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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
BIING-TZUANG GUAN關秉宗Forestry and Resource Conservation生態系經營與復育評估; 生態模式建構與分析; 統計方法應用在生態資料分析
CHI-CHANG LIU劉奇璋Liberal Education Section; Forestry and Resource Conservation
CHIA-PIN YU余家斌Forestry and Resource Conservationnature-based recreation and tourism management; sustainable tourism development; tourism impacts and quality of life; forest recreation
CHIH-HSIN CHENG鄭智馨Forestry and Resource Conservationecological functions of soil organic mater; soil carbon cycle and the related structures
CHIN-LONG ZHENG鄭欽龍Forestry and Resource Conservationforest policy; forest management; economics of forest management
CHING-FENG LI李靜峯Forestry and Resource ConservationEcological Restoration; Conservation; Phytosociology; Community Ecology; Field Survey; Vegetation Mapping
CHUN-HAN KO柯淳涵Forestry and Resource Conservation應用微生物及酵素技術; 分離程序在生物材料化學加工; 生質能源轉化技術及環境資源保護技術上的應用
CHYI-RONG CHIOU邱祈榮Forestry and Resource Conservation; Climate Change and Sustainable DevelopmentBiodiversity Conservation, Ecosystem Service; Climate Change; Forest Management; Remote Sensing; Geographic Information System
DAU-JYE LU盧道杰Forestry and Resource Conservation自然保護區經營管理; 保育政策; 保育思維發展; 社區保育; 原住民族與自然資源管理; 環境史; 社區林業
FANG-HUA CHU曲芳華Forestry and Resource ConservationGene database; functional genomics of growth and development; biosynthesis mechanisms of secondary metabolites in the endemic tree and fungus species
FAR-CHING LIN林法勤Forestry and Resource Conservation生物材料研發; 木材生物學; 家具結構與木結構研究; 加工與應用; 木材與生物複合材料力學行為研究
FENG-CHENG CHANG張豐丞Forestry and Resource ConservationApplications of combining biomaterials and other materials; value-adding and reusing of industrial waste; improving and multi-applying on biomaterials; Developing bio-fibers and bio-based composites; viscoelasticity and long-term performance of biomaterials
HSIAO-WEI YUAN袁孝維Forestry and Resource ConservationBird ecology and conservation, Wildlife management, Environmental education and Ecotourism, Biodiversity and Ecosystem monitoring
HUI-TING CHANG張惠婷Forestry and Resource Conservation紙張性質之分析與改質; 林木天然物的分析與利用; 木質材料的保存與改質
LIH-JIH WANG王立志Forestry and Resource Conservation
MING-CHIEH CHEN陳明杰Forestry and Resource ConservationSoil and water conservation; Watershed management; Forest hydrology; Forest engineering
ROLAND KIRSCHNER羅南德Forestry and Resource ConservationMycology; Botany; Taxonom; Biological diversity
SHANG-TZEN CHANG張上鎮Forestry and Resource ConservationModification of Lignocellulosic Materials; Wood Chemistry and Wood Preservation; Secondary Metabolites of Plants and Their Bioactivities; Weathering of Bio-materials; Photodegradation and Photostabilization of Wood and Coatings
SU-TING CHENG鄭舒婷Forestry and Resource Conservation
TARO NAKAI中井太郎Forestry and Resource ConservationMeteorology & Atmospheric Sciences; ecohydrology; micrometeorology; aerodynamic roughness; agricultural and forest meteorology; evapotranspiration; eddy covariance
TING-FENG YEH葉汀峰Forestry and Resource ConservationCell wall biosynthesis; Biomass utilization.; Cell wall chemistry; Wood formation
TZENG YIH LAM林增毅Forestry and Resource ConservationQuantitative Silviculture; Forest Resources Measurement and Inventory; Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis
TZUNG-SU DING丁宗蘇Forestry and Resource Conservation巨觀生物學; 地景生態學; 森林生物之群聚生態學
WEI-LI LIANG梁偉立Forestry and Resource ConservationSoil physics; Soil and water conservation; Hillslope hydrology; Erosion control
YA-NAN WANG王亞男Forestry and Resource ConservationSilviculture and Practice; Tissue Culfure of Woody Plants and Lab; Forest Ecology; Introductory to Forest Biotechuology