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120113-level MCGP: An efficient algorithm for MCGP in solving multi-forest management problemsCHIN-LONG ZHENG journal article1010
220188 million phenological and sky images from 29 ecosystems from the Arctic to the tropics: the Phenological Eyes NetworkNagai S.; Nagai S.; Akitsu T.; Saitoh T.; Busey R.; Fukuzawa K.; Honda Y.; Ichie T.; Ide R.; Ikawa H.; Iwasaki A.; Iwao K.; Kajiwara K.; Kang S.; Kim Y.; Khoon K.; Kononov A.; Kosugi Y.; Maeda T.; Mamiya W.; Matsuoka M.; Maximov T.; Menzel A.; Menzel A.; Miura T.; Mizunuma T.; Morozumi T.; Motohka T.; Muraoka H.; Nagano H.; TARO NAKAI ; Nakaji T.; Oguma H.; Ohta T.; Ono K.; Pungga R.; Petrov R.; Sakai R.; Schunk C.; Sekikawa S.; Shakhmatov R.; Son Y.; Sugimoto A.; Suzuki R.; Takagi K.; Takanashi S.; Tei S.; Tsuchida S.; Yamamoto H.; Yamasaki E.; Yamashita M.; Yoon T.; Yoshida T.; Yoshimura M.; Yoshitake S.; Wilkinson M.; Wingate L.; Nasahara K.journal article85
32013A comparative study on the total antioxidant and antimicrobial potentials of ethanolic extracts from various organ tissues of Allium spp.SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article00
42017A data-mining framework for exploring the multi-relation between fish species and water quality through self-organizing mapSU-TING CHENG journal article2218
52012A genetic marker of 4-coumarate: coenzyme A ligase gene in the cinnamaldehyde-chemotype Cinnamomum osmophloeumSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; FANG-HUA CHU journal article33
62010A multi-modeling approach to evaluating climate and land use change impacts in a Great Lakes River BasinSU-TING CHENG journal article5556
72014A potential low-coumarin cinnamon substitute: Cinnamomum osmophloeum leavesSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH journal article1313
82016A Reduced Parameter Stream Temperature Model (RPSTM) for basin-wide simulationsSU-TING CHENG journal article88
92009A three-dimensional model of the effect of stemflow on soil water dynamics around a tree on a hillslopeWEI-LI LIANG journal article4145
101997Abundance and Distribution of Birds in Four, High Elevation Plant Communities in Yushan National Park, TaiwanDing, Tzung-Su ; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Lin, Yao-Sung
112014Activity of Cinnamomum osmophloeum leaf essential oil against Anopheles gambiae s.s.SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article1513
122000Adaptive and Deadlock-Free Routing for Irregular Faulty Patterns in Mesh MulticomputersTsai, Ming-Jer ; Wang, Sheng-De journal article116
131998Adaptive and fault-tolerant routing with 100% node utilization for mesh multicomputerWang, Sheng-De ; Tsai, Ming-Jer journal article00
142009Ageing of black carbon along a temperature gradientCHIH-HSIN CHENG journal article168159
152010Altitudinal distribution patterns of plant species in Taiwan are mainly determined by the northeast monsoon rather than the heat retention mechanism of MassenerhebungChiou, Chyi-Rong ; Song, Guo-Zhang Michael; Chien, Jui-Han; Hsieh, Chang-Fu; Wang, Jenn-Che; Chen, Ming-Yih; Liu, Ho-Yin; Yeh, Ching-Long; Hsia, Yue-Joe; Chen, Tze-Yingjournal article77
162009An innovative modeling approach using Qual2K and HEC-RAS integration to assess the impact of tidal effect on River Water quality simulationCHUN-HAN KO ; CHIHHAO FAN journal article7062
172012An integrated modeling approach to evaluate the performance of an oxygen enhancement device in the Hwajiang wetland, TaiwanSu-Ting Cheng ; Gwo-Wen Hwang; Chang-Po Chen; Wen-Shang Hou; Hwey-Lian Hsiehjournal article66
182017Analysis of the contributions of topographic, soil, and vegetation features on the spatial distributions of surface soil moisture in a steep natural forested headwater catchmentWEI-LI LIANG journal article44
191991Analysis of wood materials degraded by UV-light using diffuse reflectance infrared fourier transfrom (DRIFT) spectroscopySHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
202011Anti-dyslipidemic activity of hot-water extracts from leaves of Cinnamomum osmophloeum KanehSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article129
212010Anti-inflammatory activities of essential oils and their constituents from different provenances of indigenous cinnamon (Cinnamomum osmophloeum) leavesSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article4033
222008Anti-inflammatory activity of Lindera erythrocarpa fruitsSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article5048
232005Anti-inflammatory activity of sugiol, a diterpene isolated from Calocedrus formosana barkSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article3936
242008Antibacterial activities of plant essential oils against Legionella pneumophilaChang, Ching-Wen ; CHING-WEN CHANG ; Chang, Wei-Lung; SHANG-TZEN CHANG ; Chang, Shang-Tzen ; Cheng, Sen-Sungjournal article4642
252000Antibacterial Activity of Essential Oils and Extractives from Taiwania ( Taiwania Cryptomerioides Hayata)張上鎮 ; CHANG, SHANG-CHENG; CHANG, SHAN-CHWEN
262007Antibacterial compounds of wood essential oil from Cryptomeria japonicaSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
