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120082,3-Disubstituted Thiophene-Based Organic Dyes for Solar CellsThomas, K. R. Justin; Hsu, Ying-Chan; Lin, Jiann T.; Lee, Kun-Mu; Ho, Kuo-Chuan ; Lai, Chin-Hung; Cheng, Yi-Ming; Chou, Pi-Tai journal article383361
220132,6-Conjugated anthracene sensitizers for high-performance dye-sensitized solar cellsKUO-CHUAN HO journal article7473
320112,7-diaminofluorene-based organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells: Effect of auxiliary donor on optical and electrochemical propertiesKUO-CHUAN HO journal article8987
420082-(2′-Hydroxyphenyl)benzoxazole-containing two-photon-absorbing chromophores as sensors for zinc and hydroxide ionsWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article9187
520132-alkyl-5-thienyl-substituted benzo[1,2- b:4,5- b ′]dithiophene-based donor molecules for solution-processed organic solar cellsKUO-CHUAN HO journal article6262
620152-D MoSe2 Sheets/PEDOT:PSS Composite Film as the Counter Electrode for Pt-free Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells,Y. J. Huang; M. S. Fan; C. T. Li; C. P. Lee; R. Vittal; K. C. Ho conference paper
720153D bioprinting of neural stem cell-laden thermoresponsive biodegradable polyurethane hydrogel and potential in central nervous system repairSHAN-HUI HSU journal article157151
820163D printing of photocurable poly(glycerol sebacate) elastomersYeh Y.-C.; Highley C.B.; Ouyang L.; Burdick J.A.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article1719
920093D simulations of hydrodynamic drag on a nonhomogeneously structured permeable sphere and advective flow thereofJYH-PING HSU ; Chou, CH; Tseng, S; Wu, RMjournal article88
1020074-methoxy-substituted poly(triphenylamine): A p-type polymer with highly photoluminescent and reversible oxidative electrochromic characteristicsGUEY-SHENG LIOU ; WEN-CHANG CHEN journal article2219
112015A 1D Electrospun Nanofiber Channel for Organic Field-Effect Transistors Using a Donor/Acceptor Planar Heterojunction ArchitectureWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article32
122011A biosensor based on a poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-Pt modified screen-printed carbon electrodeKUO-CHUAN HO conference paper00
132006A complementary electrochromic device based on polyaniline and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)KUO-CHUAN HO ; Lina, Tzung-Hua; Ho, Kuo-Chuan journal article115118
142011A complementary electrochromic device based on Prussian blue and poly(ProDOT-Et2) with high contrast and high coloration efficiencyKUO-CHUAN HO journal article2221
152011A complementary electrochromic system based on a Prussian blue thin film and a heptyl viologen solutionLIN-CHI CHEN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article2828
162014A composite catalytic film of Ni-NPs/PEDOT: PSS for the counter electrodes in dye-sensitized solar cellsJIANG-JEN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article1314
172011A composite catalytic film of PEDOT:PSS/TiN-NPs on a flexible counter-electrode substrate for a dye-sensitized solar cellKUO-CHUAN HO journal article5556
182013A composite film of TiS2/PEDOT:PSS as the electrocatalyst for the counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cellsKUO-CHUAN HO journal article4745
192011A composite poly(3,3-diethyl-3,4-dihydro-2H-thieno-[3,4-b][1,4]-dioxepine) and Pt film as a counter electrode catalyst in dye-sensitized solar cellsKUO-CHUAN HO journal article1817
201978A convenient method for the stereoselective reduction of alkynes to alkenes by the new reagents MgH2-CuI and MgH2-CuO-t-BuJIANG-JEN LIN journal article
212014A coral-like film of Ni@NiS with core-shell particles for the counter electrode of an efficient dye-sensitized solar cellKUO-CHUAN HO journal article5654
222006A disposable amperometric ethanol biosensor based on screen-printed carbon electrodes mediated with ferricyanide-magnetic nanoparticle mixtureWEN-CHANG CHEN ; Liao, Min-Hung; Guo, Jin-Chuan; Chen, Wen-Chang journal article2419
