OrgUnit's Researchers

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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHIA-YIN LEE李佳音Agricultural ChemistryBiotechnology; Microbiology; Molecular biology
CHUN-HUA HSU徐駿森Agricultural ChemistryStructure-based Systems Biology; Protein Engineering and Biotechnology; Molecular Enzymology; Molecular Biophysics; Nano Biotechnology; Structural and Chemical Biology
CHWAN-YANG HONG洪傳揚Agricultural Chemistrybio-technology; Plant molecular biology
DAR-YUAN LEE李達源Agricultural ChemistrySoil chemistry; soil environmental science; soil physics
HSI-MEI LAI賴喜美Agricultural Chemistrycereal chemistry and processing; Food chemistry; carbohydrate chemistry and application
JUI-HUNG YEN顏瑞泓Agricultural Chemistryplant nutrition; ecosystem; environment reservation; soil fertility; Instrument analysis; soil science; soil chemistry
KAI-YIN LO羅凱尹Agricultural ChemistryBiotechnology; Microbiology; Molecular Biology; Genetics
LEAN-TEIK HUANG黃良得Agricultural ChemistrySecondary metabolites chemistry; Medicinal plant cultivation and applications; Functionality of natural products
LOUIS,VALENTIN,HENRI,ANDRE GRILLET-PANNETIER-BANTMAN盧毅Agricultural ChemistryPlant nutrition and metabolites of the rhizosphere
NAI-CHUN LIN林乃君Agricultural ChemistryMicrobiology; Molecular biology; Interaction between microbes and plants
NAN-WEI SU蘇南維Agricultural ChemistryFerment; Food science and technology; Instrument analysis; Microbes
PEI-JEN CHEN陳佩貞Agricultural Chemistryenvironmental toxicology
PI-HUI SUZI CHANG張必輝Agricultural Chemistry植物生態學; 生態系功能; 植物營養
SHAN-LI WANG王尚禮Agricultural ChemistryClay Mineralogy; Soil Fertility; Soil Physicochemistry; Soil Pollution; Instrumental analysis
WHEI-FEN WU吳蕙芬Agricultural ChemistryBiotechnology; Microbial and bacteria physiology
YANG-HSIN SHIH施養信Agricultural ChemistryEnvironmental organic chemistry; Environmental nanotechnology; The transport and transformation of organic chemicals in the environment
ZENG-YEI HSEU許正一Agricultural ChemistryBiogeochemistry; Soil and environmental ecology; Soil genesis and classification; Soil contamination and remediation
ZUENG-SANG CHEN陳尊賢Agricultural Chemistrysoil pollution and remediation; soil quality; Soil science; soil morphology and genesis; soil classification and survey