272011Antifungal activities and chemical composition of wood and leaf essential oils from Cunninghamia konishiiSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article2524
282005Antifungal activities of essential oils and their constituents from indigenous cinnamon (Cinnamomum osmophloeum) leaves against wood decay fungiWang, Sheng-Yang; Chen, Pin-Fun; Chang, Shang-Tzen journal article
292003Antifungal activities of extracts and essential oil's constituents from Cinnamomum kanehiraeSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
302006Antifungal activity of essential oils and their constituents from black heartwood-type Cryptomeria japonicaSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
312005Antifungal and antibacterial activities of essential oils and ethanolic extracts from Calocedrus macrolepis var. formosanaSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
322016Antihyperglycemic and antioxidant activities of twig extract from Cinnamomum osmophloeumSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article140
332002Antimite activity of essential oils and their components from Cinnamomum osmophloeum leavesSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
342009Antioxidant activities and phytochemical characteristics of extracts from Acacia confusa barkSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article5045
352010Antioxidant activities and xanthine oxidase inhibitory effects of phenolic phytochemicals from Acacia confusa twigs and branchesSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article2625
362008Antioxidant activities of ethanolic extracts from the twigs of Cinnamomum osmophloeumSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article162137
372007Antioxidant activities of natural phenolic compounds from Acacia confusa barkSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article11899
382008Antioxidant activity and constituents of extracts from the root of Garcinia multifloraSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article1414
392014Antioxidant activity and delayed aging effects of hot water extract from Chamaecyparis obtusa var. formosana leavesVIVIAN LIAO ; SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article1010
402002Antioxidant activity of abietane-type diterpenes from heartwood of Taiwania cryptomerioides hayataSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article5345
412008Antioxidant activity of the ethanolic extract from the bark of Chamaecyparis obtusa var. formosanaSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article3833
422014Antioxidant activity, delayed aging, and reduced amyloid-β toxicity of methanol extracts of tea seed pomace from Camellia tenuifoliaVIVIAN LIAO ; SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article1415
432013Antioxidant potency of phenolic phytochemicals from the root extract of Acacia confusaSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article1513
442009Antioxidative constituents from the leaves of Acacia confusaSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
452011Antipathogenic activities and chemical composition of Cinnamomum osmophloeum and Cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf essential oilsSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article1111
462006Antiphonal duetting in Steere's liocichla (Liocichla steerii): Male song individuality and correlation between habitat and duetting behaviorHSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article2019
472002Antitermitic activity of essential oils from Cryptomeria japonicaSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
482002Antitermitic activity of leaf essential oils and components from Cinnamomum osmophleumSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article130118
492010Antrocamphin A, an anti-inflammatory principal from the fruiting body of Taiwanofungus camphoratus, and its mechanismsSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; FANG-HUA CHU journal article4644
502011Antroquinonol from ethanolic extract of mycelium of Antrodia cinnamomea protects hepatic cells from ethanol-induced oxidative stress through Nrf-2 activationFANG-HUA CHU journal article6253
512011Application of CHD1 Gene and EE0.6 Sequences to Identify Sexes of Several Protected Bird Species in Taiwan林恩仲 ; 許欣安; 趙明杰; 詹芳澤; 王齡敏; 曹先紹; 張志華; ?佩羿; 王寶榮; 袁孝維 ; 丁詩同 ; 王佩華 journal article4
521990Application of ESCA to evaluate the surface property of paper and degraded paper induced by lightSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
532002Application of essential oils from wood on the manufacture of environment-friendly antimicrobial paper productsSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
541997Application of si-carb sampling technique to the drift spectroscopic analysis of woodSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
552013Application of time-lapse digital imagery for ground-truth verification of satellite indices in the boreal forests of AlaskaSugiura, Konosuke; Nagai, Shin; TARO NAKAI ; Suzuki, Rikie44
562013Application of time-temperature-stress superposition on creep of wood-plastic compositesFENG-CHENG CHANG journal article1714
