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120062006年台灣與德國生質能源策略與研發國際研討會論文集陳世銘 ; 周楚洋 ; 葉仲基 ; 劉安琪; 蔡錦銘book
220133D refractive index imaging of cells to study light scattering properties of cells and tissueCHENG-YING CHOU book
320145-Aminolevulinic acid induced photodynamic inactivation on Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosaPO-CHUAN HSIEH journal article1411
42007830nm�G����p�g�v���ùD�g�Ըs��s�J�{�ɦ��Ī챴Jiang, Joe-Air ; Chang, Wen-Dien; Wu, Jih-Huah; Yeh, Chun-Yujournal article00
52014A bead-based single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection using melting temperature on a microchipYEN-WEN LU ; SHIH-TORNG DING journal article56
62015A binary palladium-bismuth nanocatalyst with high activity and stability for alkaline glucose electrooxidationLIN-CHI CHEN journal article3432
72010A bioanode based on MWCNT/protein-assisted co-immobilization of glucose oxidase and 2,5-dihydroxybenzaldehyde for glucose fuel cellsLIN-CHI CHEN journal article4243
82012A brainwave stimulator with low level laser arrayJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper20
92006A comparison of a generalized DEI method with multiple-image radiographyChou, Cheng-Ying ; CHENG-YING CHOU ; Anastasio, Mark A.; Brankov, Jovan G.; Wernick, Miles N.conference paper10
102013A comparison of machine learning methods on Hyperspectral plant disease assessmentsYAN-FU KUO conference paper
112013A comparison of machine learning methods on Hyperspectral plant disease assessmentsTA-TE LIN conference paper
122014A comparison of upper-limb motion pattern recognition using EMG signals during dynamic and isometric muscle contractionsTsai, An-Chih; Tsai, An-Chih; JER-JUNN LUH ; Hsieh, Tsung-Han; TA-TE LIN ; Luh, Jer-Junn ; Luh, Jer-Junn ; Lin, Ta-Te ; Lin, Ta-Te journal article2113
132011A complementary electrochromic system based on a Prussian blue thin film and a heptyl viologen solutionLIN-CHI CHEN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article2828
142003A complementary electrochromic system based on Prussian blue and indium hexacyanoferrateChen, LC; LIN-CHI CHEN ; Huang, YH; KUO-CHUAN HO ; Ho, KCjournal article3045
152002A composite index to adaptively perform fault detection, classification, and direction discrimination for transmission linesJiang, Joe-Air ; CHIH-WEN LIU ; Chen, Ching-Shan; Fan, Ping-Lin; Liu, Chih-Wen ; Chang, Rong-Sengconference paper70
162014A conceptual atomic force microscope using LEGO for nanoscience educationYEN-WEN LU journal article60
172013A continuous-coordinate image reconstruction method for list-mode time-of-flight position emission tomographyWEICHUNG WANG ; CHENG-YING CHOU conference paper00
182005A contour based image segmentation algorithm using morphological edge detectionJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper
192010A coverage-guaranteed algorithm to improve network lifetime of wireless sensor networksJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper128
202012A data retransmitting mechanism for ecological monitoring systemJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper10
212013A distributed rss-based localization using a dynamic circle expanding mechanismJOE-AIR JIANG journal article6649
222012A fast adaptive power scheme based on temperature distribution and convergence value for optimal hyperthermia treatmentCHENG-YING CHOU journal article1110
232011A fast forward projection using multithreads for multirays on GPUs in medical image reconstructionChou, Cheng-Ying ; WEICHUNG WANG ; CHENG-YING CHOU ; Chuo, Yi-Yen; Hung, Yukai; Wang, Weichung journal article2829
242003A fault detection and faulted-phase selection approach for transmission lines with Haar wavelet transformJiang, Joe-Air ; Fan, Ping-Lin; Chen, Ching-Shan; Yu, Chi-Shan; Sheu, Jin-Yijournal article06
252012A foldable microplasma-generation device on a paper substrateYEN-WEN LU ; YING-CHIH LIAO journal article99
262010A full- and half-cycle DFT-based technique for fault current filteringJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper180
272008A fuzzy logic approach to infer transcriptional regulatory network in saccharomyces cerevisiae using promoter site prediction and gene expression pattern recognitionJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper10
282012A glucose bio-battery prototype based on a GDH/poly(methylene blue) bioanode and a graphite cathode with an iodide/tri-iodide redox coupleLIN-CHI CHEN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article1010
292011A GSM-based field monitoring system for Spodoptera litura (Fabricius)JOE-AIR JIANG journal article
