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12024Partial exploitation of host egg patches resulting from a high rejection rate of healthy hosts cautions the mechanistic use of functional response modelsTOSHINORI OKUYAMA Canadian Entomologist
22024Flower colour and size-signals vary with altitude and resulting climate on the tropical-subtropical islands of TaiwanShrestha, Mani; Tai, King-Chun; Dyer, Adrian G; Garcia, Jair E; EN-CHENG YANG ; Jentsch, Anke; CHUN-NENG WANG Frontiers in plant science1
32024Foraging flight-based health indicators for honey bee colonies using automatic monitoring systemsJOE-AIR JIANG ; Wang, Jen Cheng; Huang, Chien Peng; Lee, Mu Hwa; Liu, An Chi; Lin, Hung Jen; Wang, Chien Hao; CHENG-YING CHOU ; EN-CHENG YANG Computers and Electronics in Agriculture0
42024Complementary use of visual and olfactory cues to assess capture of Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel): Implementation and field verification via an IoT-based automatic monitoring systemJOE-AIR JIANG ; Liu, Yu Yuan; Liao, Min Sheng; EN-CHENG YANG ; Chen, Ming Yin; Chuang, Yi Yuan; Wang, Jen ChengProceedings of the Japan Academy. Series B, Physical and biological sciences
52023Symbiotic Yeasts of Prosopocoilus astacoides blanchardi (Parry, 1873) (Coleoptera: Lucanidae)Fan, Jun Wei; MATAN SHELOMI Coleopterists Bulletin
62023Neuroplasticity in honey bee brains: An enhanced micro-computed tomography protocol for precise mushroom body volume measurementFu, Shang-Jui; EN-CHENG YANG Journal of neuroscience methods
72023Loss of sea turtle eggs drives the collapse of an insular reptile communityLin, Jhan Wei; Liao, Chen Pan; CHUN-CHIA CHOU ; Clark, Rulon W.; HUI-YUN TSENG ; Hsu, Jung Ya; Huang, Wen SanScience advances0
82023Massive horizontal gene transfer and the evolution of nematomorph-driven behavioral manipulation of mantidsMishina, Tappei; MING-CHUNG CHIU ; Hashiguchi, Yasuyuki; Oishi, Sayumi; Sasaki, Atsunari; Okada, Ryuichi; Uchiyama, Hironobu; Sasaki, Takeshi; Sakura, Midori; Takeshima, Hirohiko; Sato, TakuyaCurrent biology : CB00
92023Differential Effects of Two Tomato Begomoviruses on the Life History and Feeding Preference of Bemisia tabaciWu, Hsin-Yu; Li, Wei-Hua; Weng, Sung-Hsia; Tsai, Wen-Shi; CHI-WEI TSAI Insects0
102023Honey bee foraging ability suppressed by imidacloprid can be ameliorated by adding adenosineLin, Yu-Chun; Lu, Yun-Heng; Tang, Cheng-Kang; EN-CHENG YANG ; YUEH-LUNG WU Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987)00
112023Corrigendum: Chryseobacterium oryctis sp. nov., isolated from the gut of the beetle Oryctes rhinoceros, and Chryseobacterium kimseyorum sp. nov., isolated from a stick insect rearing cageHan, Chiao-Jung; Chen, Wen-Ming; Chen, Hsin-Kuang; SHWU-JEN LIAW ; Mühle, Estelle; Clermont, Dominique; MATAN SHELOMI International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology00
122023A salivary GMC oxidoreductase of Manduca sexta re-arranges the green leaf volatile profile of its host plantLin, Yu-Hsien; Silven, Juliette J M; Wybouw, Nicky; Fandino, Richard A; Dekker, Henk L; Vogel, Heiko; YUEH-LUNG WU ; de Koster, Chris; Große-Wilde, Ewald; Haring, Michel A; Schuurink, Robert C; Allmann, SilkeNature communications10
132023A practical guide to collections-based research on ecogeographic rulesMATAN SHELOMI ; Meiri, ShaiEcology and Evolution00
142023Identification of silk components in the bombycoid moth Andraca theae (Endromidae) reveals three fibroin subunits resembling those of Bombycidae and SphingidaeKmet, Peter; Kucerova, Lucie; Sehadova, Hana; Chia-Hsiang Wu, Bulah; YUEH-LUNG WU ; Zurovec, MichalJournal of insect physiology11