572008Artificial stone slab production using waste glass, stone fragments and vacuum vibratory compactionCHUN-HAN KO ; Lee, Ming-Yu; Ko, Chun-Han ; Chang, Fang-Chih; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lin, Jyh-Dong; Shan, Ming-Yang; Lee, Jeng-Chingjournal article4234
582016Assessing Community Quality of Life in the Context of Tourism DevelopmentCHIA-PIN YU journal article1412
592013Assessing impact of Natural Disasters on Tourist Arrivals: The Case of Xitou Nature Education Area (XNEA), TaiwanCHIA-PIN YU journal article00
602016Assessing the natural and anthropogenic influences on basin-wide fish species richnessSU-TING CHENG journal article118
612016Association of short-term exposure to fine particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide with acute cardiovascular effects.CHANG-FU WU ; TA-CHEN SU ; YA-NAN WANG journal article2021
622011Associations between water quality parameters and planktonic communities in three constructed wetlands, TaipeiCHUN-HAN KO ; Chen, Pen-Yuan; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Ko, Chie-Jen; Ko, Chun-Han ; Chou, Ta-Ching; Teng, Chia-Jijournal article54
632012Autoclaving of waste plastic-free papers for resource recovery and reutilizationCHUN-HAN KO journal article
642013Autoclaving treatment of wasted disposable bamboo chopsticksCHUN-HAN KO journal article89
652016Bamboo-Derived Fuel from Dendrocalamus latiflorus, Phyllostachys makinoi, and Phyllostachys pubescens WasteCHUN-HAN KO journal article
662015Bayesian meta-analysis of regional biomass factors for Quercus mongolica forests in South KoreaTZENG YIH LAM journal article10
672013Bayesian models describing microhabitat associations of infrequently captured small mammals sampled under a complex hierarchical designTZENG YIH LAM journal article11
682013Better environmental data may reverse conclusions about niche- and dispersal-based processes in community assemblyCHING-FENG LI ; DAVID ZELENÝ journal article5553
692014Bioactivity and characterization of exudates from Cryptomeria japonica barkSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article88
702006Bioactivity assay of extracts from Calocedrus macrolepis var. formosana barkSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article54
712007Bioactivity investigation of lauraceae trees grown in TaiwanFANG-HUA CHU journal article2017
722011Bioenergy production potential for aboveground biomass from a subtropical constructed wetlandCHUN-HAN KO journal article1314
732012Biofiber derived fuel from municipal solid wasteCHUN-HAN KO conference paper
742013Biomass carbon accumulation in aging Japanese cedar plantations in Xitou, central TaiwanCHIH-HSIN CHENG journal article1611
752013Bird species migration ratio in East Asia, Australia, and surrounding islandsTZUNG-SU DING journal article21
762008Breeding bird community composition in different successional vegetation in the montane coniferous forests zone of TaiwanTZUNG-SU DING ; HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article2523
772012Calculating CO2 and H2O eddy covariance fluxes from an enclosed gas analyzer using an instantaneous mixing ratioBurba, G.; Schmidt, A.; Scott, R. L.; TARO NAKAI ; Kathilankal, J.; Fratini, G.; Hanson, C.; Law, B.; McDermitt, D. K.; Eckles, R.; Furtaw, M.; Velgersdyk, M.journal article6055
781999calibration and validation of a soil-landscape model for predicting soil depth of iron and manganese concretions and grey mottles.CHIH-HSIN CHENG journal article
792016Carbon sequestration and substitution potential of subtropical mountain Sugi plantation forests in central TaiwanCHUN-HAN KO journal article22
802016Carbon sequestration potential via energy harvesting from agricultural biomass residues in Mekong River basin, Southeast AsiaCHUN-HAN KO journal article1512
812014cDNA cloning and molecular characterization of five cellulose synthase A genes from Eucalyptus camaldulensisFANG-HUA CHU journal article22
822015Chamaecyparis montane cloud forest in Taiwan: ecology and vegetation classificationDAVID ZELENÝ ; CHING-FENG LI journal article109
832014Change in surface energy balance in Alaska due to fire and spring warming, based on upscaling eddy covariance measurementsUeyama, Masahito; Ichii, Kazuhito; Iwata, Hiroki; Euskirchen, Eugenie S.; Zona, Donatella; Rocha, Adrian V.; Harazono, Yoshinobu; Iwama, Chie; TARO NAKAI ; Oechel, Walter C.journal article77
842013Characteristic aroma-active compounds of floral scent in situ from Barringtonia racemosa and their dynamic emission ratesSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article65
852003Characteristics of Quaternary Ammonium Resistant Bacteria from a Fine Papermachine SystemCHUN-HAN KO journal article
862016Characteristics of soil CO<inf>2</inf> efflux under an invasive species, Moso bamboo, in forests of central TaiwanTAKESHI MIKI ; CHIH-HSIN CHENG journal article77
872009Characteristics of stemflow for tall stewartia (Stewartia monadelpha) growing on a hillslopeWEI-LI LIANG journal article1920
882010Characterization and heterologous expression of a novel lysophospholipase gene from Antrodia cinnamomeaFANG-HUA CHU journal article55
892010Characterization and pulp refining activity of a Paenibacillus campinasensis cellulase expressed in Escherichia coliCHUN-HAN KO journal article3228