232006A disposable glucose biosensor based on drop-coating of screen-printed carbon electrodes with magnetic nanoparticlesWEN-CHANG CHEN ; Lu, Bo-Wen; Chen, Wen-Chang journal article5851
242012A dual-functional Pt/CNT TCO-free counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cellKUO-CHUAN HO ; JIANG-JEN LIN journal article2222
252010A dye-sensitized photo-supercapacitor based on PProDOT-Et2 thick filmsKUO-CHUAN HO journal article4855
262013A facile approach to multicolored electrochromic triarylamine-based thermoset epoxy materials with tunable intervalence charge transfer behaviorGUEY-SHENG LIOU journal article2121
272010A facile approach towards optically isotropic, colorless, and thermoplastic polyimidothioethers with high refractive indexGUEY-SHENG LIOU journal article2421
282008A facile route for creating "reverse" vesicles: Insights into "reverse" self-assembly in organic liquidsSHIH-HUANG TUNG journal article6664
292003A general model for predicting the baking behavior of a polymer film for poly(vinyl acetate)/methanolWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article11
302012A graphene based saturable absorber on stable mode-locked fiber lasers employing nano-mica dispersantJIANG-JEN LIN conference paper00
312010A high contrast hybrid electrochromic device containing PEDOT, heptyl viologen, and radical provider TEMPOKUO-CHUAN HO journal article1917
322010A high performance dye-sensitized solar cell with a novel nanocomposite film of PtNP/MWCNT on the counter electrodeKUO-CHUAN HO ; JIANG-JEN LIN journal article123117
332014A high performance electrochemical sensor for acetaminophen based on a rGO-PEDOT nanotube composite modified electrodeKUO-CHUAN HO journal article5150
342009A high-performance counter electrode based on poly(3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene) for dye-sensitized solar cellsKUO-CHUAN HO journal article151152
352010A Miniature system for separating aerosol particles and measuring mass concentrationsWEN-PIN SHIH ; Liang, Dao; Shih, Wen-Pin ; Chen, Chuin-Shan ; Dai, Chi-An ; Ciou, Shih-Cijournal article1415
362002A new class of aromatic poly(1,3,4-oxadiazole)s and poly(amide-1,3,4-oxadiazole)s containing (naphthalenedioxy)diphenylene groupsGUEY-SHENG LIOU journal article209
372006A new class of high Tg and organosoluble aromatic poly(amine-1,3,4-oxadiazole)s containing donor and acceptor moieties for blue-light-emitting materialsGUEY-SHENG LIOU ; WEN-CHANG CHEN journal article6062
381997A New Class of Organic-Inorganic Sol-Gel Materials for Second-Order Nonlinear OpticsRU-JONG JENG journal article
391992A new guest-host system: towards stable second-order optical nonlinearityRU-JONG JENG journal article3434
402013A new ladder-type benzodi(cyclopentadithiophene)-based donor-acceptor polymer and a modified hole-collecting PEDOT:PSS layer to achieve tandem solar cells with an open-circuit voltage of 1.62 vYU-YING LAI journal article2222
412014A new ladder-type germanium-bridged dithienocarbazole arene and its donor-acceptor conjugated copolymers: Synthesis, molecular properties, and photovoltaic applicationsYU-YING LAI journal article1917
422013A new pentacyclic indacenodiselenophene arene and its donor-acceptor copolymers for solution-processable polymer solar cells and transistors: Synthesis, characterization, and investigation of alkyl/alkoxy side-chain effectYU-YING LAI journal article5149
432006A new reverse wormlike micellar system: Mixtures of bile salt and lecithin in organic liquidsSHIH-HUANG TUNG journal article120118
442013A New sp2-sp2Dialkylethylene-Bridged Heptacyclic Ladder-Type Arene for High Effi ciency Polymer Solar CellsYU-YING LAI journal article1818
452009A new stable Fe (CN)6 3 - / 4 --immobilized poly(butyl viologen)-modified electrode for dopamine determinationKUO-CHUAN HO journal article1718
