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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHEN-AN TSAI蔡政安 Agronomy biostatistics; Statistical theory; bioinformatics; Bayesian analysis
CHEN-TUO LIAO廖振鐸 Agronomy Experimental Designs; Variance Components
CHIH-WEI TUNG董致韡 Master Program in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science (Global ATGS)  Agronomy GWAS; Molecular genetics; GBS; Crop genomics; QTL mapping
CHUN-HUO CHIU邱春火 Agronomy Biodiversity statistics estimates; Ecological statistics
HSIANG-CHUN LIN林香君 Agronomy 
HUU-SHENG LUR盧虎生 Master Program in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science (Global ATGS)  Agronomy Agronomy; Crop Physiology; Plant Molecular Biology
KAI-YI CHEN陳凱儀 Agronomy Molecular Genetics; Molecular Marker Assisted Selection; Quantitative Genetics
LI-YU LIU劉力瑜 Master Program in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science (Global ATGS)  Agronomy Computational Biology; Bioinformatics
MEN-CHI CHANG張孟基 Agronomy Plant Stress Physiology; Plant Molecular Biology; Plant Hormone Regulation
SHIN-FU TSAI蔡欣甫 Agronomy 切片式正交表之系統化建構方法; 常態混合模型之廣義置信推論; 穩健型二水準主效應設計; 部分重複二水準因子實驗之區集規劃與資料分析; 巢式正交表之建構
SHU-JEN WANG王淑珍 Master Program in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science (Global ATGS)  Agronomy Effects of beneficial endophyte fungi on increasing crop stress tolerance; Regulatory mechanisms of sucrose transporter in rice plants; Climate change effects on agricultural production
SHUN-FU LIN林順福 Agronomy Mutation Breeding; Crop Genome; Molecular Markers; Molecular Breeding
STEVEN HUNG-HSI WU吳泓熹 Agronomy Statistical methods for applied agriculture and field trial.; Integrate analysi; Plant and soil microbiome interaction; Computational method for evolutionary biology with NGS data.
WEI-YI LIN林維怡 Agronomy 植物缺磷逆境生理; 植物與菌根菌共生之機制
WEN-DAR HUANG黃文達 Agronomy Weed management; Crop Science; Forage Crops; Tropic crop science; Aromatic and Spice Plants; Turfgrass Physiology
WEN-PO CHUANG莊汶博 Agronomy Plant insect interaction; Plant resistant to insects
YA-FEN LIN林雅芬 Agronomy Plant cell and tissue culture; The regulatory mechanism of heavy metal stress response in plants; Plant Molecular Biology; Phytoremediation
YANN-RONG LIN林彥蓉 Agronomy Molecular Genetics; Mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci; Plant Genomics; Positional Cloning
YU-CHANG TSAI蔡育彰 Agronomy Plant Hormone Signal Transduction; Crop Physiology; Plant Molecular Biology
YUH-CHYANG CHARNG常玉強 Agronomy Plant Molecular Biology; Plant Genetic Engineering
YUNG-FEN HUANG黃永芬 Agronomy Crop genetics and breeding