901998Characterization of acetylated sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis Carr.) by solid state spectroscopySHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
912014Characterization of S-(+)-linalool synthase from several provenances of Cinnamomum osmophloeumSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; FANG-HUA CHU journal article77
922015Characterization of the 2,3-Oxidosqualene Cyclase Gene from Antrodia cinnamomea and Enhancement of Cytotoxic Triterpenoid Compound ProductionFANG-HUA CHU journal article66
932007Characterization of two quaternary ammonium chloride-resistant bacteria isolated from papermaking processing water and the biocidal effect on their biofilm formationCHUN-HAN KO journal article65
942008Characterizing the conservation effect of clear coatings on photodegradation of woodSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH journal article3030
951990Chemical characterization of woody materials and coatings using fourier transform infrared microspectroscopySHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
962005Chemical composition and antifungal activity of essential oil isolated from Chamaecyparis formosensis Matsum. woodFANG-HUA CHU other4746
972012Chemical composition and antitermitic activity against Coptotermes formosanus SHIRAKI of Cryptomeria japonica leaf essential oilSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article1717
982013Chemical composition and immunohistological variations of a growing bamboo shootSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH journal article1310
992004Chemical composition and mosquito larvicidal activity of essential oils from leaves of different Cinnamomum osmophloeum provenancesKUN-HSIEN TSAI ; SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article237211
1002016Chemical composition of fog water at four sites in TaiwanPO-HSIUNG LIN ; YA-NAN WANG journal article1312
1012009Chemical compositions and larvicidal activities of leaf essential oils from two eucalyptus speciesSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article185162
1022015Chemical polymorphism and composition of leaf essential oils of Cinnamomum kanehirae using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, cluster analysis, and principal component analysisSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article34
1032003Chemical polymorphism of leaf essential oils from different geographical clones of indigenous cinnamon (Cinnamomum osmophloeum)SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1042005Chemical properties in CAD-deficient pine and their effect on pulpingTING-FENG YEH conference paper
1052006Chemotype identification of indigenous cinnamon ( Cinnamomum osmophloeum ) using solid-phase microextraction techniqueSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1062008Cinnamaldehyde inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokines secretion from monocytes/macrophages through suppression of intracellular signalingChao, Louis Kuoping; SHANG-TZEN CHANG ; Hua, Kuo-Feng; Hsu, Hsien-Yeh; Cheng, Sen-Sung; Lin, I-Fan; Chen, Chia-Jung; Chen, Shui-Tein; Chang, Shang-Tzen journal article137126
1072013Classification of Taiwan forest vegetationCHING-FENG LI ; DAVID ZELENÝ journal article3938
1082012Classification of the High-Mountain Coniferous Forests in TaiwanCHING-FENG LI ; DAVID ZELENÝ journal article87
1092013Cloning and characterization of a 2,3-oxidosqualene cyclase from Eleutherococcus trifoliatusFANG-HUA CHU journal article33
1102010Cloning and characterization of the lanosterol 14α-Demethylase gene from Antrodia cinnamomeaFANG-HUA CHU journal article1111
1112009Cloning and characterization of α-pinene synthase from Chamaecyparis formosensis MatsumFANG-HUA CHU journal article75
1122015Cloning and expression of a sesquiterpene synthase gene from Taiwania cryptomerioidesFANG-HUA CHU journal article22
1132015Cloning and functional characterization of a monoterpene synthase gene from Eleutherococcus trifoliatusFANG-HUA CHU journal article22
1142006Colony site choice of blue-tailed bee-eaters: Influences of soil, vegetation, and water qualityTZUNG-SU DING ; HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article149
1152006Colony site choice of blue-tailed bee-eaters: Influences of soil, vegetation, and water qualityHSIAO-WEI YUAN ; Brent Burt, D.; Wang, Lee Ping; WEN-LIAN CHANG ; Wang, Ming Kuang; CHYI-RONG CHIOU ; TZUNG-SU DING journal article149
1162015Combining Cellulosic Ethanol Fermentation Waste and Municipal Solid Waste-derived Fiber with a Kraft Black Liquor-derived Binder for Recycled Paper MakingCHUN-HAN KO journal article00
1172014Comparison of dilute acid and sulfite pretreatments on acacia confusa for biofuel application and the influence of its extractivesTING-FENG YEH journal article99
1181991Comparison of IR spectroscopic techniques for the analysis of coating film degraded by UV-lightSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1192013Comparison of Kalman filters in combining panel data from the annual inventory system of the South Korea national forest inventoryTZENG YIH LAM journal article
1201989Comparison of lightfastness of commercial dyes used in paperSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article00