462009A novel approach to align adult neural stem cells on micropatterned conduits for peripheral nerve regeneration: A feasibility studySHAN-HUI HSU journal article6150
472007A novel benzoxazole-containing poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) copolymer as a multifunctional sensing materialWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article4645
482004A novel class of organosoluble and light-colored fluorinated polyamides derived from 2,2′-bis(4-amino-2-trifluoromethylphenoxy)biphenyl or 2,2′-bis(4-amino-2-trifluoromethylphenoxy)-1,1′-binaphthylGUEY-SHENG LIOU journal article2928
492003A novel class of organosoluble and strictly alternating poly(amine-amide-imide)s containing triphenylamine units in the main chainGUEY-SHENG LIOU journal article66
502013A novel core-shell multi-walled carbon nanotube@graphene oxide nanoribbon heterostructure as a potential supercapacitor materialKUO-CHUAN HO journal article6564
511995A novel method for preparing gradient index (GI) plastic rods - Initiator diffusion techniqueWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article108
522010A novel molecularly imprinted polymer thin film as biosensor for uric acidGUEY-SHENG LIOU ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article6161
532008A novel photoelectrochromic device with dual application based on poly(3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene) thin film and an organic dyeHsu, Chih-Yu; KUO-CHUAN HO ; Lee, Kun-Mu; Huang, Jen-Hsien; Thomas, K.R. Justin; Lin, Jiann T.; Ho, Kuo-Chuan journal article3437
542010A novel poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/iron phthalocyanine/multi-wall carbon nanotubes nanocomposite with high electrocatalytic activity for nitrite oxidationKUO-CHUAN HO journal article6261
552013A novel polymer gel electrolyte for highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cellsKUO-CHUAN HO ; JIANG-JEN LIN journal article5657
562001A novel potassium ion sensing based on Prussian blue thin filmsKUO-CHUAN HO ; Ho, Kuo-Chuan ; Lin, Cheng-Lanjournal article2827
571999A novel second-order nonlinear optical guest-host polymeric material exhibiting optical transparency down to 400 nmRU-JONG JENG journal article
582004A novel use of genipin-fixed gelatin as extracellular matrix for peripheral nerve regenerationSHAN-HUI HSU journal article3632
592008A photo-physical and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study on the quasi-solid state dye-sensitized solar cells based on poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene)KUO-CHUAN HO ; Lee, Kun-Mu; Suryanarayanan, Vembu; Ho, Kuo-Chuan journal article5151
602013A platinum film with organized pores for the counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cellsJIANG-JEN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article1312
612012A poly(fluorene-thiophene) donor with a tethered phenanthro[9,10-d] imidazole acceptor for flexible nonvolatile flash resistive memory devicesWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article5756
622010A quasi solid-state dye-sensitized solar cell containing binary ionic liquid and polyaniline-loaded carbon blackKUO-CHUAN HO journal article5552
632014A rapid and facile soft contact lamination method: Evaluation of polymer semiconductors for stretchable transistorsWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article6163
642011A reactive modifier that enhances the thermal mechanical properties of epoxy resin through the formation of multiple hydrogen-bonded networkRU-JONG JENG journal article1112
651994A relaxation study of poled nonlinear optical polymers by infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopyRU-JONG JENG journal article43
662006A ruthenium complex with superhigh light-harvesting capacity for dye-sensitized solar cellsKUO-CHUAN HO journal article310293
672009A scaffold-bioreactor system for a tissue-engineered tracheaSHAN-HUI HSU journal article3834
