地位委員會會議有感王麗容 ; 王麗容 
6372002腹膜透析病患採用民俗醫療行為的分析研究LIANG, CHING-CHU; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN ; LIU, FANG-YI; CHIAN, HSING-CHU; CHANG, MEI-CHU; CHEN, SU-CHING; 梁靜祝; 熊秉荃 ; 劉芳怡; 江杏珠; 張美珠; 陳淑卿journal article
6381996自助與衝突:「全民計程車司機聯誼會」的社區行動分析林萬億 other
6392005自尊概念之護理余春娣; 熊秉荃 
6402005自立脫貧操作手冊林萬億 ; 孫健忠; 王永慈; 鄭麗珍 
6411992臺北市單親家庭問題及其因應策略之研究林萬億 ; 秦文力report
6431992臺北市整體社會福利硬體建設需求先期規劃詹火生; 許博雄; 林萬億 ; 林瑞穗; 黃斐莉; 許博雄report
6441999臺北市獨居老人生活暨需求概況調查--以文山區為例Yang, Pei-shan; 楊培珊; YANG PEI-SHAN journal article0
6452001臺北市獨居長者照顧服務經驗之反思--一個行動研究的報告Yang, Pei-shan; 楊培珊; YANG PEI-SHAN journal article0
6461992臺北市綜合發展計畫:社會建設部門技術報告書詹火生; 王麗容 ; 汪敏棻; 張月霞; 汪敏棻; 張月霞report
6472005臺北市老人及身心障礙者財產信託制度之規劃(上)王文宇; 李淑容; 楊培珊 ; YANG PEI-SHAN journal article0
6482005臺北市老人及身心障礙者財產信託制度之規劃(下)王文宇; 李淑容; 楊培珊 ; YANG PEI-SHAN journal article0
6491994臺北縣移入人口與社會福利林萬億 conference paper
6501991臺北都會地區平地山胞青年就業需求之研究詹火生; 古允文 ; 王碧珠; 古允文 ; 王碧珠report
6512014臺大教學助理制度與專業發展機制李紋霞; 陳毓文; CHEN YU-WEN book chapter0
6522002臺灣全民健康保險的醫療支出重分配效果, 1995~ 2000JEN-HUOY TSAY ; Chou, Ying-jenq; 蔡貞慧 ; 周穎政journal article
6532010臺灣原住民族社會福利與健康政策評估鄭麗珍; 李明政; CHENG LI-CHEN book chapter0
6542007臺灣地區年長榮民生活照顧與婚姻狀況的研究--社會排除觀點的初探Wang, Yun-tung; Yang, Peishan; Huang, Chu-hsuan; 王雲東; 楊培珊; 黃竹萱; YANG PEI-SHAN journal article0
6552013臺灣大型調查用家長教養量表之發展Feng, Joyce Yen; Chiang, Tung-liang; Tien, Min-li; 馮燕; 江東亮; 田旻立; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
6562005臺灣版精神分裂症病人生活品質評量表:信度與效度之研究Kai-Ping Grace Yao:rp07910; Hai-Gwo Hwu ; Ping-Chuan Hsiung ; 許嘉純; 姚開屏 ; 胡海國 ; 熊秉荃 journal article
6572002臺灣的家庭變遷與家庭政策Lin, Wan-i; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article00
6582008臺灣的貧富差距與社會安全林萬億; LIN WAN-I book chapter0
6591991臺灣石化業勞工參與環保運動之相關因素分析詹火生; 王麗容 report
6602014臺灣社會工作人員的一般健康初探Hsu, Ya-chuan; Yu, Mei-kuei; Cheng, Li-chen; 許雅娟; 游美貴; 鄭麗珍; CHENG LI-CHEN journal article0
6611996臺灣社會工作教育與證照制度未來發展之探討--以美國社會工作教育經驗為參照架構Chen, Yu Wen; Liao, Lung Li; 陳毓文; 廖榮利; CHEN YU-WEN journal article0
6642015臺灣精神障礙者手足照顧經驗之初探:以父母照顧經驗做對照Chen, Zih-ting; Wu, Hui-ching; Cheng, I-chih; 陳姿廷; 吳慧菁; 鄭懿之; HUI-CHING WU journal article0
6652002臺灣經濟動向王麗容 ; 周濟; 彭素玲
6662005臺灣老人社會工作:理論與實務,第一版梅陳玉嬋; 楊培珊 
6672010臺灣非營利組織災變應對平臺模式之發展--從九二一震災到莫拉克風災Feng, Joyce Yen; Huang, Jo-ye; 馮燕; 黃瓊億; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
6682003臺灣非營利老人福利機構現況分析初探Yang, Peishan; Wu, Yu-chin; 楊培珊; 吳玉琴; YANG PEI-SHAN journal article0
6691996舊典範新體認:社會工作教育的省思Cheng, Li Chen; 鄭麗珍; CHENG LI-CHEN journal article0
6702015花蓮縣身心障礙者就業需求與工作動機YI-YI CHEN journal article
6712002英國社會福利體制再造—對臺灣的省思YEUN-WEN KU journal article
