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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
C. ROBERT KAO高振宏Materials Science and EngineeringElectromigration; Flip chip packages; Lead free solders; Three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D ICs)
CHAO-SUNG LIN林招松Materials Science and EngineeringPassivation of light metals; Hot-dip galvanized steels; Electrodeposition; Electrochemical characterization
CHENG-YEN WEN溫政彥Materials Science and EngineeringAdvanced analytical transmission electron microscopy analysis; High-quality large-area graphene growth; Oxide thin film growth; Semiconductor nanowire growth
CHI-FENG PAI白奇峰Materials Science and EngineeringChiral domain wall and exotic spin textures; Magnetic heterostructure growth and characterization; Spin Hall effect induced spin transfer torque and its applications
CHI-YANG CHAO趙基揚Materials Science and EngineeringConjugated block copolymers and low band gap polymers for flexible electronics; Block polyelectrolytes and their composites for fuel cells and lithium batteries
CHIN-LUNG KUO郭錦龍Materials Science and EngineeringStructures and properties of dielectric materials in microelectronic devices; Doping effect on graphene via the dielectric substrates; Design and development of the Si-based anode for Li- ion batteries; Defect formation and diffusion in gate dielectric materials
CHUN-HWAY HSUEH薛承輝Materials Science and EngineeringMetallic glasses; Nanoindentation; Analytical modeling
CHUN-WEI CHEN陳俊維Materials Science and EngineeringGraphene and Novel 2D atomically layered materials; Novel Energy Materials and Devices
FENG-YU TSAI蔡豐羽Materials Science and EngineeringFabrication and Applications of functionalnanostructures; Nano-laminated thin-films by atomic layer deposition; Organic and flexible electronics
HSIN-CHIH LIN林新智Materials Science and EngineeringFe-based shape memory alloys; High performance Mg and Al light alloys; Thin films and surface coatings; Delay fracture of boron-based ultra-high-strength steels
HSUEN-LI CHEN陳學禮Materials Science and EngineeringNanoimprint, nanostructured optical thin film, and nanoantenna; Light harvesting and light extraction; Eco-friendly devices and sensors; Ultrahigh-sensitivity photodetectors module, LED and 3D-IC packages
HUNG-WEI YEN顏鴻威Materials Science and EngineeringNew Generation BCC-HCP Duplex Titanium Alloys; 3D Atom Probe Microscopy; High Speed Rolling; Reversed Transformation in Iron-Based Alloys
JER-REN YANG楊哲人Materials Science and EngineeringSubstructures of lenticular martensite in AISI 440C steel film, and nanoantenna; Multiple InGaN/GaN quantum (MQW) well investigation; HAADFimaging for (Ti, Mo)C nano-carbides in advanced steels; HRTEM imaging for Nano carbideferrite matrix
MIIN-JANG CHEN陳敏璋Materials Science and EngineeringAdvanced ALD Technology; Nanoscale Transistors; ALD-assisted Photonics; Nanoplasmonics and Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS)
REN-KAE SHIUE薛人愷Materials Science and EngineeringTitanium Brazing; Stress Simulations of Similar/Dissimilar Joints; Advanced Plate Heat Exchangers
SHYH-CHYANG LUO羅世強Materials Science and EngineeringElectron/Ion Conversion and Redox Phenomenon; Stimuli-Responsive Materials for Biomedical Applications; Conductive Biointerfaces
TUNG-HAN CHUANG莊東漢Materials Science and EngineeringLT- SLID bonding for thermoelectric; Micro-solder ball for flip chip assembly; Ag-alloy wire for wire bonding
TZONG-LIN JAY SHIEH謝宗霖Materials Science and EngineeringPhotocatalytic heterojunction assisted by ferroelectric polarization; Novel piezoelectric and ferroelectric devices; Multi-axial loading of ferroelectric single crystals; BNT-based lead-free ferroelectric ceramics
WEI-FANG SU林唯芳Center for Biotechnology; Center for Condensed Matter Sciences; Materials Science and EngineeringVolatile organic compounds sensor; Study soft material morphology by scattering spectroscopy; Novel materials for biomedical applications; Plastic solar cell
WEI-HSING TUAN段維新Materials Science and EngineeringProcessing of ceramics; Microstructure design of ceramic matrix composite; Bio-degradable bioceramic; Sintering theories and practices
WEN-BIN LIAU廖文彬Materials Science and EngineeringPolymer blends; Metal Conducting Polymer Composites; Crystallization of Polymers; Conduction Polymers as sensors
WEN-CHENG J. WEI韋文誠Materials Science and EngineeringLong-term property of Bi-based electrolytes; Insulators of ultra-low thermal conductivity; Ionic ceramic materials for SOFCs; Glasses for sealing, interconnect and sintering