682015A silole copolymer containing a ladder-type heptacylic arene and naphthobisoxadiazole moieties for highly efficient polymer solar cellsSHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-CHANG CHEN ; KEN-TSUNG WONG ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article5353
692017A stable, efficient textile-based flexible perovskite solar cell with improved washable and deployable capabilities for wearable device applicationsSHIH-HUANG TUNG journal article1112
702013A stepwise mechanism for intercalating hydrophobic organics into multilayered clay nanostructuresJIANG-JEN LIN journal article1011
712010A strategic buffer layer of polythiophene enhances the efficiency of bulk heterojunction solar cellsKUO-CHUAN HO journal article2119
722008A study of ion exchange at the poly(butyl viologen)-electrolyte interface by SECMKUO-CHUAN HO ; Hsu, Chih-Yu; Vasantha, V.S.; Ho, Kuo-Chuan journal article54
732008A study on chitosan modification of polyester fabrics by atmospheric pressure plasma and its antibacterial effectsSHAN-HUI HSU journal article3125
742016A study on the co-reaction of benzoxazine and triazine through a triazine-containing benzoxazineRU-JONG JENG journal article33
752002A study on the deposition efficiency, porosity and redox behavior of Prussian blue thin films using an EQCMLin, Cheng-Lan; KUO-CHUAN HO ; Ho, Kuo-Chuan journal article1718
762009A study on the electrochromic properties of polyaniline/silica composite films with an enhanced optical contrastChen, WK; KUO-CHUAN HO ; Hu, CW; Hsu, CY; Ho, KCjournal article2926
772011A supramolecular approach on using poly(fluorenylstyrene)-block-poly(2- vinylpyridine):PCBM composite thin films for non-volatile memory device applicationsWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article4041
782010A ternary cascade structure enhances the efficiency of polymer solar cellsKUO-CHUAN HO journal article8992
791995Acetone absorption in irradiated polycarbonateWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article1614
802016Achieving Low-Energy Driven Viologens-Based Electrochromic Devices Utilizing Polymeric Ionic LiquidsLu H.-C.; Kao S.-Y.; Yu H.-F.; Chang T.-H.; Kung C.-W.; Ho K.-C. journal article3936
812014Acquisition of epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cancer stem-like phenotypes within chitosan-hyaluronan membrane-derived 3D tumor spheroidsSHAN-HUI HSU journal article3536
822014Additive enhanced crystallization of solution-processed perovskite for highly efficient planar-heterojunction solar cellsJIANG-JEN LIN journal article1003997
832006Adhesion of PET/PSMA Interfaces Reinforced With Plasma TreatmentDai, Chi-An ; Tsui, Tai-An; Cheng, Yao-Yijournal article
841997Adsorption of a charge-regulated particle to a charged surfaceHsu J.-P. ; Kuo Y.-C.journal article13
851996Adsorption of a Minority Component in Polymer Blend InterfacesHuang, Ching-I ; Cruz, M. Olvera de la
861987Adsorption of Bulk Liquid Mixtures to Heterogeneous Solid Surface:A Dynamic Approach徐治平 ; Tsao, H. K.; Hsu, Jyh-Ping journal article
881985Adsorption of Particles on Particulate MaterialsHsu, Jyh-Ping conference paper
891986Adsorption of Particles on Particulate Materials徐治平 ; Wang, H. H.; Hsu, Jyh-Ping journal article
901987Adsorption of Particles to Solid Surface:A Statistical AnalysisHsu, Jyh-Ping journal article
911994Adsorption of Polymer on Dispersion ParticlesHsu, J.-P.; Lin, D.-P.; JYH-PING HSU others00
922018Advances and challenges of green materials for electronics and energy storage applications: from design to end-of-life recoveryMengyao Gao; Chien-Chung Shih; SHU-YUAN PAN ; CHU-CHEN CHUEH ; WEN-CHANG CHEN journal article00
931988Aggregate Growth and Breakage in Inhomogeneous TurbulenceGlasgow, L. A.; Kim, Y. H.; 徐治平 ; Glasgow, L. A.; Hsu, Jyh-Ping journal article
942012Air plasma treated chitosan fibers-stacked scaffoldsSHAN-HUI HSU journal article1716