1212012Comparison of MODIS land surface temperature and ground-based observed air temperature in complex topog-raphyCHING-FENG LI journal article1211
1222005Comparison of morphological and chemical properties between juvenile wood and compression wood of loblolly pineTING-FENG YEH other3434
1232000Comparison of the antifungal activity of cadinane skeletal sesquiterpenoids from Taiwania (Taiwania cryptomerioides Hayata) heartwoodSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article8278
1241997Comparison of the diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform (DRIFT) spectroscopic characteristics of soft and hard solid woods grown in TaiwanSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1251997Comparison of the effectiveness of UV-stabilizers on the weatherability improvement of clear PU-coated oakSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1261998Comparison of the stability of chlorophyll extracted by ultrasonics in different solventsSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1271987Comparison of the strength and performance properties of rattan and papercaneSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1281991Comparison of three surface analysis techniques in fourier transform infrared spectroscopySHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article00
1291996Comparison of UV-stabilizers for lightfastness improvement of clear PU-coated oakSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1301990Comparison on the permanence of handmade paper: part 1. Effects of environmental factors on the properties of sized handmade papersSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1312002Comparisons of chemical characteristic variations for photodegraded softwood and hardwood with/without polyurethane clear coatingsSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH journal article3535
1322001Comparisons of the photostability of esterified woodSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article99104
1332006Composition and chemical polymorphism of leaf essential oils from Calocedrus macrolepis var. formosanaSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1342017Conservation of groundwater from over-exploitation�XScientific analyses for groundwater resources managementSU-TING CHENG journal article89
1352014Conservation planning to zone protected areas under optimal landscape management for bird conservationYU-PIN LIN ; TZUNG-SU DING journal article84
1362016Content and distribution of lignans in Taiwania cryptomerioides HayataSHANG-TZEN CHANG ; FANG-HUA CHU journal article66
1372017Contrasting patterns of fine-scale herb layer species composition in temperate forestsDAVID ZELENY ; CHING-FENG LI journal article41
1382014Converting leguminous green manure into biochar: Changes in chemical composition and C and N mineralizationCHIH-HSIN CHENG journal article2020
1392007A Copper Removal Process for Printed Circuit Board Wastewater Sludge Applying Extraction and Cementation with Chelating Agents RecoveryChang, Fang-Chih; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Ko, Chun-Han journal article
1402001Correlation between softwood discoloration induced by accelerated lightfastness testing and by indoor exposureSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article2422
1411998Correlation of accelerated testing to natural exposure of coated wood (Ⅰ) variations in the surface propertiesSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1421998Correlation of accelerated testing to natural exposure of coated wood (Ⅱ) indoor lightfastnessSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1431998Correlation of accelerated testing to natural exposure of coated wood (Ⅲ) outdoor weatheringSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1441987Degradation of coatings containing UV-stabilizersSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1451988The Demand for Coal:Taiwan's Perspective鄭欽龍 ; Zheng, Chinlongconference paper
1462014Developing a cell-based spatial optimization model for land-use patterns planningYU-PIN LIN ; TZUNG-SU DING journal article23
1472013Development of 24 new microsatellite markers in the Crested Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela hoya)SHIH-TORNG DING ; HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article21
1482012Development of microsatellite markers in an ungulate mammal, the Formosan serow (Capricornis swinhoei)SHIH-TORNG DING ; HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article23
1492011Double sampling for stratification for the monitoring of sparse tree populations: The example of Populus euphratica Oliv. forests at the lower reaches of Tarim River, Southern Xinjiang, ChinaTZENG YIH LAM journal article1614
1501987Durability of clear finishes on wood surfacesSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1512012Economic and environmental analysis of using constructed riparian wetlands to support urbanized municipal wastewater treatmentCHIHHAO FAN ; CHUN-HAN KO journal article67
1522012EFFECT OF ABIES KAWAKAMII LEAF EXTRACTS ON LIFE SPAN EXTENSION IN DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTERChang, Hui-Ting ; Chu, Jui-Hua; Ting, Chau-Ti ; Fang, Shu; Hsu, Li-Sheng; Chang, Shang-Tzen journal article