152023New host records of the reptile tick Amblyomma helvolum Koch (Ixodida: Ixodidae: Amblyomminae) in TaiwanAmarga, Ace Kevin S.; Lin, Jhan Wei; HUI-YUN TSENG ; Robbins, Richard G.; Kwak, Mackenzie L.; Lin, Si MinSystematic and Applied Acarology11
162023Anthropogenic Influence on the Distribution of the Longlegged Ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)Lum, Jun-Yin; Chiu, Ming-Chung; SHU-PING TSENG ; Scotty Yang, Chin-Cheng; Lee, Chow-YangJournal of economic entomology00
172023Anatomical changes of the beetle digestive tract during metamorphosis correspond to dietary changesChiang, Min-Rou; MATAN SHELOMI Journal of morphology00
182023Chryseobacterium oryctis sp. nov., isolated from the gut of the beetle Oryctes rhinoceros, and Chryseobacterium kimseyorum sp. nov., isolated from a stick insect rearing cageMATAN SHELOMI ; Han, Chiao-Jung; Chen, Wen-Ming; Chen, Hsin-Kuang; SHWU-JEN LIAW ; Mühle, Estelle; Clermont, DominiqueInternational journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology00
192023The Potential of Fluralaner as a Bait Toxicant to Control Pest Yellowjackets in CaliforniaRust, Michael K; Lee, Chow-Yang; Park, Ho Eun; Campbell, Kathleen; Choe, Dong-Hwan; Sorensen, Mary; Sutherland, Andrew; Hubble, Casey; Nobua-Behrmann, Beatriz; Kabashima, John; SHU-PING TSENG ; Post, LindaInsects00
202023Elevated temperature affects energy metabolism and behavior of bumblebeesKuo, Yun; Lu, Yun-Heng; Lin, Yu-Hsien; Lin, Yu-Chun; YUEH-LUNG WU Insect biochemistry and molecular biology44
212023Genetic analysis reveals the putative native range and widespread double-clonal reproduction in the invasive longhorn crazy antSHU-PING TSENG ; Darras, Hugo; Hsu, Po-Wei; Yoshimura, Tsuyoshi; Lee, Chow-Yang; Wetterer, James K; Keller, Laurent; Yang, Chin-Cheng ScottyMolecular ecology54
222023Genetic diversity of cryptic species of Bemisia tabaci in AsiaLestari, Susanti Mugi; Khatun, Mst Fatema; Acharya, Rajendra; Sharma, Sushant Raj; Shrestha, Yam Kumar; Jahan, S M Hemayet; Aye, Tin-Tin; Lynn, Ohn Mar; Win, Nang Kyu Kyu; Hoat, Trinh Xuan; Thi Dao, Hang; CHI-WEI TSAI ; Lee, Jangha; Hwang, Hwal-Su; Kil, Eui-Joon; Lee, Sukchan; Kim, Sang-Mok; Lee, Kyeong-YeollArchives of insect biochemistry and physiology22
232023Enhancing the insecticidal potential of a baculovirus by overexpressing the mammalian β-galactosyl binding protein galectin-1Lin, Chia-Yang; Lin, Yu-Hsien; Lin, Yu-Chun; Hsu, Chun-Min; YUEH-LUNG WU ; RONG-NAN HUANG Pest management science00
242023Bacillus predominates in the Ophiocordyceps pseudolloydii-infected ants, and it potentially improves protection and utilization of the host cadaversKuo, Hao-Yu; MING-CHUNG CHIU ; Chou, Jui-YuArchives of microbiology00
252023Breeding records, urban habitat, and threats to the masked palm civet in TaiwanLim, Pin Xuan; Lin, Si Min; Lin, Wen Loung; HUI-YUN TSENG Journal of Wildlife Management00
262023Density-dependent emergence success of a tephritid fruit fly eclosed in soil as a factor contributing to density-dependent pupation depthTOSHINORI OKUYAMA Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata0
272023Factors affecting willingness and future intention to eat insects in students of an edible insect courseMATAN SHELOMI Journal of Insects as Food and Feed21
282023Lanternflies (Hemiptera: Fulgoridae) of TaiwanLin, You Sheng; Liao, Jhih Rong; SHIUH-FENG SHIAO ; CHIUN-CHENG KO Zoological Studies00