951998Air-liquid interfacial movement in models simulating airway reopeningSHAN-HUI HSU journal article00
962018Alcohol-Soluble Cross-Linked Poly(nBA)<inf>n</inf>- b-Poly(NVTri)<inf>m</inf> Block Copolymer and Its Applications in Organic Photovoltaic Cells for Improved StabilityHuang, K.-T.; Shih, C.-C.; Liu, H.-Y.; Murakami, D.; Kanto, R.; Lo, C.-T.; Mori, H.; Chueh, C.-C.; Chen, W.-C. Journal Article22
971993An algorithm for the calculation of the electrostatic force between identical charged surfaces in electrolytesKuo, Y.-C.; Hsu, J.-P.; JYH-PING HSU journal article107
981993An Algorithm for the Calculation of the Electrostatic Forces Between Identical-Charged Surfaces in ElectrolytesKuo, Y. C.; 徐治平 ; Hsu, Jyh-Ping journal article
991995An algorithm for the calculation of the electrostatic repulsion between surface coated with a charge membraneHsu J.-P. ; Kuo Y.-C.journal article32
1002014All Metallo-Supramolecular Polymers Based Electrochromic Device,K. H. Shen; C. W. Hu; M. Higuchi; K. C. Ho conference paper
1012001All organic NLO sol-gel material containing a one-dimensional carbazole chromophoreRU-JONG JENG journal article0
1021999All sol-gel organic-inorganic nonlinear optical materials based on melamines and an alkoxysilane dyeRU-JONG JENG journal article
1032009All-conjugated diblock copolymer of poly(3-hexylthiophene)-block-poly(3-phenoxymethylthiophene) for field-effect transistor and photovoltaic applicationsWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article4343
1042017All-conjugated donor–acceptor graft/block copolymers as single active components and surfactants in all-polymer solar cellsWang, J.; Lu, C.; Higashihara, T.; Chen, W.-C. Journal Article21
1052015An All-in-One Electrochromic Device Containing Thermally Cured Dual Functional Viologen,S. Y. Kao; H. C. Lu; T. H. Chang; C. W. Kung; K. C. Ho conference paper
1062014An All-Organic Electrochromic Device Containing Poly(Vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene), Succinonitrile, and Ionic Liquid,T. H. Chang; C. W. Hu; H. W. Chen; K. C. Ho conference paper
1072010All-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells incorporating SWCNTs and crystal growth inhibitorKUO-CHUAN HO journal article5856
1082009All-solid-state electrochromic device based on poly(butyl viologen), Prussian blue, and succinonitrileKUO-CHUAN HO ; Kuo, TH; Hsu, CY; Lee, KM; Ho, KCjournal article4440
1092014All-solid-state Electrochromic Devices Based on Surface-adsorbed Heptyl Viologen Immobilized by UV-cured Polymer Composite Electrolyte,T. H. Chang; C. W. Hu; H. W. Chen; K. C. Ho conference paper
1102007Alumina-mediated dealkylative dimerization of 4-aminobenzyl estersLai, Yu-Ying ; YU-YING LAI ; TIEN-YAU LUH ; Lin, Nai-Ti; Liu, Yi-Hung; Wang, Yu; Luh, Tien-Yau journal article1313
1112014Ambipolar field-effect transistors using conjugated polymers with structures of bilayer, binary blends, and paralleled nanofibersWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article76
1122014Ambipolar freestanding triphenylamine/fullerene thin-film by electrochemical deposition and its read-writable properties by electrochemical treatmentsKUO-CHUAN HO journal article46
1132011Amperometric detection of cholesterol using an indirect electrochemical oxidation methodKUO-CHUAN HO journal article98
1142006Amperometric Detection of Cysteine at an In+3 Stabilized Indium Hexacyanoferrate Modified ElectrodeTseng, KS; Chen, LC; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article
1152005Amperometric detection of morphine based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) immobilized molecularly imprinted polymer particles prepared by precipitation polymerizationHo, Kuo-Chuan ; Yeh, Wei-Ming; Tung, Tsai-Shih; Liao, Jung-Yujournal article
1162006Amperometric Glucose Biosensor based on Entrapment of Glucose Oxidase in a Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) FilmNien, Po-Chin; Tung, Tsai-Shih; Ho, Kuo-Chuan journal article9390
