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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
BIING-CHWEN CHANG張秉純 Mechanical Engineering Wearable Devices; Human Biomechanics; Rehabilitation Robotics
CHEN-LI SUN孫珍理 Mechanical Engineering transport in multiphase systems; microscale thermophysics; microfluidic MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical System); Heat transfer and phase change issues in microscale devices
CHIEN-CHING MA馬劍清 Mechanical Engineering Fiber Grating Sensor; Piezoelectric Material and Piezoelectricity; Solid Mechanics; Multi-fields Analysis; Wave Propagation and Nondestructive Testing, Fracture Mechanics; Vibration Analysis; Optical Measurement
CHIEN-HAO LIU劉建豪 Mechanical Engineering Sound waves; Wave propagations; RF-MEMS; Metamaterials; Applied electromagnetics; Antennas
CHIEN-KAI WANG王建凱 Mechanical Engineering Mechanics of fluid-structure interaction; Biomicromechanics; Microfluidics & Bio atomic force microscopy; Mechanics of engineering design
CHIH-HSUAN CHEN陳志軒 Mechanical Engineering Heat treatment of metals; Properties of shape memory alloys; Body martensite phase transformation; Shape memory alloy foil strip
CHOW-SHING SHIN單秋成 Mechanical Engineering Damage of Composite Material; Fatigue of Material; Failure Analysis; Optical Fiber Sensors
CHUN-TI CHANG張鈞棣 Mechanical Engineering interfacial phenomena; free surface waves; instabilities of liquids & viscoelastic materials
CHUN-YEON LIN林峻永 Mechanical Engineering system dynamics and modeling; Mechatronics and automation
CHUNG-HSIEN KUO郭重顯 Mechanical Engineering autonomous systems; novel soft robot design; hybrid robot design combining rigid and soft machines; computer vision and visual servoing; autonomous manipulation with AI approaches; advanced control systems
CHUNG-JEN LU盧中仁 Mechanical Engineering Modal Testing; Nonlinear Vibration; Contact Mechanics; Thermoelastic Analysis
DAR-ZEN CHEN陳達仁 Industrial Engineering  Mechanical Engineering Robotics design and synthesis of geared mechanisms
DIAN-RU LI李典儒 Mechanical Engineering Innovative Medical Device Development; Smart Manufacturing Process; Biomedical Manufacturing
FU-CHENG WANG王富正 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Mechanical Engineering Robust control; Biomedical Engineering; Suspension control; Embedded systems; Inerter research; System integration and control; Fuel cell systems
FU-LING YANG楊馥菱 Mechanical Engineering Geophysical flows modeling; and related engineering flow problems; Multi-scale flow physics; Rheology of solid-liquid flows; transport phenomena
FUH-KUO CHEN陳復國 Mechanical Engineering Metal forming; CAE; Materials processing; Finite element analysis; Tooling design
HAN-PANG HUANG黃漢邦 Industrial Engineering  Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Mechanical Engineering prosthetics; robotics; Control and system dynamics; computer-integrated manufacturing; fuzzy and neural control
HAO-MING HSIAO蕭浩明 Mechanical Engineering Biomedical Engineering; Medical Device Clinical Behavior; Catheter and Stent Technology; Advanced Medical Device
HSIEH-CHEN TSAI蔡協澄 Mechanical Engineering Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine; Computational Fluid Dynamaic; Aerodynamics; PDE-Constrained Optimization
HSIEN-SHUN LIAO廖先順 Mechanical Engineering Atomic force microscopy (AFM); Sub-surface imaging; Cellular mechanical properties; Precise positioning; Molecular self-assembly
HSIN-FU HUANG黃信富 Mechanical Engineering magneto/electro rheology; electrostatics and hazards; non-Newtonian flows and rheology; electrokinetics; electrohydrodynamics; flow electrification; suspension flows; ferrohydrodynamics
I-Chung Cheng鄭憶中 Mechanical Engineering Nanomechanics of single crystals and amorphous metals; Synthesis and characterization of cobalt materials.; Synthesis and characterization of Nano-structured materials including nanoporous/ nanocrystalline/ nanotwin metals; Isotropic and Anisotropic Silicon oxide removal mechanism; Corrosion behavior and thermal stability of nano-structured materials; Conformal Metal-Silicide formation mechanism
I-FAN LIN林以凡 Mechanical Engineering Signal and Image Processing; Wavelet Analysis; Filter and Waveform Design; Interdisciplinary Research; Machine Learning
JIA-YANG JUANG莊嘉揚 Mechanical Engineering Thin films; Atmospheric pressure plasma jet; Bioinspired design; Shape morphing; Soft robots
JYH-JONE LEE李志中 Mechanical Engineering Mechanism and Machine Design; Machine Dynamics; Kinematics; Robotics
KANG LI李綱 Mechanical Engineering Solar Energy Systems; Intelligent Electric Vehicles; Active Structural Control; Vehicle Dynamics & Control
KUAN-LUN HSU徐冠倫 Mechanical Engineering Kinematics of Mechanisms
KUAN-MING LI李貫銘 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Mechanical Engineering Metal forming; Micro-lubrication; Cutting process monitoring
KUANG-YUH HUANG黃光裕 Mechanical Engineering Biomedical Engineering; Precision Engineering; Development of Actuators and Sensors
KUEI-YUAN CHAN詹魁元 Industrial Engineering  Office of Academic Affairs  Stanley Wang D-School@NTU  Mechanical Engineering Design; . Policy decision-making under uncertainty; Reliability analysis; Optimization; Data-driven design
KUO-LONG PAN潘國隆 Mechanical Engineering Computational fluid dynamics; Propulsion; Fluid physics; Combustion and energy
LI XU許麗 Mechanical Engineering Flexible Devices; Energy System; Laser Assisted Material Processing at Micro and Nano Scales; Photovoltaic Technology (Solar Cells etc.)
