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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
BOU-WEN LIN林博文 Business Administration  Center for Technology Policy and Industry Development Management of Science and Technology; Management of Entrepreneurship; Finance Science & Technology; Strategy in High-Technology Industries
CHANG-SUNG YU游張松 Business Administration Technology Management; Industrial Management; Information Management; Computer Network and Communication
CHEN-NAN LIAO廖振男 Business Administration Social network; Operations-marketing interface; Information management; Socially responsible operations
CHIA-LIN CHEN陳家麟 Business Administration Supply chain management; Sustainable operation management; New product design and technology innovation; Game theory application
CHIA-LING LIU劉佳玲 Business Administration Strategic Alliance; Network Relationship; Knowledge Transfer, Technology & Innovation Management; International Entrepreneurship
CHIA-SHEN CHEN陳家聲 Business Administration Innovation and Entreprenership; Human Resource Management; Business Consultation; Organizational Design and Development
CHIA-WEI KUO郭佳瑋 Business Administration Game Theory; Operations Management/Marketing Interface; Revenue Management/Dynamic Pricing; Supply Chain Management
CHING-CHUAN JIANG江清泉 Orthopedic Surgery  Business Administration  Orthopedic Surgery-NTUH Biomechanics; Joint Disease; Sports Medicine; Orthopaedic Surgery; Medical Engineering; Regenerative Medicine; Joint Reconstruction; Tissue Engineering
CHUN-YAO HUANG黃俊堯 Business Administration Analysis of Internet Users' Online Behavior; Sales Forecasting; Quantitative Marketing Models; Customer Base Analysis
CHUNG-JEN CHEN陳忠仁 Business Administration  Center for Technology Policy and Industry Development Technology Management; Strategic Management; Entrepreneurship; Innovation Management
HOUN-GEE CHEN陳鴻基 Business Administration Technology Management; Knowledge Management; Information Management
JIUH-BIING SHEU許鉅秉 Business Administration Intelligent Transportation Systems; Reverse Logistics; Global Supply Chain Management; Green Supply Chain Management; Global Logistics
JIUN-YU YU余峻瑜 Business Administration Entrepreneurial Business Model for Healthcare; Applications of Business Analytics; System Dynamics; Service Design / Service Innovation / Service Science; Operational Research; and Simulation in Healthcare Services
JIUNN-YIH JIANG江俊毅 Business Administration Project, program and portfolio management
JUNGYUN HAN韓廷允 Global MBA  Business Administration Cooperative Strategy: Inter-firm Network; Corporate Political Strategy; Organizational Theory; Business strategy; Network Dynamics
KUAN-CHOU KO柯冠州 Business Administration Innovation Contests; Interactivity and Consumer Engagement, Consumer Financial Decisions; New Products, New Product Adoption; Gamification
LUO LU陸洛 Business Administration Organizational Behavior; Culture and self Subjective well-being work/family interface; Occupational Health Management/stress management; Human Resources Management
MING-HUANG CHIANG蔣明晃 Business Administration Production and Operations Management; Operations Research; Supply Chain Management; Logistics Management
NAI-HWA LIEN練乃華 Business Administration Product Memory; Purchase Decision; Consumer Information Process; Process and Effects of Advertising
NIEN-CHI LIU劉念琪 Business Administration Organizational diagnosis and change; Strategic human resource management
RUEY-SHAN GUO郭瑞祥 Business Administration  Taidah Entreprenuership Center  Industrial Engineering Statistical Quality Control; High - tech innovation model; Data mining and business intelligence information; Supply Chain Management
SHAN-YU CHOU周善瑜 Business Administration Distribution strategy; Optimal product line and pricing strategies; Internet marketing; Individual marketing
SHU-CHENG CHI戚樹誠 Business Administration Negotiation; Organizational Behavior; Conflict Management; Human Resources Management
SHU-JUNG YANG楊曙榮 Business Administration Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management; Operations and Supply Chain Management; Business Platform and Competitive Strategy; Quantitative Marketing and Data Analysis
TSAN MING CHOI蔡燦明 Business Administration Interfaces of operations management and technology, marketing and finance; Multi-methodological operations management; Logistics and supply chain management
WEN-YI CHU朱文儀 Business Administration HQ-Subsidiary Relations; Diversified Strategy; Emerging Marke
WUN-HWA CHEN陳文華 Business Administration Customer Relationship Management; Financial Forecasting Model; Data Mining; Intelligent Calculation Method
YI-CHING LIU劉怡靖 Business Administration Individual differences & team performance; Attribution theory; Motivation in teamwork; Group dynamics; Social influence & persuasion in team decision-making
YI-WEN CHIEN簡怡雯 Business Administration Consumer Information Process; Deviation of Product Decision; Consumer Attitude and Decision Theory; Consumer Psychology