302008A GSM-based remote wireless automatic monitoring system for field information: A case study for ecological monitoring of the oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel)Jiang, J.A.; Jiang, Joe-Air ; EN-CHENG YANG ; Tseng, Chwan-Lu; Tseng, C.L.; JOE-AIR JIANG ; Lu, Fu-Ming; Lu, F.; Yang, En-Cheng ; Yang, E.C.; Wu, Z.S.; Wu, Zong-Siou; Chen, Chia-Pang; Chen, C.P.; Lin, Shih-Hsiang; Lin, S.H.; Lin, K.C.; Lin, Kuang-Chang; Liao, C.S.; Liao, Chih-Shengjournal article7440
312003A gurson yield function for anisotropic porous sheet metals and its applications to failure prediction of aluminum sheetsKUO-CHI LIAO journal article
322010A hand-held electronic tongue based on fluorometry for taste assessment of teaRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH journal article1917
332011A hybrid framework for fault detection, classification, and location-Part I: Concept, structure, and methodologyJOE-AIR JIANG journal article6249
342011A hybrid framework for fault detection, classification, and location-Part II: Implementation and test resultsJOE-AIR JIANG journal article2521
352014A Hybrid Memetic Framework for Coverage Optimization in Wireless Sensor NetworksJOE-AIR JIANG journal article4029
362005A hybrid of ε-constraint and particle swarm optimization for designing of PID controllersJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper
372007A line force model to measure the strength of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)-to-PDMS bonding using blister testsYEN-WEN LU conference paper
382011A load balancing algorithm based on probabilistic multi-tree for wireless sensor networksPING-LANG YEN ; JOE-AIR JIANG conference paper90
392005A MEMS micromirror fabricated using CMOS post-processCheng, Ying-Chou ; Dai, Ching-Liang; Lee, Chi-Yuan; Chen, Ping-Hei ; Chang, Pei-Zen journal article2823
402011A micro gas sensor based on a WO 3 thin film for aromatic hydrocarbon detectionJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper00
412005A microhand: Modeling, manufacturing, and demonstrationYEN-WEN LU conference paper
422014A microwave applicator for uniform irradiation by circularly polarized traveling waves in an anechoic chamberJOE-AIR JIANG ; EN-CHENG YANG conference paper00
432014A microwave applicator for uniform irradiation by circularly polarized waves in an anechoic chamberEN-CHENG YANG ; JOE-AIR JIANG journal article33
442012A modified multi-channel EMG feature for upper limb motion pattern recognitionJER-JUNN LUH ; TA-TE LIN conference paper50
452007A neuro-fuzzy inference system to infer gene-gene interactions based on recognition of microarray gene expression patternsJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper10
462002A New Adaptive PMU Based Protection Scheme for Transposed /Untransposed Parallel Transmission LinesChen, Ching-Shan; Liu, Chih-Wen ; Jiang, Joe-Air journal article11395
472006A New Approach for Identifying Sleep Apnea Syndrome Using Wavelet Transform and Neural NetworksLin, Robert; Lee, Ren-Guey; Tseng, Chwan-Lu; Zhou, Heng-Kuan; Chao, Chih-Feng; Jiang, Joe-Air journal article4127
48JulA new fault location algorithm for series compensated lines using synchronized phasor measurementsYu, Chi-Shan; Liu, Chih-Wen ; Jiang, Joe-Air conference paper00
492002A new PMU-based fault location algorithm for series compensated linesCHIH-WEN LIU ; JOE-AIR JIANG journal article142104
502003A New PMUs Based Relay for Series Compensated Transmission LinesJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper
512003A new protection scheme for fault detection, direction discrimination, classification, and location in transmission linesCHIH-WEN LIU ; JOE-AIR JIANG journal article9367
522002A Novel Adaptive PMU Based Transmission Line Relay ? Design and EMTP Simulation ResultsJiang, Joe-Air ; Liu, Chih-Wen ; Chen, Ching-Shanjournal article3024
532014A novel analytical model for determining the maximum power point of thin film photovoltaic moduleJOE-AIR JIANG journal article65
542009A novel coverage-preserving algorithm with energy efficiencyJOE-AIR JIANG ; KUO-CHI LIAO conference paper22
552011A novel DNA selection and direct extraction process and its application in DNA recombinationCHII-WANN LIN ; Wang, An-Bang ; Cheng, Chia-Wei; AN-BANG WANG ; LIN-CHI CHEN ; Lin, I-Chun; Lu, Fei-Yau; Tsai, Huai-Jen; Lin, Chiu-Chun; Yang, Chun-Hui; Pan, Po-Ting; Kuan, Chen-Chi; Chen, Yen-Chih; Lin, Yi-Wei; Chang, Chih-Ning; Wu, Yi-Hung; Kurniawan, Tetuko; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Wo, Andrew M.; Chen, Lin-Chi journal article87