1172006Amperometric glucose biosensor based on screen-printed carbon electrodes mediated with hexacyanoferrate-chitosan oligomers mixtureWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article3938
1182001An amperometric NO2 gas sensor based on Pt/Nafion? ElectrodeHo, Kuo-Chuan ; Hung, Wen-Tungjournal article
1192010Amphiphilic Poly(Oxyalkylene)-Amines Interacting with Layered Clays: Intercalation, Exfoliation, and New ApplicationsJIANG-JEN LIN book50
1202004Amphiphilic properties of poly(oxyalkylene)amine-intercalated smectite aluminosilicatesJIANG-JEN LIN journal article6963
1212013Amphiphilic silver-delaminated clay nanohybrids and their composites with polyurethane: Physico-chemical and biological evaluationsSHAN-HUI HSU ; JIANG-JEN LIN journal article109
1222006An all-thiophene electrochromic device fabricated with poly(3-methylthiophene) and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)KUO-CHUAN HO ; Huanga, Shih-Wen; Ho, Kuo-Chuan journal article4847
1232001An amperometric NO2 gas sensor based on Pt/Nafion® electrodeKUO-CHUAN HO journal article3027
1242010An efficient flexible dye-sensitized solar cell with a photoanode consisting of TiO2 nanoparticle-filled and SrO-coated TiO2 nanotube arraysKUO-CHUAN HO journal article4544
1252010An efficient light-harvesting ruthenium dye for solar cell applicationKUO-CHUAN HO journal article3431
1262002An Electrochemical Gas Sensor for Nitrogen Dioxide based on Pt/Nafion® ElectrodeKUO-CHUAN HO journal article
1272014An electrochromic device composed of metallo-supramolecular polyelectrolyte containing Cu(I) and polyaniline-carbon nanotubeYING-CHIH LIAO ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article89
1282014An improved bioassay facilitates the screening of repellents against cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae)RONG-NAN HUANG ; SHAN-HUI HSU journal article55
1292003An indium hexacyanoferrate–tungsten oxide electrochromic battery with a hybrid K+/H+-conducting polymer electrolyteTung, Tsai-Shih; Chen, Lin-Chi ; Ho, Kuo-Chuan journal article2020
1302015An injectable, self-healing hydrogel to repair the central nervous systemSHAN-HUI HSU journal article203209
1311993An interpenetrating polymer network as a stable second-order nonlinear optical materialRU-JONG JENG journal article
1322001Analysis of a coextrusion process for preparing gradient-index polymer optical fibersWEN-CHANG CHEN book0
1332004Analysis of cell aggregation in the culturing of cerebellar granule neuronsYoung, Tai-Horng ; Hung, Shih-Hsing; Hsu, Jyh-Ping journal article00
1342009Analytic expressions for electrical energy and electrical force of two spheresLiu, BT; JYH-PING HSU journal article89
1351996Analytic Interface Profile Approximation for Ternary Polymer BlendsHuang, Ching-I ; Cruz, M. Olvera de la
1362012Analytical expressions for pH-regulated electroosmotic flow in microchannelsHsu J.-P. ; Huang C.-H.journal article66
1372005Analytical expressions for the electrical potential near planar, cylindrical, and spherical surfaces for symmetric electrolytesLin S.-H.; Hsu J.-P. ; Tseng S.; Chen C.-J.journal article99
1382015Analytical expressions for the electroosmotic flow in a charge-regulated circular channelLiu B.-T.; Tseng S.; Hsu J.-P. journal article89
1392014Analytical model for surface charge property of pH-regulated nanorodsMa Y.; Yeh L.-H.; Qian S.; Hsu J.-P. ; Tseng S.journal article65
1402015Angular-Shaped 4,10-Dialkylanthradiselenophene and Its Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Polymers: Synthesis, Physical, Transistor, and Photovoltaic PropertiesYU-YING LAI journal article1919
1412015Angular-Shaped 4,9-Dialkyl α- And β-Naphthodithiophene-Based Donor-Acceptor Copolymers: Investigation of Isomeric Structural Effects on Molecular Properties and Performance of Field-Effect Transistors and PhotovoltaicsYU-YING LAI journal article3133