292023Are LED lights driving the massive nuptial flight swarm of the tramp ant Technomyrmex albipes?Hsu, Po Wei; MING-CHUNG CHIU ; Hsu, Feng Chuan; Yang, Chin Cheng Scotty; Lin, Chung ChiEntomologia Experimentalis et Applicata00
302023Deep Learning for Tracking Honeybee and Pollen Movement in Facility CultivationChang, Han Bin; Chang, Shan Cheng; Chueh, Cheng Yu; Lin, Hung Jen; JOE-AIR JIANG ; Liu, An Chi; EN-CHENG YANG ; Hsieh, Hsiang Wen; CHENG-YING CHOU 2023 ASABE Annual International Meeting
312023Spatial repellency effects of Taiwanese plant oils on the biting midge, Forcipomyia taiwanaGuo, LD; Luo, YP; Lin, PY; Chou, KCC; MATAN SHELOMI ALL LIFE00
322023Putative source and niche shift pattern of a new alien ant species (Odontomachus troglodytes) in TaiwanLin, Tzong-Han; Chan, Kai-Wei; Hsu, Feng-Chuan; Lin, Chung-Chi; HUI-YUN TSENG PeerJ00
332022Population genetic structure of the globally introduced big-headed ant in TaiwanLiu, Kuan-Ling; SHU-PING TSENG ; Tatsuta, Haruki; Tsuji, Kazuki; Tay, Jia-Wei; Singham, G Veera; Yang, Chin-Cheng Scotty; Neoh, Kok-BoonEcology and evolution01
342022Searching of Underground Host Patches by a Pupal ParasitoidTOSHINORI OKUYAMA Environmental entomology00
352022Towards intelligent and integrated pest management through an AIoT-based monitoring systemRustia, Dan Jeric Arcega; Chiu, Lin-Ya; Lu, Chen-Yi; Wu, Ya-Fang; Chen, Sheng-Kuan; Chung, Jui-Yung; JU-CHUN HSU ; TA-TE LIN Pest management science107
362022Cytochrome P450 Genes Expressed in Phasmatodea MidgutsMATAN SHELOMI Insects00
372022The impact of thigmotaxis deprivation on the development of the German cockroach (Blattella germanica)Chen, Yun-Ru; Li, De-Wei; Wang, Hsin-Ping; Lin, Shih-Shun; EN-CHENG YANG iScience21
382022Increasing Body Sizes in Anomala expansa expansa (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Populations in Response to Rising Temperatures Over TimeMaher, Ian M; MATAN SHELOMI Environmental entomology21
392022Modeling geographical invasions of Solenopsis invicta influenced by land-use patternsLin, Chia-Hsien; Liu, Yi-Huei; RONG-NAN HUANG ; Lin, Chung-Chi; Liu, Helen Kang-Huey; Wen, Tzai-HungScientific reports10
402022Critical commentary on "The potential of a site-specific delivery of thiamine hydrochloride as a novel insect repellent exerting long-term protection on human skin: In-vitro, ex-vivo study and clinical assessment"MATAN SHELOMI Journal of pharmaceutical sciences00
412022Germline specification and axis determination in viviparous and oviparous pea aphids: conserved and divergent featuresLin, Gee-Way; Chung, Chen-Yo; Cook, Charles E; Lin, Ming-Der; Lee, Wen-Chih; CHUN-CHE CHANG Development genes and evolution34
422022TO901317 activation of LXR-dependent pathways mitigate amyloid-beta peptide-induced neurotoxicity in 3D human neural stem cell culture scaffolds and AD miceChiang, Ming Chang; Nicol, Christopher J.B.; SHIANG-JIUUN CHEN ; RONG-NAN HUANG Brain Research Bulletin33
432022Searching Behavior in the Tropical Fire Ant Solenopsis geminata (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)Lai, Li-Chuan; Chao, Tzu-Yen; MING-CHUNG CHIU Zoological studies1
442022Herbal plants as alternatives for the management of the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invictaTsai C.-C; Hung S.-H; Lin X.-R; RONG-NAN HUANG Journal of Applied Entomology22
452022Thiamine (vitamin B1) as an insect repellent: A scoping reviewMATAN SHELOMI Bulletin of Entomological Research22
462022Carbohydrate metabolism is a determinant for the host specificity of baculovirus infectionsTsai C.-H; Chuang Y.-C; Lu Y.-H; Lin C.-Y; Tang C.-K; Wei S.-C; YUEH-LUNG WU iScience