562012A novel dynamic convergecast tree generator for WSN-based environmental surveillance of orchid plantationJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper22
572005A novel dynamic structural neural network with nruro-regeneration and neuro-degenerationJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper
582005A Novel Dynamic Structural Neural Networks with Neuron-regeneration and Neuronegeneration MechanismsHsiao, Ying-Tung; Chuang, Cheng-Long; Jiang, Joe-Air ; Wang, Chiang; Chien, Cheng-Chihjournal article
592009A novel energy-efficient adaptive routing protocol for wireless sensor networkChen, Chia-Pang; JOE-AIR JIANG ; Chuang, Cheng-Long; Tseng, Chwan-Lu; Yang, En-Cheng ; Liu, Maw-Yang; Jiang, Joe-Air journal article
602005A novel fault location algorithm for multi-terminal lines using phasor measurement unitsLien, Kai-Ping; CHIH-WEN LIU ; Liu, Chih-Wen ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; Jiang, Joe-Air ; Chen, Ching-Shan; Yu, Chi-Shanconference paper164
612011A novel method for the determination of dynamic resistance for photovoltaic modulesJOE-AIR JIANG ; KUO-CHI LIAO journal article2724
622012A novel multipoint direct-estimation method for the maximum power point tracking of photovoltaic modules under partially shaded irradiation conditionsJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper30
632005A novel optimization algorithm: Space gravitational optimizationJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper
642007A novel pulse measurement system by using laser triangulation and a CMOS image sensorWu, Jih-Huah; Chang, Rong-Seng; Jiang, Joe-Air journal article
652005A novel radial basis function network classifier with centers set by hierarchical clusteringOu, Yu-Yen; CHIEN-YU CHEN ; Oyang, Yen-Jen ; Chen, Chien-Yu conference paper230
662005A novel statistical cut-strategy for DP-based multiple biosequence alignmentJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper00
672007A novel statistical cut-strategy for DP-based multiple biosequence alignmentJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper00
682015A novel STFT-ranking feature of multi-channel EMG for motion pattern recognitionTsai, An-Chih; JER-JUNN LUH ; Tsai, An-Chih; TA-TE LIN ; Luh, Jer-Junn ; Lin, Ta-Te ; Lin, Ta-Te journal article4630
692005A numerical model for micro balloon-jointed actuationYEN-WEN LU conference paper00
702009A post-processing method for correction and enhancement of chemical shift imagesJYH-HORNG CHEN ; Wang, Tsu-Tsuen; Lin, Ta-Te ; TA-TE LIN ; Cheng, Yu-Che; Chen, Jyh-Horng journal article22
712007A prediction model of thermal conductivity for composite materials with nanoparticlesCHEN-KANG HUANG conference paper
722012A probablistic load-balancing convergecast tree algorithm for heterogeneous wireless sensor networksJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper33
732011A QoS-Guaranteed Coverage Precedence Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor NetworksJEHN-YIH JUANG ; Jiang, Joe-Air ; Lin, Tzu-Shiang; Chuang, Cheng-Long; Chen, Chia-Pang; Sun, Chin-Hong; Juang, Jehn-Yih ; Lin, Jiun-Chuan ; Liang, Wei-Wenjournal article2217
742011A quantum dot-aptamer beacon using a DNA intercalating dye as the FRET reporter: Application to label-free thrombin detectionLIN-CHI CHEN journal article8378
752012A real-time stereo vision system for obstacle detection and recognitionTA-TE LIN conference paper
762013A real-time stereo vision system for obstacle recognition and motion estimationTA-TE LIN conference paper
772010A red-to-gray poly(3-methylthiophene) electrochromic device using a zinc hexacyanoferrate/PEDOT:PSS composite counter electrodeLIN-CHI CHEN journal article3533
782009A robust correlation estimator and nonlinear recurrent model to infer genetic interactions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and pathways of pulmonary disease in Homo sapiensJOE-AIR JIANG journal article11
792008A RSSI-based environmental-adaptive dynamic radiation power management for wireless sensor networksJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper72
802015A selective decoy-doxorubicin complex for targeted co-delivery, STAT3 probing and synergistic anti-cancer effectLIN-CHI CHEN ; YUNG-TE HOU journal article01
812012A self sustainable air quality monitoring system using WSNJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper140
822012A sensing properties study on miniature Au/SnO 2 gas sensor for hydrogen sulfide detectionRICHIE CHEN conference paper
