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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
CHI-TE LIU劉啟德 Biotechnology Microbe-Plant interactions (Symbiosis); Environmental Microbiology; Agricultural Biotechnology
JE-RUEI LIU劉嚞睿 Animal Science and Technology  Biotechnology Genetic Engineering; Microbial Biotechnology; Fermentation Technology
JEN-CHIH CHEN陳仁治 Biotechnology  Master Program in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science (Global ATGS) Flower Senescence; Plant Molecular Biology
Lee, Hsuan-Shu李宣書 Biotechnology Liver Stem Cells; Hepatology; Liver Pathophysiology; Tissue Engineering
LI-YING SUNG宋麗英 Biotechnology  Center for Biotechnology Nuclear Reprogramming; Embryo Biology; Embryonic Stem Cell Biology; Animal Cloning
MONG-HSUN TSAI蔡孟勳 Biotechnology  Center for Biotechnology  Genome and Systems Biology Degree Program Radiation Biology; Microarray; Bioinformatics; Cell Biology
SHAU-PING LIN林劭品 Biotechnology  Genome and Systems Biology Degree Program Molecular Genetics; Reprogramming; Epigenetics
SHIH-SHUN LIN林詩舜 Biotechnology  Center for Biotechnology function of viral suppressor; plant cross-protection using genetic, molecular, cellular, biochemical, genomic and proteomic approaches; application of artificial miRNA (amiRNA)
SHU-HAN YU游舒涵 Biotechnology Basic Concepts in Immunology