472022Exogenous Indole-3-Acetic Acid Induced Ethanol Tolerance in Phylogenetically Diverse Saccharomycetales YeastsHsiung, Ruo-Ting; MING-CHUNG CHIU ; Chou, Jui-YuMicrobes and environments23
482022Introduction of a non-native lineage is linked to the recent black cocoa ant, Dolichoderus thoracicus (Smith, 1860), outbreaks in TaiwanHsu F.-C; Tseng S.-P; Hsu P.-W; Lu C.-W; Yang C.-C.S; Lin C.-C.; SHU-PING TSENG Taiwania11
492022Uncertainty in foraging success and its consequences on fitnessTOSHINORI OKUYAMA Behavioural Processes00
502022Chronobiological Effect on the Reproductive Behavior of Chrysomya megacephala (Diptera: Calliphoridae)Chen F.-H; Shiao S.-F.; SHIUH-FENG SHIAO Journal of medical entomology00
512022Emergence of Asian endemic begomoviruses as a pandemic threatQureshi, Muhammad Amir; Lal, Aamir; Nawaz-Ul-Rehman, Muhammad Shah; Vo, Thuy Thi Bich; Sanjaya, Gusti Ngurah Prabu Wira; Ho, Phuong Thi; Nattanong, Bupi; Kil, Eui-Joon; Jahan, Shah Mohammad Hemayet; Lee, Kyeong-Yeoll; CHI-WEI TSAI ; Dao, Hang Thi; Hoat, Trinh Xuan; Aye, Tin-Tin; Win, Nang Kyu; Lee, Jangha; Kim, Sang-Mok; Lee, SukchanFrontiers in plant science45
522022Predator–prey population dynamics may induce the evolutionary dynamics of behavioral unpredictabilityTOSHINORI OKUYAMA BioSystems00
532022Exposure to PM2.5 induces neurotoxicity, mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress and inflammation in human SH-SY5Y neuronal cellsLin C.-H; Nicol C.J.B; Wan C; SHIANG-JIUUN CHEN ; Huang R.-N; Chiang M.-C.; RONG-NAN HUANG NeuroToxicology107
542022Invasion of the little fire ant Wasmannia auropunctata (Roger, 1863) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in TaiwanHsu, PW; Lee, CC; Hsu, FC; SHU-PING TSENG ; Shih, CH; Tay, JW; Hsiao, YC; Yang, CCS; Lin, CCBIOINVASIONS RECORDS00
552022Stomata-mediated interactions between plants, herbivores, and the environmentLin P.-A; Chen Y; Ponce G; Acevedo F.E; Lynch J.P; Anderson C.T; Ali J.G; Felton G.W.; PO-AN LIN Trends in Plant Science3625
562022Comparative Phylogeography in the Taiwan-Luzon Volcanic Belt Indicates Fast Diversification History of Pachyrhynchus Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)Ye, YJ; Huang, JP; Nguyen, HN; Villanueva, RJT; Amarga, AKS; HUI-YUN TSENG INSECT SYSTEMATICS AND DIVERSITY01
572022Short-term exposure of anticoagulant rodenticides leads to the toxin accumulation from prey (Rattus losea) to predator (Elanus caeruleus)Lin W.-L; Chen K.-H; Liao C.-P; HUI-YUN TSENG Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety33
582022Genetic Evidence for Multiple Invasions of Coptotermes formosanus (Blattodea: Rhinotermitidae) in CaliforniaTseng S.-P; Taravati S; Choe D.-H; Rust M.K; Lee C.-Y.; SHU-PING TSENG Journal of economic entomology40
592022Chemical identification of an active component and putative neural mechanism for repellent effect of a native ant's odor on invasive speciesUebi, Tatsuya; Sakita, Tomoya; Ikeda, Ryo; Sakanishi, Keita; Tsutsumi, Tomoaki; Zhang, Zijian; Ma, Huiying; Matsubara, Ryosuke; Matsuyama, Shigeru; Nakajima, Satoko; RONG-NAN HUANG ; Habe, Shunya; Hefetz, Abraham; Ozaki, MamikoFrontiers in physiology22
602021Possible impacts of the predominant Bacillus bacteria on the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis s. l. in its infected ant cadaversTu, Kai-Wen; MING-CHUNG CHIU ; Lin, Wei-Jiun; Hsueh, Yen-Ping; Lin, Chung-Chi; Chou, Jui-YuScientific reports12