1532002Effect of acylation on the moisture excluding efficiency of China fir woodSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1541993Effect of chemical pretreatments on the lightfastness of wood coated with clear finishesSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1551991Effect of inorganic salts treatments on the green color conservation and durability of bamboo (I) effect of inorganic salts on the green color conservation of bambooSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1561992Effect of inorganic salts treatments on the green color conservation and durability of bamboo. (Ⅱ) Effect of inorganic salts on green color fastness and durability of bambooSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1571989Effect of light on the surface color of printing and writing paper and its evaluation methodsSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1581994Effect of light stabilizers on the durability of PU and NC clear coatings on wood. I. basic properties and lightfastnessSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1591985Effect of light wavelength on the degradation of woodSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article00
1601997Effect of light wavelength on the property of polyurethane coating film chemical structure variations on the surfaceSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1611997Effect of light wavelength on the property of polyurethane coating film--color variation and its spectral sensitivitySHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1621993Effect of light-stabilizer formulation on the photostability of polyurethane clear coatingsSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1631994Effect of microwave treatment on the green color conservation and durability of bambooSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1641996Effect of oligomers on the durability of UV-curable acrylic coatingsSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1652008Effect of phytocompounds from the heartwood of Acacia confusa on inflammatory mediator productionWu, Jyh-Horng; Tung, Yu-Tang; Chien, Shih-Chang; Wang, Sheng-Yang; Kuo, Yueh-Hsiung; Shyur, Lie-Fen; Chang, Shang-Tzen 3933
1661989Effect of wood used for book-cabinet on the surface color of papersSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article00
1671994Effectiveness of Fire-retardant Treatment on Fire-resistance of PlywoodSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1682007Effectiveness of Playbacks in Censusing the Fairy Pitta (Pitta nympha) during the Breeding Season in TaiwanLin, Ruey-Shing; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Ding, Tzung-Su ; Lin, Yu-Teh Kirk
1691999Effects of acetylation on the lightfastness of wood and clear coated woodSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1702011Effects of adding organo-clays for acrylic-based intumescent coating on fire-retardancy of painted thin plywoodCHUN-HAN KO journal article1313
1712000Effects of alkali pretreatment on surface properties and green color conservation of moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens Mazel)SHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH other1513
1722009Effects of alkyl chain length of gallates on their antifungal property and potency as an environmentally benign preservative against wood-decay fungiSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article2928
1732007Effects of Calocedrus macrolepis var. formosana oils on the anti-mildew property of paperSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1742004Effects of chain length of fatty acid chlorides on the chemical and thermal properties of woodSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1752000Effects of chemical modification reagents on acoustic properties of woodSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article1412
1761990Effects of chromate preservatives treatments on the color of bambooSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1772001Effects of chromated phosphate on the epidermis chlorophyll of ma bamboo (Dendrocalamus latiflorus Munro)SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1782002Effects of chromated-phosphate treatment process on the green color protection of ma bamboo (Dendrocalamus latiflorus)SHANG-TZEN CHANG ; TING-FENG YEH journal article88
1792002Effects of copper-phosphorous salt treatments on green colour protection and fastness of ma bamboo (Dendrocalamus latiflorus)SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article1515
1802002Effects of copper-phosphorous salt treatments on the green colorfastness of ma bamboo (Dendrocalamus latiflorus)SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1812001Effects of environmental factors on the color of sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) yellowish heartwoodSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article1413
1822004Effects of extraction duration and time on the constituents and antifungal activities of the essential oils from Cinnamomum osmophloeum leafSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1832000Effects of extractives on the decay resistance of wood and variations in the chemical structures of decayed woodSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