832011A simple and effective digital imaging approach for tuna fish length measurement compatible with fishing operationsTA-TE LIN journal article2815
842009A simultaneous localization and mapping algorithm for field robots based on laser range sensor and stereo visionTA-TE LIN conference paper
852005A statistics-based approach to control the quality of subclusters in incremental gravitational clusteringCHIEN-YU CHEN ; Chen, Chien-Yu ; Hwang, Shien-Ching; Oyang, Yen-Jen journal article2523
862001A Study on the Hierarchical Data Clustering Algorithm Based on Gravity TheoryOyang, Yen-Jen ; Chen, Chien-Yu ; Yang, Tsui-Weijournal article
871996A Telemanipulator system as an assistant and training tool for penetrating soft tissuePING-LANG YEN journal article2014
882008A topology generator and evolutionary routing algorithm for random deployment of wireless sensor networksJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper
892008A two-loop robust controller for compensation of the variant friction force in an over-constrained parallel kinematic machinePING-LANG YEN journal article1412
901989A Two-step method for permeabilization of Drosophila eggsLynch, Daniel V.; Lin, Ta-Te ; Myers, Stanley P.; Leibo, Stanley P.; Macintyre, Ross J.; Pitt, Ronald E.; Steponkus, Peter L.journal article2329
912008A universal fault location technique for N-terminal (N ≧ 3) transmission linesCHIH-WEN LIU ; JOE-AIR JIANG journal article6942
922012A wearable walking monitoring system for gait analysisWEI-LI HSU ; TA-TE LIN journal article70
932009A WSN-based wireless monitoring system for intradialytic hypotension of dialysis patientsJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper30
942012Accelerating Image Reconstruction in Dual-Head PET System by GPU and Symmetry PropertiesWEICHUNG WANG ; Chou, Cheng-Ying ; CHENG-YING CHOU ; Dong, Yun; Hung, Yukai; Kao, Yu-Jiun; Wang, Weichung ; Kao, Chien-Min; Chen, Chin-Tujournal article45
952013Accelerating image reconstruction in three-dimensional optoacoustic tomography on graphics processing unitsCHENG-YING CHOU journal article3331
962010Active constraint control for image-guided robotic surgeryPING-LANG YEN ; Yen, Ping-Lang ; Davies, B. L.journal article2118
972013Adaptive coverage-preserving routing protocol for wireless sensor networkJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper00
981999An adaptive fault locator system for transmission linesJiang, Joe-Air ; Lin, Ying-Hong; Liu, Chih-Wen ; Yang, Jun-Zhe; Too, Tong-Mingjournal article120
992013Adsorption cooling with multi-stage desiccant processesCHEN-KANG HUANG conference paper00
1001980Aeration Effectiveness vs. Physical Characteristics of Composting MassSingh, A. K.; Singley M. E.; 陳世銘 ; Higgins A. J.; Wartena R.; Chen, Suming report
1012006Amperometric detection of cysteine at an In3+ stabilized indium hexacyanoferrate modified electrodeLIN-CHI CHEN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article3131
1022005Amperometric detection of hydrogen peroxide at a Prussian Blue-modified FTO electrodeLIN-CHI CHEN ; Tseng, Kuei-Sheng; Chen, Lin-Chi ; KUO-CHUAN HO ; Ho, Kuo-Chuan journal article6663
1032004Amperometric detection of morphine at a Prussian blue-modified indium tin oxide electrodeHoa, Kuo-Chuan; Chen, Chia-Yi; Hsu, Huan-Cheng; Chen, Lin-Chi ; Shiesh, Shu-Chu; Lin, Xi-Zhangjournal article7779
1042000An adaptive fault locator for transmission lines tapped with a source of generation-using synchronized voltage and current phasorsLin, Ying-Hong; Liu, Chih-Wen ; Jiang, Joe-Air ; Yong, Jun-Zhejournal article00
1052008An adaptive image segmentation algorithm for X-ray quarantine inspection of selected fruitsEN-CHENG YANG ; Jiang, Joe-Air ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; Chang, Hsiang-Yun; TA-TE LIN ; Wu, Ke-Han; Ouyang, Cheng-Shiou; Yang, Man-Miao; Yang, En-Cheng ; Chen, Tse-Wei; Lin, Ta-Te journal article4739
1062009An adaptive mimic filter - Based algorithm for the detections of CT saturationsJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper30
1072012An adaptive model-based approach to reduce calibration frequency while maintaining tone consistency for color electrophotographyYAN-FU KUO conference paper
1082000An adaptive PMU based fault detection/location technique for transmission lines - Part II: PMU implementation and performance evaluationCHIH-WEN LIU ; JOE-AIR JIANG journal article1400
1092000An adaptive PMU based fault detection/location technique for transmission lines part I: Theory and algorithmsCHIH-WEN LIU ; JOE-AIR JIANG journal article2630