612021Enhanced polarotaxis can explain water-entry behaviour of mantids infected with nematomorph parasitesObayashi, Nasono; Iwatani, Yasushi; Sakura, Midori; Tamotsu, Satoshi; MING-CHUNG CHIU ; Sato, TakuyaCurrent biology : CB88
622021The role of anthropogenic disturbance and invasion of yellow crazy ant in a recent decline of land crab populationLee, Ching-Chen; MING-CHUNG CHIU ; Shih, Chun-Han; Yang, Chin-Cheng Scotty; Liu, Hung-Chang; Lin, Chung-ChiScientific reports21
632021Changes in arthropod community but not plant quality benefit a specialist herbivore on plants under reduced water availabilityLin, Po An ; Liu, Chia Ming; Ou, Jia Ang; Sun, Cheng Han; WEN-PO CHUANG ; CHUAN-KAI HO ; Kinoshita, Natsuko; Felton, Gary W.Oecologia99
642021Efficacy of the Kombucha Beverage Derived from Green, Black, and Pu'er Teas on Chemical Profile and Antioxidant ActivityHsieh, Yi; MING-CHUNG CHIU ; Chou, Jui YuJournal of Food Quality40
652021Online semi-supervised learning applied to an automated insect pest monitoring systemRustia D.J.A; Lu C.-Y; Chao J.-J; Wu Y.-F; Chung J.-Y; JU-CHUN HSU ; TA-TE LIN Biosystems Engineering1510
662021Nanogold induces anti-inflammation against oxidative stress induced in human neural stem cells exposed to amyloid-beta peptideChiang M.-C; Nicol C.J.B; Lin C.-H; Chen S.-J; Yen C; RONG-NAN HUANG ; SHIANG-JIUUN CHEN Neurochemistry International1815
672021Detection of deformed wing virus (DWV) in the Vietnamese walking stick Medauroidea extradentata (Phasmatodea)Shelomi M; Lin W; Johnson B.R; Furlong M.J; Etebari K.; MATAN SHELOMI Virus Research11
682021Host selection is not expressed for underground hosts in a pupal parasitoidTOSHINORI OKUYAMA Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata
692021Vector transmission of tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand virus by the whitefly bemisia tabaci: Circulative or propagative?Li W.-H; Mou D.-F; Hsieh C.-K; Weng S.-H; Tsai W.-S; CHI-WEI TSAI Insects
702021Complete Genome Sequence of Xylella taiwanensis and Comparative Analysis of Virulence Gene Content With Xylella fastidiosaWeng L.-W; Lin Y.-C; Su C.-C; Huang C.-T; Cho S.-T; Chen A.-P; Chou S.-J; CHI-WEI TSAI ; Kuo C.-H.Frontiers in Microbiology
712021Fungal f8-culture filtrate induces tomato resistance against tomato yellow leaf curl thailand virusChiu Y.-S; Tzean Y; Chen Y.-H; CHI-WEI TSAI ; Yeh H.-H.Viruses22
722021Genetic differentiation of Xylella fastidiosa following the introduction into TaiwanCastillo A.I; CHI-WEI TSAI ; Su C.-C; Weng L.-W; Lin Y.-C; Cho S.-T; Almeida R.P.P; Kuo C.-H.Microbial Genomics3
732021Transcriptome profiling reveals the developmental regulation of NaCl-treated Forcipomyia taiwana eggsChen M.-E; Tsai M.-H; Huang H.-T; Tsai C.-C; Chen M.-J; Yang D.-S; Yang T.-Z; Wang J; RONG-NAN HUANG ; MONG-HSUN TSAI BMC Genomics33
742021Preliminary studies on the effects of Taiwanese ritual smoke on Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus, 1762) (Diptera: Culicidae)Shu C.-Y; Lai H.-L; Lin P.-Y; Chou K.C.-C; MATAN SHELOMI Pan-Pacific Entomologist11
752021Chronic effects of imidacloprid on honey bee worker development—molecular pathway perspectivesChen Y.-R; Tzeng D.T.W; EN-CHENG YANG International Journal of Molecular Sciences7
762021Establishment and social impacts of the red imported fire ant, solenopsis invicta, (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in taiwanLiu Y.-S; Huang S.-A; Lin I.-L; Lin C.-C; Lai H.-K; Yang C.-H; Huang R.-N.; RONG-NAN HUANG International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health1110