1422005The Anionic Effect on the Intercalation and Spectral Properties of Poly(Butyl Viologen) FilmsHsu, YC; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article
1432009Annealing effect of polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells based on polyfluorene and fullerene blendKUO-CHUAN HO ; Huang, JH; Yang, CY; Ho, ZY; Kekuda, D; Wu, MC; Chien, FC; Chen, PL; Chu, CW; Ho, KCjournal article8176
1442008Anomalous p -channel amorphous oxide transistors based on tin oxide and their complementary circuitsKUO-CHUAN HO journal article4139
1452010Antibacterial properties of silver nanoparticles in three different sizes and their nanocomposites with a new waterborne polyurethaneSHAN-HUI HSU journal article9185
1462009Antimicrobial activities and cellular responses to natural silicate clays and derivatives modified by cationic alkylamine saltsSHAN-HUI HSU ; JIANG-JEN LIN journal article2225
1472014Applications of functional fullerene materials in polymer solar cellsYU-YING LAI journal article131133
1481995Approximate Analytical Expression for Surface Potential as a Function of Surface Charge DensityHsu J.-P. ; Kuo Y.-C.journal article1111
1492004Approximate analytical expressions for the electrokinetic flow of a general electrolyte solution in a planar slit comprising dissimilar surfacesLin S.-H.; Hsu J.-P. ; Tseng S.journal article00
1501994Approximate analytical expressions for the properties of a double layer with asymmetric electrolytes: Ion-penetrable charged membranesHsu J.-P. ; Kuo Y.-C.journal article2524
1511994Approximate Analytical Expressions for the Properties of a Double Layer with Asymmetric Electrolytes:Ion-Penetrable Charged Membrane徐治平 ; Kuo, Y. C.; Hsu, Jyh-Ping journal article
1521994Approximate analytical expressions for the properties of an electrical double layer with asymmetric electrolytes: Cylindrical and spherical geometriesHsu, J.-P.; Kuo, Y.-C.; JYH-PING HSU journal article1818
1531994Approximate Analytical Expressions for the Properties of an Electrical Double Layer with Asymmetric Electrolytes:Cylindrical and Spherical Geometries徐治平 ; Kuo, Y. C.; Hsu, Jyh-Ping journal article
1542004Approximate Expression for the Critical Coagulation Concentration of a General Electrolyte SolutionHsu J.-P. ; Lin S.-H.; Tseng S.journal article4
1552010Aqueous dispersion of conjugated polymers by colloidal clays and their film photoluminescenceJIANG-JEN LIN journal article66
1561996Aromatic polyoxyalkylene amidoamines as curatives for epoxy resins - Derivatives from t-butyl isophthalic acidJIANG-JEN LIN journal article
1572006Artificial extracellular matrix proteins contain heparin-binding and RGD-containing domains to improve osteoblast-like cell attachment and growthSHAN-HUI HSU journal article89
1582002Assessment and modeling of poly (vinyl alcohol) bioartificial pancreas in vivoYoung, Tai-Horng ; Chuang, Wen-Yuan; Hsieh, Meng-Ying; Chen, Leo-Wang; Hsu, Jyh-Ping 3628
1592014Atmospheric-pressure controllable synthesis of heteroatom-doped carbon nanotubesKUO-CHUAN HO conference paper
1602013Atmospheric-pressure Controllable Synthesis of Heteroatom-doped Carbon Nanotubes,W. H. Chiang; T. J. Li; K. C. Ho conference paper
1611991Autocrine Growth Factor Regulated Mammalian Cell Growth on Solid Surfaces徐治平 ; Tsao, H. K.; Hsu, Jyh-Ping ; Tsao, H. K.journal article
1621987Bacterial Adhesion and Digestion of a Particulate Substrate徐治平 ; Wang, H. H.; Hsu, Jyh-Ping conference paper
1631987Bacterial Adhesion Onto Particulate SubstratesWang, H. H.; Wang, G. S.; 徐治平 ; Wang, H. H.; Hsu, Jyh-Ping journal article
1641988Bacterial Adhesion to Surfaces:Effect of Cell FlocculationHsu, Jyh-Ping ; Wang, Hsi-Huajournal article
1652013Bacterial cellulose and bacterial cellulose-chitosan membranes for wound dressing applicationsSHAN-HUI HSU journal article225214
1661987Bacterial Hydrolization of Delignified Rice Hulls:Verification of the Existence of Polyoses StructureWang, H. H.; 徐治平 ; Hsu, Jyh-Ping journal article