1102007An adaptive PMU-based fault location estimation system with a fault-tolerance and load-balancing communication networkJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper106
1112010An adaptive routing algorithm over packet switching networks for operation monitoring of power transmission systemsJOE-AIR JIANG journal article1412
1122003An Adjustable Light Source for Photo-Phyto Related Research and Young Plant ProductionWEI FANG journal article
1132012An air quality monitoring system for urban areas based on the technology of wireless sensor networksJOE-AIR JIANG journal article
1142011An application of the wireless sensor network technology for foehn monitoring in real timeJOE-AIR JIANG book20
1152014An automated growth measurement system for leafy vegetablesTA-TE LIN journal article2015
1162007An automatic analysis method for detecting and eliminating ECG artifacts in EEGJiang, JA; Jiang, Joe-Air ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; Ming-Jang Chiu ; Chao, CF; Chao, Chih-Feng; Chiu, MJ; Chiu, Ming-Jang; Lee, Ren-Guey; Lee, RG; Tseng, CL; Tseng, Chwan-Lu; Lin, Robert; Lin, Rjournal article6253
1172013An automatic object tracking steerable endoscopePING-LANG YEN ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; REY-HENG HU journal article10
1182013An automatic plant growth measurement system for plant factoryTA-TE LIN conference paper
1192004An efficient mechanism for prediction of protein-ligand interactions based on analysis of protein tertiary substructuresChang, Darby Tien-Hau; Chen, Chien-Yu ; Oyang, Yen-Jen ; Juan, Hsueh-Fen ; Huang, Hsuan-Chengconference paper423
1202014An embedded-based distributed private cloud: Power quality event classificationJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper00
1212009An energy-aware and coverage-preserving hierarchical routing protocol for wireless sensor networksJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper
1222007An extended diffraction-enhanced imaging method for implementing multiple-image radiographyCHENG-YING CHOU ; Chou, Cheng-Ying ; Anastasio, Mark A; Brankov, Jovan G; Wernick, Miles N; Brey, Eric M; Connor Jr, Dean M; Zhong, Zhongjournal article5751
1232012An imaging system for monitoring the in-and-out activity of honey beesJOE-AIR JIANG ; EN-CHENG YANG ; TA-TE LIN journal article2116
1242012An implementation of a WSN-based medical monitoring system -A pilot study of the blood pressure monitoring of hemodialysis patients-JOE-AIR JIANG journal article
1252012An implementation of a WSN-based medical monitoring system -A pilot study of the blood pressure monitoring of hemodialysis patients-PING-LANG YEN journal article
1262011An improved arterial pulsation measurement system based on optical triangulation and its application in the traditional Chinese medicineJOE-AIR JIANG conference paper10
1272002An Incremental Hierarchical Data Clustering Algorithm Based on Gravity TheoryChen, Chien-Yu ; Hwang, Shien-Ching; Oyang, Yen-Jen journal article
1282003An indium hexacyanoferrate–tungsten oxide electrochromic battery with a hybrid K+/H+-conducting polymer electrolyteTung, Tsai-Shih; Chen, Lin-Chi ; Ho, Kuo-Chuan journal article2020
1292011An infrared range camera-based approach for three-dimensional locomotion tracking and pose reconstruction in a rodentOu-Yang, Tai-Hsien; TA-TE LIN ; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Tsai, Meng-Li; Yen, Chen-Tung ; Lin, Ta-Te journal article2421
1302013An initial evaluation of analyser-based phase-contrast X-ray imaging of carotid plaque microstructureCHENG-YING CHOU journal article54
1312010An intelligent bone cutting tool in robot-assisted knee replacementPING-LANG YEN conference paper
1322010An unconstrained virtual bone clamper for a knee surgical robot using visual servoing techniquePING-LANG YEN journal article
1332002Analysis and summarization of correlations in data cubesCHIEN-YU CHEN conference paper00
1342005Analysis and Summarization of Correlations in Data Cubes and its Applications in Microarray Data AnalysisChen, Chien-Yu ; Hwang, Shien-Ching; Oyang, Yen-Jen journal article
1352010Analysis of ideal observer signal detectability in phase-contrast imaging employing linear shift-invariant optical systemsCHENG-YING CHOU journal article129
1362012Analysis of micro/mesoscale sheet stamping processes based on crystalline plasticity modelKUO-CHI LIAO journal article00
1372004Analysis of moisture distribution in rice kernels using magnetic resonance imagingTA-TE LIN conference paper
1381984Analysis of Stresses in Fruit Duringg an Impact陳世銘 ; Chen P.; Herrmann, L. R.; Chen, Suming ; Herrmann, L.