6722014莫拉克風災後高屏地區重建服務網絡之研究:災難治理的觀點Lin, Jen-jen; Lin, Wan-i; 林珍珍; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
6732004虐待對兒童的身心發展影響沈瓊桃 ; CHIUNG-TAO SHENbook chapter
6742018處罰父母、拯救小孩?臺灣強制性親職教育輔導的結果評估:以兒虐再通報率為指標沈瓊桃(April Chiung-Tao Shen) journal article
6762014親密伴侶暴力被害人保護服務方案結果評估CHIUNG-TAO SHEN ; 連姿婷; Tz-Ting Lianjournal article
6772004親密暴力與求助行為分析社會福利發展研討會:全球化 vs. 在地化王麗容 
6782000親屬互助原則與社會救助審查:以女性單親家庭為例鄭麗珍 ; 鄭麗珍 
6792004親職角色與責任沈瓊桃 ; CHIUNG-TAO SHENbook chapter
6802016計算社會工作服務成本的架構:以地方政府家暴安全防護網為例Liu, Shu-chiung; Wang, Pei-ling; Wu, Min-hsin; 劉淑瓊; 王珮玲; 吳敏欣; LIU SHU-CHIUNG ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..iconjournal article
6812002評介《 性罪犯心理學》 一書王麗容 
6831991認識老人虐待及其護理熊秉荃; 蔡芸芳; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
6841998「誰來照顧老人-老人安養問題與對策」研討會林萬億 other
6852004課責觀點與醫療品質劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon; 賴美淑book chapter
6862001「論『民營化』的『政治化』?o以地方政府社會福利機構契約委託為例」劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
6871993論中國國民黨的社會福利觀林萬億 conference proceeding
6881995論中國國民黨的社會福利觀林萬億; LIN WAN-I book chapter0
6891999論少年暴力行為與暴力環境之相關性YU-WEN CHEN ; 陳毓文 journal article00
6902007論徐震教授對台灣社區發展理論與實務的貢獻Lin, Wan-i ; Shen, Shih-han; 林萬億 ; 林萬億 journal article
6912000論我國國民年金制度的規劃Huang, Mei-ling; Lin, Wan-i; 黃玫玲; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
6922003論我國的社會住宅政策與社會照顧的整合林萬億 ; 林萬億 
6932006論我國衛生及社會安全部的組織設計Lin, Wan-i ; Shen, Shih-han; 林萬億 ; 林萬億 
6941999護理系在職進修班學生照護HIV陽性患者意願之探討Tsai, Yun-fang; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG journal article
6951997變遷中的家庭與社會工作教育Cheng, Li-chen; 鄭麗珍; CHENG LI-CHEN journal article0
6992007資產累積福利理論LI-CHEN CHENG book chapter
7002010資產累積福利理論─人助自助的扶貧策略LI-CHEN CHENG book chapter
7012004資產累積福利理論之評估研究:以台北市家庭發展帳戶方案為例(1/2)鄭麗珍 other
7022005資產累積福利理論之評估研究:以台北市家庭發展帳戶方案為例(2/2)鄭麗珍 other
7032006資產與負債:論台灣非營利組織的責信課題劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
7041997購買服務契約對民間福利機構影響之探討Wang, Yu Ling; Lin, Wan I; 王于綾; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
7051987購買社會服務契約的管理林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
7062005走過先導計畫,邁向整合式服務體系--談臺北縣長期照護發展歷程Yang, Su Tuan; Chao, Shiau Fang; 楊素端; 趙曉芳; Chao Shiau-Fang journal article0
7071997超級福利國家?“歐洲聯盟”社會政策的發展YEUN-WEN KU journal article
7082006《跨越國界的合作:CAFO-Taiwan五年發展回顧暨非營利組織跨國合作之未來展望》(督導與報告執筆)劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
7092013跳過中繼直達永久?探討莫拉克災後永久屋政策的形成Shieh, Jyh-cherng; Chen, Jwu-shang; Lin, Wan-i; 謝志誠; 陳竹上; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
7101993躁鬱病患者的家族治療:個案報告熊秉荃 ; 李朝雄; 蕭淑貞
7112001《輔導地方政府落實家庭暴力防治業務實地訪查報告》,內政部劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