LIANG-CHIA CHEN陳亮嘉 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Mechanical Engineering automated optical inspection; light mechanical and electrical automation system design and integration; machine vision and image calculations; Precision measurement
MEI-JIAU HUANG黃美嬌 Mechanical Engineering Computational Thermal Fluid Science; Turbulence Theory; Thermoelectric Science
MENG-SHIUN TSAI蔡孟勳 Mechanical Engineering Structural vibration Dynamics and Control; Cutting dynmaics; Dynamic analysis for machine tools; CNC motion control; Control of robotic arms; Motro drive design
MING-CHANG LU呂明璋 Mechanical Engineering Solar-Thermal Energy Conversion and Storage; Micro/Nanoscale Phase-Change Heat Transfer; Electronics Cooling; Micro/Nanoscale Solid-State Heat Transfer
MING-ZHE JIANG江明哲 Mechanical Engineering 
NAN-YOU LU盧南佑 Mechanical Engineering Wind Energy Engineering; Structural Dynamics; Wind Turbine Simulation
PEI-CHUN LIN林沛群 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Mechanical Engineering Locomotion; Mechatronic Systems; Control; Gait Analysis; Mechanical Design; Sensor Applications; Bio-materials; System Integration
PING-HEI CHEN陳炳煇 Mechanical Engineering Thermal and Fluid Control in MEMS; Biochips; Diamond film wafer; MEMS; and Packaging for optical devices and IC; Nanotechnology
SEN-YEU YANG楊申語 Mechanical Engineering Polymer processing; metal forming
SHANA SMITH陳湘鳳 Mechanical Engineering Haptics technology; User-centered design; Green design; Kansei engineering; Assembly/ disassembly planning; Virtual reality; Human-computer interaction; Augmented reality
SHIH-CHIN YANG楊士進 Mechanical Engineering Motor drive; Power electronics and renewable wind energy; Motor design
SIH-LI CHEN陳希立 Mechanical Engineering HVAC; Heat Transfer; Phase Change
WEI-JIUN SU蘇偉儁 Mechanical Engineering Mechatronics; Vibration; Design and Analysis of Dynamic Systems; Energy Harvesting
WEN-FANG WU吳文方 Industrial Engineering  Mechanical Engineering Structural Integrity Assessment; Reliability Engineering; Solid Mechanics; Random Vibration; Risk Assessment and Management 
Wen-Yuh Jywe覺文郁 Mechanical Engineering 
YA-YU CHIANG蔣雅郁 Mechanical Engineering Cell function screening; Organs-on-chip; Micro/Nano-Biomechanics Multiphase physic/mechanic; Advance Manufacture Rapid Prototyping Sensor Integration; Cell manipulation
YAO-JOE YANG楊燿州 Mechanical Engineering sensor arrays; Design and fabrication of nano/micro-devices; optical communication devices; smart and sustainable mechatronic system; biomedical chips; MEMS EDA; MEMS/NEMS dynamics measurement techniques
YAO-YANG TSAI蔡曜陽 Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics  Mechanical Engineering μEDM and applications; Micromachining; nontraditional machining processes
YEE-PIEN YANG陽毅平 Mechanical Engineering Solid Mechanics; Dynamic & Control; Assistive Devices for the Disabled; Electromechanical System Design
YING-YIN HUANG黃瀅瑛 Mechanical Engineering occupational safety & health; smart manufacturing; human-machine interaction; psychophysics; Human factors, visual ergonomics, simulation & training; VR/AR development & application
YU-HSI HUANG黃育熙 Mechanical Engineering Interaction and Multiscale Mechanics; Vibration; Solid Mechanics; Experimental Mechanics; Signal Analysis and Processing; Actuators and Sensors; Piezoelectric Materials and Piezoelectricity
YU-HSIU LEE李宇修 Mechanical Engineering Precision mechatronics; modeling and motion control of mechanical systems; medical robotics; adaptive and learning control