1842011Effects of fiber physical and chemical characteristics on the interaction between endoglucanase and eucalypt fibersCHUN-HAN KO journal article88
1852016Effects of fiber processing conditions on the yield, carbon content, and diameter of lignosulfonate-based carbon fibersFENG-CHENG CHANG journal article
1862012Effects of Habitat Type and Group Size on Foraging and Vigilance Behaviors of the Red Collared Dove Streptopelia tranquebaricaTZUNG-SU DING ; Li, H.C.; Ding, T.S.; Tsai, C.F.; Hsu, F.H.journal article00
1871997Effects of hot ironing treatment on the surface properties of China fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata)SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
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1891988Effects of light on the properties of Chinese writing & painting paperSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
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5512011台灣平地造林之碳吸存潛能:以長期果園廢耕地與造林地為例CHIH-HSIN CHENG journal article
5522011台灣林木生質碳生產的生命週期比較評估CHUN-HAN KO journal article
5532007台灣植群多樣性先驅分析-木本植物垂直分帶之探討林建融; 林逸盈; 林聖峰; 謝長富; 邱祈榮 
5542004台灣社區保育的發展近年來國內三個個案的分析DAU-JYE LU journal article
5552011台灣賞鳥旅遊的現況與潛力TZUNG-SU DING journal article
5562006台灣重要杉、柏科樹木之脂肪酸組成分析FANG-HUA CHU journal article
5572006台灣雲杉MADS-box基因之選殖及其特性分析FANG-HUA CHU journal article
5582005台灣鳥類之形態特徵彙整與初探李培芬 ; 許皓捷; 丁宗蘇 ; 許嘉恩; 林瑞興; 葛兆年; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Shiu, Hau-Jie; Ding, Tzung-Su ; Sheu, Jia-En; Lin, Ruey-Shing; Koh, Chau-Nientext
5592008四種萃取方法對過山香葉子精油成分之影響SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
5602013固相微萃取分析香桂葉子揮發成分之最適條件SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
5611994國土規劃與產業發展鄭欽龍 conference paper
5621989國營事業設立環保特別基金可行性之研究葉新興; 鄭欽龍 ; 蘇顯揚report
5632007土壌水分計付貫入計の改良WEI-LI LIANG journal article00
5642003塔塔加地區土壤動物之初步研究HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article
5652005塔塔加地區土壤動物動態變化之初步研究HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article
5662005多路徑超音波斷面影像技術評估柳杉人造孔洞之研究高毓謙; 林振榮; 林達德; 蔡明哲 journal article
5672004大肚山氣候因子對衛星遙測天竺草亮度指數BRI之灰關聯分析邱祈榮 ; 曾仁鍵; 黃文達 ; 楊棋明journal article
5682008天然産物-Lucidone之抗發炎活性FANG-HUA CHU journal article
5692006太魯閣國家公園西寶松莊社區永續發展策略分析CHUN-HAN KO journal article
5702005奈米二氧化鈦竹炭複合材料對苯、甲苯、甲醛去除之初步研究CHUN-HAN KO journal article
5712014奈米微晶纖維素於不同溶劑之分散相容性評估FENG-CHENG CHANG conference paper
5722002孟宗竹材之低毒性保綠加工處理及其保綠機制TING-FENG YEH journal article
5732010宜蘭水田紅冠水雞族群量變化與生殖生態學HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article00
5742014山櫻花APETALA2基因之選殖與序列分析FANG-HUA CHU journal article
5751985工業區開發之研究鄭欽龍 report
5762005常見台北地區植物乾濕葉片與枝條滯塵效率的比較研究蔡志明; 孫岩章 ; 王亞男 ; 蔡志明; 孫岩章 ; 王亞男 
5772011平地長期林地之土壤性質與有機碳量蓄積CHIH-HSIN CHENG journal article00
5782012廢耕檳榔園再造林之碳儲存變化推估─以種植桃花心木為例CHIH-HSIN CHENG journal article
5792006建構社區保育、原住民狩獵與野生動物經營管理間的連結盧道杰 ; 吳雯菁; 斐家騏; 台邦‧撒沙勒journal article
5802003建築物室內壁裝材科耐燃性能之研究CHUN-HAN KO journal article00
5812008從植群資料庫的結構來看台灣的森林植群分類系統李靜?; 謝長富; 陳明義; 陳子英; 邱祈榮 ; 夏禹九; 劉和義; 楊勝任; 葉慶龍; 王震哲; 俞秋豐; Zeleny, David ; Chytry, Milan
5822010微生物及酵素前處理對於機械製漿動力節能之展望CHUN-HAN KO journal article
5832015微矩陣於林木生理研究之應用FANG-HUA CHU journal article00
5842015微膠囊處理對土肉桂葉子精油保存性之改善效果SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
5852014應用簡易貫入試驗及大地比電阻法推估崩積地土壤岩層界面WEI-LI LIANG journal article
5862008應用超臨界流體萃取柳杉材部及其抗氧化活性評估SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
5872014應用靜電紡絲技術生產木質素纖維FENG-CHENG CHANG journal article00
5882014應用靜電紡絲技術生產木質素纖維之製程探討FENG-CHENG CHANG conference paper
5892000政府公共建設農業建設次類別計畫審查評估陳明健; 陳世銘 ; 鄭欽龍 ; 王健雄; 張斐章 book
5901997整合地理資訊系統及計量經濟方法於坡地利用之研究-以阿里山鄉坡地開發為例CHIN-LONG ZHENG journal article00
5912013新造林及混農林坡地水文地質敏感區域之調查WEI-LI LIANG journal article
5922011昆蟲面面觀YA-NAN WANG journal article
5932013木本植物之外生菌根對環境逆境之作用FANG-HUA CHU journal article
5941997木本樹種淨化臭氧與二氧化氮能力之評估(一)王亞男 ; 姜家華; 孫岩章 ; 李鎮宇; 余金益
5951997木本樹種淨化臭氧與二氧化氮能力之評估(二)李鎮宇; 余金益; 王亞男 ; 姜家華; 孫岩章 ; 宋炯輝
5962004木柵山區臺灣穿山甲(Manis pentadactyla pentadactyla)野外棲地初探HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article
5972004木質材料燃燒氣體及氣懸微粒之特性及分析方法CHUN-HAN KO journal article
5982003未來合作--建置海峽兩岸鳥類多樣性資料庫李培芬 ; 丁宗蘇 ; 許皓捷
5992010杉木林造林地疏伐對林下植被之影響TZUNG-SU DING journal article
6002010杉木造林地疏伐對林下植被之影響HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article
6012010杉木造林地疏伐對林下植被之影響TZUNG-SU DING journal article
6022010杉木造林地疏伐對鳥類群聚及刺鼠族群之影響HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article
6032010杉木造林地疏伐對鳥類群聚及刺鼠族群之影響TZUNG-SU DING journal article
6042014東南亞主要島嶼繁殖鳥類相的生物地理界線TZUNG-SU DING journal article
6052011林木中MADS-box基因之選殖與研究FANG-HUA CHU journal article
6062014林木葉老化之基因表現FANG-HUA CHU journal article
6072014林業廢棄資源在綠色能源之應用CHUN-HAN KO journal article00
6081989林業投資間接效益的評估鄭欽龍 conference paper
6092004柳杉林內疏伐對動物群聚之短期影響TZUNG-SU DING conference paper
6102009柳杉枝條樹皮抽出物抗氧化能力之初探SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
6112004梅峰地區不同演替階段棲地鳥類相調查HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article
6122015森林環境對生心理狀態效益之研究CHIA-PIN YU journal article
6132005森林生態系經營示範區鳥類群聚監測HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article
6142005森林生態系經營示範區鳥類群聚監測TZUNG-SU DING journal article
6152009森林與二氧化礦藏量之關係YA-NAN WANG journal article
6161994森林資源利用與永續性:森林最適輪伐期之探討鄭欽龍 journal article
6171991森林資源利用與環境保護:森林最適收穫期之探討鄭欽龍 conference paper