1672013Band gap engineering via controlling donor-acceptor compositions in conjugated copolymersHung, Ying Chieh; CHI-YANG CHAO ; CHI-AN DAI ; WEI-FANG SU ; SHIANG-TAI LIN journal article108
1682013Band gap engineering via controlling donor-acceptor compositions in conjugated copolymersHung, Y.-C.; Chao, C.-Y.; Dai, C.-A.; Su, W.-F.; Lin, S.-T.; CHI-AN DAI journal article108
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9372012Improved charge transport and absorption coefficient in indacenodithieno[3,2-b]thiophene-based ladder-type polymer leading to highly efficient polymer solar cellsWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article276277
9382011Improved exchange reaction in an ionic liquid electrolyte of a quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cell by using 15-crown-5-functionalized MWCNTKUO-CHUAN HO journal article2528
9392013Improved performance of dye-sensitized solar cells using TiO2 nanotubes infiltrated by TiO2 nanoparticles using a dipping-rinsing-hydrolysis processKUO-CHUAN HO journal article1818
9401992Improved Processing of Agricultural Products Using Solid State FermentationWang, H. H.; 徐治平 ; Hsu, Jyh-Ping journal article
9412003Improved Retention of Endothelial Cells Seeded on Polyurethane Small-diameter Vascular Grafts Modified by a Recombinant RGD-containing ProteinSHAN-HUI HSU journal article4031
9422012Improving the characteristics of an organic nano floating gate memory by a self-assembled monolayerWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article2121
9432011Improving the durability of dye-sensitized solar cells through back illuminationKUO-CHUAN HO journal article1820
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9482010In situ low temperature polymerization of bismaleimide for gel-type electrolyte for dye-sensitized solar cellsKUO-CHUAN HO journal article2423
9492011In situ measuring osmosis effect of Selemion CMV/ASV module during ED process of concentrated brine from DSWLu H.-Y.; Lin C.-S.; Lee S.-C.; Ku M.-H.; Hsu J.-P. ; Tseng S.; Lin S.-H.journal article910
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9512013In vitro and in vivo evaluation of chitosan-gelatin scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineeringSHAN-HUI HSU journal article4033
9522004In vitro biocompatibility of PTMO-based polyurethanes and those containing PDMS blocksSHAN-HUI HSU journal article2017
9532003In Vitro Evaluation of Cell Loss: Retention and Repopulation on Substrates upon Shear Flow by a RheometerSHAN-HUI HSU journal article
9542003In vitro evaluation of degradation and cytotoxicity of a novel composite as a bone substituteSHAN-HUI HSU journal article
9552014In vitro study of a novel nanogold-collagen composite to enhance the mesenchymal stem cell behavior for vascular regenerationSHAN-HUI HSU journal article2020
9562016In-Situ Growth of Porphyrinic Metal-Organic Framework Nanocrystals on Graphene Nanoribbons for Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Nitrite,C. W. Kung; Y. S. Li; M. H. Lee; S. Y. Wang; W. H. Chiang; K. C. Ho conference paper
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9612009Incorporation of a stable radical 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-1-piperidinyloxy (TEMPO) in an electrochromic deviceKUO-CHUAN HO journal article108
9622014Incorporation of plastic crystal and transparent UV-cured polymeric electrolyte in a complementary electrochromic deviceKUO-CHUAN HO journal article87
9632016Incorporation of single-walled aluminosilicate nanotubes for the control of crystal size and porosity of zeolitic imidazolate framework-LYang, A.-C.; Wang, T.-Y.; Dai, C.-A.; Kang, D.-Y.; CHI-AN DAI journal article88
9642013Indacenodithieno[3,2-b]thiophene-based broad bandgap polymers for high efficiency polymer solar cellsWEN-CHANG CHEN journal article3938
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