1392012Analyzer-based phase-contrast x-ray imaging of carotid plaque microstructureCHENG-YING CHOU journal article44
1402007Angle control of a one-dimension pneumatic muscle arm using self-organizing fuzzy controlPING-LANG YEN conference paper62
1412014Anti-cancer effects of ursane triterpenoid as a single agent and in combination with cisplatin in bladder cancerYEONG-SHIAU PU ; Lin, Kai-Wei; Huang, A-Mei; Lin, Chi-Chen ; Chang, Chia-Che; Hsu, Wei-Chi; Hour, Tzyh-Chyuan; Pu, Yeong-Shiau ; Lin, Chun-Nanjournal article98
1422011ANXA7, PPP3CB, DNAJC9, and ZMYND17 genes at chromosome 10q22 associated with the subgroup of schizophrenia with deficits in attention and executive functionLiu, Chih-Min ; HAI-GWO HWU ; TZUNG-JENG HWANG ; Fann, Cathy S.-J.; CHEN-CHUNG LIU ; Chen, Chien-Yu ; CHIH-MIN LIU ; Liu, Yu-Li; WEI J. CHEN ; Oyang, Yen-Jen ; Yang, Wei-Chih; CHIEN-YU CHEN ; Chang, Chien-Ching; Wen, Chun-Chiang; Chen, Wei J. ; Hwang, Tzung-Jeng ; Hsieh, Ming H.; Liu, Chen-Chung ; Faraone, Stephen V.; Tsuang, Ming T.; Hwu, Hai-Gwo journal article1313
1432006Application of a GPS-guided speed controller in the variable-rate spraying systemYeh, Chung-Kee ; Hung, Jing-Shiang; 葉仲基 conference paper
1442012Application of a reliable MAC protocol for the urban air quality monitoring system based on the wireless sensor networkJEHN-YIH JUANG ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; CHIH-HONG SUN conference paper40
1452013Application of a web-based remote agro-ecological monitoring system for observing spatial distribution and dynamics of Bactrocera dorsalis in fruit orchardsJOE-AIR JIANG ; EN-CHENG YANG journal article1510
1462008Application of an ultrasonic tomographic technique for detecting defects in standing treesTA-TE LIN journal article3223
1472006Application of Combined Adaptive Fourier Filtering Technique and Fault Detector to Fast Distance ProtectionChen, Ching-Shan; Liu, Chih-Wen ; Jiang, Joe-Air journal article6450
1482013The application of conductivity and pH control system in circulating hydroponic systemChang, C. H.; SUMING CHEN; C. Y. Tsai; H. F. Lo; P. L. Yen; SUMING CHEN Journal Article
1492018Application of convolution neural network analysis on intra-row weeding system for vegetablesLiu, I. C.; S. Chen; C. Y. Tsai,; Y. H. Chang.; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
1502017Application of integrated sensing and automation technology, and preventive bio-control agent for greenhouse precision cultivationChang I. C.; S. Chen; H. P. Chou.; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
1512010Application of Limited-View Image Reconstruction Method to Intravascular Photoacoustic TomographyPAI-CHI LI ; CHENG-YING CHOU conference paper30
1522009Application of load-balanced tree routing algorithm with dynamic modification to centralized wireless sensor networksEN-CHENG YANG ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; KUO-CHI LIAO conference paper64
1532018An application of machine vision on identification of sugarcane nodesZhao, S. Y.; S. Chen; C. Y. Tsai,; I. C. Liu.; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
1542013Application of nanostructure on bubble trapping and degassingYEN-WEN LU conference paper10
1552018Application of smartphone and cloud server technology with near infrared spectroscopy on sugar content measurementFang, P. C.; S. Chen; C. Y. Tsai,; J. M. Tsai.; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
1562018Applications of Agri-Photonics for Quality Assurance of Phalaenopsis. Invited SpeechChen,S.; H. C. Hsu; C. Y. Tsai; Y. H. Chang.; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
1572008Applications of anisotropic yield criteria to porous sheet metal forming simulationsLiao, K.-C.; KUO-CHI LIAO journal article66