772021Morphometric analysis of coptotermes spp. Soldier caste (blattodea: Rhinotermitidae) in Indonesia and evidence of coptotermes gestroi extreme head-capsule shapesWikantyoso B; Tseng S.-P; Himmi S.K; Yusuf S; Yoshimura T.; SHU-PING TSENG Insects43
782021Syzygium samarangense Leaf Infusion as Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) Ovitrap BaitShu C.-Y; Shelomi M.; MATAN SHELOMI Journal of Medical Entomology11
792021An update of the Worldwide Integrated Assessment (WIA) on systemic insecticides. Part 2: impacts on organisms and ecosystemsPisa L; Goulson D; EN-CHENG YANG ; Gibbons D; Sánchez-Bayo F; Mitchell E; Aebi A; van der Sluijs J; MacQuarrie C.J.K; Giorio C; Long E.Y; McField M; Bijleveld van Lexmond M; Bonmatin, Jean-MarcEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research157153
802021Toxicity of terahertz-based functional mineral water (Plant-derived) to immature stages of mosquito vectorsKuo T.-C; Lin C.-C; Tsai C.-C; Chen S.-J; Hung T.-M; Hsieh C.-C; Lu J.-Y; RONG-NAN HUANG ; SHIANG-JIUUN CHEN Insects11
812021Origin and potential expansion of the invasive longan lanternfly, pyrops candelaria (Hemiptera: Fulgoridae) in TaiwanLin Y.-S; Liao J.-R; Shiao S.-F; Ko C.-C.; SHIUH-FENG SHIAO Biology33
822021Silencing the alarm: an insect salivary enzyme closes plant stomata and inhibits volatile releaseLin P.-A; Chen Y; Chaverra-Rodriguez D; Heu C.C; Zainuddin N.B; Sidhu J.S; Peiffer M; Tan C.-W; Helms A; Kim D; Ali J; Rasgon J.L; Lynch J; Anderson C.T; Felton G.W.; PO-AN LIN New Phytologist3028
832021Digging and burying of hosts by a pupal parasitoidChung H.-C; TOSHINORI OKUYAMA Ecological Entomology
842021Automated monitoring and analyses of honey bee pollen foraging behavior using a deep learning-based imaging systemNgo T.N; Rustia D.J.A; Yang E.-C ; TA-TE LIN Computers and Electronics in Agriculture1611
852021Sum of fears among intraguild predators drives the survival of green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) eggsLiao C.-P; Hsu J.-Y; Huang S.-P; Clark R.W; Lin J.-W; HUI-YUN TSENG ; Huang W.-S.Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences00
862021Asymmetric acoustic signal recognition led to asymmetric gene flow between two parapatric frogsHsiao Y.-W; HUI-YUN TSENG ; Nguyen H.N; Lin S.-M.Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society
872021Missing Nurse Bees—Early Transcriptomic Switch From Nurse Bee to Forager Induced by Sublethal ImidaclopridChen Y.-R; Tzeng D.T.W; Ting C; Hsu P.-S; Wu T.-H; Zhong S; EN-CHENG YANG Frontiers in Genetics
882021Social interactions upregulate hemolymph tryptophan and tyrosine levels in the male lobster cockroachHsieh H.-W; Chen S.-C; Huang W.-C; Fang S; EN-CHENG YANG ; Hsu C.-C; Kou R.Hormones and Behavior
892021Dilution effects enhance variation in parasitism risk among hosts and stabilize host–parasitoid population dynamicsTOSHINORI OKUYAMA Ecological Modelling
902021The influence of serial passage on the stability of an exogenous gene expression in recombinant baculovirusWu C.P; Chang C.-J; Li C.-H; YUEH-LUNG WU Entomological Research
912021Host acceptance and plant resistance: a comparative behavioral study of myzus persicae and acyrthosiphon pisumJhou Y.-S; Poovendhan S; Huang L.-H; CHI-WEI TSAI Insects
922021Appearance matters: multiple functional signals of body colours in a weevilHsu H; HUI-YUN TSENG ; Liao C.-P; Hsu J.-Y; Huang W.-S.Animal Behaviour
932021Real-time monitoring of deformed wing virus-infected bee foraging behavior following histone deacetylase inhibitor treatmentTang C.-K; Lin Y.-H; JOE-AIR JIANG ; Lu Y.-H; Tsai C.-H; Lin Y.-C; Chen Y.-R; Wu C.-P; YUEH-LUNG WU iScience