7122008迎接高齡化社會來臨:老人學與老年研究資源初步調查林珊如; 楊培珊; Chang L., Shan-ju ; Yang, Peishan journal article
7131988遊民問題之調查分析林萬億 ; 陳東升 ; 秦文力; Lin, Wan-I report
7142004遊民問題調查、分析與對策研究鄭麗珍 ; 張宏哲
7151994運用「護理人員--雙親溝通模式」提升一位自閉症患孩及其母親的適應能力許曉玲; 熊秉荃; 黃珮玲; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
7162002《運用志工參與社區總體營造參考手冊》,行政院青輔會編印劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
7172015遠親或是近鄰?社區組織內外網絡對其服務績效的影響Chen, Yi-yi ; Hwang, Yuan-shie; YI-YI CHEN ; 陳怡? ; 黃源協journal article00
7181999邁向二十一世紀的後工業福利國家Lin, Wan I; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
7192008邁向專精之路:台灣社會工作的下一步?Lin, Wan-i ; Shen, Shih-han; 林萬億 ; 沈詩涵; 林萬億 ; 沈詩涵journal article
7202016都是權控惹的禍?多元化親密伴侶暴力型態之服務挑戰-以大台北地區聲請保護令案件為例Lin Liangsui; Wen Hsiao-Wen; Yang Yu-An; Huang Shin-Yi; Shen April Chiung-Tao journal article; journal article
7211999都會地區老年人與中年人的銀髮生活安排與期望之比較研究張苙雲; 劉淑瓊; LIU SHU-CHIUNG ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..iconjournal article
7222011重訪發展的歷程:評《打擊貧窮與不平等:結構變遷、社會政策與政治》YEUN-WEN KU journal article
7232006重鬱症病患社會支持、互惠性、衝突與憂鬱程度之相關性研究Li-Jen Weng ; Ming-Been Lee ; Ping-Chuan Hsiung ; 吳美惠; 翁儷禎 ; 李明濱 ; 王秀紅; 熊秉荃 journal article
7242016量能提升以建構永續發展的長期照顧體系Feng, Joyce Yen; Chen, Yu-che; 馮燕; 陳玉澤; FENG JOYCE-YEN journal article0
7252002銀髮族次文化之研究:以台北市社區老人為例楊培珊 other
7262003長期照護工作中資源管理的內涵與作法PEI-SHAN YANG ; 楊培珊 journal article
7272005長期照護資源管理與社會工作PEI-SHAN YANG ; 楊培珊 journal article
7281993長期療養機構中住民的特性徐亞瑛; 熊秉荃; 戴玉慈; 陳月枝; 黃久美; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
7302004關懷雙重暴力家庭從單一暴力家庭到婚暴併兒虐家庭之情境因素探討沈瓊桃 ; 童伊迪conference proceeding
7312001防止青少年危險性行為產生的保護因子之探究(I)陳毓文 other
7322003雙重受害者—目睹婚暴暨受虐兒童之研究沈瓊桃 conference proceeding
7332001離婚單親父親因應親職與工作角色的探討Lin, Li-cheng; Cheng, Li-chen ; 林莉菁; 鄭麗珍 journal article
7342003青少年問題與偏差行為:男女有別?!YU-WEN CHEN ; 陳毓文 ; 張遠; 游巧雯journal article00
7352001青少年自傷行為分析及其因應對策陳毓文; 鄭麗珍; CHEN YU-WEN book0
7362001青少年自傷行為分析及其因應對策陳毓文; 鄭麗珍; CHENG LI-CHEN book0
7372008非營利組織的志願者管理劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
7382009非營利組織與政府的關係劉淑瓊 ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.Liu, Joanne S. C..icon
7412017飲鴆止渴的病人:徘徊於正規醫療與自助醫療的毒品使用者Chen, Wen-ju; Cheng, Li-chen; 陳玟如; 鄭麗珍; CHENG LI-CHEN journal article0
7422007馬克思主義古允文 ; 王卓祺
7432002高危險群少年的服務需求與使用行為之探究陳毓文 other
7442008高風險家庭的家庭韌力:敗部復活LI-CHEN CHENG journal article
7452008高齡社會的來臨:為2025年的台灣社會規劃之整合研究—經濟安全組LI-CHEN CHENG report
7462005「高齡社會的來臨:為2025年的臺灣社會規劃之整合研究—經濟安全組」成果報告書鄭麗珍 ; 黃泓智
7472009高齡者客運車站牌與運輸手冊資訊之設計與評估Chen, Wan-hui; Chang, Sheng-hsiung; Kao, Kui-chuan; Lin, Szu-yu; Lin, Wan-i; 陳菀蕙; 張勝雄; 高桂娟; 林思余; 林萬億; LIN WAN-I journal article0
7482000龍之躍-中港台社會發展比較莫家豪; 古允文