1582009Applications of damage models to durability investigations for electronic connectorsKUO-CHI LIAO ; Liao, K.-C.; Chang, C.-C.journal article34
1592006Applications of damage models to reliability investigations for input/output electronic connectorsKUO-CHI LIAO conference paper
1602014Applications of laser welding to electric connectorsKUO-CHI LIAO conference paper20
1612017Applications of NIR to crop precision cultivation systemChen,S.; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
1621992Applications of Parallel Discharging Algorithm to Grading Operations馮丁樹; Chen, Suming ; Chiu, Y. C.; Fon, Din-Sue; Chiu, Y. C.conference paper
1632009Applications of planar anisotropic yield criteria to porous sheet metal forming simulationsKUO-CHI LIAO journal article43
1642005Applications of planar isotropic yield criteria to porous sheet metal under a deep drawing simulationKUO-CHI LIAO conference paper
1652019Applications of Spectral Sensing to Smart AgricultureChen,S.; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
1662014Applications of textured surfaces on bubble trapping and degassing for microfluidic devicesYEN-WEN LU journal article32
1672008Applications of the integrated high-performance CMOS image sensor to range finders - From optical triangulation to the automotive fieldJOE-AIR JIANG journal article
1682012Applications of xerophytophysiology in plant production-LED blue light as a stimulus improved the tomato cropWEI FANG journal article2924
1692013Applying the membrane-less electrolyzed water spraying for inactivating bioaerosolsWEI FANG journal article73
1702013Applying the Membrane-Less Electrolyzed Water Spraying for Inactivating BioaerosolsWEI FANG journal article
1711997Approximate yield criteria for anisotropic porous ductile sheet metalsKUO-CHI LIAO journal article
1722013Aptamer microarray as a novel bioassay for protein-protein interaction discovery and analysisLIN-CHI CHEN journal article96
1732015Aptamer Sequence Deconvolution through Microarray TechnologyLIN-CHI CHEN ; Y. H. Lao; C. W. Chi; H. Y. Chiang; K. Peck; L. C. Chen; K. W. LeongJournal Article00
1742007Artificial neural network model for mass characterization in breast palpationPING-LANG YEN conference paper00
1752001Assays for angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory activityRICHIE CHEN journal article3635
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9202007以普魯士藍奈米晶體發展新型電致色變生物感測器:生質酒精製程中纖維素醣化與發酵反應即時監控應用陳林祈 report
9211989以有限元素法分析非均勻穀床之壓力場陳世銘 report
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9241992以機器視覺引導機器人進行水果選別陳世銘 report
9252001以機器視覺與計算機繪圖學為基礎的虛擬植物系統之建構(1/3)林達德 report
9262002以機器視覺與計算機繪圖學為基礎的虛擬植物系統之建構(2/3)林達德 report
9272003以機器視覺與計算機繪圖學為基礎的虛擬植物系統之建構(3/3)林達德 report
9282018以機器視覺運用於甘蔗自動切割機開發趙劭元; 陳世銘; 蔡兆胤; 劉奕辰; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9292010以海水養殖池厭氧污泥處理含鹽廢水CHU-YANG CHOU journal article
9302007以磁振影像探討單粒稻穀之水份分佈黃世欣; TA-TE LIN ; 林達德 ; 李杰浩journal article
9312005以螢光多光譜影像技術分析蔬菜穴盤苗之水份逆境(1/2)陳世銘 report
9322012以螢光影像技術檢測蜜棗褐變之研究洪佳興; 陳世銘; 陳健智; 蔡兆胤; 王啟維; 潘姵如; 簡佑佳; 林敏; 張勤; 楊宜璋; 劉執中; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9332016以超寬帶技術應用於室內定位之研究?劼佑; 陳世銘; 蔡兆胤; 黃楷中; ??晉; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9342012以近紅外光光譜進行花胡瓜品質非破壞性檢測之研究張 勤; 陳世銘; 潘姵如; 楊宜璋; 蔡兆胤; 柯彥丞; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9352013以近紅外光光譜進行蝴蝶蘭葉片蔗糖含量之非破壞性檢測柯姿瑜; 陳世銘; 張耀乾; 蔡兆胤; 張詠惠; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9362016以近紅外光技術檢測??之兒?素含?江文心; 陳世銘; 蔡兆胤; 張振厚; 潘思瑜; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9372018以近紅外光技術檢測葡萄花青素含量之研究王思云; 陳世銘; 蔡兆胤; 許涵竣; 張詠惠; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9382018以近紅外光檢測洋香瓜糖度之研究方品智; 陳世銘; 蔡兆胤; 蔡錦銘; 張詠惠; 許涵竣; 沈怡慈; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9392015以近紅外光檢測白米游離脂肪酸許涵竣; 陳世銘; 蔡兆胤; 吳岱蓉; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9402016以近紅外光檢測芭?水果??之研究?奕?; 陳世銘; 蔡兆胤; 粘書耀; 孫偉?; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9412012以近紅外光譜評估蝴蝶蘭蔗糖含量之研究張詠惠; 陳世銘; 張耀乾; 蔡兆胤; 黃宣涵; 莊永坤; 楊宜璋; 侯雋言; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