6181990森林資源經營的經濟影響評估鄭欽龍 journal article
6192015森林遊憩與健康CHIA-PIN YU journal article
6202004棲蘭山檜木林枯立倒木整理作業對鳥類群聚之影響HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article
6212004棲蘭山檜木林枯立倒木整理作業對鳥類群聚之影響TZUNG-SU DING journal article
6222012植物搜查線-溪頭植物大驚奇YA-NAN WANG journal article
6232015植物熱反應及熱休克蛋白FANG-HUA CHU journal article00
6242014植物秋季葉變色FANG-HUA CHU journal article
6252013植物與植食昆蟲交互作用中土壤微生物所扮演的角色FANG-HUA CHU journal article
6262010樟芝短鏈脫氫酶/還原酶之序列分析與蛋白質結構模擬FANG-HUA CHU journal article
6272010樹幹流に起因する飽和帯の形成が斜面安定に与える影響WEI-LI LIANG journal article
6282011檳榔園轉作造林之生態系統碳儲存量變化:以921地震後的中寮為例CHIH-HSIN CHENG journal article
629-氣候變遷對台灣中部山區潛在植物型之可能影響關秉宗 ; 黃任伯; 鍾年鈞text
6302012氣候變遷對臺灣大學實驗林轄區氣候分區影響之評估CHING-FENG LI journal article
6311994水的經濟價值評估:線性規劃法之應用鄭欽龍 journal article
6322010水解對相思樹嫩枝抽出物抗氧化活性及抑制黃嘌呤氧化酶活性之影響SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
6331994水資源的分配:法律與現實的落差鄭欽龍 conference paper
6342010水黃皮種子油作為生質能源之潛力回顧CHUN-HAN KO journal article
6351992永續發展與六年國建之水土資源開發鄭欽龍 conference paper
6361993永續發展與環境資源之利用鄭欽龍 conference paper
6371993決策:專家評估與公共選擇鄭欽龍 conference paper
6382012淡水河紅樹林、挖子尾與關渡三個自然保留區經營管理效能的系統評量DAU-JYE LU journal article
6392014溪頭台灣杉人工林之林分特性與發展CHIH-HSIN CHENG journal article
6402009溪頭地區不同年間鳥類群聚變化HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article
6412011溪頭地區遊客人數對鳥類群聚之影響HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article
6422014溪頭自然教育園區社會心理承載量調查CHIA-PIN YU journal article
6432014溪頭自然教育園區遊憩衝突與滿意度之研究:台灣與中國遊客之比較CHIA-PIN YU journal article
6442006灰系統理論在生物學之應用:(5)大肚山氣候因子對其林火頻率與面積之灰關聯分析邱祈榮 ; 曾仁鍵; 林朝欽; 楊棋明; 黃文達 journal article
6452004炭化條件對竹炭室內空氣淨化效能之探討CHUN-HAN KO journal article00
6462008無尾港野生動物保護區經營管理效能評估RAPPAM的引進與適用盧道杰 ; 王牧寧; 闕河嘉 journal article
6472014牛樟芝內切型纖維水解酵素之分子特性FANG-HUA CHU journal article
6481994環保議題的專家決策與公眾選擇鄭欽龍 ; CHIN-LONG ZHENG journal article
6491992環境保護與經濟發展之關係:政府、企業及民間之環保投資對經濟發展之影響鄭欽龍 report
6501988環境經濟學與政策(中文翻譯)陳明健; 黃宗煌; 劉錦添 ; 鄭欽龍 ; 薛立敏; 蕭代基book
6512007環山地區台灣二葉松地面松針分解動態變化CHUN-HAN KO journal article
6522012生物化學法轉換木質纖維製備生質酒精技術之回顧CHUN-HAN KO journal article
6531999番茄斑萎病毒屬病毒之發生與快速偵測技術之新發展FANG-HUA CHU journal article
6542006白石溪集水區整體治理調查分析與規劃黃宏斌 ; 陳信雄; 邱祈榮 ; 魏迺雄; 黃國文book
6552013相思樹心材抽出物含浸實木耐久性之改善功效SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
6562013相思樹心材抽出物含浸實木耐久性之改善功效TING-FENG YEH journal article
6572015相思樹材部4種生物活性成分徑向含量之變異SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
6582015相思樹材部酚類化合物與抗氧化活性之縱向及徑向變異SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
6592008破碎棲地之面積、孤離度與棲地異質度對都市地景之鳥類群聚組成之影響-以台北市公園綠地為例葛兆年; 李培芬 ; 邱祈榮 ; 葛兆年; 李培芬 ; 邱祈榮 
6602003碳酸鈣沉澱法充填紙漿纖維內腔研究CHUN-HAN KO journal article
6612015社區保育與治理-論社區在封溪護漁計畫的角色扮演DAU-JYE LU journal article00
6622011社區監測的建置與施行:以宜蘭縣無尾港水鳥保護區為例DAU-JYE LU journal article
6631995社會學系課程改進計畫成果報告詹火生; 林瑞穗; 謝高橋; 蔡明哲 ; 高承恕; 施教裕; 薛承泰 ; Chan, Hou-Sheng; Lin, Rui-Sui; 謝高橋; 施教裕; Hsueh, Cherng-Tay report
6642001福山地區哈盆溪與水生植物池粗糙沼蝦 (Marcrobrachium asperulum)生殖策略之比較蔡雯怡; 劉奇璋 ; 林曜松; 陳俊宏 
6652007空氣品質淨化區主要六種樹種全年淨化空氣污染物總量評估計畫期末報告孫岩章 ; 王亞男 ; 張育森 
6661994空氣污染防制費政策之探討鄭欽龍 conference paper
6672009竹材室內家飾之開發與設計研究SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
6682008紅檜Caffeoyl-CoA 3-O-methyltransferase基因之選殖及其轉基因菸草木質素分析FANG-HUA CHU journal article
6692008紅檜、台灣扁柏、台灣冷杉、台灣鐵杉和台灣杉caffeoyl CoA 3-O-methyltransferase基因之選殖與序列分析FANG-HUA CHU journal article
6702003紙機系統抗四級銨鹽殺菌劑好氧菌株之分離與鑑定CHUN-HAN KO journal article
6711996經濟地理姜善鑫; 陳明健; 鄭欽龍 ; 范錦明book
6721984美國環境保護與社會經濟的關係鄭欽龍 journal article
6731990美國超級基金法之立法、修正與執行鄭欽龍 journal article
6742003聚醋酸乙烯膠合劑塗佈量對木質壁裝材料燃燒特性之影響CHUN-HAN KO journal article
6751991能源污染的防治鄭欽龍 conference paper
6762010自然保護區發展共管機制的挑戰與機會DAU-JYE LU journal article
6772006自然保護區經營管理效能評估初探—以宜蘭縣無尾港野生動物保護區為例DAU-JYE LU journal article
6782012臺南縣曾文溪口北岸黑面琵鷺野生動物保護區經營管理效能評估DAU-JYE LU journal article00
6792015臺大實驗林不同混農林業系統中土壤性質之研究CHIH-HSIN CHENG journal article00
6802015臺大實驗林臺灣櫸造林地林分土壤呼吸量YA-NAN WANG journal article00
6811993臺灣之產業用水與水資源之保護鄭欽龍 conference paper
6822011臺灣保護區經營管理效能評量五個個案的分析與解讀DAU-JYE LU ; HO-CHIA CHUEH journal article00
6831994臺灣公共工業區之開發與產業發展政策鄭欽龍 conference paper
6842014臺灣冷杉葉子揮發性物質與精油成分之分析SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
6852008臺灣土肉桂種源庫之設置-葉子精油成分與化學多態性分析SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
6861991臺灣地區工業用水需求及其經濟價值分析鄭欽龍 report
6871988臺灣地區缺電成本之研究鄭欽龍 ; 許志義; 周文賢; 陳澤義; 許志義; 陳澤義report
6882013臺灣山櫻花APETALA1基因之選殖與序列分析FANG-HUA CHU journal article
6891992臺灣工業用水需求結構變化之研究鄭欽龍 ; 陳一萍report
6902014臺灣扁柏葉子抽出物抗氧化活性之初探-最佳萃取條件SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
6912014臺灣扁柏葉子抽出物抗氧化活性之初探-最佳萃取條件TING-FENG YEH journal article
6922004臺灣本土與外來亞種環頸雉族群形質測量分析HSIAO-WEI YUAN journal article
6932008臺灣杉Tcmago及TcY14基因表現之差異性研究FANG-HUA CHU journal article
6942010臺灣杉不同部位精油及抽出物抗褐根病菌之評估SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
6952005臺灣杉木質部與韌皮部蛋白質之差異表現FANG-HUA CHU journal article
6962010臺灣杉果膠甲基酯化酶基因之選殖及特性分析FANG-HUA CHU journal article
6972007臺灣杉發育中莖部組織之功能性基因體學研究FANG-HUA CHU journal article
6982015臺灣杉葉子精油化學多態性及其抗病媒蚊幼蟲活性SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
6992015臺灣東南部低地次生林植群分類研究CHING-FENG LI journal article
7002014臺灣櫸各部位精油及乙醇抽出物抗木材腐朽菌之活性YA-NAN WANG conference paper
7012013臺灣油杉種子精油成分分析及抗病媒蚊幼蟲活性SHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article
7022013臺灣海岸河口溼地型保護區經營管理效能評估DAU-JYE LU journal article00
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