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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHIH-HSIEN CHIU邱智賢Animal Science and Technologymolecular endocrinology; experimental zoology; steroids science; Anatomy and physiology and practice
CHING-YI CHEN陳靜宜Animal Science and Technologycardiovascular disease; rumen microbes; ruminant nutrition; Proteomics
DE-SHIEN JONG鍾德憲Animal Science and Technologyanimal welfare; cell physiology; Electrophysiology; endocrinology
EN-CHUNG LIN林恩仲Animal Science and TechnologyHealth Monitoring; Integration and Application of Molecular Information and Ultrasound Technology in the Genetic Evaluation in pigs; Conservation; Research and Application of Functional Genomics and Proteomics; Management and Reproduction of Transgenic Animal
HAN-TSUNG WANG王翰聰Animal Science and TechnologyFeed additives; Protein and Enzyme Purification; Digestive tract microbes; Rumen fermentation regulation; Ruminant diet assessment; Biomaterials
HEN-WEI WEI魏恒巍Animal Science and TechnologyFeed formulation; Poultry nutrition; Feed microscopic examination; Pig nutrition; Protein turnover
I-HSUAN LIU劉逸軒Animal Science and TechnologyDevelopmental biology; Regenerative medicine; Cell biology
JE-RUEI LIU劉嚞睿Animal Science and Technology; BiotechnologyGenetic Engineering; Microbial Biotechnology; Fermentation Technology
JIH-TAY HSU徐濟泰Animal Science and TechnologyDairy Cattle Welfare; Dairy Goat Management; Dairy Cattle Management; Rumen Microbiology; Mammary Gland Physiology; Ruminant Nutrition
JUNG-JENG SU蘇忠楨Animal Science and TechnologyBiological decomposition of organic pollutants technology research and development; animal husbandry and organic waste produced biodiesel technology research and development system; bio- gas desulfurization and purification technology research and development; biomass energy technology research and development; animal husbandry and wastewater fuel cell technology research and development
LEANG-SHIN WU吳兩新Animal Science and TechnologyAnimal Endocrinology; Reproductive Physiology of Animals; Traditional Veterinary Science
MEI-FONG LIN林美峰Animal Science and TechnologyAnimal Nutrition
MING-JU CHEN陳明汝Animal Science and Technology; Center for BiotechnologyApplication of optimization technique in animal products; Functional properties of animal products; Dairy microbiology
PEI-HWA WANG王佩華Animal Science and Technologybio- diversity analysis; gene regulation and expression analysis; Animal genetics and breeding management; population genetic analysis; quality control laboratory animals; animal feeding and management economy
SHENG-YAO WANG王聖耀Animal Science and Technology
SHIH-TORNG DING丁詩同Animal Science and Technology; Center for Biotechnology; Office of Academic AffairsAdipocyte biology; Animal Functional genomics; Genetic diversity for animals; Nutrient-gene interaction; Biology for obesity
SHINN-CHIH WU吳信志Animal Science and Technology; Center for BiotechnologyTechniques related to micromanipulation of gametes and embryos; Transgenesis and cloning of livestock; Stem cell; Techniques related to embryos culture in vitro
YI-CHEN CHEN陳億乘Animal Science and TechnologyFunctional Food Development and Evaulation; Food Nutrition; Meat Processing; New Utilization of By-product Stream from Animals
YU-TEN JU朱有田Animal Science and Technology; Center for BiotechnologyMammary gland growth and differentiation; differentiation; Taiwan original species of pig molecular evolution and migration; cell growth; apoptosis and tumorigenesis
YUAN-YU LIN林原佑Animal Science and TechnologyAnimal Nutrition