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9442015以類神經網路探討杏鮑菇分級之研究林劼佑; 陳世銘; 蔡兆胤; 張岳錡; 林鈺盛; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9452015以食品安全看有機農業之發展陳世銘; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9462006以飽和螢光影像系統探討作物在養份逆境下光系統之電子傳遞效率陳世銘 report
9472015以高光譜影像技術檢測稻米新鮮度之研究劉執中; 陳世銘; 廖國基; 蔡兆胤; 張詠惠; 劉奕辰; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9482012以高光譜影像技術檢測青江菜硝酸鹽濃度之研究林 敏; 陳世銘; 潘姵如; 蔡兆胤; 張詠惠; 陳健智; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9492012以高光譜影像技術進行花胡瓜品質之非破壞性檢測張 勤; 陳世銘; 潘佩如; 蔡兆胤; 楊宜璋; 柯姿瑜; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9502007仿真運輸振動對裝箱芒果質量之影響葉仲基 ; 詹弘彥journal article
9512008低能量雷射治療手部骨折病例報告Jiang, Joe-Air ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; Chang, Wen-Dien; Wu, Jih-Huahjournal article
9522004住宅區內捷運通風口之振動對周邊環境之影響劉俊傳; 葉仲基 ; 張森富; 李允中 conference paper
9532006使用GSM 技術之無線田間農業資訊監測系統江昭皚 ; 曾傳蘆; 張輊祥; 陳義祥; 彭武康; 盧福明journal article
9541999使用有色固態與液態透明資材調整光質WEI FANG journal article
9552004使用超高??LED調整光?及光質與二者對馬?薯組培苗生長之影響方煒 ; 饒瑞佶journal article
9562004使用超高亮度LED調整光量及光質與二者對馬鈴薯組培苗生長之影響WEI FANG journal article
9572006光學量測與發光二極體在生物產業之應用WEI FANG journal article
9582012光譜影像技術於葉菜類蔬菜硝酸鹽含量之分析楊宜璋; 陳世銘; 黃君席; 潘佩如; 蔡兆胤; 莊永坤; 葉珮羚; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9591990光電式蔬果大小選別裝置之研究(二):陣列式光電晶體之應用馮丁樹; 楊棧雲; 陳世銘 ; 楊棧雲; Chen, Suming journal article
9602007內布拉斯加曳引機測試實驗室葉仲基 book
9612006全球衛星定位與農產品運輸振動量測整合系統之研究楊智凱; 葉仲基 conference paper
9621995共用中型儀器: 可程式冷凍解凍儀及儲存系統林達德 report
9632005具重複使用功能之直接電化學感測單寧酸檢測系統的研發鄭宗記 report
9642010利用HZSM-5沸石觸媒將含水乙醇催化轉製成汽油CHENG-YING CHOU journal article
9652010利用HZSM-5沸石觸媒將含水乙醇催化轉製成汽油CHU-YANG CHOU journal article
9662011利用乳酸菌轉換豬排泄物化學性質變化之探討CHU-YANG CHOU journal article
9672015利用光合菌微生物肥料降低水耕葉菜類中的硝酸鹽含量WEI FANG journal article
9682013南投地區稻稈集運規劃之研究郭訓志; 邱奕志; 陳世銘; 蔡兆胤; 楊宜璋; 蔡錦銘; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9691998即時監控系統應用於二氧化碳施肥對金線連組織培養苗生長之研究WEI FANG journal article
9701995厭氧消化程序動態自動控制系統之開發研究(一)周楚洋 report
9711995厭氧消化程序動態自動控制系統之開發研究(二)周楚洋 report
9721987反置式曳引機葉仲基 journal article
9731999取放軟缽上架之自動機構SUMING CHEN Patent
9742010台灣和尚蟹甲殼天然幾丁聚醣皮膜與人工合成幾丁聚醣薄膜之物性研究PO-CHUAN HSIEH journal article
9751997台灣坡地機械之改良葉仲基 conference paper
9762011台灣林木生質碳生產的生命週期比較評估YEUN-CHUNG LEE journal article
9772011台灣植物工廠現況與發展策略之分析KUO-CHI LIAO journal article
9782011台灣植物工廠現況與發展策略之分析WEI FANG journal article
9792015台灣溫室作業環境生物氣膠分佈特性WEI FANG journal article
9801995台灣農業廢棄物之現況與處理對策:(Ⅰ)農作物廢棄物周楚洋 report
9812015台灣農業教育及科技發展之回顧陳世銘; SUMING CHEN Conference Paper
9822010含新型橢圓形溝槽之液體動壓軸承分析陳建佑; Chen, Chien-Yu 
9832008吸送式氣力原理應用於稻穀抽樣米刺之改良江昭皚 ; 盧福明; 李允中 ; 廖忠賢book
9842003和尚蟹幾丁質皮膜的製備與產業的應用陳力騏 report
9852004和尚蟹棲地衛星定位調查陳力騏 report
9862007喜樹枝葉田間採收與收穫後處理機械之研製葉仲基 book
9872008喜樹枝葉田間採收與收穫後處理機械之研製葉仲基 book
9882012單模共振腔介電加熱對米象防治之研究YEUN-CHUNG LEE journal article
9892005單模共振腔微波加熱器在食品工程的應用李允中; 李允中 report
9901995國產水稻噴藥機之研製邱銀珍; 游俊明; 葉仲基 ; 盛中德; 鄭榮瑞; 施清田; 王明茂conference paper
9911992土壤表殼對萌芽種子阻力之田間量測計的開發YUAN-NAN CHU journal article
9921998坡地搬運車運搬性能之改良研究葉仲基 report
9931995坡地搬運車運搬性能之改良研究葉仲基 report
9941992基本電學何君揚; 江昭皚 ; 張小千; 張文恭; 趙瑞銘book
9951992塑膠布溫室栽培自動化技術手冊陳加忠; 林達德 ; 馮丁樹; 陳世銘 book
9962006多孔性介質沸騰熱傳之研究(II)黃振康 report
9971992多層透明被覆材料太陽能輻射性質之理論探討:Ⅰ.使用光跡追蹤法WEI FANG journal article
9982005多路徑超音波斷面影像技術評估柳杉人造孔洞之研究TA-TE LIN journal article
9991993大面積溫室物流系統之最佳化設計要則WEI FANG journal article
10001993大面積溫室物流系統設計與勞力規劃決策支援WEI FANG journal article