942021Eggs survive through avian guts—A possible mechanism for transoceanic dispersal of flightless weevilsLin S.-M; Li T.-W; Liou C.-H; Amarga A.K.S; Cabras A; HUI-YUN TSENG Ecology and Evolution
952021Changes in tolerance and resistance of a plant to insect herbivores under variable water availabilityLin P.-A; Paudel S; Afzal A; Shedd N.L; Felton G.W.; PO-AN LIN Environmental and Experimental Botany1813
962021Cucumber vs ants: A case against the myth of the uses of plant extracts in insect pest managementShelomi M; Qiu B.-J; Huang L.-T.; MATAN SHELOMI Sociobiology10
972021Efficacy of Entomopathogenic fungus Aspergillus nomius against Dolichoderus thoracicusLin, WJ; MING-CHUNG CHIU ; Lin, CC; Chung, YK; Chou, JYBIOCONTROL710
982021Transmission mode of watermelon silver mottle virus by Thrips palmiMou D.-F; Chen W.-T; Li W.-H; Chen T.-C; Tseng C.-H; Huang L.-H; Peng J.-C; Yeh S.-D; CHI-WEI TSAI PLoS ONE77
992021Comment on “Open is not forever: A study of vanished open access journals”Shelomi M.; MATAN SHELOMI Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology10
1002021Do i stay or do i go? Shifts in perch use by lizards during morning twilight suggest anticipatory behaviourChen C.-W; Whiting M.J; EN-CHENG YANG ; Lin S.-M.Biology Letters21
1012021Automatic greenhouse insect pest detection and recognition based on a cascaded deep learning classification methodRustia D.J.A; Chao J.-J; Chiu L.-Y; Wu Y.-F; Chung J.-Y; Hsu J.-C; JU-CHUN HSU ; TA-TE LIN Journal of Applied Entomology4330
1022021Honey bee colony population daily loss rate forecasting and an early warning method using temporal convolutional networksNgo T.-N; Rustia D.J.A; Yang E.-C; EN-CHENG YANG ; TA-TE LIN Sensors98
1032021Evolution of CP2 transcription factors in HexapodaMATAN SHELOMI ; Tan T.Z; Huang R.Y.-J. Journal of Genetics11
1042021Deformed wing virus infection affects the neurological function of Apis mellifera by altering extracellular adenosine signalingChen P; Lu Y.-H; Lin Y.-H; Wu C.-P; Tang C.-K; Wei S.-C; YUEH-LUNG WU Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology65
1052021Larval host plants of two lizard beetles in the genus Tetraphala (Coleoptera, Erotylidae, Languriinae, Languriini) from Taiwan, with a host plant list of LanguriiniToki W; MING-CHUNG CHIU ; Huang C.-G; Wu W.-J.; WEN-JONG WU Entomological Science
1062021Genetic Analysis of Formosan Subterranean Termite (Blattodea: Rhinotermitidae) Populations in CaliforniaTseng S.-P; Boone J; Boone L; King N; Taravati S; Choe D.-H; Lee C.-Y.; SHU-PING TSENG Journal of Economic Entomology74
1072021Spinosad resistance in field populations of melon fly, Zeugodacus cucurbitae (Coquillett), in HawaiiHsu J.-C; Chou M.-Y; Mau R.F.L; Maeda C; Shikano I; Manoukis N.C; Vargas R.I.; JU-CHUN HSU Pest Management Science87
1082021Effects of artificial light at night (ALAN) on gene expression of Aquatica ficta firefly larvaeChen Y.-R; Wei W.-L; Tzeng D.T.W; Owens A.C.S; Tang H.-C; Wu C.-S; Lin S.-S ; Zhong S; EN-CHENG YANG Environmental Pollution115
1092021MicroRNAs from Snellenius manilae bracovirus regulate innate and cellular immune responses of its host Spodoptera lituraTang C.-K; Tsai C.-H; Wu C.-P; Lin Y.-H; Wei S.-C; Lu Y.-H; Li C.-H; YUEH-LUNG WU Communications Biology12
1102020Floral Color Diversity: How Are Signals Shaped by Elevational Gradient on the Tropical–Subtropical Mountainous Island of Taiwan?Tai, K.C.; Shrestha, M; Dyer, A.G.; Yang, E.C.; EN-CHENG YANG Frontiers in Plant Science98
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